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Friday, May 22, 2020

still sitting at gas station

unable to leave unable to eat. 25 miles from apt.  2 days ago the 20 in the car was taken with my debit card from apt lot

243 face book friends and not a dollar to be had. understandable.

this world is vapid and sucess based. on top of that when moved around by threat of uter distriction its hard to maintain any commitments let alone support net

psychopathic abductor parents trust us we would never intend to hurt u. 

yet here I am and not an answer in 4hrs

this has elements of illegal imprisonment, human traficing, emotional incest attempted murder and more my food deprived brain can't access at the moment

Paul wuethrich and Marlene Wuethrich (cnp children's st Paul) should not be sitting eating home cooked meals on the same relative comfort level while still destroying everything I worked for my health and my life.

they are the white collar Turpin parents.

I'm really not sure how I'm Geting out of here

they have even my ID 

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