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Some Videos and pics of working devices i designed and programed. many made on hardware i made to make them

i was wearing a full face mask for this but the spark dased me..aka there was no actual reason i mess with the keyboard a second later lol. I got to used this about 20 foot pedal presses then was banned from using it incase i blew up a sabotage or arrogance competition and at best ignormance.

in the video im welding two nickle tabs that normally are welded cell to cell. reason im not welding tab to cell? i designed and built the thing, and knew from estimates about where to dial it... also know a lithium ion cell , esp in a metal container is a little gernade. I predicted im not perfect (duh) there are a lot of unknowns(duh) lets weld tab to tab to dial it in (duh) 

and sure as shit I blew about 10 holes while adjusting the timing in between. cap bank is 2 p 6s maxel 350f ultra capacitors. so bank was  116.6 idk where the line (for a symbol the 6 repeats) but the 0.6 isnt significant anyway. relevant because the tiny pulses of 7-15ms (if i recall correctly 2 years of mostly mold later) so i clearly wasnt draining the bank with each pulse (also if you observe closely the r value on my bus bars was probably rediculous.. i should have used grinder on them first. 
in and hit the sweet spot as the bank hit about 13v

 i rushed it to prove it works because marlene wuethrich didnt understand iterative design or every other project had working proto and two iterations before this had all concepts working so even if it didnt work first try (it did) it was a matter of a minor bug because every component was tested in a smaller scale previous version. I was so limited in resources at their house that I had to charge the cap bank unplug from lab supply then reset voltage and power the logic and gets. the bleed circiut wasnt there yet nor was the adc to watch bank voltage. i had put work into optimizing the code to get as reliable and fast of a switch signal as i could but it was far from ideal. yet i kept being told I made everything up cause nothing worked. i prove it anyway several months after mold confirmed and just get banned from using it

they know i had to use it to complete contracted work and it was salable on its own...nope

the green board cut off at the top, that was a itteration of the welder. it was just a simple test of one etch a board 2 do i understand driving a get with opto isolation / the bjt inside

the board with hand drawn cosmos was a potential final for the main paid project. issue was i didnt realize the transparency was flipped and that put all the connections to the pi backwards. bleeding started like that day. 

if you note the picture hung on the wall. well 2009 I used student discount at ndsu to buy a legit copy of adobe master suite cs4 with money from websites the summer before. one of many things i cant touch at the moment. i hope i still have the disks because 3 weeks ago 5/19 ish as i write this... the PC it was on walked out of my garage with my compound miter and mig welder. fuck you dad. 

anyway office max print center starting 2014.. maybe 1 in 3 hires ever reached proficiency at all the tasks because it ran from managing and trouble shooting xerox color lasers, to binding with glue to production in photoshop, illustrator and many other programs. I wasnt amazing with printers but having trouble shot them at MGSH and the accounting office (laser printers i would other wise have had no experience with) my learned fab in many materials skills over the years and web design over the years using photo shop for various tasks then owning the suite legally (cs4) ... i was one of the higher requested by customers print shop employees. Enough that some of the artists that used their services would even leave me a print if they happened to come in on a day off or this particular one was a repeat customer and when i saw molder and Scully, i asked if hed mind if i printed one for myself and he was happy i enjoyed it that much (i rang it up later but asking him was as important for IP reasons and my own ethics) but no depending on when and what version my parents want to shit and call truth... ive never worked anywhere. i really dont see a point to life right now. ive been in a empty apt white walls with a bed clyde died on for a year. they filed ofps thus destroying ability to rent credit went to shit 2018 everything earned is still being destroyed. everything earned since 2004. 

this was a hand leaver adjusted snow plow. the lever broke. An old client for electronics repair basically is a grounds keeper. I had just got the klutck mig welder. This is about the only non mold related out of apt thing I was able to do. I reinforced and corrected the fork, extended the plow arm, got  a $25 linear actuator from eBay, design idea was all in my head, welded it up, wired it up and boom no more broken lever or leaver at all just a switch. I think the commercial kit is around $500 to do the same. I wont claim my solution was as robust. I will claim it was a hell of a lot more price effective and did the job. my welding experience was self taught and observing a friend with a PhD in nuclear engineering who was also working on his own friction stir process. he let me borrow his flux core lincon back in like 2012 for a few weeks. the friction stir he was doing helped with the now useless waste of time because my parents claim to own me and will soon kill me spot welder. as in watching and listening to him i picked up things like : heat-affected region/zone and the fact that a true weld should fail around the weld nugget. due to the heat-affected region the metal around the weld is weaker than the weld itself assuming you achieved a real weld.  He was also doing like 1x4 sample sizes of friction stir welded test welds and pulling them till they failed (i think in a machine measuring how much force it took) so I approximated that in the video above where im pulling the welded nickle strips one end in vice another in plyers. I did that once with like second strips i didnt blow holes in. 2 welds per. the way it tore indicated i did have one real weld... remember above i mentioned i had no ciricut to top off caps so its expected the next trigger pull was a bit less heat (foot pedal push actually) 
the hand held electrodes were not helping either but note how the tow piece (right pic) has part of the bottom one... thats what i was trying to explain above. i had cut a slit in the lower one because i noticed a lot of the pro assembled packs used strips/tabs with a split on the ends... dont wanna go into why but there is a reason. its also the reason the other one side is almost perfectly straight. 

bellow is what i developed to improve on hand holding (pressure matters and consistency is repetability) never got to test it. the other improvement was i switched to the same electrodes the $3000 commercial units use. its a copper alloy with a few advantages... do your own homework. which i hate saying but im having all sense of accomplishment taken while two people supposed to at least care tell me i deserve total destruction for words said about their mistakes despite their words being things like "i own you" "you made everything up cause you lack the ability" 

ecig wire ran between the U channel in the board bellow. attached to a power supply this allowed uniform bending of plexy glass

my i haven't shown the paid project that my mom also knows is worthless but couldn't name the title of or explain why she would decide this after its shown to work after it was agreed on, after most work was in AFTER SOMEONE PAID FOR IT. but she knew i knew nothing and nor did gainfully employed friends even abut it and computer certs... and they own me/still destroying everything now the ofps, ill be lucky if i can flip burgers in a homeless shelter. their 430k home has a value safe, their health is safer sans the 50x8 ft of moldy wall and 1500sq ft of carpet and pad removed. 

clearly i did not make the scope bellow. its just here to show how fucking pathetic and petty they are. when they got their house remediated this and a lot of other things damaged by moisture alone, many i did not chose went in the

basement... well that all went to 3rd garage stall. this is now a $400 peniciloscope. It was part of my 2016 tax return. 


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