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Thursday, May 14, 2020

they try to kill all normalcy and indepemdence

what people might not get is its not really my choice. unless I start from homeless shelter. I haven't known a single one of my relatives to do that Even as they suggest I do. my cousin Kay lived with us as she went to the u of m and tells me to get over it. but there is no Geting over it they are out right attacking on every level. they claim one thing but what they do is rarely what they say. if u can keep someone changing everything possible while malnourished and constantly lie to them...

studdies suggest u cause brain damage even wirh out the malnurishment.

even with out the mold exposure nothing days 2 parents full blow npd is not possible. it's rare but I think lightning struck.

with out keeping even my bike.

with out keeping what I need to repair the clothes washing machine.

and yes I realized reading mental hold stuff failure to feed or cloth oneself in MN is an express ticket to mental ward.

yet it's not illegal to claim to own someone, your parents will always have some control if they contribute (which does describe the every level of traumatic physically and emotionaly devistating terror they have unleashed for being wrong about their hkudr.) it doesn't describe this at all. this is not ok

my mom plays ever fucking wicked head game my dad does except she usually let's him be the public front

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