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Thursday, May 21, 2020

trying to self sooth

though i dont think coping mechanisms were really designed for virtually being held hostage or self something hunger in an empty apt with one beloved pet in the freezer and the others remains held by parents literally claiming to own their adult offspring.

trauma plus someone telling you its all you doing it to yourself while gaslighting triangulating and poisoning social connections ...add in starvation and carte blanch from police in the town it started...

even with out the last 2 bits it starts to become classic conditioning (towards nesicary behaviors for ones survival being bad) with terror bonding.

growing body of research suggests it can cause brain damage. But hey its an oligarchic republic so its good to know that by allowing the damage to continue they can eventually justify making a once functional person into job security for another. YAY! which way is the adult way for the wrist slit?/s

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