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can't answer buzzer

the buzer for the apt door was just held down for 2 awkwardly long beeps.

edit: the buzzer was a neighbor, when i returned a moment ago there was a note in the door explaining the package that was delivered to me yesterday. Wasnt my name so i just set it inside the door and haven't thought of it. didnt open it, but the note had an apt so i was then able to return it... i figured one way or another the owner would be in touch and it was safer inside my door than the outside it was left. does make me wonder if she had to pay ups to get delivery to door. ive been unsuccessful even with explicit instructions to not leave with front office...thats where packages ended up most of the time in the last year.

to clarify it was addressed to my unit but not my name and left in front of my door. figured it was less theft risk and set it inside then when the note i just found identified the unit who had actually ordered it with typo i imedieatly gave it to the owner original seal intact..

if only my parents could learn to do this like with my health care packet they opened and filled out this year. last year held and presented me with a form to give them control claiming i failed to do my adult responsibility...

yeah of getting it from your house while the police were telling me i just dont live here anymore and im bouncing 5 hotels on short bookings by my dad trying to take care of a clients webserver/site.

yeah i failed. assholes.
-----------------------------------------end edit----------

I don't dare answer it any more.

March 11th someone mumbled and next thing j know a sherif is there to serve me ofps from parents who are still endangering my life and have held me hostage via controll of all my assets mail and check fraud

controlling my diet and work load

do this do that and we still desteoy all your things

my phone was the car but as I type this 10min later so am I. there's no indication anyone said hey I'm coming up

a note to anyone held hostage in MN... when u are discarded if they still want to hurt you.. better have the documents ready to defend yourself  even if the police keep u from them and everything else. 

somewhat sarcastic. I really hate life right now

so much dangrous to my life and unreasonable has been done for things I had no control over and in ways that make escaping it unlikely to be possible or end the harm and risk

pretty sure the mental ward even ruled out the military 

that's an option I might have taken as Clyde died. 

but it was already gone 

I take my commitments seriously and especially to living creatures and people. I had to struggle to figure out who I am, how I learn, and to identify and work to correct my flaws. 

this is to an extent human nature. 

this is something made hard for anyone with a parent that has a dramatic disorder. 

when they cross all ethical guidelines and violate law and use the sucess granted by lies to force infantilize and harm


I know myself, I know my health I used to know self ethicasy and confidence but that was hard earned. 

I've never been in worse shape in any catagory and it's not for a lack of effort or sucess

I heard for 2 weeks I don't know how to change a tire. then on I heard no one said that. I changed it the day it went flat. second day in this apt. 

the last 3 years puts me at a significantly elevated risk of death for several things including covid 19 and I don't get a stimulus check. 

my last tax return they held onto for several months while telling me to work harder then 3 years and counting destroying me claiming I never worked or didn't work enough.. to what be able to own anything or have rights as a person? 

sitting here with 100usd in my account unable to put on clean clothes. knowing the end of MN eviction ban means I'm ob the street unable to rent unlikely to get more than burger flipping but covid would likely kill me anyway 

my mom and dad get off on hurting me denying it and trying to elevate my BP.. like once heard them laughing when the thought I hung up

did u hear how pissed I got him? 

it's catagoricly false that they paid for everything. it's hard to prove when I don't know if the records I kept at their house still exist. but I can prove large corps I've worked for with out even that. 

I also recall biz law.. one story was about a friend pays for your cruise and something like staff get abusive or injury or something.. 

moral was it's still your cruise and are entitled to every right the passanger who paid for it is. 

the logic being applied here is more like they agreed to give x amount and had a lot of control with it... now they claim that no hrs I worked exist or mean they don't get to keep and destroy all my things my health and my life itself.. possibly ending it

I was told if I don't board the cruise at 18 I better be able tpay for college myself 

I guess with the metaphor I signed up to work for the cruise company, they took everything they gave me in wages and everything I made from other employers before during and after, kept all my assets and told me to rid their shop of asbestoce sans mask while starving me and literally claiming to own me.. 

it's not much of a metaphor just replace cruise operator with my parents and asbestoce with mold  with mold the rest isn't even figurative

I expect at this point the most likely outcome is death via covid or the elements after ofps an evectiom and destroyed credit destroy or sevearly limit ability to rent

when this started I was 29 good credit/ability to sign my own lease and pass background and credit check

I'm now 32
blowing out mold unable to rent waiting to be dead or homeless last year and a half has been ruled by do this do that or we will donate recycle or otherwise not have your assets anymore.

with police making me drive away from even the culdisaq /public property outside of the house I was 0 notice don't live there any morr/evicted from in the form of "you just don't live thee anymore"

for anyone starting with this post.. moved back in at 29 I haven't called it home since 06 but y2k to 2018 I had a key and or garage code

this is most likely npd rage. they were wrong about their house having substantial mold then the mgpd as a whole helped them keep all my assets and ignored even the report they claim to own me 

fuck me I guess. 


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