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Friday, May 22, 2020

Torture sorta puts it lightly

its exactly my dads mo as well... bellow is before and after snow blew through the car that had been at their moldy house for 9 years. 

growing up i heard 2 stories a lot with a tie in of a 3rd i made recently but will tell first

my mom liked to put soap in fountains

my dad used to tell me that some how he knew while on the naval reserve base that someone had stolen some marker dye usually used to indicate in water where a air drop or need for rescue (along those lines) and tied it under a bridge before minnehaha falls thus the entity of the falls was dyed for a short time. he knew an awful lot about someone else's deads (if you get what im suggesting)

3rd during a contract negotiation my dad put coyote urine in the head of the transportation office at isd281. aka the stuff used to keep destructive animals from gardens 

so its really to me not much of a stretch to imagine he came to the hotel and loaded the vents with snow. 


i have a call right after moving in recorded where he responds to me asking where his  conscience is with "what makes you think i have one?" the issue with 3 years of recorded phone calls is usually sorting through them. its amplified by fact its reliving trauma alone and or hungry

paul becomes the public face but i would bet whats happening behind the scenes is she threatens to leave him and take everything

when i was first moving back in in 2018 there was an event where shes demanding i do task after task trying to micromanage even my priorities... logic side of my head goes wait a min

"mom those directives are conflicting."

"I know thats the point"

the really sick thing is they will continue to occasionally blame this on me hurting me because i wont go to a doctor. My primary in osseo was a Dr my dad not only recommended but drove me to. this happened in maybe Feb 2018... i was told by him and reported to my parents he said something along the lines of 

"how someone your age recovers from mold is avoid it" which at the time they were arguing theres mold everywhere ... splitting what? more likely diversion. (splitting is a psych term google it) but none the less its a forced dichotomy of all or none when the message is avoid excessively moldy places

something im unlikely to ever be able to do now that 2 ofps pending eviction destroyed credit

fuck you marlene and paul 

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