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What This Is About

My name is John Wuethrich. I fear for my life every day. I feel i am being held hostage. I was given a psych diagnosis after 9 months of my mom threatenting to have me locked in a psych ward, saying proven to exist black mold was all in my head.I am being tourtured by likely two parents with full blown cluster B persoanlity disorders. My dad has outright told me he lacks a conscience. Both make serious issues or even comunicating into what seems best described as games. both play the same games. he just happens to the public front. I have no doubt she would throw him under the bus if anything courtwise ever came of this. I have recorded calls where both will lead in circles/deflect after deflect after topic change to avoid discussing anything. on one such call my dad thinks i hung up and can be heard talking to my mom/ them both laughing after "Did you hear how pissed i got him?" except this pissed is due to (at the time of that call) the distruction of 16 years of assets and opertuinties I actually worked for

I feel i have been illegally evicted from my parents house (i moved back in 2018) forced to leave all assets behind.

 robed blind and am being held captive was forced to endure prolonged expures to black mold and
have been emotional and physically abused and tormented for the last 2 years or so

while lies to the maple grove mn pd and then 4th district court have createted a situation where at 30 I had 0 indication of violence/criminal record and now with destroyed credit and eviction post covid ill also have two ofps enabling the captive takers to also be privy to what street corner or homeless shelter i will be living at. Also a set of lies to mgpd a willing officer do wrong and a doc who seeminly mistook his oath in two languages resulted in a psych diagnois for things i had expert testimony were real.

and mgpd willingness to over look

  • what i believe to be several counts of mail fraud and at least one case of check fraud
  • admissions my parents file false reports
  • me trying to comunicate that "they say they own me" only to hear "its not illegal to say you own someone"
  • i had called the state bar hotline last year and their suggestion was "communicate to the police that your parents are unreliable witnesses"

have enabled my parents to now destroy or still hold captive everything that was ever mine including everything ever given, everything ever worked for/money earned from non family sources, things intrusted to me for repair or fab work. things given by people other than family. All assets. Assets according the the business classes i had at ndsu and scsu are less than liquid but still a store  of value.  I have yet to find mn legislation but the UN and many states include some common themes in things like human trafficing, forced or nonfree labor and false imprisoment some commonalitys are "holding ones valuables under lock and key". Id say its pretty clear to anyone with a brain that if it comes down to being homeless or eating or not eating, even the pawn shop and taking a hit on the value of an asset becomes a better move and or enables one to afford choices they otherwise could not have. I've been deprived of that ability starting around 20th 2018 and in large part continuing as i type this. My valuables have been stored in ways that likely are still destroying them. When my parents had the house remediated in nov 2018 what was mine and eitehr upstairs or transported downstairs, seemed to walk around like it had its own legs( my mom moving things) was mostly moved into their 3rd garage stall. even the epa website says you control mold by controling moisture. the 3rd garage stall was a concious choice knowing their problem was real and done in large part while they had their problem fixed for them. it has enabled them to continuosly make sure im still dealing with something that had me looking like the photo bellow for 16 months starting 2017 and ending the first week at a hotel (aug 6th) its been back but the eye thing was unending during those 16 months and since has happened 2 or 3x.

I am in an apt my parents picked last year. Ive lived in apts starting in 2007, 2019 was the only time that has ever happened. Ive had actual bug and mold issues that my mom began threatening to get me a mental diagnois for around 2014 but i forgot that even happened at firfst. sitting here typng this there is a buzzing that has just started. swating by the offending ear makes it subside for a moment. theres plenty of physical evidence and expert confirmed issues. theres also pics from their house of a winged insect resembling a mosqito but only visible at i think 80x mag. I found it on a pcb i had made. I had cleaned it with even mild bleach then she hid it in the basement and months later i found it with debries all over it and under my electronics repair scope. the other indication I just noticed is the ionizing smoke detector on the floor just chirped once. I put the kiddle gaurenteed smoke detector battery in it maybe 4 months ago. Its the ionizing type. relevant because that was an ingenious design at the time and probably the best we can do to this day power wise and reliablity wise. a small pellet of americuium 241 creates a stream of alpa particles that do most of the "work" ie the battery only powers a alpha particle detector, the chip to signal low battery and the alarm if bat is low or particle stream is blocked. It chirped last night then was silent all day till just now (11:40pm) a low bat chirp wouldnt produce this behavior, its off the wall because of the chrips last night. The most probable cause is something is moving around and in doing so ocasionaly is entering the smoke detector. Just like we learned spontanious generation was a falsehood (around 1840 louis pasture proved stuff doesnt just apear in milk and meat)... we know damn well that the pelet of americium isnt intermitently stoping the stream of alpha radiation. and if it was... damn it (12am and another chirp, im jumping around editing and adding) if it was there would be teslas crashing possibly planes falling from the sky and the lights flickering, why? gps sats use clocks based on atomic decay how the power? 60hz ac right? how do you think a interconnected grid keeps that all the same start point and allows inverters in fields (solar and some wind stations) to match that freq...gps time signal based on atomic decay. a "cesium" fountian or rather like 3 or more per sat if i recall correctly (top of my head) I digress. but hopefully if one questions my sanity then looking up some of what i just mentioned might help.

edit: 1248am chirp again. this isnt low battery.

I think what is seen below is a sand fly. If i recall correctly it was at 80x mag. For electronics repair one usually needs about 30x but the way the scope works is eye piece mag * internal dialable mag (0.7x -4x) * barlow lense mag. repair uses 10x and 0.5 on the barlow to give about a foot of distance one can work with/get a hot air gun or soldering iron under. swaping to 20x eyepices and a 2x barlow lense the scope goes to 160x no problem, i belive below was around 80x. it was a tiny white spec with out it.
    these were all found at my parents 8043 lanewood ln n. maple grove home. in 2018

I am about to be homeless with the first ever eviction (apts since 07) destroyed credit (never missed a payment 2006-2017 over exteded towards the end but good for most of those 11 years the first missed payment happened as they held my tax return.) and now two ofps filed by my parents Marlene and Paul Wuethrich while they still hold most of my valuables at their house. they were filed march 11th 2020 served on friday the 13th for court tuesday morning the 18th. starting around aug 2018 I was kept from all my valuables after "you just dont live there anymore" became the phrase with them and the associated pd as a whole (some officers have been upstanding)

which turned into do this now do that sign this lease or be homeless with all your valuables gone, given away, donated etc, forced to drive away in their car  to apt they picked multiple times even for being on public property with no restraining order.

The car i was in also had snow blow through it jan 2019 right before the forced lease started. It had been in their house with confirmed and then 9mo later professionaly remediated mold issue. The issue was confirmed to be due to how they finished their basement in 2001. sealed cement slab/vapor barrier paint and vapor barrier carpet pad selected by my parents had created a space moisture was trapped. aka for the 9 years that they had that car it had been collecting spores from the house. 50x8 ft of sheetrock insulation and some studs ended up coming out, 1500sq of carpet and pad. The worst of it was in the room i was initially told i must sleep in or be on the street. On moving into the forced lease in st cloud with my valuables under lock and key in maple grove it then became clean /remediate our car or lose all your valuables. my mail was being opened, check in my name signed over with out my knowledge or permission, health care same thing, ive also been hearing "i own you and i bought you" and while reporting this and more to the relevant pd "if we put on record your parents are unreliable witnesses we might be liable" "its not illegal to say you own someone", "they can open mail if it goes to their address" this meeting was about a year into "you just dont live there anymore" and while i was dealing with mold car. eventually i got the headliner out and discovered it likely had supported growth for a long time. The car had a sun roof and both drain tubes were clogged.. on one drive down to maple grove in the rain eventually i was geting water on my head. it was enough it would have been hard to see if it had gone into the headliner, maybe not visible at all. mold growth only needs water from the air/humidity, so this little trickle was more than enough. the car was usually parked in garage attached to the house i just described. at a later meeting an officer insisted i was living the life while i had driven down 3 days hungry right after mold car was taken and scrapped. (i had reasoned childrens might have to act immediately to learned threat to satisfy insurance/mal practice insurance and ethics...communicated this and after 9 months of impossible clean this car with out budget and starve ...boom gone) so i showed that officer the picture i will add bellow and was told


later while still siting on public road in car: when i reasoned that cost of apt to parents was not equal to it not being a cell... in the form of "are you arguing that even with legal slavery it wouldnt cost to keep slave fed clothed and sheltered?"
i was 3 days hungry, i had some ability to use a cc but parents had the physical card. in talking to my dad I had said "you make me feel like a slave" 2x before i had heard "i own you" once "i dont own you but i bought you" this time it was "what was that? just the last word" followed by explictives by me and click of the phone hanging up. before that part of the convo he was taunting me with why not buy food on credit, knowing he had the only card that i might do that on. so i drive down and just sitting in the culdisaq triggers paretns to call mgpd and what i described above unfolded. including "your dad told me he never said he owns you". this was all well after the "we might be liable " meeting.

when this started I was 29, when i moved back in with them i was about to turn 30, the majority of it happened at 30. I had nothing preventing any job i wanted and 11 years of credit that would have supported signing a lease. Now im facing a background check that returns DV against my parents, credit check that says "ha get fucked"as far as corp employment or signing a lease is concerned. if not for covid I would be homeless because cleaning mold car here pissed off the landlords. im sure the moment the covid eviction ban in mn is over an eviction will be added to how Marlene and Paul Wuethrich used the legal system to punish their son and or kill their son for their mistake with their house or  Owned their son to homelessness and or death.

this site is intended to be a place where my story lives should I not. My other site is hosted on a server on my floor/dependent on having power and a internet connection. I registered this domain and decided to use googles blogger service because this will have no such dependency. As long as the account is current and the service is free these words will remain visible. at 12usd a year that made it easy to insure that even if i die the story is there for years to come. or at least my side of it. here is my personal youtube account detailing more of this
to make matters worse: i once had a baby tooth that would have fallen out but was wedged between two adult teeth with none under it. that picked dec 2017 to fall out after maybe 18 years of dissolving
because i was being wipped in every direction for probablems i had no control over I was recording a lot of things at the time. the above video is at my childhood dentist a month or 2 into 2018 hearing not to wait more than 6 months, mn care doesnt really cover it. best option is a dental implant costing about 5k. I have not had much to any stability or even control over where im staying or what i must do to not lose my things (explicit threats and many more implicit, do this do that or the valuables we keep under lock and key at our house will be donated, given away or sold)

during the mental hold I used their provided land line to call my dad. A periodic bp check then registered 180 systolic and i didnt even look long enough to see the diastolic number. I went in on thursday evening, that reading was sat morning. Ill add a post with pictures of how i normaly cook. It involves things like kale, garlic, celantro, ginger at least once a week. Its hard to do that being bounced between hotels and now for the last year ive had an apt with a bed and 3 walmart folding tables. My dad (Paul Wuethrich) did mention the other day that they stocked my kitchen with bibbs he doesnt understand why i cant cook in it.

Ill do a seperate post with more later, this was just the fastest way to put more than words behind the message/first photos i found. Curry was a once a week thing for several years.

I dont throw around psych terms or possible diagnosis-es either lightly or flinging shit and hoping it sticks. ive in the past met 3 indivigules i eventually realized (in my head) ticked the boxes for bpd. (i had psych at ndsu and have read tons on my own in spare time). at some point I realized that if one says "have you heard of a condition..." you can probably communicate info that might point them in a good direction and test a theory at the same time. 2 out of 3 were diagnosed the 3rd was seeing a psychologist and a few months later mentioned thats what the psych decided. not saying that makes me qualified either. Im just saying when i do my homework on something I tend to learn it pretty well. But this issue isnt just one of labels. or of medical concern. the legal system in this state seems to have no concern for those labels unless usable to further the blow against someone already accused. which i find something that modern society should likely question. this is because esp in the cluster b category the traits apply to the legal system in ways like: the individual gets what they want when they want, and will tell police and judges what they want as a means to that end. less pyschobabbly though lets just say you have a bully, what happens when the police show they will stand behind said bully? is that not likely to exacerbate the behavior?

how about when fedral laws concerning checks and mail are being violated? how can one be responsible for their own state of being if money legaly already in their name and documents sent to them can be opened and or decided for them with no legal prescience and the police ignore it?

My mother Marlene Dorthy Wuethrich is a CNP and as far as i know still with Childrens Hospital in St Paul MN. This is relevant for a few reasons. She has been using her knowledge of the med system to threaten, to try and eventually succeed in getting me a pych diagnosis for a very real very large black mold problem that was at their house. When I moved back to that house in 2018 she demonstrated no issue opening my mail, taking a check from my mail with out my knowledge or permission, endorsing my name on it and deciding what was done with it. several other times since and likely before either her or my dad has used the situation they created and mail and check fraud to help enforce what i believe to be along the lines of human trafficking forced labor and false imprisonment. I have no doubt/wouldnt put it past her to use her position to also access my EMRs .

My Farther is Paul John Wuethrich. He was a public school bus driver for isd 281 and the union steward for the bus garage from the time i was born '88 till about 2003 when he went full time SEIU organizer. I know he was also the elected vp of local 284 for quite a while, id say at least 25 years. He also attended the meetings but i seem to recall he was a member of  board(or how ever the titles work) of the state labor council. so as its relevant to the threat he and my mother pose my life for the last 3 years and counting.... its kinda odd to hear a person with this as a past saying "I own you" and "i bought you" combind with "i need control because i want control" ... i dont come to the npd aspd conclusion by pulling psycho bable out of my butt. He is retired now but in looking for someone he trusted to possibly ask him "hey have you thought through what you are doing to your son?" I had emailed the local and texted (not realizing it was an seiu phone) a former employer of mine who once ran for a district rep position and at the time of was still working for that local. I also knew that while employed his contract had clauses about things  like the car he drives (keeping details to myself because my fight/issue is not with this org) the long and the short of the reponce was from the president of that local and boiled down to "cease attempting to contact us" by the way "good luck" . it was kinda ironic that their tagline at the time was something like "cradle to retirement" one cant really be an seiu member pre 16 possibly 18. that said i was about as close as id argue anyone has ever been. our family vecations were always the 2 year than 4 year international meetings, but more than that I would attend meeting with my father and helped leaflet several campaigns as far back as Paul Welston's last year. if memory serves me we were leafleting the day the news came. though i might be messing that up because I know we were leafleting while our neighborhood went into lock down because a neighbors boyfriend ended up held up in a shed that was ajacent to our property and took his life in said shed.

my dad purgers himself outright in the first claim on the ofp statement in more than a few ways which is the last relevent bit to the seiu. he claims i had been unhinged since before they "took me back in and off my meds" no one except my mother while denying the mold had or ever has since made meds mandatory. pre mental hold that occured 1.5 months after i left for 2 weeks at a hotel no one had even suggested i needed meds.

Ill post a picture here but the last campaing i helped leaflet was probably around 2014. I have a picture of a private event afterwords with klobachar, franken and daton in the labor building with the bar on the first floor (by riverside mpls) which i think in a judicial sense should beg the question, if hes claiming ive been so screwed up for years vs my claim this is retaliation for what was ulitmately a threat to all of our lives and property but a ding to their egos.... well if its his way why was he putting me with in arms reach of these people a year or 2 before? this was slightly after their moldy house made me sick the first time. they told the police ive never worked but the reality is after geting to st cloud I worked so hard I forgot about what happened. one of the few times I went back to the cities was the leaflet campaign and then right before round 2 (cosmos got sick and in laying in their basement sleeping next to my friend then driving to apt, i transfered it) the only other time I journeyed down there /took time off was to go to my great uncles funeral. actually there as a 3rd it was a trip with a freind from france that ended prematurely and i went right back to work. despite a concusion. worked through it only to have them hold my tax return  while telling me to work harder and when mentioning how screwed up that was it was also "you wont go to a doctor" . records would show how many i went to befroe moving back in during the why am i bleeding... its an outright lie there but during the period i just mentioned i was working 60-100 hrs a week hearing "work more" while they sat on my tax return. id love 4 more hrs a day wouldnt you?

I believe/know my life is endangered. I do NOT think everyone is out to get me.  I do think the other parties involved are acting in a his butt over ours manner. Or another way of saying it is concern for organizational or personal liability. its not hard to find hard data showing that those most likely to get the shaft or face mistreatment by police in any given encounter are those with the least expendable or lowest income. I find it highly disturbing though that police may participate in no notice keeping valuables under lock and key by a home owner who had months earlier stated "i am your landlord now until you can afford every cent of moving out" and while ignoring things like " they claim to own me".

when this started I was 29 years old. I had left their house in 2006 for Fargo and NDSU. I had started earning on my own/outside of given by family at age 13. by hs graduation I was doing IT support for 3 businesses, the first starting in 04 at 50 for the first hr and $25 and hr after. Also a client i would maintain until age 26 or roughly 10 years.

2006 through pretty much 2018 I had a key and or garage code for my parents house in maple grove mn and ability to come and go as i pleased. Upon moving into this forced lease...or rather showing up to empty apt with clyde rabbit and little else, I had been told they get a key or it will be empty. they had never had a key to any of my apts in the past. They were using the police to keep me from any of my belongings and like i said most of the years before I had access to that house and or ability to come and go as i please. if we drop that last part, (including k-12 years) i think i got my first key around 7th grade (my mom would schedule it so she was always home when i got home in elementry) but the point is except for maybe 8 months after the first time the mold made me sick, I could enter that house with garage code and or key from 2000-aug 2018.

there was an interuption to this. It was the first time their house made me sick. 2014 I moved back in between fargo and intending VA but ending up in st cloud mn.

in 2017 around jully I was working on an made with my dad, Paul Wuethrich to finance and IT consulting and electronics repair operation. I had also taken a contract to build a device for a penetration tester in California. Jully was when the bleeding started. It was roughly 3 months after Cosmos cat died. All hardware projects had working prototypes, in maybe 5 months since the agrement started i had built a 3 work bench shop on the 3rd floor of apt with out an elevator. mostly alone. I had done about 30 repairs and had collected clients including a comercial insurance agent, local commercial relaistate agent and an investment banker. I knew the steps to register an llc in mn and was marching twoards that as well.

8 months of bleeding and 6 months into that I was esentially back at my parents. The apt decided not to renew the lease for what would have been the 3rd period at that apt.

On returning my mom (Marlene Wuethrich) stated "im you landlord now, untill you can afford every cent of moving out again on your own"

im not a lawyer or a judge but i did do well at SCSUs biz law course. which is relevant for 2 reasons. first being there was a time frame on the contract and the statement that it was a tennant land lord relation.

every month while there id say at least 2 hrs of IT consulting was preformed. SCSU biz law also told a story about an old lady who walked to a personal protection service office to inquire about a body guard. No agreements were made but the guard she met with offered to walk her home. a little while later she opens the mail to find an involve for the walk.

my argument here is that i was also preforming services with a average market rate of 100-150 an hr on demand and sometimes request but usually drop everything i need help now. or rather services totaling 200-300 usd were excahnged for the 10x10 room I was renting..

I was just about to turn 30 and had 0 criminal record. 0 mental health issues and if there were any records suggesting i have anger issues I would be they were created by mgpd around 2014. What ive realized is I struggle to have any records created by that department but my parents seem to be able to call and have records against me created regardless of any evidence or actuality of me being there or involved.  So i cant say i know for sure there are 0 records before 30.

right before moving in I had accepted an invite by my dad to get away from what we thought at the time was the bad apartment (it was their house causing the issues. 16 mo total of bleeding stopped the first week at a hotel in aug.) my dad then decides to take the key to waht has been my car but not in title... why buy what u arlready have when  this hasnt happened before. it can be arruged either way in that case like look at the unreasonable way he spends his money. but i had a landlord and city mandated apointment a day later and hes standing there with the keys blocking me from leaving unless its on foot in the winter to st cloud from maple grove. during this argument my mom comes out of the master bedroom and says "IM GOING TO MAKE YOU SUFFER FOR TAKING MY TIME WITH MY HUSBAND"

probably jan 2018 their house was confirmed by a mold pro to have issues  that needed to be delt with.

for the 7 months before and a few after I saw several docs both under my own power and driven to ones suggested. My parents to this day will repeat its my fault i wont go to a doctor. the reality is they wont let me follow any advice given.
Marlene Wuethrich also knows that repeatedly going to diff doctors for the same things is going to cast the image of head case or drug seeker.

this wouldnt happen until november. Instead the 2 on one gas lighting strted by my parents. which was intresting because I was with the mold pro, my mom wasnt present but she would quite him as if she was. aka she wasnt quoting him but pretended to.

then the false police reports began. including one where i got reported as having goten violent and shoved my mother across the room. what happened was she began pushing me, i steped back not looking for a fight. she kept pushing and my back was at the railing to the stair case (2 basement from first floor). I was barefoot on wet tile. she is about my height and had shoes on. I couldnt go right or left because she was in too close. on feeling a foot slip I devised a plan to avoid physical injury to anyone and death risk to me. I caught her wrists and walked us slowly to the corner. both hands on both wrists also served to stabalize me. There was no shove and release involved. The only reason I made contact was to defuse the risk to  my life and i did so with the hope of avoiding physical injury to both parties. The corner was chosen because I have read about a lot of things. one of which is a psych concept called 3d spacial awareness. the applied version that dawned on me at the time is "her brain knows where the wall is, if she tries to swing when I let go knowing the wall is in the path of her arm probably limits how hard she tries to hit." as i caught her wrists she screamed "YOU BASTARD I BROUGHT YOU INTO THIS WORLD I CAN TAKE YOU OUT OF IT", "PAUL CALL THE POLICE" I walked us slowly to the corner, stopped, released and ducked around.

not more than 2 weeks before she had threatened to push me down said stairs.

my thought is her time in the medical field made her aware of how to put someone in a mental ward/ she knew about 72 hr holds i did not. I reason she knew the odds of getting one on me with my non existant record were small with out a serious report.

during this time im also hearing things from both of my parents like

"you have to understand i do what i want when i want",
"we are the same person",
"we can call the crisis center and get you the help you need"

which was a tool in arguments where I refused to accept the lie about no mold.

"youre saying we are always the WORRRRRRSSSSSST PARENTS"..... "HOW CAN WE ALWAYS BE THE BEEEEEESSSST Parents"

which was kinda messed up because for one thats pretty close to the psych definition of splitting , but what spured /inspired that response  that was listing specific and recent events like throwing away my property and others entrusted to me. So it was both splitting and a deflection all rolled into one.

I believe i have two parents with close to or full blown cluster B personality disorders.

around aug 2018 my mom had a lung cancer operation. a few days before she was following me around screaming im delusional and need to be medicated. I asked my dad do you think it might be better for her if i was in a hotel for a week or two? (to aid her recovery)

about 3 maybe 4 weeks in and enforced by mgpd this became I just dont live there any more but all my stuff and my probably teenage pet rabbits do.

Shortly after my dad would begin saying things like "I own you", "i bought you", "i need control because i want control"(of my life)

From the hotel i was working on a clients web server. It was hosted in Washington state by a company I had selected. I had taken a break on hardware projecgts because i couldnt turn around with out my mom hiding, throwing out in rain or snow, throwing in moldy basement, throwing away my tools and parts other people had paid for. I figured she couldnt do that to files on a webserver in another state. I wasnt entirely correct.

I might refer to the time as the hotel but it was infact being shuffled by my dad booking 4 or 5 hotels. Shuffled in a car they owned. this would be key to them geting the mental hold. I find it ridiculous because most defs of human traficing and forced labor also include something about holding ones valuables and documents under lock and key and transporting the person. well when you move in somewhere all the sudden you dont live there any more no notice but all your stuff does. aka all the sudden you have nothing but whats on your back and police telling you you cant even be near the house where your stuff is kept... and furthering this over time with shifting stories like "its not theft you gave them all your stuff".

quick note: nothing against police in general. 3 or 4 of the maple grove officers ive delt with have been updstanding in trying to create justice, all but maybe 3 have seemed professional and returned respect given as far as tone and word choice. I can imagine its not an easy or safe profession. I try to do things like cab light on and hands visible if im in the car while they approach. If im going to reach for something i anounce it before doing it. that sorta thing. partly for my own safety but mainly because i know behind the badge is just a person and they have to be there once called, most of the time they aproach someone they have no idea who they are or what that person is like. I can see how terrifying that would be. 

The ???????? abduction? 72 hr or peace officer hold (its still not clear which)

The 72 hr hold came to be when about a month and a half into hotels I had been working all day, went to the hotel parking lot and found hey theres no car. about 5:30pm a text exchange began with my dad. the car was back at 6. I got food worked more took a nap and on going to the gas station around 9 or slightly after I noticed but paid no mind to an ambulance in the lot. As i came back that ambulance and a squad blocked me in.

I theorize my dad said quite a few things and was being coched on what to say to get the wording the officer felt would be solid. because during the thrusday evening 530 pm text exchange it kept going back to "do you want to hurt me or my property", "do you want to hurt me ", "you still want to hurt me", im sitting there feeling like one does after skipping meals because they are so drawn into the work they are doing then finding i cant get a meal. the night before was spent in the car due to a booking snafu and this is like 17 months into life destroyed for their problem in their house.

that said what i said was intended even at the time to be ridiculous. it hinged on the cab driver having no issue with picking me up maybe 6pm from a hotel lot, going to a hardware store then cab driver being ok with me coming out with a 8lb sledge hammer and requesting a residential address in maple grove. where i would then enter through the stuck with a sledge hammer. I was writing it with the blaw teaching of rational adult in mind even if i was sounding irrational. I think the term is accessory to a crime? for the driver who would have no issue with that?

ive come to realize that this legislation i was at the time unaware of is deeply flawed. if i recall correctly (looked it up a few months ago) property damange in mn gets criminal at around 1k or 1k decrease in value. yet the way the hold legislation is written mentions no value what so ever. also makes definition of threat vs conditional but i realized today with no value listed... One can be taken for no other reason than threatening to snap a #2 pencil.

the first or second thing out of the officers mouth was "I have the power to decide if you go in tonight but i decided before i met you, you're going in".

in looking up legislation ive found a 72 hr hold and a peace officer hold "on the books" in mn. What happened to me doesn't quite fit either. I was eventually told after calmly talking for maybe 20 min that i can step out of the car or he can remove me by force.
maybe a month later during an encounter in my parents drive way the same officer had responded.
"I didnt use any specific legislation"
(resisting the urge to quote jayz) "im not a lawyer but i was under the impression your powers came from the legislation"
"why do you shove your mom around?"

back to the night of:

I surrendered and was immediately told to turn and face the vehicle for a pat search and pocket check. ostensibly done under the reasoning we have to protect the paramedics. which im sure is partly true but i have to wonder if i had had anything else how quickly this would have become criminal charges and jail and how easily forgotten probable cause as it refers to search and seizure is here.  This wasnt a traffic stop, this wasnt due to a call from anyone at the hotel. the only reason that i know of for this encounter was my parents seeking revenge. I also have read that pds can get funding for numbers of reported/made drug busts, I cant help but wonder if this was part of the reason for this legislation.

On the first leg of EMT journey I was immediately trying to shake off the "im being abducted this is crazy" with "i know these people are just doing their jobs" so i was asking a bit about them and showing pics of some of the work i was doing on my phone. I was allowed to walk on my own power into the hospital.  

At the first hospital
About 3 hrs after check in I asked a nurse or doc (not entirely sure) "is there a document making this official? have i been anything but calm and cogent?" she paused, actions a moment later lead me to believe she context read cogent in that pause.

"you've been fine but we are keeping you anyway, ill be right back with that document" she then went through the door to the back room/staff area/ward room and under the door (large air gap hard floor) i hear (presumably to a college) "He uses big words!"

cogent :
(o an argument or case) clear, logical, and convincing.

how i cam to know cogent :

years ago I thought it was a funny name for a tech company and looked it up. Its pretty ideal when your prime focus is networking gear. because sending info over the network is akin to sending a message and you want your data to be the same on the other side dont you? clear choice to go with cogent then. :D I digress

as far as that relates to a mental hold/suicide watch/poorly written possibly on the behalf of police and medical industry legislation is and back to me is: i got some for of "he uses big words" all of k-12 for a while I tried to modify my lexicon but eventually decided fuck it. ill say the word that comes to mind and probably put more effort into it when precision matters but ive notice the set of words that comes to mind with out trying at any given moment to impress is usually enough to draw that response. that said when one finds themself forced by police into what feels like an abduction, hearing someone with power over them mention something they were once teased for in elementary... less than a fun time. The other thing i got was "youre really smart you must get all As" which always confused me because I struggled in school. about 7 years ago i came across mathematic dislexia / Dyscalculia and realized in 1st grade I had to miss recess to get help learning knotts/shoe tying and we played with a big yellow clock with red and blue gears(if memory serves) while studying for ham radio test (im kc0jsf) at age 13 i passed on my 3rd or 4th attempt. what had changed was i realized putting a blank note card over the lines i wasnt reading stoped the lines from dancing and possibly flipping (i know memory is reconstructed so i hesitate to recall they flipped as knowing what standard dislexia is now influences how i remember that in the past ) but back to the hospital:

i sat looking at my wrist band... in my head *note to self, they wont find it funny to joke about requesting DNR checked*
she came back with the sheet which was more bureaucratic than anything. aka it listed the hospitals form number but not the specific type of hold. But my reasoning was pretty sound. I know from going to my moms work at an early age hospitals = bureaucracy, I know from futurma and biz school bureaucracy loves forms.

"Its not about badges and rights" "ITS SUPPOSED TO BE ABOUT THE FILING!" --- well i forgot that line was in there but how appropriate a fit.

if i read the state revisers site correctly I should have been given this form with in an hr of getting there. but note to anyone with the power to change this: its hard to know that for sure when the form doesnt state the legislation being used. This is the sort of thing that one could easily reason has the highest impact on the least economically (and there for educationally) well off... or more simply screws with the already impoverished.

I started on my phone looking things up. I had been told it would be 72 hrs but no one had yet mentioned that doesnt count weekends. Which the legislation online is pretty merky on either way as well. (as i recall many months after the last time i read it)
I figured there is a chance i just relax here till law says im free to go, but a lot of ways i could see that with this much taken with that little justification I might be seperated from my phone. So one of the things i did was make a list of med law offices on paper.

The next evning I was told i am being transferred to Riverside inpatient mental. guess what was taken on checking in there? if you said my dignity...youre at least 24 hrs too late. but yeah, the phone. On my gmail I also had records of the extermination at the apt I had been at preiously, pictures of the mold found in one place there, Pictures of the moldy basement, pics of bugs after extermination, the wounds i was suffering (but had cleared while at hotel) pics through my electronics repair microscope of small mites/bugs that took at least 60-80x mag, i had my vet for my rabbits comunicating status of last visit. she had concluded legions on my rabbits were likely due to an environmental mite at my parents. I had an email with the mold guy they had hired.

all of that is relevant because sat at around noon im in front of Dr. Boris and his face is telling me he finds it extremely improbable that i would go from buggy apt to moldy parents house.  So I say:
"on my phone i have documents from the extermination at the apt and email from the mold pro hired by my parents" only to hear

"Patients arnt allowed phones on the ward" and .... .... ... later "(redacted) for delusions of mold and bugs, taking out  your sickness on your elederly parents". "you will be here till tuesday at the earliest"
the fact the symptoms cleared only on going to the hotel should have also been a sign it was enviormental. Malard Duck Boris didnt seem about differentials though. Oh thats not what MD stands for?

 The pipe access was in the 10x10 upstairs bedroom, im trying to find the in wall pics of what was in the room where my foot is visible. the black and white was from 2001 sable that was mine untill it suited my dad to take the keys the first time, or on my 30th birthday. neglecting i had ben driving in fargo 2006-2013 in every snowstorm he all the sudden had to protect me from the storm. a week or 2 earlier he wanted me to be his emotional crutch "i dont have enough friends" while i was working under our agreement he sat on my couch one day talking about all the extravigent events he was going to. stuck at his house if i leave an hr a week im up to no good. im hearing waaaaa my eyes hurt waaa my credit score from my mom. one day i insisted no the mold is real, eventualy said "FUCK YOU" and she turns that into excuse to vent about her sex life to me...but on my bday not only did he take the keys when friends had invited me to their house maybe an hr later "want to ride along? i like driving in the snow". I used to like hanging out with my dad . ive never liked being isolated and forced with my own wants needs desire and future destroyed. soon possibly my heartbeat.

4 hrs later right before med time a nurse comes in and says  "we mistook the type of hold.... you will soon be free to go"

what i think acutally happened is this :
the emts on that leg of the journey explicit said they couldnt see why i was being transferred and they would tell the staff i had behaved completly normal/something along the lines. I had also attended scsu with one so this was kinda humiliating.
other than remain calm and friendly, then in the morning attend a optional coping mechanisms class I did three things one less relevant (i think)

call my dad on provided landline
leave messages for 5 medical law offices (sat...not open)
call out  what i was pretty sure were 4 violations of hipaa law.

as in 4 times in a common area i overheard staff discussing other patients by name and dr notes on their charts as well as what medication they were on. Each time I would look to judge the distance and the vocal volume I wanted to use. then look at who ever was next to me fake a laugh loud enough to get the attention of the staff member and then ask the patient next to me "Have you heard that funny one about HIPAA?"

3 blank stares and one devious smile came from my fellow patients. aka by my read one in four had any understanding of their rights or possible violations there of.

if any staff member either walked by me calling law offices or via the fact that the phoneline was part of a pbx system that could either monitor or record calls for later listening... if they put two and two togeather with calling law offices, talking about hipaa then looked at my EHRs and saw I dont really have anything that would suggest any of this is merited... let alone had any access to police data...

i can see the probable conclusion being: lets cut him lose and lesson the odds this bites us.

with the diagnosis im pretty dumbfounded. How can you ignore expert testimony? I was aware of "delusional paracitosis" and "match box syndrom" from college psych and or my own readings on the side which is why i specifically stuck to communication that i have the relevant expert testimony that these things are real. thats not even the label that boris decided to go with.

Im aware there is a condition refereed to as empathetic burn out and part of or the same as seen one seen them all syndrome. aka part of the reason antibiotics get over rxed. that is one probable explanation here although its not very excusable given the forced nature of the encounter.

another possibly contributing concept could be rx kickbacks though i can find no evidence to support or refute this. that said its known to happen in the health care industry. What are we doing to MN residence if with no probable cause can turn into life long label and there is no explicit prevention from the dr having incentive for giving that label? theres a lot I see dangrous about this that ill cover later. but relevant to the story at hand is: I sincerely doubt anyone can make a argument against bad charting and or incorrect EHRs then shared with any institution in the future pose risk to patient lives and at very least stand to raise the odds of negative outcomes.

the last possiblity I hesitate to suggest but find at least possible:
40 years in the med world in mpls/st paul and teaching nursing at st kates.... its possible this was a favor for a friend either directly known by my mom or friend of a friend. Note i am not saying i am certian of this. I am NOT saying people are out to get me. I do recall that in hs i wanted to be tested for adhd. the memory is too old but my mom new a doc that i ended up going to by first name. she made the apointment. im not sure but that might have been the dr boris i encountered.

id hope that EMR systems have an audit trail complex enough and hard enough to tamper with that this post doesnt allow any evidence of that to be deleted (if it even exists) but im also aware they are kind of a joke in the it security industry

the same day i got out but later that night i was texted pictures of the professionally remediated basement. MMS from Paul wuethrich. Yeah ...they had it done while rigging the hold that resulted in....

next came the death of bonnie rabbit.

threats to put clyde in the washing machine meant that when I had him for a vet appointment i decided he would be joining me at the hotels.

For the last year in this apt ive still been dealing with bugs and mold. Right before the lease started there was also the fact that the hotel room next to me got taped all around the door. ie likely bug bombed. If i dig on time i dont have and concentration waviering because 30 days hungry in 2019 and mostly quicktrip diet in empty apt this year... if i found it i have a recorded call where my dad is laughing about fact i might pick up bed bugs as i move into the place he has forced.
I have a screen shot from talking about the snow blowing through the car jan 2019. he almost certianly decided to reuse the officers words on night of mental hold. (he was crouching at my eye level next to the offcier for the last part of the conversation. like a fucking game show horror movie ... allright bob common down and see what you won. only speaking to the abuser telling him to come watch you abduct. My dad was flashing sick grins just out of the field of view of the officer. but anyway "it doesnt matter its his car" when i said I could likely have the hotel cameras checked to see if you put snow in the cabin vents. the answer was "check any camera you want its my damn car".
its been 3 years and destroyed or still destroying any value from the last 16 where more often than not i had several employers. my dad probably would have been dead in 2004. I came home 3 hrs early let off from mc donnalds while he was suffereing an aortic anyurism. it had discected from above his heart valve to the split in his groin. I noted him pointing the cordless phone at the tv as if it was a remote and i couldnt let that go even if the other signs could be brushed off as he took a nap. I called the ambulence/911, threw cosmos cat in the master bedroom(comunity center basic aid training was clicking plus knowing cosmos liked going streacher /open door and escapeartist kitty), collected their phonebook, the cordless(they had entered phone book info in there too) , wrote a note and from the ambulence I figured this isnt what you idealy read in a note so I called a friends dad and asked if he could wait for my mother at the house. It would be about 3 hrs till she made norths er waiting room. she didnt have a cell at the time. A lot could have happened diffrently, as it stands I likely saved his life in 04. the mold started in 01 and i first detected it in 2014. in 2020 im now depribed of 3 years directly and everything that was ever mine. im about to be homeless and unable to rent due to destroyed credit, destroyed background check and evicition likely the moment covid un pauses.

i was 29 with good credit, no criminal record, no mental health issues when this started. first time I worked for web design pay was at age 13 for safe and knife cos website. in another post i may detail more but like i said more oftenn than not several employers at once since 2004. this is insanity. If i dont die, my intent is to make this into a platform for legislative reform. Freud and Jung were aware of how dangrous narsastic parents were and discussing it over 100 years ago. NPD wasnt coined till maybe 1960s if i recall correctly but  the concepts and the behaviors have been noted by the relevant fields for over centruy. Business has a decent reason not to focuse on them, aka ethical actions of corps are to only profit... or some version of that is still being taught at business schools. Health care is a corp and aspd/bpd/npd are unlikely to want treatment though if you read up are capapble of SICK damage against targets. in an era when we are giving for profit corps powers once reserved by only police and judges/courts... we arnt just victim blaming, theres incentive to label the victim for profit as something other than. even outside of that construct just law in general i think over a centry its probably time our courts and police were more aware of this. Intead all i see at the moment is further redefinitions of things explicitly or otherwise as something along the lines of we just dont call it that. or explicitly taught even by universitys as abuse and sexism and racism are man on woman, white man on black. they are systemic...with the later not defined but implying I have some meetings ive been missing for the how white men coordinate our domination plight. Im not just assuming this either, at one point my mom also slammed a door on me then called the police and the lead officer "thats not assult thats not battery" then concerned with only why im here what am i doing here. there was no restraing order this was during the i dont live there cause they say so its not theft because i gave them my things period.

I dont want anyone suffering what i am going though. I think rather than race or gender probably the highest and least recognized group is those with npd or aspd parents or parent. I however think courts and police that only protect the mother over even an adult child. while several definitions of serious crimes are being ignored and esoteric knowedge of med system is being used by said mother... anytime the courts and police are acting to protect one gender and in doing so care not about context, this istn going tot end violence against anyone. most i can see its a cyliccal thing. Ie grow up with neglect and abuse... dont parse it out or get help doing so and happen to have kids, you are likely to repeat it. Ive ocasilonaly noted psych journal articles that indicate along the lines of that as well. The way this system is I cant see it doing anything but destroying families, further depleting the middle class by wealth transfered to lawyers while burden on the county is eased due to quick court cases and manufactured criminals to enable the quick court case. or one step from. id argue people in better postions than mine currently would be likely to violate the things that start civil but carry quick card to prision/jail express passes.

Id probably be able to better word this but due to covid and nothing in my kitchen except clyde rabbit in the freezer. im not sure how any of this came togeather as illegable and scatter brained as it may be .hang me for it if you want, im likely to be dead soon anyway.

3x summer of 2019 even my bike was waved around (image of school yard bully) while i sat in the street or driveway. I comunicated to my dad about 2 months ago as its been a weird/warm one again and i had noted people on bikes. Ive also noted i can bearly make it up a flight of stairs because nothing ive learned or been told about health or recovering from mold has been followable (primary at osseo clinic in 2018 said "someone your age gets better by avoiding mold" i dont think forced exposure and 0 to gas station nutrition with no control over my time and limited ability to follow basic hygene is what he had in mind)but my dad responded to "i can bearly make it up the stairs and you still even have my bike" with "why would you need your bike if youre that out of shape". he has literlay tried to argue my words are worse than his words and actions to me.

no one should have to walk away from everything theirs / be in this situtation. this is slavery. this is dangrous. my words about their actions and the allegeded threats over their actions that risk my life do not excuse killing me.

I found out that the ofps arnt active. they passed but covid paused serving them. I found this out because imedieatly after my parents began driving 45 min to st cloud and sitting in my parkinglot to terrorize. 2x tried to call in wellness checks by scpd. ie demonstrate we can get what we want when we want. The officer figured it out the second time. Im highly greatful for that.

Im still likely to be homeless or dead  in a few months. more likely homeless and disfigured. dont wait more than 6months for that dental implant...jan 2018, guess what i dont have? every dime i made inbetween went to their mold car. it was about 2k for the web server and site transfer plus seo starting before the need for new server was found. They gave the client every reason to be stingy this time. They knew this wasnt one I prefered to work for/ he had been that way in the past even triangulating his hired staff. Through an associate/person i intended to go into business with i had heard for a year that he was geting calls from my dad along the lines of "johns sick in the head". I gave it some merit because the phrasing he retold it in matched what i had overheard my dad tell police and stay to me. When suggesting its better for my moms recovery if im not here (in aug 2018) i also noted to my dad "this job has liablity as the site deals with cc info so not getting attacked everytime i leave the room would proably help me get that done safely and at lower risk as well" so of course bouncing me between hotels, mental ward, Bonnie dies after geting so thin the first thing the vet said was "do you think your parents will do syringe feeding?" before that they had needed antibiotics (around the time i left for 2 week 3hr tour (gilligan)) another terror method was "oh they seemed ok i just stoped giving them the anti biotics" more on that in a min. but moment after i get the first large payment wayyy late they contact my 18 year old associate and tell him to tell this known to them to be cut throat client that he can do the webserver and site for cheaper. They had made me look flaky every way they could. jan 2019 my dads saying contact your associate ask if 16 an hr is enough to help move your storage garage. I said along the lines of it will be fine and found it odd /should have lied but my dad insisted he wont pay it unless i contact and ask. so i do. then my dad wants to talk his own set price down to 14. then just wont acknowlege anything for months. This 18 year old was somone i had met when i put a help wanted at craigs list around 2016 for a shop during the i wwork 2 jobs plus the mentioned client and 60/100 hrs a week/ year and a half period. I didnt know him well and we never hired him at that shop because the owner took for ever getting back to me on if the insurance covered a minor. I knew from office depot and biz school it might not. Office depot becasue i worked the print center (and often had laptops that wouldnt connect to their outsourced repair on the back counter or was sales floor for acutal tech comparisons for what should i buy) anything with heat in the print center was labeled not for use by employees under 18. the garbage compactor in back was a bit more obvious and I think i first learned that working for target after leaving mc donnalds at 16... point is im actualy pretty on top of things when left to my own and or every possible way they could they have been trying to poision any relation ship buisiness or interperonal and cut off all life lines.

idk if i mentioned the neonatal part earlier, but my mom has never once realized shes told me every time i ever had antibiotics about how stoping early = superbugs. I know she was interactging with bonnie and present as my dad promised they will get the antibiotics. but neonatal... how do you let  a creature of similar size lose that much weight and only notice that late?

clyde is the reason i know that what ever they did or didnt do wasnt all that was wrong with her. In all the time i had Bonnie and Clyde they never went to the vet seperately. I had read they can scare to death. thats what took Bonnie.. on doing compressions the vet came back and reported she couldnt get Bonnies chest to compress how it should or something along those lines (i was pretty distraught). Bonnie likely had a large growth. no atutopsie was preformed. my dad had been SUPER shady from the moment the call reached me at the hotel that bonnie needs to go to the vet. ie starts off as she has an apointment in 4 or 5 hrs in st cloud. 20 min later, oh its now im coming to get you. I managed to say give her pineapple and ran to the shower (pineapple helps ease gi statis in rabbits) in the sudden dash i didnt hang up the phone. about as im soaping my hair my dad noties the still connected call "HELLO HEELLLLLLLLOOOOOOOO HELLLOOOOO HELLO HELOLO" if i could hear him from the bathroom he likely could hear my voice returning "WHAT THE FUCK IM IN THE SHOWER" but didnt stop till i stumbled out and was saying something about i didnt hang up as i did.

he got to the hotel with bonnie in the back seat in a carrier and "did she get pineapple"
"yes but not today"
what do you mean did she get it or not
"yes but we were out"
untill "dad can you not see this is confusing "
became "dad can you not admit the slightest mistake"(he still wouldnt claarify)

on the drive back i was less than kind, what tripped it was "you had all the time in the world to tell me to bring clyde" and "I DIDNT KILL HER" when i never even implied that.
"can you admit some fault in the reason i havent been able to see here in the last 2 months? or even much while livign there? or why i was working so hard for what you now destroy and keep me from?"

when clyde died i heard "work faster or the storage garage is going away" which it took till last month to get the address for. does me 0 good as its full to the celing. they picked it. and refused to give the address over the last yerar (1:43am am smoke detector chime intermitent buzzing and eye issues/always grit with buzzing an hr between chimes)

when clyde died he also explicitly offered a full autopsy and already knowing the cause of death was certian. Its widely reported npd and aspd like to drop clues they did something even if they wont directly admit it. my dad seems to have reasoned he can attack my mental stabiliy by making it look fishy (like all the totally wtf behavior leading up to bonnies death and then bringing that up again by offering the autopsy of clyde when not only did he not with bonnie but Paul and Marlenes still have her ashes and have pretended to lose them to terrorize.

the reason i know the tumor was likely real (even though it wasnt the primary cause of death) was something clyde did maybe around jan 2018. there was a verbal arument, bonnie and clyde were out, so at first i attributed this to they got stressed. what happened was he lunged bellow her throat....awkward and non tactical and bit so hard that as i tried to pull him off i was dragging them both across the floor. she could have easily bitten his neck/ hurt him it wasnt a good move tacticly speaking. but in reviewing this memory... she put up almost no resistance. Clyde likely bit where this growth inside here would have been. I think they knew, she knew something was up and clyde could sense it. I know my rabbits. They came into my life in 2007. most rabbits kept as pets dont live past 7. even the vets they had been to were frequent to note they hadent ever seen rabbits that calm and relaxed. rabbits are prey animals so their mentality is a bit different. I supose you could argue that i just lucked out but id say the more rational position is what i say about knowing my friends and paying attention to their needs/bonding with them is proably not a lie. I had never seen either attack the other or bite the other that hard in all those years.I wish i could fully even process what happened. Ive been kept bleeding dealing with probels created by sick parents at the expense of all else.

if you are reading for detail... he offered an autopsy why is clyde still in the freezer? because for 4 months after the only way he would offer cremation is "you pick a day in the monring , drive in there with him and call me from the vet" trust me, even though ive been literlay making sure you breath our mold can do nothing else under threat all your stuff is gone and you start from street... even though im sayin g"you do it to yourself", "you deserve it becasue you are a spoiled brat" "no one here has done anything to you", "you deserve it becase you are weird", "are you gonna cry about it? you know im gonnna be dead soon, you know you love me john, common SAY IT"(no seriously with in 5min of eachother same call all 3 of those things said by my dad) simplified i beat the shit out of you mentaly your mom and i have both goten physical but your the only one with reports of it (despite being the only one who hasnt laid hands on them at all let alone in anger) you can trust me not to have you drive back to the apt with your thawing friend.

he also implied a few times that creamation = he will then be sent the remains and he still has bonnie.

a week after the loss of clyde
"why isnt the car done yet?"
"can you think of any reason id be slow this week?"
"i can probably list 100 of YOUR problems but i dont want to HOP around all night"

It puts the lotion on its skin untill we make it a criminal , homeless, filthy and or dead again.

my dad has recently indicated they have hired a lawyer as well. around this time he started trying to tell me if i mention having preformed the it services I rendered at their house for pay in the past he will just report me for tax fraud.
except every time ive gone to the contracter limit with a business in the past ive been given the form to report it. also my parents were well aware and had my taxes done by their tax lady, I dont know how this works for sure and  lacking a proper desk place to file things or even ability to have clean clothes and eat (opertunity cost pick one or the other) facing evction/total uncertianty due to all of this...but if i fall back on biz law class, a rational adult would probably assume that my mom having driven me to the first client (a cpa office i had from age 16 to 26) made her pretty aware I was earning in that field and in paying someone to do my taxes but not connecting me with that person... I know while i had the agreement to start a shop and do the projects i was even asking them to ask the tax lady about any deductions possible if i go through the steps for forming an llc. which if i can recover the database i mistakenly deleted while hungry last week... i even had an article about on the vengeancetech domain.

but if i assume they did hire a lawyer, and factor in the timing that threat started... I can reasonably sermise that he was told my somewhat recent realization that a judge may rule there was a valid tennant landlord relation might hold water. Logic is about all i have left at the moment.

Where to Live in 2018-19
also 420 am and another chirp. ( i woke at 4pm yesterday for some reason I always gravitate tworards nights awake when nothing is required/this is covid19 pandemic/ season/ besides knowing that if i get it i likely die (if i could cook how i normaly would and exercise/control my time my cardio vasuclar health would be in a lot better shape and im not assuming this...see the part about my bp somewhere above, and or see google schoalr for role of diet and exercise + hypertension) because anyone with existing weakness is seemingly most at risk... besides still having to go out for every meal thus increased odds.... besides knowing i die alone and am likely found by the oder of my decomposing corps on this filthy matress... besides being more concerned with what happens to clyde. Covid hasnt changed my life much because I've been wearing gloves in the car for the first 9 months here. Funny how every police incounter was whats with the gloves? though i know mold/fungi can enter under the nail, the main concern was if i need to deal with eye iritation/touch my face id rather do so with a hand removed from a glove (while driving the moldy car around). About 5 months ago I also heard through a rolled down window "look at that clown in blue gloves" ....funny how things change. with this push twoards only expertes can tell you anything (as the doctor if shitting once a day is enough and how long it should take) what do you think would happen if 6 months ago someone had leaked info about the next major pandemic?  hello...was gonna say mental ward/commitment but hellow smoke detector (4:36am ) works too. maybe in a few posts ill user the page search(ctrl f) to find the list of scattered mentions and put them in another post by time. my read on it with out is its not on an interval. I was talking alpha radiation in the first paragraphy. I neglected to mention the reason that works is alpha radiation cant even pass through paper. its not inconciveable that a mite sized insect or even mold spores could do as amoke does and block the stream of radiation to the detector.. As long as were back on it id bet today we could just about but for double the price and way less than a 1/4th the bat life match the preformance of the ionizing models. I know the non ionizing kind exists (440 chrip) i havent looked into how they work. What i think would is probably anything north 5ghz rf. maybe it would have to be higher. but the reason direct tv/dish network and sometimes even cabel tv (what...hold on...) cut out in extream weather events (blizards, downpours, etc) is anything above 1ghz starts to be deflected off of even leaves. with each bounce a little energy is lost and the signal is no longer headed at the reciving antena plus likely to bounce again off the next snowflake or raindrop. if you havent trimmed the tree blowing in the path thats on you. huh cable? the head end stations at least in the past (fiber is now/has now changed this a bit) used to pull all the non local/regional networks down through sat tv. The reason that signal seemed way more stable was way larger dishes and note the plural. They would make reciving arrays with a bit of logic behind watching multiple dishes and switching to one maybe 10ft away as fade blocked the primary or secondry. It was very rare but you could watch cable go out even in a strong enough down pour. The head end room is the control room/town local cable network hub/end point for any given city they operate in. back to the story at hand (i need to get out more... im sure 3 years of total devistation destroyed credit and messed up background check will easily lend to expendible income to do that with...sarcasm intended)

this was right after the polar vortex in 2019. if anyone recalls it got hella cold while there was almost to actually no snow then it dumped on us. I had already signed the lease under threat of "sign this one sign it now or be homelesss" while they were keeping me from accessing my things. I had actually looked at this complex before deciding monticello was probably a better location. This particualr complex i had noticed a few reviews about landlords being overly strict and ruled it out. during this period and intermitently till a few months ago (not more than 3) it was either commanded or suggested I find a comercial location to continue the shop my dad had 2 years before agreed to start (what left me over extended and unable to deliver and totaly dependent when hell/bleeding started) I came to the conclusion monticello was better for a few reasons. One I mentioned that server on my floor at the moment. I also mentioned the vps (virtual private server/business server job. that was infact a rented system (i dont want to go into what a vps is) by a hosting company with data centers in TX and WA. The hardware project that I was trying to finish on the floor (one of several) while parts seemed to have legs of their own to the trash and tools to the basement/anywhere but where i left them... was for a patron in CA who I had told not to pay labor until completion (he had been good to me in the past and i didnt want to leave him out more than nesicary if something happened) that product/design was actually a spin off of an idea i dont want to discuss as most of the work was in but i cant touch it and someone else might... but the revenu from that would be best as both an install and hosted service. Monticell plus the client with the rented server allowed a lot of things to be combined as paths forward and fallbacks. In monticello a mortage on 2 be house or town house plus attached garage is around what is being paid for 600sq ft single bedroom apartment and garage here. my mom and dad will almost literaly tell you I cant wipe my butt with out help and ill note a crazy example in a min.. but reality is I can fabricate with wood, plastic and steel (so far), I built the hardware to do a UV lithography cupric chloride pcb etch system off designes in my head. in 8th grade I had even built a 3x5 ft wooden catapult as part of a DI project. though my edu has been first coding then business and IT. I passed ham exam at 13 years old and im told my first word was lightbulb. In freetime I had over the years saught to learn what was going on at a hardware level when code (after compliation) was running in a computer. In doing so plus some ham projects over the years and reading about litograhy vs toner transfer, i had picked up most of what i needed for the projects and nothing about me has ever suggested i would have problems even flipping a house let alone up keep. My dad will again likely say otherwise but 2006 to 2017 the number of times(like single days) either parent or both was in my apt/living space is likely countable with out resorting to toes at most toes are required aka not more than 20 visits in that span. ive observed this nasty behavior of lets rewrite anything to not admit wrong/point out soemehting wrong with you and esp if it helps me avoid fault in both parents. at best the standard mo when they were actively shitty or blowing something small nuclear was cold shoulder untill it never happened and we wont speak of it again. but "you always keep a pig stye" was one of my dads favorites. a few of the times they have seen it its been true. Im also pron to work to exaustion and last time through concusion hearing that im burn out happens but the reality is 11 years is 4015 days. even if we double my high end estimate(doubling would be a lie) but lets say 40 days out of 4015, you dont have a very large window/large sample set to draw this conclusion from. If you factor in more likely to see me as im burnt out/down... you arnt getting an acurate picture. but as ive struggled to learn, im not suposed to have emotions or needs im about what ever suits them or the feed. which they seem to have figured out works just as well with the crazed psychotic look what my son did as any other way. When my aunt on my moms side died I had a back of my mind feeling this was coming. that turned into once a week calls to my parents house by both of my cousins on that side. anyway im again a log way from where i wanted to be topic wise but heres something I built back in maybe 2010

 the bar high center island pushed against the wall/acting as counter top. was another in my head on the fly design maybe 2010. this pic was 2018 and during the condemed by city inspector for borax in the carpet period (ill cover in another post) but note the art on the wall, the canvas was just a mall store but the tree was a modern pointalism piece by a couple that used to do art and have their prints made at office max. I was one of the most requested print center operators. from what i saw 1/4 hires worked out and 1/3 ended up actually proficent because the skillet ranged from binding with glue to photoshop and ilistrator with printers inbetween. Printers alone are netoriously hated and nitpricky devices. depending on ink jet buble jet, led or laswer theres a lot of physical issues that can meess up a printer and every driver is usually a convoluted set of why wont it do what i asked it to do quirks as well. point i wanted to make was that print might not have been worth much but it was something i liked and while working at office max i was not only requested but some of the clients (like above) would either tell me I can reproduce a copy for my self or if I wasnt working/they needed it right away i more than once came back to a print with a note on it (save for john) form one of such relations.


pc load leter? wtf is pc load letter? fun fact though not entirely meant to actually signal a fire. there used to be a unix/linux printer error:
printer is on fire
A lawn Tractor that had a snow plow kit. around 2012 a friend let me borrow his flux core welder. I watced prices on what i thought would be a nice unit to start with and apt/rental compatible/not requiring 240v. 140amps is about the limit. the hobart handler 140 between 2012 and 18 went as low as $400 and as high as $550. in 2019 norther too clearaned version 1 of their Klutch 140si model to make way for v2. I picked it up for around $150. modifying this tractor where the plows control arm broke but i figured i could make it electric rather than manual was my first and pretty much only project. It was stolen out of my garage 2 weeks ago. That welder also normaly went for $450 a welder in that 140 amp range wont normaly go for much less and i know because i watched over 6 years. When they took mold car back 9 months in the garage door opener went with it (among other things) The first universal remote was returned for money to eat. they will say 2k or up to 4k a month. the most during mold car was like 2600 but(that i recall) but given in small chuncks and sometimes thrown into the gutter out a moving car. When soemone is going hungry and having to readjust because only enough to eat with out a kitchen while serious mold issue is expected to be delt with. in general everything the have given while forcing issues has been not the amount or how you would assume. the small chunks meant I cant order whats predicted to be needed and the moment mold car was gone it was dropped to what it costs to eat with out a kitche.. well all the things theyve graced me with of my stuff... still growing mold just in a diff garage. which also makes the shelving useless becasue its either going when im evicted post covid or... its really not fare to the next place even if  i could get one to lug in a literal helath and property hazard. but anyway, in getting the first universal remote the 30 year old security 1 code system plus high density houseing created the some neighbors opener is leaving my door open issue. aka not enough unique codes. I cycled it a few times with opener 2. it ultimately ended up open because due to covid i had to park in garage one night, which is park in firelane, turn off car open door to building, get another key found for door to garage, open garage, plug in opener, go back to door to buildign hit the button, out to car start drive in. after 2 loads of walmart I forgot to unplug the opener. Do i have renters insurance asked the officer? I first mentioned this would be a good idea to my dad in 2010I was looking into business liability insurance in 2017-18. I havent had control of my funds my things my time (this was like the only non mold thing ive done(tractor) in this entire year.) let me qualify that actually *non mold non on the computer thing. because the first part of 2019 was still working on web server. then i threw floor server up after sabotage took away biz server .( no seriously that assoiabte i mentioned above, I can find the screenshots and think i mentioned how it went down but he alleges my mom dad and the aunt of a friend growing up contacted him telling him to contact owner and say he could do it for less, this turned into 45 days the site was down because the owner decided to let 18 year old tell me and sit silent, 18 year old wasnt experianced with linux or vpses, he broke a few laws to get access to the host acount but that wasnt the server itself. it did give him the power to restart the server, I had about $500 left to do before that was walk away ready for any tech and in an acceptable place where it was taking CC data in an indsutry statndard/accepted method. one of the things i hadent completed was the script to bring networking back online after a reboot. so owner sat silient and like week or week and a half in I figure the 18 year old is playing us and counting on anger to point we wont talk. I drive to clients house... He baited the whole thing in an attempt to use the threat of tresspassing charges to force me to correct his mistake for free ondemand. I had driven over there with the intent to do if for free anyway. I had dinner with him at his house a week or two before, he tells me come back next weeek and more often! I show up, im leaving voicemals "hey (name) i think i figured it out im here to get u back up right now" walk around front of house and SCPD is aproaching fast. "hands against the vehicle! SIR WHY ARE YOU THREATENING TO KILL THE OCUPANCE OF THIS RESIDENCE?" (in my head *fucccck*) so then i figure, call recorder will save my ass. funny how timing works, phone had filled its storage. It took some convincing that it would be relevant/why do u want to show me something on your phone? just to find the calls had stoped a day b4. during the back and forthes between his story and mine I managed to free some space and have the last bit of the interaction recorded. I really wish i was making this shit up but its not the case. The friends aunt was involved becasue i thought she would be a good book keeper if an llc was formed. I saw her once and hadent before that for maybe 10 years maybe talked a handful of times not more in the 2 years leading up. I stopped talking to her after she confsed the day i got out of mental ward that she has a diagnosis(thats fine) so not listening to "both things are proven heres the pics they sent me when i got out of the work they had done for what i got crazy diagnoisis for while i was getting it"...that didnt matter to her she has a diagnosis so i need to accept mine... red flag, abort.... note ive been pretty careful here to not actually identify the parties involved.
this was floor server, a few days before I fucked up on the database. the drives i would use for backup are actually growing mold. Which i have a solution to but cannot use here and doubt i will be rid of the problem alone at any apt. its not the sort of thing were selectively risking losing houseing, or what methods can be used and or lacking say a garage not shared or entry to hallway by door of questionable integrety/seal . best in a garage with access to water quicker than locking and unlocking a door plus flight of stairs.

Snow Blows Through


2019 forced lease apres arival. (I'd call it move in but that implies things that arnt here)

 This photo was shortly after ariving /the first night in the only apartment my parents have ever picked for me. 
  note this is mirrored, i am infact in the drivers seat  

clyde as we pulled into the garage at the apt in st cloud.

my first 10 Min apon going upstairs
I took this picture and proceded to pass out on the floor. The stop at target for towls and a pillow did not save me from a night with out a pillow. Clyders was amazing, bright and had a sense of humor. I woke up maybe 6 hrs later on the floor with clyde nibbling gently at one of my fingers. I between the long day and nosebleed on arival i had passed out with out getting make shift supplies. I had also bought a bowl for water (rubber base or it was usually a spill the water for fun game) most of my actuall rabbit and rabbit satey supplies were being held at 8043 lanewood ln n. including his actual cage. Even now over a year since his death I look around at what i have and dont have out of what was mine and ive had since 2k7. Clyde would die every day here, it might kill me as well.

i hate this so much. this last year the time not working on their car (9 months) was spent dealing with the landlords at the building they picked. Despite having comunicated the originaly horseshit plan by my parents of im to clean my stuff of their mold with my funds as they so see fit to return it... ie the ll was aware i needed the garage to clean mold but neither of us was aware of the car. the garage also had black mold growing up the back wall on movin. all the sudden the smell of bleach (only used once) then ozon was equaling excuse to not even exagerating burst into the garage with out any attempt to notify. then it lead to "you have x days to be out we are terminating the garage lease" . homeline and a bit of biz law theorizing with the homeline agent lead to the defence that the garage is half covereed under residential lease and half comercial except they dont do comercial leases for non residents so likely their right to enter with out notification (due to comercial ) wouldnt hold up and they probably should be paying me something like 100 per un notified entry. The landlord had also mentioned they clean actual units with ozone inbetween tenants. My machine had a timer and I had gone to the length of even taping the door to the 1st floor of the building to stop flow, id twist the timer with a vent hose into the car and garbage bag around the window exit while shutting the garage door with the remote and come back a few hrs later. the other thing it seemed is they were trying to paint me as sitting in there with an ozone machine running, im not stupid/I even told her ive read papers on what concentrations can be harmful. the day before the literal burst in I had agreed to not use it on a call Cheri had made to me. I even said id unplug it. this same call is when she mentioned they use it to clean the smoke smell from units. so despite the logical questions like whys it an issue in a garage at the end of a hallway that extends past the main stairwell with closest unit door maybe 60 ft down and tape around door seal.. is an issue... despite the logical question of how does one offer a building in this configuration in mn, where people are likely to hit the garage door opener then their remote start from a floor or two above... how does this style exist with out positive pressure in that hallway? lets not get into the non gfci or hardwire on the garage door opener so old it doesnt have the hookups for an optical sensor. or the non gfcied 240v outlet the ac plugs into in this unit. watching the thing drip back into the unit on that plug last summer was all kinds of fun. but anyway... i had agreed ill unplug it and not use it. unplugg was said becasuse i outright told her, i have the habbit of turning it on as i exit. that probably came up only because she kept trying to make it into unsafe for me /paint it like i sit in there with the ozone on.The next day im working on the impossible de mold the car you need to drive to get every meal in job in the garage. and sitting in the car i watch the lock spin on the garage door/door to building hallway. I yelled stop because there was a box that had ended up in front of the door. I had 0 shelving or had just got the first unit and large sedan plus what little i had equaled the discovery store 3d puzzle moving sydrome. ie not enough space so you shift things into the one open block. that happened to be a box infront of the 2 car garage where I rent both halves.

this was a day after i agreed to unplug the ozone machine and not use it. I went down to the garage and did just that after the call. Ozone has a short half life. that said things it interacts with may persist much longer. also if one reads up on Concrobium mold control solution one will likely find reports that if sprayed on actual mold you will notice an odd odder for a few days after. Not wanting to worsen the problem on back wall or spread it where it wasnt already and knowing this was one of the most effective also non VOC /oder at all products, knowing its used in buiding industry as well as remediation as encapsulent and preventent. I had gogged or fine misted all of the unpainted sheetrock in the 1st floor garage unit i was renting. I forgot when i bought the ULV fogger with web server/site money but it was with in a month before or after this. this included the patch of mold inside the second locker in the garage/ the wall shared with the halway. back to busting in. The eventual claim was he smeleld something so funky it was probably ozone. The maintenze guy spins the lock as im sitting in the car. I see it remember the box is infront of door and yell "HOLD ON", but hell bent on catching my hand in the figurtive cookie jar...ozone...jar? the mainentce dude busts in slamming the box against the wall as the door swept it and goes right for the shelf (memory is s funny thing, yes i did have the shelving already) that the ozone machine was sitting. I didnt have time to stand up. he already had a phone in one had and proceded to probably take at least one picture of the unplugged ozone machine as im screaming "GET THE FUCK OUT". 

(3:12 am and another smoke detector chirp crawling on my head and the celing fan is on/has been all day but for some reason a plastic bag previously uneffected for the 4 hrs ive either worked on this or paced the apt... well it decided to colapse. Ive seen the same thing happen with a can of monster while i was imoble in bed /wasnt moving/air curents shouldnt have shifted a can on its side rotated 90 degrees, stopped and geting up sitiing down waving aroudn it would not reproduce any movement but my eyes got gritty soon after. I shouldnt even fucking have to explain this, like i said the vet, exterminator, microscope pics... but 0 control of anything and records in the EMRs mean im unlikely to get a professional extermination, cleaning or if it comes to it...acurate medical attention. I see it as most likely, take this anti psychotic script and come back in 2 weeks to a month. yeah thats great, ill do that, considering from what i can see one cant stay at a shelter with a car and a shelter isnt going to solve the quick trip diet 180/?? seeing stars once a week for the first 2 years of this 3 year and counting ordeal. )

(3:24am another smoke detector chirp.)


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