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this situation is manufactured to destroy. Clyde rabbit is also in my freezer and when the covid eviction ban ends I will be evicted because lease ended in March and notice to vacate was rigbt before.

I was forced into this lease sign it or lose everything that the likely illegal change the door code after I left for 2 weeks at a hotel police assisted 0 notice eviction in 2018 put my parents in control of

I moved back in age 29 jan 2018. my mom said I'm your landlord untill you can aford every dime of moving back out on your own
i enter an agreement with my dad to form a it consulting electronics and smart device repair firm

I had biz law and was geting my ducks in a row to file for an llc including good to have in general and insurance wise things like inventory of assets

I also know protections of an llc fall apart if there isn't a distinction between the biz entity and the person

so when I say I hadent filed yet because it's complicated that isn't an excuse I was trying to do it properly. 

in 4 months while driving down to their house to visit dieing friend Cosmos cat... 

I set up a 3 bench work shop on the 3rd floor of building with out elevator, 

had done about 30 repairs for pay and including 

an investment banker
a comercial insurance agent 
a st cloud local commercial realistate agent 

I had taken an agreement with an aquaitnence who does pen testing in California to build a device. a tool for his trade

I had a working prototype. 

I was doing web work for a client u picked up on moving to st cloud

I was driving down sleeping next to Cosmos cat on moldy basement carpet then returning to work from apt

I taught myself cad to make final actual working product 

fabricated UV lithography gear for rapid prototyping of PCBs 

Cosmos died in my lap around May 2017

shortly after a weird rash and pinprick wounds apear 
bugs noticed in apt. 

it support client reports scabies 

Nov urgent care doc thinks scabies 
eyes swelling shut didn't really fit 

dec 2017 a baby tooth with no adult under it... long ago dead but slowly dissolving falls out. told not to wait more than 6mo for dental implant 

dermitolgist diagnoses subric dermatitis 


mold confirmed in their basement by pro end of Jan 2018

Jan 2018 primary doc in osseso says the way someone my age recovers is avoid mold 

denial and threats to get me mental diagnosis start

false backwards or exaggerated one sided 2 on one police reports start

Feb moving out of apt black mold found in apt 

April 2018 my dad's talking how lonely he is.. April 14th I get invited out for the first time in literal years... on my day, my dad takes the keys. claims protecting me from snow storm
then wants me to ride shot gun 2hrs later cause he likes driving in snow 

jully 2018 vet determines environmental mite at parents is leaving legions on rabbits

also bacterial infection in both rabbits 

July 2018 my mom tries to push me over railing to basement saying "I brought you into this world I can take you out of it"

Aug 2018 she has a surgergy
she's following me around house screaming in delusional

I ask my dad if a week or 2 at a hotel might be better for her recovery

they change garage code and from that point on all my stuff theirs I don't live there anymore

Nov 2018 I'm at the 3rd hotel and on a Wed they remove car from hotel lot stranding me

use my words over that to get emergency medical hold

while this is happening their house is being professionally remediate by a mold pro. 

50x8 of basement wall, 1500sq ft of carpet and pad are removed 

police are in forcing I just don't live there anymore

Nov or end of of October Bonnie rabbit is rushed to vet and dies that day. so skinny the vet was talking syringe feeding.. ie in my parents care

probably Dec 2018 I figured I'd ask if I can file theft charges and mgpd tells me "you gave them your stuff when you moved out"

parents have been opening my mail and signed at least one check from my mail to themselves at that point.

I start hearing "I own you" from my dad actually I'm sure the first time I heard this was thanks giving which Bonnie had died before. it's been non stop 3 years breeding and jerked around moved physical location while they contact anyone who might help and tell them I'm sick in the head and or on drugs or I have a mold obsession that's me destroying myself and I won't seek help


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