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Friday, May 22, 2020

Starve before homeless or go to jail?

do not pass go, do not claim you looked at go, do not claim you owned anything, do not claim any rights. 

these are shit options. when several times i was the victim of attempts to hurt or kill me and for the last year and a half have been made to drive away in a car not mine...

a car they can take at any time and words said over stranding me once have already been used for an expired threat to ones property to imprison me in a mental ward.. how immediate is a threat that was conditional involved damage to stucko and 3+ hrs expired?

if its about concern i wasnt eating as the officer later suggested... those words were along the lines of 

"these sick games you are playing makes it so i question why even eat even when i can" 

taking the car from the hotel that i was at when "you just dont live here anymore" had been going for a month and a half... taking the car while i was working from the hotel... at dinner time... 

if we excuse that and allow the excuse to be the justification... well the excused removed the car part kind of /actually prevented me from being able to eat. 

along with the fact i had little more than the clothes on my back when "i just dont live there any more" 

the car actually had a microscope and an additional lcd monitor that if i had to sell for food... well cant do it if they went with the car can i?

i have no doubt i wont end up in jail if i go to maple grove. 

the way this can be summarized is, accept a dime from parents giving it after 18 and in the state of mn...

you might find they can own you and brutally terrorize you before killing you during a pandemic.

this is a terrifying corrosive to sense of actuality of self situation that i do not wish on anyone else.  as ive said else where... i see it far more likely im dead in as short as a month . main reason for this is to tell my story, secondary reason is hopefully in this out living me it would inspire change in the laws and policies that created this shit situation.

dont get me wrong by my smile in this photo... it hurt like hell. the reason i was laughing is in my head (while looking at the live image of my face via front-facing camera ).... i recalled "HERES JOHNY"

im actually pretty likely to smile or find something to be happy about. as much as those against me would say otherwise i think im pretty easy going. 

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