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Engineering insanity

My parents are full-blown covert narcissist or full-blown NPD and good at being covert.  I'm not sure if they know the main landlord at this apartment or if they just tri-colored her because this is the only apartment they have ever picked and I've been renting since 2006. From the very start the landlord swear on me here like nothing I've ever experienced before like busting into the garage then getting an inspector then the biggest problem they found was I had a tank for c25 a K Welding Gas that wasn't chained but that didn't stop it continue the entire time well I'm being forced under threat of all of my stuff destroyed Maple Grove Police are ensuring I can't touch. And the example get more crazy as we approached middle of the lease when they tried to evict the garage. That was also why I didn't file a change of address and between homeline and my logic managed to talk to out of lease immediately no penalties guaranteed in writing neutral at worst ref

covid 19 and maple Grove pd enforced endangerment to life

Jan 2018 I move back in with my parents. it was determined what caused the need/and their invitation was in fact there negligence and their decisions in finishing their house.  Previously a cat that we got when I was in 8th grade had died and I had been driving from my apartment to their house I've been sleeping on their moldy basement carpet if that's where Cosmos wanted to sleep so I could be next to my friend a little bit before he died Turned into 8 months of bleeding at that apartment after he died in my lap in May 2017. The mold was proven January 2018 the bleeding won't stop until August 2018 the mold was yet to be dealt with but both parents now in control of everything of mine or two on one gaslighting me telling me the mold guy didn't say any of that which was funny because my mom wasn't even present for his visit I was by his side all but 10 minutes. In August my mom had a cancer surgery. I had tried leaving the room where she claimed she was my landlord

State-sponsored murder and torture

my parents are theivs my parents are cowards. my parents are psychological and physical abusers. the state of Minnesota County of hennepin is under the eye of the nation at the moment. the story here takes place in a subarb of hennepin called maple Grove with a short police enforced trip to Minneapolis or rather enforced zero evidence detainment in a medical facility known to research on patients and generate unnecessary suicides.  The story starts in 2017 although I may discuss later how there was a prequel in 2014. That was so traumatic that one of the Kurt again I didn't remember the 2014 event until it was far too late. It's important to know going into this that I was 29 when it started with no relevant mental history or history of mental illness. I had sought help when I needed it in 2006 because of a traumatic event in 2004. I had no extensive or relevant mental health issues or history of. I had no civil or criminal record other than some speeding tickets from years pre