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Friday, May 22, 2020

Paul the sicko answers quick trips number

I walked in to the gas station and asked to use thier phone. this is humiliating in and of itself.. I'm covered in bloody clothes thst are 2 weeks worn. haven't had a usable towl in 4 days... if u read sick socieopathic Paul and Marlene took tools needed to fix washing machine. starve take starve take starve take die u fucking nasty abusers

I can smell myself right now. I haven't eaten all day 

this is fucking humiliating and I want to kill him not see him afain

he and she force the dependence by agreeing then taking everything draining me running me around for their faults and mistakes 

literlay telling me I own you while doing it and I bought you

then maple Grove pd focre me for last year and a half to drive away from everything actually mine in car not mine 

this is fucking insanity 

I had to wipe my grease off the phone before I handed it back to the attractive girl behind the counter

if he doesnt show ill walk the rest of the say go maple Grove and finish this 
Paul I hope u choke on your own blood 

Its like 3 year of police backing of it puts the lotion on its skin or it gets the hose again

And 6 mo ago "if we put unreliable witness on record the department might be liable "

Actually if he doesnt show i might as well put what i need to reach mg in the tank with peddle to the floor and drive off. No sense in walking when im not leaving after anyway

All of sugested would be a moral violation but so is the last 3 years. That said kwicktrip has nothing at all to do with this other than where i pulled off to not end up stuck on the freeway

Its about to turn 9pm ibe been stuck in st michal since little after 4 

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