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Sunday, May 31, 2020

restraint servaliance abhorence

I can't get the photo I want to upload. its Cosmos on the basement carpet.. pointing st the glass block windows to my hs bedroom.

my dad insisted they were for the light being it's a basement room

that may be but that never stopped him from pressing his face to the glass to see clearly through them 

I feel there's no point to being alive. the damage done to my health person mind etc the refusal of the powers thst be to recognize any rights

I'm covered in blood waiting to be homeless

My civil rights and my civil liberties are non-existent and not because I committed some crime or have been prosecuted and found guilty of some prime all because of hearsay and refusal of police to allow reports to be made otherwise

With how much I love my cat and my rabbits it would have been very easy and still would be very easy to be a violent person that they want to paint me as with how little contact I've had with anybody else but my mom is screaming at me if I leave for once for an hour a week but wants me to be the vent about her sex life but instead of getting violent I take it a more constructive route and intellectualize it but what does that get me other than shit on by authoritarian fascist members of the Maple Grove Police Department. And from what I can see by Hennepin County there is no reason not to be because it doesn't matter what I did or did not do hear this situation could have happened the moment for a minute I needed my parents the moment I needed anybody for a moment and that's not really saying is it you can try to justify it all you want but you'll be talking circles around logic some psychologists theorize that narcissism will lead to the extinction event for humans I think we're pretty fucking close

And that's why as much as I know that dependent on your race dependent on your demographic sometimes you do have a point with it affects us more but this isn't the black and white thing just because it affects you doesn't mean you have to make it about you you can make it about the issue behind it that affects everybody and that's why I come to the conclusion these movements cannot accomplish good because the predicated on the me-too this is for me me me me it's the descent into narcissistic destruction

We've done a lot of studies on human brain how it develops we know quite a bit about it we know that complex traits are rarely genetic actually I can't think of them ever having proven to this day although I haven't looked in awhile the gay gene or that anything complex personality trait Gene single-gene it's likely a combination of multiple and nurture. Just like NPD and I would argue some cases of aspd because it doesn't look like it's a very well-defined clustered from my point of view that is a Layman point of view but it's someone who has looked into it extensively and I believe I've lived it from two parents as an only child. But the danger the interconnection here is we know for a fact that however different one person's brain maybe from another depending on how they're raised we can exacerbate or minimize those differences. It's not a big stretch to argue that narcissism can be exacerbated by the culture by Movement by nurture by social norms

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