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Friday, May 22, 2020

what I would love to cook right now


actually I'd love a lethal injection right now. facing hunger once again... smelly alone and filthy for most of the last 3 years. alone for most of the last 5 years. 

when big pharma made it hard for prisions to get the cocktail usually used (for lethal injection) there was some serious consideration of nitrogen asphyxiation as an alternative. 

good thing I don't know an industrial gas supplier... er where one gets that 

actually unless they wanted to fill their own c25 cylinder with nitrogen (doubfull) in not affording the first payment on an additional one for nitrogen. even if they did I don't have the refill cost lol. 

There's also the interesting thought experiment of ln on a hot plate in a mostly enclosed space. with out a mask or any other way to cobtrol the air in the environment I would theorize the rapid expansion of the liquid form hitting eextreamly hot surface may push much of the air out of the room. 

but hey covid 19s destruction of lung tissue likely ends by similar method anyway (low blood oxygen) 

or if I understand it correctly it's actually immune responce doing a lot of the damage. things gleamed in the 2 seconds I've searched it twice. I tried letting a news stream run last month but that put my anxiety through the roof so it wasn't long before that tab got closed. 

but by mn logic anyone who may be an immediate threat to self others or property... with no definition of immediate, ownership or value of property... 

we should probably be giving covid cases emergencey medical holds because their immune system is going to try to end their life. (strong sarcasm) 

but more seriously considered.... if protecting money in my name from my mail is over looked.. how can failure to be able to pay for food be a route to emergency medical hold? 

I wonder what point if any the fed gov steps in when a state is denying someone right to even ownership of property and ignoring the people that claim to own him... 

I wonder if humanity is really so lost we dont see the baser issues here 

I have a feeling the pat and extra attention on pocket search I got on the first mental hold starts to run a foul with search and sesiure issues as they pertain to probable  cause. 

that contact was not happening due to anything at the hotel, anything on the road or anything other than my dad and or mom going to the police possibly with cherry picked text messages and then those related to the car they took from the parking lot of hotel

paranoid behavior... well they said they were my landlord now all my stuff lives there I'm at a hotel.. u tell me if I shouldn't be a bit concerned and or agraevated at this point? 

how about a year and a half later when my dad has 2x said "I own you" and one "I bought you" then two members of that pd tell me "it's not illegal to say u own someone" 

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