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Sunday, May 24, 2020

why these arguments and or words here

I'm decently smart... how smart?

enough that I know there are exabytes worth of things I do not know.

and of the set of things/concepts I'm vague aware of there are plenty I'm sure I don't really understand.

most legal things I have little understanding grasp or knowledge of

that said I'm pretty sure court is very specific about what types or what arguments are allowed. 

I'm pretty sure if I'm right about anything (as it pertains to potential violations of my rights leading to where we are now) more than one court would need to get involved 

and each one may have different ideas about what's acceptable and what we are there for etc

I'm pretty sure no one but parents I belive to have full blown personality disorders is out to get me persay

I have red that those most likely to face th greatest mistreatment to abuse by Leo's and justice system are those with lowest income

race plays a roll and there is Hella sentancing disparity between the genders (though there are exceptions I'm talking the norm) 

but overall under all of that... wealth or lack there of tends to be a significant factor

in theory any orginization also is out to protect itself 

there's a large ethical issue there when it comes to the ones tasked with enforcing laws and billed as those who risk themselves to keep us safe.. 

issue is where do u draw the line and who is or isn't watching to make sure enforcement or courts arnt used to conger the mistakes of each other or some legislation used to keep another from practically seeking justice for wrongs an official and powerful org may be found to have committed? 

idk it's deep though.. 

what I do know is this blog is not a court of law

public opinion is suposed to hold quite a bit of sway at least for influencing change if not actually helping me

and even the perception the story is out there might put the though of culpability at some point at the for front of sombodies mind. 

I have no idea

I do think with homelessness and inability to rent approaching... I'm pretty far gone to point this probably has a better chance of helping than hurting 

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