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productive healthy presuite of life liberty and happeness

Maple Grove Minnesota, a quiet MN twin cities suburb where apparently the 5th amamdment and other federal laws are of no concern to the police department. fcc part 97 comes to mind from the may 22 encounter where ownership of a thousand dollar ham radio being destroyed came into question.

mail fraud and check fraud arnt of concern to mgpd either. well a few officers did try. I know some names but wouldn't name those I thought cared even if I could. the little I think I grasp or suspect... the last thing I would want is to bring heat on anyone trying to create justice or even survivability in injustice. I do thank those of you who try though. 

the game that mgpd and hennepin County seem to play in selective denial of realities and risks imposed by their actions, in actions and potential misdeades or selectivity in action...

is a dargrous one for us all. 

I was working, I was furthering myself. I had plans hope's dreams aspersions and a course ploted

a course with escape points and piviot points. 

I had good credit 0 criminal record and most doors even if closed wernt locked(metaphorically life opertunity speaking) 

with out being convicted of a single crime that has mostly changed 

everything I worked for was taken and is still being destroyed. 

my ability to be healthy is largely dependent on ability to cook /eat right and exercise and that is gone.  purpose is sucked from existance and I am still battling problems my primary care doctor told me to get away from Feb 2018 and about to be homeless unable to rent. 

now I need to look for a landlord that won't care about two ofps and previous eviction on background check

destroyed credit as well

also at same time find such an employer.

while 20g as a median estimate of value (quick sale) of physical assets mostly tools is held by parents

parents who 3 years ago "I'm going to make you suffer for taking my time with my husband" 

a year and a half ago "I own you"
I own you
I bought you

parents who after blocking me from ofp hearings then came and sat in apt parking lot calling from my moms number more times than she had called me in the 16 years before in a single day. how do I know that? it was 4...not hard to track

the amount placed on me at once during this external crisis is insane to expect anyone to deal well with. with or with out the crisis

and if there's no protection for mail and the gsurentee of contract that protection is meant to provide.. 

what's the point?

mgpd was told point blank my parents have enen my ID when they served the ofps may 22nd 2020

an encounter probably 3 mo before I'm Geting told I live quite the life then told by mgpd it's illegal to drive with out having my ID on me.. 

absolutely nothing they say do they seem bound to and worse yet nothing they do seems to be capable of creating risk to my life in the legaly recognized sense. 

yet mn emergency medical hold can be enacted for failing to keep one's self fed and or clothed. 

yet you need your id to apply for assistance. 

and given the year and a half of things that in many places would be human traficing and or illegal imprisonment and or forced u free labor

what is no questions asked mail and check fraud.. 

hennepin County Minnesota owned at birth 

on top of that I'm suposed to seek medical care that due to what I think might have been an illegal execution of MNs emergency medical hold law.. 

I have an ehr stating something very real that poses grave risk to health in the unlikely chance it did grow in one's body... but none the less real and known to cause bleeding eye irretation.. 

something I told the Dr I was forced Infront of 

"I have extermination records from my apt and email with the mold Pro on my Gmail on my phone"

only to hear "patients arnt allowed phones on the ward"... "(redacted) for delusions of mold and bugs taking out your illness on your elderly parents"

all in 15min max. likely I never met this Dr before. in 10th grade I did want to have myself tested for adhd and or Lear ing disabilities and my mom (cnp children's) knew such a doc by first name.. an inkling in my mind says they might have been one in the same person. I'm not myself convinced of that though. 

regardless that record poses risk to my life. 

had I been in a better state of mind I may have also remembered I had my rabbits vet on my email. she was rather sure there were environmental pests at my parents house as well. both of my rabbits had legions that only disappeared with flea tick and mite treatment. scraping never produced one is what lead to the conclusion. 

this ehr  now makes any presuite of health care that much more time consuming while every facit of caring for one self staying fed and sheltered and or finding income has been made several orders of magnitude harder even with out covid

and for what? what crime?

my life time expected earning is shot

my life expectancy is going with it

the ability to find any balance is gone nessicary for health is arbitrarily by lazy police work kicked miles into the future. maybe miles past years I have. 

the hours I traded for monitary compensation by employeer and re invested in tools and assets... growing my parents mold and being destroyed by moisture alone. held out of reach. 

along with even my bike 

the bike I used 4 summers in a row to raise money for finding a cure for Ms 

this is a sick state and a sick society

Seems to me even the Fifth Amendment means nothing no person shall be deprived of life liberty or property without what oh I see without my parents saying I don't live there anymore in Maple Grove Police enforcing that and telling me I can't even file theft because I gave them my stuff when I moved out even though I had no intent to move out no notice from the people who six months earlier had said they were my landlord's.

And I mean if that was just a there be one thing except they have repeatedly Maple Grove PD has repeatedly refused to acknowledge reports were falsified or even might have been this is a state where single-party right to record so if anything even if we're going to call it here say that I have recordings were my parents admit to such over-the-phone well the initial report was hearsay anyway no officer has ever witnessed me even raising my voice

yet the police department as a whole in maple Grove Minnesota seems to me hell bent on nailing this violent criminal plaquard to me. 

here's my sense of humor while my mom is entering my moldy 10ft by 10ft rented room I'm later locked out of

she threw clean clothes onto garage floor. 

ignoring that for a year and a half they have enabled two people clamining to own me to force me around under threat of homelessness and total distruction of all property I worked for let alone was ever given 

while ignoring several counts of mail fraud check fraud and theft of id

I'm likely to be homeless unable to rent or find gainful employment and forcing me to drive away in a vehicle I don't own with 100 dollars ignoring my repeated claims my parents have even my id.

id say that's a pretty substantial threat to my survival. 

they also have my tools required to fix washing machine. 

I'm sitting here in filthy clothes, unable to cook because they have my kitchen, unable to take a shower because either stand and dry or use filthy towl or buy clothes and a towl and be hungry that much faster

seek employment? with what I'd? in 2 week old clothes? 

seek gov assistance with what Id? 

I can't see this force to paint it as dependent slouch as anything but rehearsed pr. aka it plays the publics notions of what's fair when in reality

if I can't get any legal help as mail in my name is opened money in my name signed over from my mail, documents and contracts.. 

how does one ever escape dependence in that scenario? 

where is it in law that dependence erases all rights at any moment? 

way easier to smear violent and risk one's life at police point then burn them for what happens in flight or fight mode isn't it? 

I do see an alternative. 

isd279 taught the grad class of 06 things like

factors for economic mobility 

plan so you can be active in sucess instead of reactive to avoid harm (or something along those lines) 

it seems those who want to act friendly but mean me harm are easily grouped via those who will tell me blatent lies rewriting my past for simplicity telling me I never worked and I can't plan... they never want to hear otherwise and when it's mgpd enfoveing locked away from all assets who am I to argue

another common thread is they tell me to stop planing life is a day ar a time. 

in browsing related to my situation via queries on Google, I saw California has law titled something about abuse of dependent adults

wouldn't it be way more inline with what we claim this nation is about to in the state of MN anyway establish something along the lines of abuse of dependent adults with a framework of factors in economic mobility? 

wouldn't that be way less constitutionally violating than what we apear to be doing? 

or should we put a tm on justice in MN? 
should I search the states dB? maybe I'm already a registered mark to the state of MN 

if I hit the street it won't be long. I'm already in the worst shape of my life. half my head is patchy bald I haven't been able to cook what I normaly would in 3 years half the time I try to leave I turn around and end up on the toilet. this building and unit was picked by my parents forced under threat of destruction of all the assets mgpd gave them control over. assets I still can't touch and are still being destroyed. there was black mold growing up wall when I moved in back of garage and bathroom wall is one floor above with Black mold creeping up it too. 

my parents paid to be rid of their problem and have forced destruction of every aspect of my life. soon my life itself

There is some indication they are aware of what they do on a police force level a friend of mine was once choked out by her dad slightly after turning 18 that was probably 2008 well in mm 19 I heard something that chilled me to the Bone because I hadn't heard it since 2008 when she told me that Maple Grove Police told her when parents pay for anything they will have some control after she was choked To The Ground by her father. The night that I heard that from Maple Grove PD in 2019 possibly 2020 it was right on the edge well that night and officer had also insisted I live the life but when I showed him pictures of The Moldy car I was forced to clean under threat that my parents destroy everything that Maple Grove was still helping them keep from me and still is to this day along with Hennepin County well I showed him officer the picture of the flip side of the headliner of The Moldy car you can find that on this website or in my Google photos I was told I didn't see that put the phone away and then because it was insisted I live the life I also brought up would it not cost money to keep of slave fed and sheltered and that officer Point Blank told me I'm not entertaining that conversation this was at least six months after I reported to them my parents are opening my mail if cash if signed at least one check in my name from my mail over to them and that they Point Blank claim to Own Me

Seems to me whether I'm alive or not Maple Grove Minnesota and Hennepin County have some real ethical issues to work on I don't know that I need to be a part of that I'd like to be alive and able to pursue happiness I had it lined up where I was pretty confident that I was going to end up probably in California with $100,000 a year so it's really would have been no need for me to be writing this at all except now all the sudden 16 years of working actual jobs for actual pay Maple Grove PD insist that they're not doing anything harmful to me by allowing that all to be destroyed by people who claim to own me and we'll starve me


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