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Thursday, May 14, 2020

Random Pics I found from slighly after mental hold

The battery on that vac is what today's and last 5 days have occupied

this (bellow) is the server running vengeancetech.biz

dont mind the flourcent tubes. hotel lot had a high voltage line cutting across it so i was playing tesla under it as a way to relax one night. 

motherboard was probably 3rd hand. those PCI-E slots SCREEAAAAAMMMM I dont know what im doing with thermal paste on gpus. aka someone bought it for bit coin mining after its life in a corp data center. I know thats where it started because it was a DATTO branded Gigabyte md70. DATTO had them produced for backup box as a service rack mount units. ie this model wasnt sold to public first hand. was an odd build. by far the most powerful ive ever assembled and only time ive tried powering up on top of a anti static foam pad.

one of the products i was working on was best done as a service, fiber was available at an associates place, I was looking at monticello which would have also had cheap fiber. Client at the time would have paid the power bill by hosting his site and the server would have had hella head room to do the vengeance tech site and everything else asked of it. its currently running intel clear Linux, kvm a web server, opensense router, camera dvr, SQL server and an unused openpbx image. 

intel x540 nic allows vf pass through to the vms. I started with open stack but decided that was a lot of fuss for what i needed and mostly admin it via virsh and or virt-manager over ssh. Vengeance tech site should be back tomorrow in some form. maybe the next day. 

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