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things ignored last night

my parents whom now have active ofps

have my state issued id

have tools needed to repair this unit 

this lease was forced under threat they destroy get rid of donate or otherwise gone all my property

they keep opening mail addressed to me 

6mo into this lease I was looking at eviction from garage for cleaning mold car here

cleaning mild car was also under threat of lose everything 

when I moved back into my parents Jan 2018 all of my things moved in with me 

Aug 2018 I leave for max 2 weeks at hotel they change door code and mgpd starts enforcing "I don't live there anymore" 

at some point I ask if I can file theft 

"you gave them your things when u moved out" 

I've at least 3 times since Sept mentioned they are holding and opening my mail and signed at least one check from my mail in my name to cobtrol where it went

they have no codstodialship no legal right to do that. 

mgpd about 8 months ago told me it's not mail fraud they can open anything that goes to their address

fed gov says knowingly opeing mail not in your name is a crime. 

they held my income tax return in 2017 which marked the first time I ever missed a min payment on credit. they now have most to all things I've ever bought with earned dollars or credit 

my credit is desteoyed. pre 2018 I could have signed for most leases with out needed ing anyone to Co sign 

I moved out 2006 back in 2018. last night police tried more than once to assert its time to not be dependent or directly that it was my first time on my own 

with out my ID I can not file for gov aid. 

I think Aug 2018 was the start of mgpd participating in an illegal lock out eviction and sesiure of assets. ivce discussed elsewhere why I belive a landlord tenant situation might be found to have existed 

I'm not a judge. I won't claim to be. I'm not a lawyer I won't claim to be. I did very well at scsu biz law. 

I worked very hard for most of what is being destroyed and held. actually almost all of it. 

my parents spit ever changing numbers at me for how much they gave me and for how long 

today I was texted it was 4k a month for 10 years. 

they have a lot of documents I would need to refute or confirm that but off top of my head in 2015 I know I could not make just rent off what they gave me. 

I was working office max doing 13-16 credit hrs at scsu and had picked up it support on the side starting with in a month of moving to st cloud

that lease was 700 a month in 2015.  I had electricity and cable internet (no TV) and Netflix for expenses. 

so the claim of 4k a month... as much as I can pull off top of my head right now... bullshit. 

I'm pulling this sitting in apt where lease ended March 31st 2020 but covid is reason I'm not on street 

they still have my assets and storing them in way that destroys them. one ham radio alone is valued around 1k. with out a ham liscense it's not technically legal for them to have. it was gifted by the lonskie (not sure on spelling sorry id call and confirm it but that literlay equals jail) side of the family after my great uncle died. 

he was W0BSI by call sign 
I am KC0JSF 

check the fcc database if u want. that's showing renewal date not original. I've had my ham liscense since right after y2k. 

I directly pointed out to mgpd last night that it's being destroyed and said I was pretty sure crimanl distruction of property was at the 1k mark. 

only to be told there's no way to varify ownership and its probably civil anyway 

on attempted apt garage eviction 2019 lease they forced me into after 2018 surprise parents have all ur assets.. 
called homelime and brainstormed
and negotiated apt to out of lease no penalty gaurenteed netural at worse ref in writing. 

takes money to move or selling assets

parents sitting on assets stop answering phone

this however is why I didn't file change of address

but 2mo before mn care packet should have arrived I began texting emailing and leaving vms saying hey please forward that packet... 

like 3mo ago they send me the actual health care cards. 

ie they opened my mail again. filled out mn care signed my name and God knows what else.. 
 sent it in

2018 renewal came while I was at hotels had left for 2 weeks garage code changes and oops I don't live there anymore. 

wasn't just one hotel it was 5 and bounced around.. having mail forwarded? are u kidding?

so they hold it then tell me I failed my adult responsibility present me wirh a form saying "sign this to get your health care back"

the form was "you are receiving this because you requested it" I did no such thing

it went on to reveal it was the form to give someone else power to act as me on mn care health insurance decisions 

I did notice a fax footer... Marlene wuethrich cnp children's? most likely /simple explenation for how they got that form?

I called mn care after ripping that up. 
set everything straight

also asked if their system tracked things like form requests

the rep said she couldn't see any record of that form requested by me or anyone else for my account.. 

I have a pic of the form. I can prove it happened.. 

again most likely how... the family member with 40 years in med world in MN. 

but then this year they outright just hold them open and fill out while I'm requesting and demanding it forwarded on Def ears

time is not unlimited. 

ie prioritizing and repeatedly asking for something that I need... I don't get extra hrs in day

it's violation of fed law and I would bet mn care wouldn't smile on it either

once again no codstodialship relation has ever existed. 

I went into mold hell/bleeding from the mold problem at their house transfered when driving there to visit Cosmos cat on 2017...went into this  good credit, 0 criminal or mental health record/issues

most of the time between 2006 and 2018 was living in an apt with my rabbits and or a human roommate. aka not at their house.

I can show not just that I cooked once but I used to try to eat a very healthy diet had tons of kitchen stuff... I'm not just throwing around hypothetical well if my kitchen wasn't empty...

curry recipy I can make with out looking at a recipy.. well could when I last cooked it 3 years ago... I learned it around 2010 

the reason it's written down was originally for a family friend that passed 2 years ago now. there were dietary suggestions/restrictions and failing health and I knew everything in that recipy was good for the body on a lot of levels. on top of that when I've made it even people sceptical hearing "curry?" the idk I don't think id like that crowd... never had one person not want more after it was in front of them. 

person I learned it from was an Indian grad student at ndsu. Pavan was going for his PhD in civil engineering. 

it's about as authentic as it gets. though I usually substitute oil for ghee 

I am in a postion I have 50 dollars, could end up evicted tomorrow. only not on street because of covid

washer broke months ago, landlords starting 8 mo ago no notice were busting into garage.. even once as I yelled stop because I knew personal possessions were in front of door.. 

why? despite admiting they ozone units people smoke in literlay the day before and while asking me not to use ozone in the garage (forced clean mold car).. well I agreed and even said I'll unplug it 

the machine has a timer  
I would usually set it up with vent into car window. bag around part opened car window taped on edges to car (not air tight but as good as I could) twist timer and exit to take a break while it did its thing then turned off

ie I had a habit of turn it on and leave. 

so knowing this when ll asked I said that and then I'll even un plug it. 

extra rediculous because I had taped around door to inner hallway to aid the seal. that door is also end of hallway, closest unit door is at least 50ft down and other side of the hall and light was viable under garage door... plus the admission "we ozone smokers units" 

but I stand by my word and went down and unplugged the damn thing. 

the next day im working on mold car.. actually sitting for a moment taking a breather. I watch the lock to the garage door spin... 

I yell out WAIT STOP or along those lines realizing a box was Infront of door. 

boom door open box into wall in runs maintence dude phone in hand over to unplugged ozone machine on at the time the one row of shelving I had set up... 

snapping pics of ozone machine that's been off and unplugged since the day b4

while I'm screaming 


he would later claimed to have smelled something funny or like ozone in the hallway as a justification.. 

ozone has an incredibly short half life. it's unstable by nature decomposes quickly. 

ozone bi products may linger up to 48 hrs

but again when they ozone actual units in the building how can this be an immediate threat justifying entering an assumed private space with no notification and as none of the times was there an attempt... 

how the heck did he know where the machine was? 

I will to this day frequently find the lights switched off... ie they open the door turn off the lights and lock it and leave. 

I asked before signing despite the sign this or be homeless with out your possessions (and at the time living Clyde rabbit) threat of my parents... 

I asked about the power in the garage and  on the tour answered yeah 15amp breaker and in unit. 

that and I'm not rocking incandescent, they lights they are switching off are 18w leds 2x. aka assuming even 60w incandescent 3x in other garages... the 2x in mine are all of 36w and if during the tour my concern was addressed accurately... this wouldn't have been a point of contention or reason to enter the 2 stall garage I rent both half of... 

infact it has to be a 20a breaker but it's shared with 6 other garages. I know the first time I tripped it roughly how many Watts I was drawing 

p=ie or Watts =amps*volts 

add how many Watts the tools in use are rated for  divide by volts which is 120v as its a 120v outlet... 
but disturbingly the math at 3x 100w bulbs in 6 garages. 

means 1800w if all garages just have the lights on... 15amps

60w bulbs u have a 1080w lighting load. 

a 15a breaker is 1800w
20a breaker is 2400w

so assuming when it was wired 6 stalls to a breaker that incandescent was all that worked (CFL plus cold is non lit light) and assuming the 100w bulbs... 

well it's a garage no? that big mottory thing that does the door opening work? aka garage door opener? that's 550 to 900w when running and 6 of them are on that breaker too... see the issue even at 20a breaker? 

I digress 
quite a bit

but if anything it should help ilistrate I'm not this incompetent child my likely full blown narasstic or anti social personality disorder parents try to paint me as

I am how ever un able to apply for gov aid because they have ofps filled March 11th 2020 while I had to be out March 31st of this lease described above (and forced by them) at the end of March 2020

march 6th their car breaks down

March 9th my dad don't worry find a place I'll get movers why do u need ur bike if u can bearly make it up stairs? 

also March 9th, I'll sign the title over... not addressing its broken down or needed for food since they have had my kitchen stuff for 2 years at this point. 

aka I know u are going to have to be out in 22 days, so yeah wanna make it ur car/car that can't deive/liability and expense when apt u no longer live at tows it? 

March 11 2020 ofps filed 

friday March 13th 2020 buz at intercom and a mumble. 

ask several times who's there

  and a moments later knock on door

sherif is here to inform me /serve me

court Tuesday morning the 18th...

still no car. 

I'm in sterns... court is hen... 

claims date back to Jan 2018

parents are in possession of most of my things still since Aug 2018 u don't live here anymore... 

including documents needed to refute some claims. 

so covid hits, I don't make the court date. my parents tell me they passed and I can't call 

week later my mom's number is blowing up my phone then they are siting in parking lot all week 2x call in welfair checks

officer figured it out the second time and told me through my door he didn't think it was a valid use of police force and infact he offered a little resistance and my dad hung up on him. 

I understand why he still made contact with me

on a personal level just incase he read situation wrong, no one would want to think... shit if I had only tried... 

then there's a liability level on top of it and or legal level. 

but in this meeting I was also told yes the ofps passed but since I wasn't served with them they are not yet active. 

probably covid related as the week they 
came up everyday the covid comosion and disruption had begun 

that was March 27th 2020

3 days later I had again been given a my car be greatful its your car look waht we give u... but no title... while still holding my things ignoring I would already be homeless 

may 20th the car was burgled. I had 20 bucks cash for the emergency if I need fuel and debit card swiped them the remaking 40 in my account depleted

did all bank stuff required. but that still equaled 40 dollars, parents have I'd among most other things... 

what they had agreed to moving in here was a office or shop space somewhere else for rent and at least for 4 months it was estimated 4k would be required because crazy at the time plan was still I clean their mold off my stuff when ever they grace me with it

they will lie and say they had to pick apt for me I wouldn't look... I had infact seen this one and ruled it out based on some reviews about loopy management. 

I had decided Monticello because instead of 4k and 2 spaces, doubled utilities transport back and fourth... one with good credit can spend 900 to 1k a month on a 2 or 3 bed town home or home and after utilities it would still decrease the estimated monthly a hell of a lot compared to two rental properties. plus allowed more options and less intrusion for the crazy clean ur own stuff we have held plan

because at time they are still saying they understand part of what they are holding is contracted work paid for by 3rd parties and how that was not only agreed to in 2017(and what left me dependent when shit /mold hot the fan) but also had two possibilities of starting a Corp 60 to 100k postion through people I knew using it and their word to get me hired at their respective companies. my dad cared less about me having a shop (by operation) than someday u have to pay me back. 

on the off chance it didn't equal that and the agreed and still led on plan failed... Monticello offered access to northern and mid tc/subarbs job market 

Monticello also has fiber internet and there was a server in construction for one of the projects. 

I had set up server for client during hotel stay but that was rented at a host in another state. 

Monticello fiber net would have allowed that clients site transfered to server I needed anyway, that account would have paid power bill / cost to have server on of billed market rate/average and the server has more than enough head room

can I set that up? in 2k9 at ndsu the biz department had a Ms dynamics gp 10 (crm software) teaching environment hosted on 10 desktops. I had an internship. 

we had 2 powerful rack mount servers donated. I had read about a new Ms product.. their entry into virtual server space aka hypervisor or as Ms calls it hyper-v

my tech aware boss (there were like  3 or 4 people one could describe as boss or in a postion wayyyy above intern with this intern in the range of their domain) liked my suggestion we try that and pointed out we have msnd... (all ms products avaliable) so I found a drive imager and took a physical hard drive to file clone of the desktops, set up hyper-v on 2 of the rack mount servers (newer ones) 

recreated the real servers from the drive image files as virtual servers. 

3rd rack mount server did the sql hosting. there's reasons I didn't do a more modern deployable or in demand virtual sql instances but I'm way over scope as is. 

at my apt I was playing with citrix xen on a server I put together with money I earned. 

so suffice it to say... yes and in actuality it's on my floor in this apt. dsl bill wasn't paid because my dad put in 1k this month and with out a kitchen... plus robbery, plus broken washer (buy a change of clothes every week and a half or 2)..

plus the not met 1200 1500 to eat sans kitchen 

this is hell

but that server when my dsl is paid is hosting vengeancetech. biz

it's running kvm as a hypervisor. the modem is in bridged mode

the virtual machines include 
a router firrwall
a dvr for cctv of which I have like 2 of mine they have the rest
a web server 
a sql server
a pbx server 
a few more misc

I have 2 subnets one nat/private. a block of 5 usable static ipv4 addresses that are routed instead of 1:1natted mainly to say I could do it/figure it out. either way works with thefirst being more efficient use of addresses but preformance wise this may have an edge 

I have the server set to do iommu/vfio/sriov

aka the x540 network card is divided into 20vfs (10 virtual cards per physical function) 

long story short I set up basicly what a data center would on my own on my floor

open stack is the hipp new kid on block. it's kvm at its core. aka what I used. it's also what Amazon uses for Amazon web hosting services 

I don't screw around. 
I don't exaggerate my ability 
I don't always get it right 
I've been stressed off depend lately
I know there are plenty of people smarter than me even at my most learned of subjects 
I am extra ordinary talented in it/electronics/computers though and I do have a long history of doing it for pay all the way back to a website for safe and knife company of highway 55 at age 13.

or around 2000.

yet here I sit 50 dollars 
destroyed credit 
2 ofps 
parents who filed have even my id
2 week old clothes
tools to ffix washer held by parents with ofps

evicted once covid bam ends

ability to shower limited by lack of clean  towel

Clyde rabbit in freezer

scared out of my mind wishing I had even MY bike to get my mind odd of it. 

wishing I could cook something nutritious 

more likely to be dead on street in a month than anything else 

2 years overdue for a dental implant 

yesterday (may 22 2020) I drove down to maple Grove because I was at 0 as expected because starving and making rediculous s demands for year and a half often taking tools need to even attempt.. while sitting on all of tat persons actual hard earned things some of which tools needed. 

not efficient but here's raw math or facts 

1k in 

120 internet commitment/bill

2mo past need a diff place to live 😬 my credit has been trashed by physicly relocated like 3 cities 8 Apts houses or hotels in last 3 years largely against my will choice or protection of any rights like 0 notification parents say I don't live there all my stuff does. this is not conducive to social Safteynet or any employment 
that's tip of iceburg

so I need someone to sign now anyway but a 1st month /deposit on even a place like they picked here is 500 to 900.

see the issue right away with 1k?

how about when because they have my kitchen
.. fast food...? 


can I get fed assistance sans I'd? 

can I get hired in 2 week old clothes

how about 2 week old clothes and x days hungry 

with out a car

wirh out a place to store clean clothes 

if any rights were respected let alone agreements... should I worse case scenario to aford a choice had access to my acquired assets to be able to worse case pawn them? 

kind seems the biggest mistake is marlene and Paul thinking they get what they want when they want extending to what they tell police 

followed by mgpd enforcing you don't live here anymore around Aug 2018

0 notice 

after moving in Jan 2018

and subsequently ignoring or talking down telling me 
mail fraud isn't a crime 
check fraud isn't happening here
it's not illegal to claim you own someone 

and being told I have calls recorded that indicate my parents use false police reports as punishment 

yesterday all of this was again brought up to mpgd. 

I eventually arrived on the public road outside my captors house. 

I turned cab lights on, parked across the street and began recording YouTube clips and uploading talking about I'm sure mgpd will be here maybe a bit more than 10min. I'm doing all this to make sure it's visible I'm not here to harm, I'm sitting parked away/opposite the culdisaq, I've been told ofps are not active yet... hitting upload ever few moments showing I was still in car and clock on dash. 

well yeah sure enough... 

what's really disturbing is they kept trying to rail road it into its time to grow up and we can't prove ownership.. 

and while two of the officers were talking I overheard something lile

"anything we can take him in on?" 
"sterns didn't server the ofp it's not active" 
"oh thanks that's helpful" 

then when my dad showed up I could hear them repeatedly asking if I might have a weapon. 

I feel in being targeted as I'm least likely to be able to defend myself and they likely screwed up allowing my parents to just change the code in 2018

ive repeatedly been forced to drive away in a car not mine from my lock and keyed valuables

the bouncing hotels drained me even of mature savings bonds my grandmother had left me. 

I've had even the remains of Bonnie rabbit threatened to force work on my captors vehicle and threats all my stuff under lock and key donated recycled... gone... 

this is crazy. this is still the short version

but all mgpd seemed to want to do is once again ignore "I have calls indicating falsified reports mail check fraud" 

they only seemed concerned with putting me in jail or getting me out of there


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