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what I was trying to get to in another post doesn't have to go so dar as economic mobility... it's a lot more simple than that.
recognize someone actively hurting someone claiming to own them and being put in control of 16vyears of assets worked for is enforcing what they claim of ownership. I've tried to actively ask even officers if you were in my shoes/all your possessions and or assets.. not looking to win anyone's favor, just trying to keep roll play and archatypes or images easier than processing out of deciding my fate to the extent I can try.

in theory this would also comment toward my character and demeanor. it worries me when I watch a guest lecturer at Harvard telling future lawyers that they need to know police can not testify in a client's favor at least as far as criminal cases.

I have no idea with civil or what I find to be a fakatka hybred of police no jury no judge no requirements on for profit instituens allowed to medically jail u for up to 5 days.

I can't see how mail fraud and check fraud isn't the ability to own someone when that person those people also have the targets dl and ssn

today I was suposed to do drywall repair for a 3rd party for pay . except yesterday my dad took tools required. then played the will only send reminders of how I'm psychologically torturing you won't address I'm no blocking u from earning even during a time u can't seek employment.

they are actively trying to break down every adult habit I have displayed or developed since even before 18bwhile claiming I never had them. this is a dangrous game that id argue its not hard to see is likely to spur violence suicide or maybe at best death by starvation

I think most of what I encounter at the moment starts with I'm least likely to wage any legal battle regardless of what's done. if any mistreatment to mistakes resulting in laibilfy happen its safer to keep stomping me.

 larger picture though stop in the name of sanity sake...

stop this Orwellian bullshit of redefining concepts like abuse sexism even racism as one sided concepts. then stop denying it or saying it wasn't done. I had the aptly named hurl 160 at scsu and the Obama mandated dv class on applying for scsu. then had to walk my privilege to the yet to be relabeled women's studies department to prove I had seen the webinar and be elegsble to enroll some 4years ago.

I've had gay and lesbian friends. some of them feel very similar if not the same to a lot of this redefining is a way to hurt peplle and drive them apart but done under the banner of rights for a group or protecting.


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