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worse than death

texts today. he spent 6mo pretending not to know what a text is and still does on and off. 

when this started 3 years ago I would frequently scream top of my lungs alone in a parked car. thing I had no control over and decisions I had no input in... like how my parents finished their basement in 01 created this toxic hell. now lies to police and police outright saying puting on record my parents lie presents a liability... 

well parents have created background check issues with renting or Geting hired. taken over accounts said they own me for 2 years or so... credit was good now desteoyed another ding against renting or gainful employment and because they were allowed to force a lease under threat all my assets desteoyed... that lease is over and conditions above mean... I won't be out of here when covid ban on eviction ends. 

but I am blowing out this 

death would be less pain full. Marlene and Paul wuethrich have created a hell that kills slow and creates high odds of 0 quality of life Inbetween. 

their actions with their house endangered all our lives and property. I first suspected mold in 2014. I was told then there's no mold no reason to test but if there was they would have it felt with. 

flash forward to Jan 2018 and mold is proven mold guy says it's from moisture barrier carpet pad on sealed cement slab.. ie when finishing basement in 01 their choices created the issue. 

my mom says on moving back in shes my landlord till I can aford every cent of moving back out again. 

every day gaslighting destruction of my things or throwing them in moldy basement or away.

I preformed IT services  with an average market rate of 100 to 150 an hr at least an hr every month there. often not on request but drop everything right now come help me with what ever on the computer. 

I also swamped out 10 year old hard disks in a raid 0 array on "their" basement computer.. their is in quotes because when I upgraded that machine was rebuilt from spare parts i had from doing it support since 2004 regularly and for many small biz clients as well as homes. before leaving highschool I had a car dealership, print shop, accounting office and law office and that's just biz clients. 

I calculated last night that between 05 and 09, one client just in hardware profit. ie money made after expenses paid one client 7k. so the argument my mom makes that I've never worked starts to look pretty fucked up. that was the best client I've had and a relationship I maintained from 16 years old till 26. if u are following along... that matches wirh the first time their basement made me sick. 

the false reports gaslighting terror and tear downs on every level trying to rewrite my past continued... well still do but

Aug 2018 she has a lung cancer surgery pending and a few days before is following me around the house screaming I'm delusional and need to be medicated for mold pro confirmed Jan that year 

so that and having picked up webserver work for a biz that took cc data for orders(liability) I said to my dad hey she might recover better and I might avoid some risks if I spent a week or 2 at a hotel

9 mo of gaslighting and false police reports that continue to this day culminate in I don't live there anymore all my stuff does and funny thing was all the wounds and bleeding stop first week in hotel. a month and a half in I'm forced Infront of a psychologists. phone removed via standard op. 

he decides he doesn't need to see expert testimony of relevant professionals 

I said I have the mold pros email and documents of extermination on my phone 

to be met with "patients arnt allowed phones on the ward" 

... "(redacted) for delusions of mold and bugs taking it out on your elderly parents" 
also on my phone was this image and others.. this was inside the wall of the room shown below. the image of same room remediated...below... was sent the day I got out. 

this was a sat at noon I had gone in Thursday 1040pm. I was then told I'll be there till Tuesday earliest 

4 hrs later a nurse informs me "we mistook what type of hold you are under and you are being released shortly" 

neither type of hold counts weekends. 72 hrs was far from having elapsed. 

dad texts this the day I'm released (above) I have confirmed with who they hired it was a paid remediation by professional. it was happening while i was getting a diagnosis for "delusions of bugs and mold and taking it out on my elderly parents".  the first pic continues to the right of the pic bellow. it was my hs bedroom and is taken about on the doorway with the downstairs livingroom. the space in pic bellow was still carpeted up till the remediation. my estimate is 1500sq of carpet and pad 50x8 of wall came out. that wall is the back of their 8043 lanewood ln n home in maple grove. the deck had to come off the other side as well. Im not exaggerating when i say it was a massive problem,. 

further evidence all of this is done to harm me for their mistakes... from maybe year 2000 i had a key and or the garage code for that house. 2006 on it was come and go as i please. the first lie they told started with I made my self sick playing with chemicals (mixing curpric chloride to etch pcbs) which i knew was bs because i had taken all percautions learned in NDSU chem lab and then some. Ordered a 3m 6800 full face respirator and appropriate carts despite fact that the only real gas risk was while mixing or adding peroxide. temp required after was unlikely to be reached. I had used .edu sources for chemical compatibility charts and symptoms of toxicity. I had checked the intended container (plexi) and gloves to make sure they wouldnt be eaten or allow toxins right through. I had a double vanity sink and a bucket outside for a first rinse then further cleaning of glaswear was in the sink set aside just for chem separate from higine sink. the initial mix was done outside detached garage with respirator on. inside a plastic tub containing mason/canning jars where the mix happened. I watched it for 30 min and carefully put it in detached from living units garage... i was all kinds of be as safe as possible. what i didnt realize is parents with personality disorders compete with their offspring... this might have come a bit to close to CNP moms field. as hell started and i sourced some uv c disinfectant tubes she is one day saying im nuts then 2 months later with out admiting or apologizing she mentions she saw this machine used at work... made the room glow blue. I could be building those fucking things right now instead im waiting to die on the street. no seriously... i had laid out a commercial BMS chip on a 2 layer pcb. i had plans to do a regenertative balance board next. ie it props the lowest cells. which is exactly what you want for hospital disinfecting lipo powered uv robot because its about 30% more charge extracted. 

This was video in their basement during the time they claim on ofp im acting eraticly... The second lie became i made up bugs and mold because nothing i had contracted worked. This was the only device not demonstrating when i moved out. Here it is making actual welds. Its a resistive spot welder. Its microprocessor controlled and a design i built on the uv lith rig i made. after teaching myself cad. the wall in the room with the phone is the same wall gone in the post mental hold image. 

 heres me trying to get a tolerable workspace in that room while they denied the findings of mold guy. ...yeah they first had me doing the remediation. then get me declared crazy for it then force it with their car. 

other pics on my phone already but no expert testimony was even relevant so... 

bug pic = after extermination
mold under bathroom sink at last apt. right across from washer dryer stack. when Cosmos cat was sick I would drive down nights sleep next to him on basement floor drive up drop clothes between vanity and wd stack

this is the 10ft by 10ft room upstairs at my parents... ie where my mom declared she was my landlord. that's a pipe access for tub on the other side. 

all these were at my parents pre delusions of mold and bugs diagnosis. Before hell started i was doing UV litography to make PCBs at my apt. The funny colored ones are after i tore apart my exposure rig and mounted the 365 nm led in a yellow normally 6v lantern. inside where the old huge battery would sit was two lithium ion 1650s in series and a DC-DC CC mode converter. it was a 4.1w uv led sourced from Digikey.  if you are reading this with medical training you already know what i was going for. for those unaware Wood Lamp is the concept du jour. I had most of a cs degree but all ee concepts were self taught. I had passed the ham radio exam (kc0jsf) at maybe 13 years old around 8th grade. aka 2001. When some of my projects were better with hardware I learned all i could about how to make pcbs on my own and in doing so i had come across wood lamps and uv disinfection right before this hell started. to add to covid terror... among the things they still keep from me are a few uv-c tubes. I could easily have a disinfectiant box right now for anything bought in a large supermarket or delivered via Currier. but instead im sitting here with 3 folding tables a matress and clyde in the freezer blowing up black shit and knowing im possibly days from on the street. 

when requesting my records the release never even showed up. 

state bar tells me no one wants to touch these cases. 

eye issues and leg/trunk wounds (not pictured) went like may 2017 to Aug 2018 non stop until first week at hotel. this should have been another clue to MD Boris at riverside but we dont need evidence...10min meeting and refusal to allow presentation of relevant expert testimony...surely you can then conclude im delusional. with what ever label you want in front of it... i mean who am i to resist? or contact a lawyer....oh yeah ... 

heres what i looked like as i surrendered and entered the ambulance. nothing at the hotel created this contact. it was all parents removing car from lot to get the words to get the hold. 

well I don't live there anymore has enabled my parents to threaten every asset their mistake with their home and their offer to have me back as my mom stated as my landlord... 

so for past year everything has been do as we say or your stuff disappears. 

including forcing me into a lease they picked and here's what garage looked like on move in

jan 2019 right before forced lease started snow blows through the vents of car. It was parked in hotel lot. I went down to get food turned on the car and 

This is when the car that had been nothing but  a minor irritant if at all became car from hell. Later on removing headlineer i would find both sunroof drain tubes were plugged. a 2hr drive in the rain resulted in water on my head. while that might not seem like much even the epa website will tell you mold can grow as long as theres water in the air... aka control moisture aka control humidity is the only way to stop growth. the trickle on my head was enough to have supported growth but unlikely to have been seen inside the car. headliner installed it wouldnt have ran onto my head. this was the car my mom was driving for 9 years previous. ie going from massively moldy house to work in a NICU. 

The first pic (to the left) is the one where the night an mpdg officer insisted i was living the life off them i then pulled up an image of the car i had for 9 months earlier been forced to clean. only to hear 


touring this place bathroom celining was pealing.. design with unit over garage no heat or humidity cobtrol in garage is about as bad as it gets 

my airconditioner inlet slowly showed what came up from car. second is my scalp 3rd I'd bet was painted over long before I arrived. 

then with 19days to be out of this apt they picked March 13th 2020 I'm served with ofp papers. ie now we fuck your background check like your credit and here comes an eviction for failure to vacate. 

this is now at 32. when this started I was 29 had never missed a min credit payment, no criminal or mental health records 

I still haven't been violent with anyone but I am a statistic for vaw. went to police with recordings indicating it was otherwat around didn't matter. 

this system is deeply flawed and killing people 

at this point even refusing to answer is terror. because via courts and lies to police opening my mail and everything else... I can no longer rent and will be on the street in maybe just a few days 

I had a BP ove 180 over I looked away while 2 days into stay at mental ward on Sat morning. this was right after I used land-line provided for patients and had talked to my dad. better part of 2 years seeing stars once a week from the way him or my mom push every button from a postion of power granted by their mistakes with their house and entrenched by the legal system and failure to acknowledge any evidence they might lie

this is not a story of boy who wouldn't work. I have worked since 13. 

I don't deserve this

but outside of myself/in general it shouldn't be hard to see that with a system where burden of proof is on the accused. 

police willing to remove someone from all their assets sans legal backing to do so... 

then dv laws usable to discard the victim. 
this isn't specific to me this sets gaping holes in most people's security finial health or otherwise 

things like positions of power were never meant to be specific to females being abused or quid pro quo. 

the definitions/concepts as far as I can see came from the study of orginizational environments /org development theory and related topics. 

the US is also one of few nations of this status to have no legal recognition of the health risks posed by mold. I have a feeling part of this is related to the housing bubble in 08. ie start adding liability and here we go again... but no legislation doesn't make the real substance less deadly 

death would be more kind here. these fucked laws have enabled people who abuse to toy with me jerk me around then disable any expectation of a return to normal life or progress or even hire by all but a  burger flipper position. what are the odds of keeping that if i cant rent?

some random photos of living spaces before this one and damage done. actually first some of how i used to cook when i had my kitchen things. 

project done in 09 while still a cs major. object based js. 

later lies became they didnt take anything from me because the projects were worthless. there were 2 people looking to get me jobs in CA like start of career type .... like 60-100k a year type. So maybe 3 months ago my mom sends this in the mail. also while living there she somehow knew that tech certs are worthless i needs to pick a community college major because i cant run my own life and i fail at everything. echos of the 27 year old turpin male. ie he was released to attend community college from the house he and his siblings were chained in. while im not claiming it was that bad... i did work regularly multiple jobs at same time since 16/2004 so taking everything and threatening it over the past 2 years.... also from the start i say "hey i need basics here (new apt) like desk place to file things, store clean clothes, kitchen stuff" basic daunting tools. all things ive bought with money i made...cant do it instead lets pretend we are on speaking terms and flood him with mail. sometimes subtly remind him we have a bunch of his things. 

the first pic is a baby tooth i lost maybe 20 years ago but didnt actually lose... it stayed wedged until dec 2017. jan 2018 i was told best option is dental implant dont wait more than 6mo... guess what i haven't been able to deal with.  3 mo in my dad is saying im an idiot he said he would pay for it from the start... except, its not been time or transport wise possible and now im looking at the street. my dads now implying im an idiot for not getting it done when i had insurance. its all rewrite and try to piss off over actual risks created and taunts masked then he runs to police or the courts. I sometimes am told i deserve it because im a brat, because im weird because im disrespectful. nothing is more disrespectful then claiming to own someone.

note the games shes referring to .... old Wii games and original Xbox... yeah they are worth a lot relative to someone who you are about to put on the street. but reality is what 2.50 a disk? police are keeping me from their house...this is a remind you i have your things cloaked as acting friendly... when i have asked her never to talk to me again. they will frequently throw in missing "the old john" as well or say im sick and need meds. i have my mom recorded "in my professional medical opinion i know the diagnosis you got is wrong but think you need meds anyway".
the only really relevant points are I haven't lived there since 6mo in 2014 but really since 2006. so moving back in in 2018 might has well of been a stranger renting a room. kinda hard to get records to defend ofp when they have them. kinda fucked one can keep everything belonging to another using false police reports. if i haven't been working 60-100 hrs a week in the year and a half before i would have had a social safety net. before that it 2as 20 to 30 and 13 to 16 credit hrs at scsu. 

the other day i found an mn supreme court ruling from like 1908, where no one should profit from their crimes. how does taht work when false reports lead to walking away with or destroying everything belonging to another? im not a lawyer this is me in the worst possible scenario still trying to use my brain in a foreign language(law). had i not tried to get my ham radio license in like 2001 i might not have even passed highschool.   I have some special needs and learned to compensate over the years. like 3 times i flunked that exam until i realized in trying to prepare that if i put note cards over the lines i wasnt reading the lines would stop dancing and spinning/inverting and bending around and i could actually read for comprehension. around 2012 I came across mathematic dyslexia. realized 1st grade while isd279 rented weneka elementary from 281 (my dad worked for 281 so this is something i kinda knew even then) well i had to miss recess once a week to work on clock reading and shoe tieing. I have flaws i have weaknesses and i have made mistakes.

this total loss and presistant threat to my life with as much terror as they can make is not one . 

calculus was the hold up in getting a degree but since ive learned of this.... and as it stands it was all worthless to try. why work an hr in my life when it is so easily taken and my health and life trashed by two parents making me responsible for their emotions and their mistakes?

theres also some earlier memories im uncovering that im really not sure how to take. its pretty fucked up though. 

over the last year they spent about 20k to keep me stuck and endanger. I flat out asked one officer "if slavery was legal would it not cost to feed and shelter the slave?" that was well after reporting "they say they own me" it was the night of 

uve heard of ociliscope? try peniciloscope

one of the redefine the past and attempt to make me angry is there's no mold here how come you always live in shit holes?


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