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Monday, May 25, 2020

wealth redistribution and class warfare

if we make accepting any money (after 18) from one's family or living with family (regardless of moved out at any point)
(I hadent lived there since 06)

too hungry to finish or keep this on track

synonymous with they can starve you throw you out 0 notice 

 take everything u earned independently and leave u in a gutter 

well this is the moment that economic mobility starts to take a hit if not disappear. 

it's the moment we not only whisper socieopaths and narcasists are in uper management and office but literaly shape our lives and species around some of the worst examples of what it is to be human. 

sure there are grants and loans for school and that jazz but as I found out 

u might work over 16 years and during a pandemic and after 3 years of being relocated jerked around threatened and commanded 

end up hearing from police they give you a lot or gave u a lot, you can't be here. with intermittent jabs u have to make it for yourself. 

yeah bro here how about you move in with me ima change the lock tell your fellow officers I gave u number out my ass therefor u r imature.. 

oh that won't work will it? oh yeah your family has your back huh? 


but in practical terms I see the motivation it's hard to settle these cases 

it's not hard to say no one deserves to have to relocate 0 notice or only own what can go on their back if renting. this is insane. 

oh but the ofps make it different? 

u mean the things that pass if u can't show up? where burden of proof is backwards and standards of evidence are one party putting quotes around the alleged words of the other? 

u mean no one's ever been blinded by pride stupidity or personality disorder and thought to weld poorly written fear tactic legislation as a weapon? 

those quotes on paper typed by my accusers somehow are more reliable than no record of violent confrontation or tendencies in the 30 years before? 

ok so i punched some sheetrock... what do we know about abused animals in a cage? or if you leave a dog alone too long on a trip/weekend gone.... 

ohhhh k guess I don't deserve to own anything and deserve to be hungry right now. 

sorta glad I'm unlikely to get to a place I will ever have children. this is a fucking wicked world 

even most lawyers that practice family law and or anything related to dv will tell u most dv calls are raised voices 

I once came acrossed stats fbi had compiled. Drum roll please..... 

1 percent of cases required med attention. 

with in that it was only a 10 percent gender diff. there was an astrix indicating men are less likely to seek it even if ideal for outcome. men also less likely to report the cause of injury is a female 

yet in most jurisdictions no questions asked no marks viable.. what happens if a female reports a male? 

when reality is 1 percent of cases... and OK let's say it's actually 5.. it's still the exception and the smoking gun of this isn't about that. law enforcement and military fams above average dv

guess who matches them demographic wise? 

lesbian couples. 

this isn't a man on woman issue it's using fear to erode probable cause and systems that probably came closest to creating actual justice and individual security that or species has ever divised 

it takes money that if say.. arbitration and supervised over seen talk it out  was before jail and lawyers.. 

might go to a vexation to calm the fuck down. might go in savings for your kids future 

what's downright sick is in past few years more articles on pop psych and often family law psych hybred blogs (labeled or otherwise) 

well more and more 

no but if u don't learn parenting is more than watching TV between discipline and yelling... 

put psych conditions in a hat... reach in and pull one out. 

you'd be lucky if that's all u did to them

it truly isnt all of your fault either. if youre part of the 1 or 10 percent this applies less... but even close to a 40hr work week for both parents (whats that? both or the hrs)... even the most well intentioned parent at that point is a bit past where they should be stresswise to truly provide the best or close to for their children's minds, emotional intelligence, self awareness, etc.

ugh im really feeling the hunger as i type this i think im going to take a break ...but do what? they have even my fucking bike. 

sit in a cell with clyde in the freezer wondering when death comes for me.  when eviction ban pops off if im still around... 

my case is likely a bit diff... and thats mainly for another post but for last 3 years things i have demonstrated i did for 16 years plus have been made impossible while parents tell me ive never done them add starvation... this is how you break someone in to a shattered wreck of a once capable of being productive and possibly giving something to the world or nation... person/citizen/indivigule 

at the very base level... they are controlling what i can eat if i can eat and that i have little option for how to spend my time other than hungry in a terror cell. 

i can fix myself but i need the authorities to be real. instead of mgpd. aug 2018 i dont live there forced all of this, i spent 30 days hungry last year breathing in mold i was given a diagnosis as head case for despite it being very real and paid to remove while i was in mental ward (for parents/terrorists) .im not a kid anymore, i need nutrition or i wont live very long. 3 days no water 7ish maybe a few more no food but what im talking is past 40. 

i dont need to be job security inpatient or anything i need reasonable funds control of my things and time. that might involve a day or 2 fucking walking around after eating good meals. ive been jerked relocated screamed at told  black is white white is youre sick john. the lamp isnt flickering, no i wont stop oscillating the knob and fuck your recording. 

im not kidding on the last part... so what or fuck your recording are how either marlene paul or both respond to caught in a blatent lie i know i have recorded. often 3 min later they try the lie again


"what was that i cant understand you when you scream?" or my moms fav "you sound unhinged do we need to get you help?"

sometimes i say things eventually that might be poorly interpreted if one isnt context aware and they have this knack of stripping the context for sensation knowing people wouldnt assume parents to do that at all let alone to this level. 

however heres a bit to support who i am. I have not laid hands on either of them in anger, neither can say that about them to me even when limited to last 3 years /this for me unending hell and destruction of self and reason for self to be. 

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