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Tuesday, May 19, 2020


he is demanding I do soemmthing that will not solve the issue. The issue is the lease was up end of march. he himself was commanding the week before that if i want a second key to not my car then send him a pic of key he gave me a week before. yet 2 times hes made me wait 30 hrs  because i have never known him to give me a key with out having 2 spares. I find one that can be cut and programed by car (just pay to get cut) for 25 on eBay...then all he will do is order me to call the attorney general and if he doesnt get my goat im swearing at him when im not . stop this sicko shit PAUL 

see all 4 calls from my mom? yeah thats actually more than 2006 to 2018. this is 2 days after ofps iirc. while they were driving up siting in parking lot for the week after not telling me they didnt go active. calling in welfare checks. 

this was way earlier at the hotel. funny what constant lie, cold shoulder, pretend not to know the sky is blue, ask for it explained like rocket scientist or like he or she is 3 just to confuse it insistits orange but only at half past 3am...figurative. more concrete my cnp mom with a masters pretending not to know a dehumidifier slows mold growth. ok ill put  a humidifier in the garage, click...blocked for a week. 

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