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the other lie they tell is its my fault for not Geting allergy tested. I just looked at the air sample they had done by a diff mold pro after ensuring I wasn't present. and only after I had followed the best advice given by the first removed the moldy trim peroxide and floors and two huge box fan hepas I created plus two dehumidifiers from my apt ran till right before air draw.

the other thing done was my dad swamped out what for as long as I had known.. since like 2000 when suspended ceiling went in were sagy plastic light covers. in their place he put glass thus ceiling off the air space.

he told me himself the air draw was done in the doorway to the room I had did all the work on.

the air draw shouldn't have been taken with out one outside and even notes it's but a sample in one spot in time

I've done my homework 4x over on how these things work but the real bitch is how long they told me my fault for not Geting allergy tested

the down stairs air sample was the only one taken and came back 1000 spores per cubic liter aspergilis/penicillin

let me tell u a story about little kids wirh penicillin allergies and moms who diagnose their son alergic. the stuff they give u if u can't swallow pills and are alergic to amoxicilin... tastes so bad that 25 years later I can Still go bleh...

but that explains why I reacted so much worse.

for those unaware black mold is too heavy to reliably be sampled by air capture but toxins it releases are not.

an air capture is also most useful compared to an outside sample to help indicate growth inside.

if it's higher inside than outside u either have growth or the house sucks and then it sits. poor airflow contributes to growth though so it's really a concern either way.


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