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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Engineering insanity

My parents are full-blown covert narcissist or full-blown NPD and good at being covert. 
I'm not sure if they know the main landlord at this apartment or if they just tri-colored her because this is the only apartment they have ever picked and I've been renting since 2006. From the very start the landlord swear on me here like nothing I've ever experienced before like busting into the garage then getting an inspector then the biggest problem they found was I had a tank for c25 a K Welding Gas that wasn't chained but that didn't stop it continue the entire time well I'm being forced under threat of all of my stuff destroyed Maple Grove Police are ensuring I can't touch. And the example get more crazy as we approached middle of the lease when they tried to evict the garage. That was also why I didn't file a change of address and between homeline and my logic managed to talk to out of lease immediately no penalties guaranteed in writing neutral at worst reference except it takes money to move or it takes my things and the ability to sell them to have the money or to a pad them to make income or to have not had my time story everything that they took possession of six months after they invited me into their house and locked me the out. If you can't control your time if you can't control where your physical location is if threats to hammer somebody stucco are detainable offense but destroying 20 grand worth of someone's tools is not this is what I'm fucked up Society. But now I'm off topic I should have to worry about God damn this is fucking forced insanity forced to my life to my health everything. The point was though my parents stopped responding other than to tell me to hurry up with their car. But back to the apartment when it came close to end of the lease I got three mailed notices to vacate at the end 3 each one included the in the letter A mention of follow the enclosed check out list when there was no enclosed checkout list it specified to be on a separate sheet each one was one sheet of paper but it got sent three times by a registered mail it's a sort of thing that one might a tribute to just a mistake except when it happens three times on top of everything else being violated it starts to signal that there is Factoria foot. Then they sent me wondering covid-19 our agreement was you'll be out but the thing is right before that started landlord stopped talking to me at all. 

except once Cheri (agent ll w/e her title is but rental employee) calls me and in answering I hear, hello Paul? 

I signed the lease with Cheri. I was doing so under threat of sign a lease at a place and in a city we picked (my parents) or be homeless and lose all your things mgpd has allowed us go control while u were bounced between hotels 14x in 6mo.

on the lease my cellphone number and my email were writen 

when they tried to evict garage, there were phone calls with Cheri and emails to the management address and the person above cheri. 

yet right after I'm Geting notes under or in the door saying my email is not reachable

problem is what they were then listing for "my" email was infact my parents email. 

same time my dad when he does return a call tries to tell me things like he doesn't know what a text is, is that on the computer? oh I know I had you blocked let me unblock u hang up and read it. never calls back or sometimea what's a txt? EMAIL IT TO ME! 

So if course the first time I acquiesce to his combination gas light and arbitrary demand I did a return email saying invalid email from Comcast mail server. What's around the same time I did a letter from the apartment saying your email address is invalid but its in fact their email address. But this was after email Communications had occurred from my actual address and not the address they listed not the address I listed on the lease. So this doesn't prove that they're working together but it does strongly suggest it because the timing is uncanny. It could be they are terrible at what they do except for making money. I'm not sure the financial status either though so maybe that exception is not Justified either. 

But then another time after that cheri's telling me to update my email. I never changed it I never put theirs down what I have done is anytime the apartment office number calls I answer the return the call except now I'm getting absolutely nothing and quite a few communications I was reading for first time were listed in subject as "re" 

Yet because my time is being forced under threat to all my stuff every contracted bit of work I had accepted after my dad made an agreement in 2017 and every tool or asset for any of the work I've done since 2004 and paid for with money made doing work along with every Keepsake along with everything Keepsake tool whatever ever given to me by my parents or my family members or by friends or by employers flash clients all that's being held and destroyed so anything I might sell or earn with if kept from me I'm forced physically located with no notice to move out of my parents they just changed the lock and since August 2018 Maple Grove PD has ignored everything going on including opening my mail taking control of my accounts using my driver's license my signature forged my social damage to my property threats to it... 

And at most the addresses by saying if you accept anything from your parents they're always going to have some control.

But especially with the ID theft and the fact that it takes two forms of ID to even get a minimum wage job. The force physical relocation the removal of tools that I've proven I can earn with in the past first three months they wouldn't give me any other form of ID other than the driver's license that I happen to have on me leaving their house for what was supposed to be 2 weeks Max at a hotel. Then after the ofpss filed a year and a half after 0 notice lock out 6mo in hotel 9mo forced labor still dealing with the mold problem via forced labor on their moldy car... they steal my drivers liscense. 

But in between I haven't had a month without the management that the apartment they picked trying to invade my privacy or sending multiple critiques for anything I've never been bugged this much or barged in on buying apartment to this level or anywhere close. And this is coming from someone who's been in the apartment since 2006. In the garage that both halves are rented I was sitting in there watch the lock Spin and yell stop only for the maintenance dude to bust open the door or rather bus the box that happened to be in front of the door when I was moving around stuff against the wall running and take a picture of an ozone machine that because Sherry had called me the day before I had agreed to unplug. Because it had a timer on it and I got in the habit of turning it on when I was going to take a break so then I could exit the garage come back in a few hours and everything was a little bit better and I wasn't breathing ozone the point was I new habits I knew how that worked so with the timer I set alarm plug it so even if I screw up because it seems rather important to you I'll make sure it doesn't get turned on by busted in so quick I didn't have the chance to stand up ran over and took a picture of an unplugged and off for 24 hours machine well I'm yelling get the fuck out. Absolutely zero notice before entry or attempt to notify. I have had zero privacy for the last 3 years

in April 2020 1mo after end of lease during the covid eviction ban. at home apt/office number I saved in contacts. shows on smart phone/incoming call. 

cheri is on other end but says  hello Paul like friendly like they know each other. I said nope this is John. oh I was just trying to get a hold of your dad. doesn't tell me anything it's about. This was around the time they came up to take my ID took my garage door remote then came back and took my MIG welder my saw and my custom built PC Workstation. 

My dad will tell me I've never worked my mom will tell me I've never worked.

She drove me to the accounting office but I had as my first it support client. In 2004 starting at $50 to show up 25 an hour after the client I maintained until I was 26 years old it was a three-person CPA office in Plymouth. Senior year of high school I had gone from 15 working at McDonald's right before I turn 16 the target to National Camera Exchange them to a position telemarketing mortgage refinance at $11 an hour base pay plus commission that was a percentage of their profit on the loan there were two conditions the loans have to pass and there was a minimum quota to get the commission when I did I think it was two or three times and $11 an hour in 05 was nothing to laugh at but those checks with the commission were substantial and so has all the hours I put in doing tech support for for business clients and two dozen homes. And the year I graduated or immediately after I did a website and a campaign computer for one of my dad's co-workers at the SEIU Local 284 who is running for. District representative of Minnesota 50b. Round 2013 is when I last talked to him and he was still happy with what I had done back then I called him because I was applying for a job in Dahlgren Virginia and wanted to use him as a reference. Now my dad will tell me just a week ago he's never seen me work anywhere this is the sort of ship that drives someone to suicide but even without it is likely to impact how long I live what I get sick from what I die of my quality of life in between my lifetime expected income

And because of the ofp as they file they now get to know my address for 2 years. They've demonstrated they will come steal from me but the things they took I don't even know that I can get at least any more actual crimes have been repeatedly ignored crimes that put me in this position. Mistakes my parents made playing general contractor finishing their own basement in 2001 and my mom working at Children's NICU well I say for 9 years she endangered the lives of other people sick infants but that was just that car the mold guy determined it was originally due to the choice of carpet pad over the cement slab so really at the time they had it fixed and have been 19 years. They didn't have it fixed till November when it was determined to be a problem in January 2018

From what I've seen anybody Being Human traffic through Minnesota Asbury little chance of police cuz almost no chance of police stepping in. Maple Grove PD didn't care they took my ID Maple Grove TD pretty much acted as far as I know entirely on hearsay they knew I was living there January through August they knew I had moved out years before they started enforcing the zero notice lockout and began telling me I can't file theft I gave them my stuff moving out. Throughout this whole time some officers will tell me my parents don't owe me anything what am I doing there when if you keep in mind I repeatedly have mentioned your party War Cloud until March 2020 I repeatedly tried to tell them all of my things are being threatened my mail is being opened my name is being signed on things from within my mail.

there is no legal cosodial ship. 

Not enforcing these was like check fraud and mail fraud you lost someone without Cristo dealership to decide where someone's money goes doesn't matter what's done with it those laws are designed to protect your ability to make decisions as an adult decisions you will be liable for. In Minnesota it should be doubly enforced because when I read the documents that are available on medical industry website in Minnesota some of them describe a valid reason for some of them describe a valid reason for a mental for an emergency medical hold is failure to feed or clothe oneself which is a factor of having money or having your ID because you can't even get snap without a driver's license or state ID. We've created a system where someone can torture someone even to death apparently you just tell the police that you gave the other person a bunch of money because throughout this all Maple Grove PD has been telling me how grateful I should be. I even made the point are you arguing that if slavery was legal it wouldn't still cost to keep that slave sheltered and fed. The words didn't come to me to fully form the point I was making but if you are paying to keep someone in a place and destroying every opportunity they have and every asset they made with money they earned in the past you aren't really doing more than paying to keep them a slave or keep them below you and dependent

The officer it started by insisting I live the life off my parents when I was sitting on public property outside their house free days hungry well they still have 99% of all of my things and I have Clyde to this day in my freezer they still have Bonnie's ashes my pet rabbits since 2007. Bonnie's ashes were delivered  USPS mail addressed to me at their house. while I was being bounced between hotels. They held my Minnesota Health Care renewal that year and presented me with a poem that said basically it was giving them legal or contractual authority to act as me on my health care decisions but when police are stopping me from getting into the house after I move back in and six months later at zero notice lock change and all I have to do to get police call to show up and sit outside because in the meantime my parents won't answer but the police will show up in 10 minutes. During that time there is also a time I'm sitting in the car all I did was open the door cuz I turned it off and it was a hot day I asked my mom to back off because what we're talking she keeps getting closer and closer she slammed the door on my leg and then calls the police. The lead officer that day what are you doing here John and that's not a salt that's not battery what are you doing here?

 What are you doing officer? 

you're serving two sociopaths to help their son protect their right to send him to a shallow grave.
Clyde rabbit 

Bonnie Rabbit

The other things that are messed up besides the selective total refusal to enforce for one party is 0 follow-up concern for anything other than why am I still coming to the place where they kept 16 years assets I earned everything ever mine.. 

You were three times during the summer of 2019 it was admitted right in front of the police that they have my bike and it is my bike each time Maple Grove PD at can we do it tomorrow so we don't it for the interest of police time or if they'll give it to you tomorrow and I still don't have my bike I told my dad as it started to get warm because it was one of those weird years again so like January and I never summer is coming up anyway but I'm saying hey I can barely make it up the stairs anymore and I still don't have my bike. Why would you need your bike if you can't make it up the stairs my fucking sociopathic will be soon murdered father says. He's tried to convince me that my words mean more than his actions and his words. They both tried to convince me I deserve everything they do to me cuz I'm a spoiled brat a day later 5 minutes later they'll try to tell me no one has ever done anything bad to me in their house or they never intended any harm to me which is the type of fucking stick wordplay noted for sociopaths and narcissists. So put a little qualifier on it cuz in their head there playing fucked up games was fucked up rules that usually equate to or can be summarized as I win doesn't matter does a roll of felt or not if what I said Till if not I'll say it again if it benefits me but then I didn't say it again. I forget the exact numbers but even short bursts of physical exercise are incredibly important for things like not getting type 2 diabetes I used to cook and eat very well I can't do that without my kitchen they never met the budget that I predicted for cleaning their multi-car under force and commands to do it faster or all my stuff goes away. They even threatened Bonnie's ashes.

This is the bathroom in the otherwise mostly Empty Apartment they picked out. I have another flapper valve for the toilet but you cannot take it anymore does it matter what I do they feel they lie they use the police to steal in life now that use the courts to ensure that they know where I live for two years. In February 2018 my primary care doctor in Osseo told me the way someone your age gets better is get away from the mold.

 The first three months of forced labor on their car, they even kept the respirator that I had from etching circuit boards. 

a full face double sealed 3M 6800 respirator. 

The type that can handle just about any toxic gas. I used it for the off-chance that when mixing the cupric chloride but I ended up releasing chlorine gas I was protected this acid was for etching printed circuit boards. 

The other resume it was hand even at that time was it made a great face shield after the acid was mixed. It's pretty stable once you get it right but it's not something you'd want splashed in your eyes. If it's on your skin you have to wash your hands or wherever it goes but it's not going to immediately kill you there is copper salt toxicity issues but your eyes are really not a place you would want it or your mouth or your nose. 

I was also building things with plexiglass .  The expensive chemical weld compound you can buy  is actually methylene chloride AKA paint stripper. And I would only use that when outside. Because stuff is known to eat filter cartridges used inside it's recommended you do it with like an oxygen tank strapped to your back or a hose. Outside it's pretty safe but since I had the mask why not use it anyway you only get body parts once.

I want to deal with straight but I'm a pretty capable person and almost all of that was stuff I was doing an agreement with my dad which is what left me dependent when it started. Before that I have been working 60 to 100 hours a week between two jobs for a year-and-a-half before that I was working another job and minimum 20 hours a week  more like 30 sometimes more and doing 14 to 16 credit hours at scsu . But the point about the mask is mask it is what someone remediating mold, asbestos or lead would want. 

it's kind of the basic model but it's the first one that would actually be qualified to do that job 

Related more to the topic of engineering insanity  and NPD parents  is they're known to act like perfect parents in public and both Gaslight anything they do to you but when they usually turn is a perceived ego slight or when you actually near anything that gets you to Independence. They are also suddenly competing with their offspring  they will not admit that but it's part of if you do anything near that are field  New trigger this I can't be outdone syndrome .  They need someone  to feel better than is my experience or one way to put it there's a lot of angels to it .  One thing I know is  big truck every box 10 x over on any definition of it .  There's this angel devil child dichotomy but I'm an only child  so it's harder to see . But if you generalize it or extract away from it it's all about attention generated or narsacistic feed and that works whether the child is the problem child or angel child because the angel child is usually generating attention from look what my kid can do or what they're really thinking is look what I can do because the kid is an extension of themselves. And what's the devil child it's look what my kid did to me . Look what he or she puts me through . But either way  they're doing things in the smarter they are the more subtle the things are or the more crucial moment only they are .  Unless of course there's the ego slight. 

light light people don't understand is this isn't unique and most people have some level of narcissistic traits. That is a totally different story from an actual narcissist. My mom's first life was that I made myself sick playing with chemicals. Except I have followed everything I learned in NDSU lab chemistry and study to refresh myself on the generals and then specifically found. Edu sources for things like chemical compatibility with gloves and with the intended tank to hold the copper II chloride. Then despite the fact that bugs had already been confirmed and only one of four were exterminated she decides to say I made the bugs up because I lack the technical ability. Around this time I was moving back in and the add-ons to the lie was none of it works even though only one part of one tool that I needed for the already working in Prototype project had been demonstrated to work. And I did iterative design meaning I tested in small versions or more simple versions and then attract like I want to use this circuit well let's build a demo of that and then that works so let's add this feature and then by the time I had the board I intended to weld with actual weld's and actual power. That was the only one that hadn't been tested but because of the way I designed in phases I knew it either would work or there was one or two things to change to get it to work she couldn't even name what I was doing like the title of any of the projects but all the sudden she's the expert on it. And then when it was proven that work it was a tool that if I were to buy would have cost three grand I made it for probably four hundred. It was a tool needed to build the battery pack to finish the paper project it was a design I could have sold on its own as in have a board house make the board that I designed which would cost about $10 in batches of a hundred I could have sold that for $200 and dropped it in the mail or another words $190 of profit I watched someone else with their design sell out two or three times doing exactly that. But the main project was the project for pay and what she did it's start hiding Parts throwing them away throwing them in a moldy basement throwing them in the garage. Every time I turn around stuff moved.

And in the meantime they start denying if ever seen me work for pay and then when I finally repeatedly say otherwise which they both know the whole time I work so hard in high school at so many things like between natural paid work actual paid IT consulting work for small business and two dozen homes including at least one of my mom's students from St Kate's and one of her co-workers from children's but mostly plants I got through word-of-mouth because I also had for business clients and all this is starting in 2004 there's no way and she also drove me to the first business client I turned 16 then I got my license 3 months after I turn 16. I got the first I got the CPA office the three-person office in Plymouth so soon after I turn 16 that she had to drive me because I only had my permit. I ended up having that clients until age 26. But they sit there telling me I've never ever worked they've never seen me work. In high-school they were limiting how many after school or before school activities I could do on top of it because what I didn't realize at the time as I was trying to be away from them cuz they are control freaks but they'll flat-out two-on-one deny it and as an only child it's straight-up brainwashing.

Moving in here there was like four different things communicated about how I get anything other than an empty apartment while I'm saying things like I need a desk I need a desk chair preferably one of my printers I own four of them one is a laser workgroup printer given by the accounting office client that I had for 10 years that's $1,000 printer when it was new it's not worth that now but the point is the things they taking and destroying and still holding even the basics I ask for it and said I need this to function and they're pretty fucking based well even those things have been held but they're not just held there's like four different plans and the first the second plan required me communicating to an associate I had I didn't know well it's a long story someone I knew it doesn't even matter but my dad said well how about we pay him $16 an hour I said that's great but I'd need it upfront cuz the trust issue was everything they had said already it was this from they went into narsacistic rage and kept getting worse but they keep trying to hide it and it's just they're not hurting and no one's ever hurt me while they keep getting worse about what they do to hurt me and making it harder to get away from them but it was asked you have to ask him or I won't do it and I'm saying that he lives 3 hours away the problem is I have to have money to pay him if he comes up and helps move and no I won't do it unless you ask him first and I could see this was a setup and of course it was because then my dad makes it two weeks before he'll talk about it again as in even if I get him on the phone deflect Affleck topic change deflect carpet is dead why are you not allowing anything to be discussed in that but then two weeks later price down to 14 an hour. The plan before that was I have to give them a key or I'll be in an unlivable apartment never since 2006 have they had a key to where I live on the flip side of that I've had either the key or the garage code until 2018 only 6 months that I did not. I'm writing this paragraph with speech-to-text transcribe keyboard I need to edit the whole thing but whatever. Nobody reads it anyway. Like I said elsewhere it's more about somebody will probably find it if I die that's looking more and more likely. But the next plan was well will replace your couch and your desk but you have to go to this specific store and they said the name of that like once and I'm asking for it was just ignored and then details were added like right down the model number of the couch you want and then call us with it and we'll order it but this is why I also have the mold car looks like got sick after the mold car and not even a pad of paper to write it on I told them from the start that the car I cannot do if it's the only sense of Transport it's dangerous to my health they made the car fire worse than it was I can't prove that but here's the thing I can prove my dad when I called him the night snow blew through the vents on the car he responded that didn't actually respond to change the topic 2 hey I came to the hotel and put stuff in your truck today stuff I needed neither needed nor asked for Park. Like a day later I realized the hotel might have security footage I never actually asked for it but I told him that but I told them you know hey they probably have CCTV footage of the lot and I could have a check and his response was check any camera you want you idiot it's my car. Then right after that is something along the lines of if snow blew through the vents how did the water get in there as in Paul wuethrich from Medford Wisconsin doesn't understand that snow is frozen water which is the form of gaslighting and the form of dog whistling. Dog whistling is details specific to the situation and the individual have to be known otherwise you can't see why it's Terror. It's not an official term yet but if you read the tops of survivors within the community I mean that comes up all the time. I'm not sure if it was this article and this blog post or the last or the one before it but it's known to the cycle psychology community and or the medical world that people with NPD people with aspd rarely benefit from or want treatment. It's a bit cynical but it's not a lie it's not even a stretch of the truth to say the medical industry is an industry if you go to business school or taking a business college classes he'll probably come across that business ethics defines ethical operations of any Corporation as those two prophets and its stakeholders. In other words there's very little reason to recognize that people are the victims of abuse or in this context where Minnesota already has emergency medical holds where you might end up in front of a psychologist there's no Financial incentive for this to be recognized there's no Financial incentive to do anything but the Claire the victim as in need of medication and there's quite a bit of incentive for that because Minnesota's emergency medical hold law does not forbid payment by drug companies to Physicians for writing scripts. This whole system it took us how many centuries of human suffering to figure out base it's like if there's incentive by people in positions of power to abuse it's going to happen especially if there's no one checking their work or what we call oversight reviewing their cases that sort of thing and there's little actual to little perceived risk of negative consequences. But what we know is this abuse causes lifelong problems there's some evidence emerging from brain scans that it causes brain damage and it's in the Region's related to decision-making and memory which really isn't hard to see if you've experienced it. If they're in a position of power God help you especially if you live in the state of Minnesota.. they've done everything on the ofp list and if you look up the forms of emotional abuse and there's some places you can look for what it's known narcissist will do to their children they've done everything on those lists but what's really disgusting is the only support groups as in legal help sort of things or shelter that I can find let me back up there you'll find that there's a list of things that even Freud and Jung new NPD if I recall correctly was defined in the sixties but both of those prominent psychologist both of them knew what type of loan narcissist was and that to their children even there would be emotional abuse physical abuse emotional incest and some elements of sexualizing their own children both of my parents have literally told me that they think we are the same person and that's verbatim. but then it just really psychotic because my words matter them more than their words and their actions my dad literally try to convince me of that when it was stated just like that another word and on top of that at an earlier point he tried to convince me to find what hurts me so we're the same person to him and to her except things I do to them that are words are supposed to hurt or be capable of hurting but neither their words nor their actions by his verbatim words can hurt me because they defined what hurts me this is psychotic. But it becomes more than a psychological issue when the police refuse to enforce anything that they do. Mail fraud check fraud theft id-theft threats to destroy it give it away donate it recycle it otherwise be rid of it if I didn't move where they said do what they said and do it faster ID theft after the ofp spaz when I have 20 days left to be out of the least they forced in St Cloud filed in Hennepin knowing the car has been broken down for 6 days and I'll tell people that they give me all these things yet the car isn't in my name taking everything I've actually earned.  my mom when I move back in and made the point of saying she's my landlord until I can afford moving out or something like every penny of moving out which I don't know why I went to college at all. nothing I learned about health even elementary through senior year of high school let alone College Health can be applied the basic tenets of Health are held Out Of Reach. nothing I learned in business law which I did really well in seems to matter. and some of that is very directly correlated to ability to think I'm worth anything which is dreds do what they're attacking but it's messed up cuz they tell me they gave me all these things but they took everything I earned their trying to teach me that nothing I learned is right nothing I Do Is Right. Destroy any system I have found from 2006 to 2018 not living there they go out of their way to make sure I can't have it can't use it well they tell me that I am worthless that I have never work I haven't worked enough but what the fuck is enough? And some examples are really basic but this is how extreme they are like it took me forever to figure out I can be more on time if I put some piece of furniture by the door and a bucket in it which is like a key rack on the shelf for me. I know in times of moving when stuff gets unorganized I realize hey there's this thing called a tile or key finder but tile works with your phone. in 2018 anytime my dad got a hold of keys he would remove the tile from the Keychain.  he would also do stuff like remove the battery wire from the terminal on the car instead of taking my keys thinking that that would stop me from leaving their house. sometimes in combination with hiding my keys the six months that I was spent there what's Terror they would call the cops if I raise my voice but they would stand in my doorway trying to make me say that there's no mold there even know that is not what was true. I would still pinprick wound severe eye irritation and that ended the first week at the hotel but that's not even why I left the hotel it is however evidence that it was causal and environmental. Then I'll say it's my fault for not getting allergy tested except they have black mold and aspergillus. later of which can even be pathogenic but the first one isn't toxic on its own but if disturbed create some of the worst toxins known to man. It occasionally will do it when it's at war with a foreign colony of mold. in other words neither is just an allergy both are very bad for one to be exposed to some people show symptoms more some are allergic to none dangerous molds. In what I could find only doctors that graduated in the last 10 years were really taught much about it. but the toxicity and the ability for some to be pathologic or grow in the human body are well-known and have been for a long time. What's more emerging is one in three people is more irritated by it but that or shows more symptoms from exposure and it's theorized that one and three people's immune systems can't deal with it very well either. But on top of that in like 1997 I was still not in fear of strep throat cuz the nice pink medicine tastes like Bubblegum.  of course that's what I'm referring to is liquid amoxicillin before I could swallow pills. and then I got incredible hives. which became my mom declaring that I was allergic to the penicillin family of antibiotics. she has a masters in nursing she knows that penicillin is mold. If I recall history correctly it was first discovered because of mold growing on bread ended up destroying a bacteria culture. both parents will do cycles of lies that will be the same lie every time in a row or sometimes they'll mix up their games but on average it consists of I won't go to a doctor my dad's driven me to four of them I'm not saying how many others have been to they seem to know whether I have or haven't which is only sort of possible unless the public-at-large has been lied to about the consent form for electronic medical sharing and the addition to that would be that my mom is using her position at Children's Hospital and Clinics in St Paul to pull my medical records but even that if I went to a new clinic and everything is how they say as in if I don't sign that consent then nothing is shared well then she still wouldn't know for sure but that's Way Beyond the point because 2 of the doctors actually I've been to five of them that he's driven me to 2 in St Cloud. One of them yes just friends Sandy former coworker at SEIU Local 284 because she's from St Cloud Des was end of 2017. specifically there was a call to ask her if she knew of any good doctors or what we're better than others up here. This was before the mold was proven and then a dermatologist and my primary in Osseo right around the time mold was proven and then when I was when I was blowing out black stuff one morning. Which I went upstairs into the bathroom from working in the basement and I only did that because there was an extremely strong smell of mold that I could not Shake
 my mom pushes open the bathroom door and is telling me there's absolutely nothing on my hand and delusional she'll have me medicated. so my dad ended up driving me to West health where this picture got me through long triage line right up to the front of it and a chest x-ray but on the way out the door my mom hands me a Beto probably supplements that I had in 2006 all the way to stop date from my apartment when in reality if I remember I take one or two a week but I have stuff like if I'm getting foot cramps I'll take magnesium or eat a banana. But problems always got to be with John even if we have to make it up. Where she crosses the line and what's appalling when I look into it is she uses esoteric knowledge of the medical system to try to harm me. The way out the door she hands me a substage of supplements like huge Ziploc she had filled of stuff expired whatever it doesn't matter I didn't I don't have the problems they want me to have just so they don't have problems but what does matter is she tells me this huge bag of stuff that I barely take make sure the doctor sees these because he needs the whole picture and I'm terrified cuz one extremely strong smell of mold to I blow out that black stuff in my nose starts bleeding but the smell goes away and this is in a house with a confirmed problem. But what she was doing was trying to color the doctors perception and she's doing so well I'm terrified so I caught afterwards what she wanted or what she was doing by saying that and handed me the bed right on the way out the door. The reason it's really disgusting though don't tell me I can't do anything I've never done anything but I only know what I do about medicine from paying attention to her and one of the early things at the dinner table was talking about things like Journal articles so I knew where good sources were. Also late 90s maybe your mm she needed her curriculum at STP Kate converted from overhead slides to what everybody was going to which was PowerPoint and she hated computers. so I was the one who created most of them. but the point is that on some level she knows that even if she'll tell me I've never accomplished anything not good at anything but the evidence is she's relying on upping the terror level to try to block the conscious realization of what she's doing which is trying to create false medical records and she ultimately succeeded just not that day. maybe a month maybe two later she's trying to push me over the railing. but what I didn't get to it business laws why did I why did I learn anything especially that because one everything I learned I don't know because it looks bad to them if I'm right it looks bad to them especially bad after they go through this effort because if they like it's an all-in sort of thing because they really are that monster if anything's decided otherwise but on top of that wall telling me I've never done anything their commanding work that I've done for paying the past which business laptop makes them obligated to pay even like if a roofer shows up and does your roof instead of the neighbors if I recall correctly you'll still owe whatever the cost of the new roof subtracted from the value of the old roof was you don't get a free lunch there except. that work was valued at 150 an hour doors perform usually on command and demand how much does a 10ft by 10ft room go for in Maple Grove? I learned in business law that under contract while you don't even need to discuss a price if it's not written or stated goes to Market average and I'd like a lawyer but I've literally been forced moved around I don't have anything and if I get it step closer to putting anything back together they steal from me they terrorize in every way they can. And the point is she is 40 years more life experience than I do but she gets to say anything she wants do anything she wants even if it's her mistake even if her mistake is endangering sick neonatal patients lives and then she ultimately tries to push me over a railing will saying you bastard I brought you into this world I can take you out of it send changes the lock when I leave for her benefit and Maple Grove Police help them threatened everything keep everything destroy everything that their problem cuz the move back in and put them in control over but not a single one of her words if she accountable for. But what's sick is we punish people for insider trading in the stock market yet people with Insider knowledge of the medical world or what I refer to as esoteric knowledge that can be used to harm people and there's no fear of consequence zero fear of consequence even perceived consequences can turn someone off from doing that not everybody will do it but that's not what we're talking about here what we're talking about is we know there's ways to make it less likely those that otherwise would would and until you show me that a perfect person is evolve it's going to happen and not just to me

they gaslight to an extent that when I moved into this place I had a flat tire the next day. I had never changed a tire before. I had taught myself working with wood working with metal working with CAD software working with plastic. There was Zero indication that I couldn't change a tire. Long time ago I taught myself usually there's something you miss when you're doing something new and think you have it all so I Googled it and the instructions mentioned jack points so oh yeah modern cars the way they're built you can't support the weight of the car check your owner's manual I open the glove box and there's no owner's manual so I go back to Google and find it online to find the jack point change the tire and it for two weeks I hear my dad telling me you're stuck in the apartment because you don't know how to change a flat meanwhile Clyde rabbit is getting sick

It's known that nurse assistants sociopaths rarely benefit from treatment. If you apply the concepts of for-profit Medicine then there's absolutely no incentive to even identify this. When you apply the state putting their nose in medical care in ignoring actual crimes it's a really dark picture regardless of any cooperation between parties or not.

Minnesota seems to talk quite a bit publicly about how it protects its citizens human rights. Well there seems to be zero consideration for economic Mobility. Zero consideration that if everything you work for can be stolen and you put on the street or threatened to be well it's being destroyed well continuous theft and fraud is happening against you there's no human rights protection there there's a wreck it because you either end up dead or in jail for in a mental ward. Ofp restraining orders ate granted hearsay. That might be okay except they don't go both ways. And on top of that they give one party the right to know the others address for 2 years after. The combination of those two things makes it ripe for abuse.

In my experience and observation ang
d study North Dakota have stronger renter Protections in Minnesota especially in things like notice required before entry I think at least when I was there it was required to two days or if there was what I know it was there was a mandatory time frame that the attempt to notify had to be made before Minnesota only defines it as good faith. Minnesota is also much more sketchy on periods of notice before move out or at end of lease notice to vacate. If they wanted to walk the walk and actually protect human rights well also helping the post office is it that hard to require mandatory registered mail and set time periods? 

My opinion but it should be common sense or rather easy to deduce that anyone who is more than squatting a in invited to live somewhere in between or anywhere in between they can just simply be locked out with zero notice that's the major stress and threats their life. The registered mail bit would make it a lot easier for a lot of people but it might decrease we are names of lawyers and the demand for the courts. With all the BLM going on I really feel the need to say that most likely to be affected by this are individuals with less financial means which like police violence disproportionately affects black people. But it's something that can affect us all it's also something is the exchange. Because you're telling me that a business probably run or held by an LLC at some point you can do all that but can't be bothered to send registered mail to make a paper copy or paper trail? Except someone who if there is less than perfect living situation to begin with probably doesn't have the means of the company or the person owning the house that's letting them stay somewhere. It's like all the burden is placed on the most kicked around or least well-off to begin with. And as I've said repeatedly if you pay someone or pay to keep someone alive but you sabotage any attempts to have anything on their own you're really not doing anything other than harming them and trapping them. That's not saying you should have to pay for ever but things like the ability to plan ahead of time to keep assets and or existing agreements that might have led to the dependency that should all be accounted for it shouldn't be what person with more money says they want to abuse you for a while and then file an ofp so they'll have your address even as you die. This isn't Justice this this is sick. At best and like I said that it's been no actual evidence presented it's just things the Richer party says against the poor to police and then eventually to a civil court. So at best this is no one gets ahead and police and Court enforced because apparently when I hit a team I was supposed to go to a homeless shelter otherwise I have portrait all right see if anybody wants to do anything to me up to and including kill me. Which my mom has admitted she was trying to do.
The importance of mentioning that best or that your save nature of it is I'm not entirely convinced this one happen either way because police aren't supposed to make judgment calls like that the word is kind of in judgment and I've realized there's always going to be a conflict there because you have to make some decisions to act as enforcement but when the motto is protect and serve and they want to go by peace officer then considerations for well if you can't get food stamps without an ID we're sending him away from 20 Brandon tools of his ID theft is a crime any theft is a crime. That's pretty much sending me away to die. Or at best it greatly harms my ability to even eat so I don't know why this has to be that Defined because it also takes two forms of ID to get a job. 

$2,000 scene at the BLM protest has been heavily financed by Foreign States or parties within them. There's no alternative I see as well and it's really not something we're safe from with what's happened to legal system Nationwide and some states are more vulnerable than others. It would seem that there's a push to redefine suffering is something a group experiences and you should only expect protection if you're part of a protected bream demographic or group some demographics are arguably optional like I'm not going to be the one who says that you are or are not born gay but from what I've read most psychologists prominent ones of the past have had come to the conclusion that you need state is bisexual and we end up being pushed one way or the other by our life experiences which isn't exactly the same as a choice but the word preference actually used to cover that pretty well. But the point isn't hating on anyone or trying to save how they are or how they got that way the point is at no time is the experience of Life as a group bad things are caused by individuals sometimes they work together but even if they do the individual members of that usually have some ability to not follow it. It's literally the World War II SS and other war criminal excuses of they were just doing their job but it's reversed to the point where if you want rights you better be a part of the group and the reason the group's need protection is the systematic attacks on them when regardless of anything it's the individuals that experience it and at the end of the day individuals that created
And perhaps better way to illustrate what I mean is claimer glass ceiling Because unless you're fighting for something other than the stated goal which isn't actually very clear. But most of the time it's mentioned that women make something like $0.75 to every dollar that a man makes well that's probably not good that's actually not good except for the fact that it's never really clear is that working the same amount of hours hourly salary because salary could be negotiated with the knowledge of how many hours somebody's going to work and or the intent to take time off to have a child something like that. Like I said if it's if someone can show me that truly the same amount of hours work and then what percentage of women that impact I wouldn't even bring up this question but the question becomes if it's about closing that Gap let's say we give them every woman $0.50 more an hour just to be sure that for sure. That no one no woman ever has that happen. Okay so now we've legally enforce discrimination but on top of that take minimum wage and what did we actually accomplish by giving them $0.50 an hour or more I can't help but see this as a distraction as a divide-and-conquer method especially seeing that rights designed to protect People's Health sanity ability to operate as independent adults when those aren't enforced either constitutional rights or laws that violate that ability yet person with the least Financial Resources ends up suffering the most either some Unwritten policy or some combination of anything I've mentioned that all of this for a causal Factor or just the simple fact that your average officer isn't looking to do more than they have to do in any given situation so sometimes it's easiest create Injustice for to harm people. It's really easy to do when you can be personalized it and write it off as know we just selectively didn't enforce that but when you're selectively not enforcing something like id-theft and enforcing that everything anybody ever worked for is being held with you as a badge and gun in between that and things they could sell to eat when their ideas now taken by the same party that has all the other stuff well what have you really done there I know how to get another ID but with extremely limited funds and my credit destroyed my background check destroyed I don't know where I'm going to be in a week so spending $30 for another ID to have it mailed somewhere I might not have access to without even knowing a stable address to have it forwarded to that's insanity. I'm looking at a PO box but that's kind of the same deal. And as I've mentioned several of the times parties that are doing this to me have demonstrated they will steal to send me back or create this hell even after Hennepin County declared them protected parties this is like a modern rehash on brackets for protection. Or to put it in what I think I've gathered is more prosecutor or state attorney language would be it's in the interest of police report medical job creation and Main payment of the county of Hennepin to protect that party cuz either way there's a high likelihood that I then end up in custody of one of the above or in the morgue. It's in the state interest to protect those parties.

Monday, June 29, 2020

covid 19 and maple Grove pd enforced endangerment to life

Jan 2018 I move back in with my parents. it was determined what caused the need/and their invitation was in fact there negligence and their decisions in finishing their house. 

Previously a cat that we got when I was in 8th grade had died and I had been driving from my apartment to their house I've been sleeping on their moldy basement carpet if that's where Cosmos wanted to sleep so I could be next to my friend a little bit before he died

Turned into 8 months of bleeding at that apartment after he died in my lap in May 2017. The mold was proven January 2018 the bleeding won't stop until August 2018 the mold was yet to be dealt with but both parents now in control of everything of mine or two on one gaslighting me telling me the mold guy didn't say any of that which was funny because my mom wasn't even present for his visit I was by his side all but 10 minutes.

In August my mom had a cancer surgery. I had tried leaving the room where she claimed she was my landlord until I can afford moving out again on my own I have tried if I leave it or not going to look at them I'm not going to say anything I won't even look in their Direction. This is while I'm being commanded to drop anything I'm doing and do computer support for them or in-home IT consulting services which would generally run 150 an hour. This is while contracted projects for third parties and parts they paid for our being thrown away thrown in The Moldy basement thrown outside thrown in the garage by my mom any time I turn around.

So I suggest my dad hey maybe a week or two at a hotel because I doubt this is going to help her recovery having me here. So after the first week they changed the lock. Since August 2018 all of my property and at the time my two living pet rabbits one currently held by them or rather her remains that came addressed to me and USPS mail at their house while I was being bounced between hotels sometimes 3 a month or more for 6 months AKA change of address was in practical. Everything's been threatened since then to command where I live what I'm doing with my time will Maple Grove PD says I can't file theft I gave them my things moving out.

Before this started I had looked into how to etch circuit boards. And doing so I came across two other uses of UV like UV disinfecting. I've shown myself able to fabricate in many materials. Materials like Plexi block UV. Because I don't want to even repeat the media because regardless of who's not an opinion I don't have on Trump I didn't vote for him but I don't like or think it's helping the country but every word is this haha stupid Fest but I'm addressing this because I know how to use it safely. I had started with a 375 nanometer in emitter in the form of an LED for doing UV lithography. In researching how I wanted to go about that I came across both the concept of a Wood Lamp and UV disinfecting. I am fat own to UV disinfected tubes. Also note that I'm not staying sterilizing. Anybody telling you sterilizing is wrong. It's some incredible log whatever reduction and highly effective at a lot of things sterilization it is not. It can burn your eyes and your skin. I can also make a Plexi enclosure and until post ofp the two Hennepin thuggery protected party Cayman took my garage door remote then took my compound miter saw my MIG welder and my desktop computer from my garage making a plexiglass enclosure 2 house a UV disinfectant tube would have been incredibly advantageous to be able to take anything bought or delivered during this pandemic and clean the outsides of it in a way that won't hurt my eyes because it's enclosed this would have all been Child's Play to me in the amount of effort and thought required. Accept people that have stolen from me and continue to steal mislead terrorized lie to open my mail sign my name have forced labor for most of the last year they have run me into the ground. There's this old concept I haven't heard it used in quite a while but it was called The Nanny state.

 Minnesota is so beyond the definition of the nanny state. 

Minnesota is the nanny that puts its fist  up your rectum until it's out your mouth  turns the hand around  protruding from your presumably stretched mouth . 

and like to a child pretending it's hand is a mouth speaking... tells you 

"stop hurting urself" or "my hand isn't up your ass it's clearly right here"

then the real problem is it'll leave you alone to die  from the prolapsed rectum afterwards

more generalized: it wants to insert itself and force decisions but wants no accountability or liability for its decisions 

State-sponsored murder and torture

my parents are theivs my parents are cowards. my parents are psychological and physical abusers. the state of Minnesota County of hennepin is under the eye of the nation at the moment. the story here takes place in a subarb of hennepin called maple Grove with a short police enforced trip to Minneapolis or rather enforced zero evidence detainment in a medical facility known to research on patients and generate unnecessary suicides. 

The story starts in 2017 although I may discuss later how there was a prequel in 2014. That was so traumatic that one of the Kurt again I didn't remember the 2014 event until it was far too late. It's important to know going into this that I was 29 when it started with no relevant mental history or history of mental illness. I had sought help when I needed it in 2006 because of a traumatic event in 2004. I had no extensive or relevant mental health issues or history of. I had no civil or criminal record other than some speeding tickets from years previous.

I mention this right away because whether it's something we're taught or whether it's an ego defense or self sanity defense we really don't want to believe in the most part that bad things can happen to otherwise normal people or that any level of government would enforce one citizens ability to torture another commit several state and federal crimes while doing so and then make them a protected person. 

I think a lot of people even without some media encouragement like to come to the conclusion that well person saying it must have done something bad to deserve it. And actually there's some support of this in history and in cases where we fought for justice for Abused women. If you have distracted that a little bit the conclusion one can draw is it's actually pretty frequent that human nature is to blame the victim. I think that arises from both everybody experiences at least some form of and to some extent a little bit of abuse it's not comfortable to remember it's also not comfortable to process the thought that the world might be the sort of place. Without judging give me a thing you're about to read below I would however ask you to consider what do you do when please won't stop someone who has committed multiple crimes and then the county decides without a signal criminal charge that that party is now pretty to your address despite constant theft for two years because they claimed that words were said that then allow them to be protected people. Or rather what do you do when the police won't help but they ensure that the person attacking you knows where you live?

the term postion of power was never meant to apply only to male bosses over female employees and quid pro quo

economic facts of life like it takes money to survive 

it takes an ID to get mns snap program (food stamps/ebt) 

it takes 2 forms of id to get hired even min wage 

wages or earnings put into physical goods or even more so tools are assets that should be convert able back to cash. 

if spent on tools they are assets that can enable further income or be sold /liquidated back to cash 

it takes a stable address to get an ID replaced and money. 

money earned can be stored in a bank, spent on services, spent on goods. 

if those goods are tools intended for  further leaning earning or enabling life itself amd have any resale value they are assets 

assets can be liquidated back to money 

tools can be used to earn more money

a postion of of power it's meant to be anything where you control basic facts of life for another person. It's neither good or bad in itself but it can be used to do harm to another person

No one does well or is likely to reach their Optimum even if they survive fun things like six months after you move in somewhere zero notice the locks change in police enforce that you can no longer touch any of your property. 

This is exactly what happened to me in Maple Grove Minnesota.

I had regular income since 2004. Everything earned or . And when I say given be it by my parents or by employers relatives excetera made inaccessible by lock and key August  2018 6 months after I move back into my parents January 2018

Maple Grove Minnesota police I've done something referred to as selective enforcement only in this case it's more like selective not enforced anything one party claims enforce the smallest thing that they can that the other party will claim with no legal backing presidents that I can see.

Ignored mail theft holding mail opening mail signing my name is min doorsmith on at least one check I know of probably more several legal documents from mail one of the parcels held is the remains of a pet that I had had since 2007 and she died 2018.

I don't claim to be a legal expert. I do find it incredibly disturbing that and she doesn't seem to be that there are laws there that could have prevented what still being done to me. Where to find the most disturbing is some of the new laws for relatively newer like Minnesota is ofp and mental hold or emergency medical hold seems set up where combined with Selective enforcement police and State can create systems bound to destroy any individual and risk their death disfigurement and disability. It seems that someone figured out we create more jobs by allowing some people to be destroyed.

Of course there are alternative explanations. Either mine or in general situationally speaking. At the same time there's things like the Minnesota department for human rights that has a title that would lead you to believe that we're all protected. But if you look at the fine print it's assumed some of us are protected and that's there to help the groups that are assumed to be at victimization except despite the fact there are historic and still existing groups at a disadvantage life is lived as an individual. And if you factor out things like gender and ethnicity or rather race is what they seem to be focused on. Everything I said above still applies or in other words human rights are not looking out for what's in human rights are not looking out for what's in this current time frame are considered disenfranchised or discriminated groups that that's a lie in a lie because if they aren't looking out for individual rights on top of it or if both aren't happening well hey bud good news for you we're watching your group but you can die in the meantime or will loculus nice Sal and give some people some job's because maybe it's a cell and there's a jail or maybe it's the institution and there's dr's nurses and support staff

As far as I know fluffy glass fiber cotton candy ships from the Owens Factory Sam's mushrooms this was in the upstairs 10-foot by 10-foot room I referred to as the Cell at their house. I taped over it because my dad didn't even want to look at it. 

Some of my basis for claiming this is there are laws that at one time we knew create foundation for what being an adult is at least in the legal context. your word and your signature supposed to be legally binding. I believe the law on protecting mail was about at least partially about protecting contract entered by mail or your ability to do so or maintain them. and what being a citizen is and protected your ability to make those decisions and accept the consequences be they good or bad. Laws like you can't sign another adults name without legal custodial ship. I believe that's part of why mail was protected or is protected but Maple Grove Police give 0 fucks. 

Theft in general is still supposed to be a crime. My parents after a year-and-a-half of threatening everything that Maple Grove Police ensured they still have and have power over and are destroying while ignoring that they were threats to destroy my things give them away get rid of them if I didn't comply with the arbitrary demands and labor forced and forced physical relocation by those threats as well. But then my parents figure out at the end of the lease they forced hey let's just file a ofp s. Then after the hearing that come up steal my ID my MIG welder my compound miter saw and my desktop computer the later of which wouldn't have been in the garage if it wasn't in their basement for 6 months I got very little of my stuff back while I was demanded to clean their moldy car or lose all my things.

But they did this knowing that at the time I filed the ofp s which was right as covid-19 started hitting the US I only had 20 days to find a new place and be out of this one. They picked under threat of you lose everything in our homeless that I live in Stearns County in St Cloud they are in Maple Grove in Hennepin County Minnesota report that they filed in is an hour and a half away. They did so knowing the car had been broken down for five days before they filed.

The ofp passed in my absence. Despite calling the court ahead of time to try to inform them of this. That's a civil court. It's under the guise of protecting people from abuse but it isn't able to people which sadistically done things to try to harm me to break down every habit that I need to survive who have stolen all of my property well taunting me that this because I'm disrespectful or they're not doing anything at all depending on the day. Other days they make the man's I do something do it or not they're onto a new demand and all of this while holding onto everything mine. The factors above plus the ofps 

I can no longer rent I'm about to have an eviction plus 2 ofp is on my background check. My credit is destroyed when it was good before this. They came up after becoming protected parties to steal my ID well I'm still in an empty apartment with my other pet from 2007 in the freezer and as I write this I had notice to vacate by March 31st. Covid-19 Vixen band and now I don't even know why the sheriff hasn't showed up. They have created pure Terror. Stearns refused to serve the past ofp s. So despite them passing March 18th they weren't active when I drove down May 22nd 2020.

I parked opposite their house in the cul-de-sac left my lights on and I even mentioned in the video I was recording I'm sure this isn't very nice for The Neighbors. I flip my dome light on because I've always or long ago I put in my head I've ran the scenario of what if I was in the police officer shoes I'm walking up to some stranger who I don't know what they're going to do when I get there or how they are in the head. And on the video I say well let's give it 10 minutes Maple Grove PD will be here it took them 12. But this is the story since August 2018 when the lock changed. All I have to do is sit on public property where all my stuff is stored a hundred feet away all my valuables under lock and key. And Maple Grove Police will show up and tell me I have to leave or ask what I'm doing asked what I'm doing there causing problems.

My mom tried to push me over a railing in July. Several times between January and August they were called because if I raise my voice well I'm being two-on-one gas-lit for things I can confirm with external sources they were lying about. Even if I left the little 10-foot by 10-foot moldy cell there. The little moldy cell where my mom had claims she's my landlord until I can afford moving out again. If I left that on some days I made a conscious effort because I need to figure out ethically am I doing this or are they messed up in the head. Make a conscious effort not to look in the direction of either parent not to speak to unless spoken to and I still had up under attack but if I raise my voice even in return boom Maple Grove PD. They tell me my parents that is there annoyed but then on the phone with Maple Grove PD they feel threatened. Now this continues as they're telling me I own you and I'm locked out of their house. Every month I was there I would perform services that I had professionally with the value of 150 an hour on demand most of the time as in drop anything you're doing I need this help now. What's the little bit I know about law and that part of law says there might have been at least. Because landlord tenant laws based on contract law and I have had a business law class that covered contract law from what I remember of that a lot of the criteria if not most are all were satisfied. Put on top of that someone with 40 years life experience over someone else who happens to be their mother is making claims that should carry legal consequences and or protections for the party that they make the claim or statement to. I keep seeing in Minnesota live at parents aren't responsible for the well-being of their adult children. Which is probably true but what I don't think that's intended to mean or in any sane Society 10 min is that parents can do whatever the hell they want to their adult Offspring with no fear of consequence.

Because if that were the case the only ethical way to state that would be in Minnesota if you have a child you own it for life.

And realistically outside of the family argument no one is in good shape if they can ever be locked out of where they were living with zero notice. Human factors like it takes time to find somewhere else and if you're all the sudden separated from everything you've earned in the passed your in a bad place. Because now you can't even sell that to try to make the deposit and first month or in my case now with how fucked my credit is from the last three years of hell for decisions that were expert proven to be from decisions they made in 2001 finishing their house. With my situation now and my fucked credit it's unlikely I'll be able to rent anywhere and if I can it's going to require more months up front in cash which I don't have for the past year-and-a-half definitions of human trafficking forced unfree labor indentured labor and illegal imprisonment have been brushed up against if not walked over the border to.

I drove down May 22nd 2020 from St Cloud to Maple Grove without enough money to turn around and in fact had to rely on a stranger for $5 after sitting for 4 hours at a fucking gas station on the way down. My parents had come up sometime end of March start of April stolen what I didn't realize my garage door opener what I did realize my ID. I now have a text indicating they likely took the other things they're still sitting on the vast majority of my things which they've never contested to police are my things at least while I've been present. All Maple Grove PD cared about that night is activating the ofp is or taking me to jail in any way they could find. I could overhear the conversation with my Dad we're repeatedly they asked him if it might be worth searching me for a weapon. They tried to ask me if they'll ever taking me to jail before which I truthfully answered no but you did take me to a mental ward based on false reports. They didn't care that my parents had my ID. They activated the ofp is sending me away with $100 in a car I don't have title to. If I recall it cost about 30 of that to get an ID replaced but I'm 4 months past notice to vacate so if I spend that $30 on that well that's good news isn't it especially when where is it going to be mailed to? This set of laws on top of laws that probably have good intent have created the ability to legally risk someone's life police will help you endanger it

mid 2019 I had driven down from st cloud to meet with maple Grove pd on my request. at an early encounter where I had reported I was being forced to clean the moldy car, my mail was being held, opened and at least one check several documents my name signed on... I was told they don't have the paper work call and cone down and they will help. 

I had called the bar association in between and I was told that to stop the false reports As Weapons I need to communicate that my parents are unreliable Witnesses. I thought that'll be easy because I have whatever it was over a year at that time of recorded phone calls where they admit to using reports as weapons including the one that put me in an emergency medical hold. So I told the police this during that meeting I told them that these people literally claimed to own me on top of it. After driving 45 minutes Saint Cloud to Maple Grove in a car that is the reason my health is still impaired I was told nope they can open any letter that goes to their house not check fraud why can't I manage my finances and if we put unreliable Witnesses on record we might be liable oh and it's not illegal to say you own someone else. Well when the absolute power that is modern police stands between you and all assets earned or owned and allows other people without legal custodial ship to mess with contracts and finances while they claim to own you what in the hell is left in the definition of owning someone? Maybe the arguments I can walk away

 except if I understand correctly the civil court ofp has now give my parents two years of knowing what street I die on.

This started in 2017. I had good credit hadn't live with them since 2006. There was a brief. That was only meant to be a month in 2014 where they would not let me leave and turned into six months.

There's no hope in this because if they know where I live well they've already demonstrated that post ofp they will come steal from me. But the real question is when federal and state actual criminal crimes are being committed against one party by another why is there a the ability to selectively enforce those well the police can by doing so effectively play judge jury and executioner but then a civil non-criminal matter makes criminals a protected by the state party and give them the right to know their victims location

On top of that the state revised our site doesn't say it but several documents found at Medical institutions talk about how failure to feed or clothe oneself is a reason for an emergency medical hold. So with what I'm claiming here of state and Forest Destruction for job creation... If the things supposed to be protected by La like my mail documents within it contracts entered or maintained through it and my finances if there's no willingness to enforce that yet if I end up unable to eat or close myself police can force me to a Medical Institution where I'm essentially jail how is this not what I'm claiming? There's no protection of the laws meant to protect one's ability to not end up hungry on the street yet more than willing to deprive detain and Jayla citizen for ending up there or just let them die.

Minnesota's stance that they protect their citizens rights but I don't know maybe it's about turning George Orwell's corpse into a drill to the core of the earth somewhere in the UK I think there's a whole being bored by his spinning bones while he rolls in his grave
This is an old x-ray of a baby tooth the short one that never had an adult under it. It picked the start of moving back in with my parents divinely dissolve to the point where it became on wedged between the two adult that held it in place for maybe 20 years since the root died. I went to the dentist that I have been to for all of my life and I was told not to wait more than 6 months it cost about five grand and insurance doesn't cover it because it's considered cosmetic until it's not. 3 months later my dad said you are an idiot I said I said I'd pay for that. What he said at the time was we'll see. This is wild at demanding work well if I leave my room I'm screamed at. Also if I leave my room I come back and find things like part someone else paid for in the trash out in the rain in The Moldy basement. Clothes I laundered that were on the bed in the 10-foot by 10-foot moldy room on the basement carpet or on the garage floor. 

I earned 2 Grand in 2019 all of it was spent on the forced labor on their moldy car. 
And even a month ago post stealing my ID my dad is sending texts say man I'm an idiot for not getting it taken care of as in my tooth and the dental implant while I had good health insurance. They say a lot of things carefully plan because if you read or I claim that without the background knowledge being known or especially if I start yelling because of it what it is is it's a statement designed to look inconspicuous unless you know the intimate details. It also is one of the examples that has the direct ability to kill me to leave me disfigured and or disabled it's a threat to my life and he is taunting over it while forcing that available funds went to other places and so did time under threat of losing all assets

Two or three times driving down to Maple Grove in 2019 police heard them say I can have my bike it's my bike. Do you even have a shot at cleaning their car I needed it to not be my only form of transportation. I still don't have my bike. Before the ofp is were filed as it started to warm up I was saying that I still don't have my bike and I'm very worried about my physical health because of this fucked-up diet because you kept all my kitchen all my everything. Specifically in that conversation I said I can barely make it up the stairs anymore. My dad respond in 2020 why would you need your bike if you can barely make it up the stairs anymore. End of 2018 he was telling me things like I need control because I want control in reference to my life you two times told me he thinks he owns me

This has been my diet in an empty apartment in all of 2019 the only thing in my kitchen is in my freezer and he's more of a friend than a thing

On top of that the selective enforcement is also standing behind a person who endangered the lives of others sick newborn children. As in as far as I can see neonatal patients are classified as immunocompromised. My mom works for children's in St Paul in the NICU. Mold can be allergenic and or absolutely toxic regardless of allergy. Some forms can be pathogenic that can grow in the human body. One of these is aspergillus all forms are known to most affect the immunocompromised aspergillus in particular is load to Hitch rides on even patients visitors clothing and pose threats to hospitals. What do you think was in their basement among other things?

The state of Minnesota appears to be more interested in killing or leaving disfigured and or disabled and in poverty a young man than protecting your newborn sick infants

There's a link on the right-hand side with more of what I used to cook but here's an example that should say a lot because all of these things help you prevent getting cancer high blood pressure and some of them are even known in the body to help with fungal and bacterial infections

Which I'm not saying I do but this last picture here is something I blew out last month. Making someone sick is bad for them because the best medicine is preventative. It's also a form of mental illness Munchausen by proxy syndrome Munchausen by state? The governor of Maple Grove had no response in the recent email nor did the AG. Iron Man such an empty place in such a bad way that it's hard to get ahold of a lawyer or schedule anything because I don't even know when the sheriff's going to be here to evict me let alone have the things that since 2006 I acquired to enable organizing anything let alone base its life.

No it doesn't have to be the case a way to ethically correct this is stop saying that we have peace officers or that they're there to protect and serve or Define who they're protecting and serving more explicitly. Now the argument that depriving someone of all assets might impair their ability to be alive is slightly more complex. But on the night the ofp were activated they were ignoring I was reporting my ID has been stolen by my parents I would expect most officers know that you need an ID for food stamps

Your physical location is forced to change repeatedly it's hard to either maintain the social safety net of friends or make them. Same can be said for any source of employment. Hennepin County and Maple Grove seem to have created a situation where you can abduct another adult torture them for literally years and then all you have to do is make a claim by typing a sheet of paper and put quotes around what you allege someone else said and now the person that was telling the other person that it puts the lotion on its skin and gets the hose again and notably commit several actual primes along the way well now according to the state of Minnesota and Hennepin County and Maple Grove PD that man and woman are referred to as protected parties

Black lives matter is making this argument that nothing else matters until black lives do but they seem to be mainly against police violence which does disproportionately affect them but it affects others as well. The disturbing aspect that I see here is there's also the recent statement that no lives matter until they do. But I think with what I'm saying happened to me if generalized like I've attempted to do here well even if you fix the lack of national policy on use of police force they're still going to be a problem for all lives. Not everyone will experience it but what seems to be happening is in a rosian of a legal system that was set up with individual rights in mind. The arrojan seems to be happening on the protection of adulthood to every individual. Or in other words police might not beat you but your life won't be yours to control anyway. On top of that divide and conquer is very old tactic the new spin is doing it orwellian lie should I say it twice or is speaking it once enough?

No human rights are protected if 16 years of earning or any amount can be taken and then the police stand between you and multi crime selectively u enforced criminals until the county makes them a protected party basted pm hear say

Probably January 2020 I showed an officer one of the pictures above of moldy car. Get started by assuring me I live quite the life because my parents pay for things. Which when I take everything I actually earned board physical relocation of your threats to it well I don't know about you but that's not really quite the life to me. I had actually begged for the title saying I will spell it Scrap It Whatever It Takes and take whatever I can get. Instead I got laughed at by my dad who said "ha you think you could figure out buying or selling a car"
. And as an aside but quick response I don't know Dad I figured out fabrication with wood metal plastic figured out making circuit boards with UV lithography On Tools I fabricated to do UV lithography. I taught myself circuit board CAD and was making working Custom Designs circuit boards using UV lithography On Tools I made the fucking make them I can also tell you how to file an LLC out the top of my head and how to make sure it protects you from blow through. As inability to see right through and grab your assets anyway.

But back to the officer ignoring what might constitute is human trafficking illegal imprisonment forced labor, upon showing him the picture of the headliner

I didn't see that put the phone away. before that encounter was over I was the also yelled at for driving down without having my ID on me. So I leave it in the car the next time and it gets stolen but they don't give a fuck they just activate the ofp.

Maple Grove Police and Hennepin County Court or rather the state of Minnesota and general seem to have created a system where police one force wealthier parties right to torture kidnap financially destroy another adult or just leave them in poverty disfigured disabled or dead.

I had zero criminal record for civil record before this. I had no relevant history of mental health problems. I do have a history that would show I went to seek psychological help in 2006 dealing with trauma over finding my dad nearly dead in 2004. My mom didn't make the North Memorial waiting room for 3 hours. When I sought psychological help going into college the first year they both berated me for why do you think you need mental help why do you think we messed you up so much? Now one of their ploys for the past year is I need mental help and they even used the ofp to try to do that. Mental health is either going to go cognitive behavioral therapy which would still rely on me having to have or to reacquire through work the basics such as stuff in my kitchen if I even have a bed and a room with a stove to begin with which it's looking like I will not. I know what coping mechanisms are I started the painting of Bonnie and Clyde 10 years ago and I can't touch it. I can't get on my bike I'm pretty much stuck in an empty apartment that I'm supposed to be out of without my ID without anything they have terrorized me breaking down everything I need violating several flaws in the process everything anybody needs for basic adulting

But whether by Design or at any point conscious effort to create a system that hurts people and looks otherwise they're just serious flaws within the system that exists. For instance your safe can put you forced in front of a doctor. Well actually I'm not sure if what they did to me was legal. The only reason for the contact with the police was my parents took the car from a hotel lot 3 months into all my assets under lock and key and the lock change. When I find it can't get food I can't leave the hotel the word said within used to create a mental hold but the threats used we're conditional to return the car so I can get food. I told the officer they took the car stranded me without food I'm an only child when I was living there which I should still be doing I didn't say I should still be doing but they came to the house several times before that they knew I live there. The point is I told the officer it's a three-person household with me there at 2 without there's five cars this for without this one the strand of me without the ability to get food in a hotel. The officer responded doesn't matter it's their car doesn't matter if his car I think we're exact words. Regardless of any legal or full-blown medical argument you don't improve anybody's mental help or even their chances of being alive the next day by making them go hungry for any amount of time. It's known on a moor medical argument or psychological it's known any forced to tainment is a psychological trauma. The next time I ran into the officer that did that he tells me he didn't use any law that I could find enough lawbook he doesn't have to.

I end up at Riverside where they take your phone by standard check-in procedure. I'm in front of a doctor that I don't think I've ever met before there's a possibility that in two thousand three or four when I ask my mom if I can be tested for ADHD and or learning disabilities she knew some guy off the top of her head because 40 years in the medical industry now as a nurse practitioner she's been around the circle's here in Minneapolis Saint Paul She also taught at st. Kate's. I'm not saying I know for sure but in my mind the face looks a little familiar but there's a good possibility this is the first time I ever met him either way it's not someone I saw a regularly. Even if he was her friend and was doing a favor it might have been the type of favor you do thinking the source is trusted. That doesn't excuse what he did and the violation of ethics within it. This was November 2018 he declares me something I will not say here but for delusions of mold and bugs. This is 10 minutes after meeting him band in the first few moments when we're talking about that I say on my cell phone on my Gmail I have email Communications with the mold Pro they hired and documents from the extermination at my last apartment. That's as expert or as hard evidence relevant expert testimony as it can get but he decides these are psychological issues. How did he decide this while he denied even seen them by telling me patients aren't allowed phones on the ward. Just mistakes on medical records are estimated to cost between 100,000 human live and 250,000 human live in the u.s. alone each year. 

The overriding theme and problem here is not the complicated. 

Authority without accountability does not produce anything good the powers-that-be chin either say that message or the news can broadcast the message that we have a justice system but without that accounted for it's pretty empty and lives are on the line. When the state acting through a District Court decides one party presenting hearsay is now protected I find that language kind of interesting. Because history has this use of that word but is usually in something known as a racket. Where local gangs or the mafia or let's generalize with organized crime  well they would often commit crimes against a business owner  and then someone would show up and say  hey we can  offer some protection if you pay us. In other words you paid for protection from the very people causing the need for protection. Now we have the court declaring some party protected parties after the police enforced that same parties ability to violate several laws and continue to risk the life of another. But I think when you factor in that applying for this protection means I'll start getting your potential victims location for the next 2 years and the one-sided nature of they can come near me but I can't go near them well even without the selective not enforcing for a year-and-a-half proceeding and continuing but especially with this is absolute insanity. It's slightly new Twist on an old idea though

I'm not saying I can prove it or I think it's even the most likely thing going on in Maple Grove but I also have to wonder knowing the police have a union well my dad for probably 20 years maybe 25 was the elected VP of his SEIU Local. The man now claiming to own me also set on the Minnesota AFL-CIO labor Council. Union Yes Massa?

Regardless of the truth or probability of that being related what is interesting is police have been keeping me from all of my things since August 20 18 and ignoring that it's being destroyed just by how it's being stored let alone active threats to get rid of it if I don't comply with the demands for labor and relocation. But regardless when it comes to the ofp and the Civil matter the claims made against me date back to January 2018 when I move back in. I was served Friday the 13th 2020 with court the following Tuesday morning on the 18th. So another words the best majority of the hard records I need to prove anything in that time are kept from me by police or I would have to figure out getting access to them online or having the mail but that wouldn't show up on time and try to find me the lawyer on Saturday and Sunday. And might I remind you that this was 6 days of not having a car and then surprise with 20 days left to find a new place and move out of the apartment they forced the lease on in Stearns County St Cloud

But if the Civil Court says bring any records with regardless of if you can have a lawyer yet the police have been keeping you from all of your things let alone those records interesting situation arises anything but Justice arises

Although I can't rule that out I still find it more likely that operating on falsified reports Maple Grove PD put themselves in a potentially liable situation 
maybe someone figured out well somebody on the street probably isn't going to be able to wage a case

it's also possible the main causative factor was a bell curve that applies to any occupation.. the majority in the middle are about average and there for the pay(2+ bells one of concern vs ease of ovcupation/effort and another for morals or thing like that) 

another way to say it is there were upstanding officers even in mgpd. 

it Could be attribution error and or confirmation bias and there's some danger even pree ofps from trying to determine causation.. that said what I observed is any officer that took more than a one sided stance seemed to be encountered less and less as encounters multiplied. almost every call or time I showed up regardless of parking on the driveway at first or later staying in the car on public property well every encounter had a minimum of four police officers usually six to eight arriving so well the number of encounters is too small a dataset to determine anything the number of officers per encounter was pretty high. I'm not sure that it's worth my time to determine or even that I could determine how many officers to Maple Grove Force employees. Actually I'm not sure anything is worth my time anymore because in this position if I earn anything they can be stolen and the police won't help. If I don't own anything I'll be on the street if I do or anything the ability to earn enough to avoid the street is pretty much not going to happen at this point in this required time. In other words there's the situation created work without a single criminal charge let alone conviction  and on a previously clean civil record I have been deprived of everything. And I'm soon to be homeless while crime's making it harder to avoid that like ID theft or possibly burglary of my ID go ignored. If you don't enforce things like that you create more and more and more unending work for me to even just may be maintained a shity short lonely poverty-stricken life until a early death

And what I didn't finish the thought on earlier is that making someone sick is a mental illness but there's a reason people aren't handed antifungals in a pill form or what's called systemic antifungals. One is related to the other in the fact that what kills fungus usually kills us. The systemic antifungals that try to do one without the other in other words the only thing we have that can do it in a pill or injection form they carry a high risk of liver damage. Which is why they're not handed out like antibiotic switch or most of my life have been like candy if you go in with any symptoms here's your lollipop get better soon. But the lollipop is actually grown from fungus and I happen to be allergic to a lot of them or what's known as the penicillin family. So in this case in particular depriving me of anything that would have been prevented if medicine is putting me at best-case risk for liver damage if it gets to that point at worst case if it's past the point they can help well then I'm sure glad the last woman to touch me was my mom trying to push me over a railing a few months after I told her fuck you over trying to enforce lies under threat of Crisis Center if I didn't believe her lies and she decides that that's a good time to vent to the sun she won't let leave the house over how bad her sex life is. Over a hundred years ago Freud and Carl Jung were talking about how narcissists as parents would be physically abusive mentally abusive incestuous and emotionally incestuous.

As far as waging a battle from the street I tend to agree I tend to agree it's unlikely to happen. Which is why I put this site up it's not the prettiest thing by far not the most visually pleasing or searchable or likely to be found thing I've ever designed but the service that was pre-made called blogger attaches to domains you buy through Google for free and the domain cost $12 a year and can be prepaid it wasn't hard to ensure its up for a while 

there can't be a hope for culpability the possibility liability or change when all that's there is silence

Minnesota is going to continue using post 911 speech is the rest of or criminal or even civil and especially if they do so with zero regard to context and with police not taking seriously when one party claims to own another. Well if you like to tell him put it people to put the lotion on the skin or get the hose again well then the odds that you get held accountable for doing that depend on if we apply my situation your victim better be able to hold everything through homelessness 2 then also attend legal battles from the street or hey let's just go with informed consent Minnesota is the place to move if you want to post term by 30 years of board your child or just murdered another adult. Just don't use a gun and don't use physical violence but claimed that they threatened with words that they might if you don't stop and you'll have all the backing in the world. One last little bit the concept that arises is law without regard to intent or context as far as I can see totally absurd always going to produce these results. Because unless you're going to create a law for all the ways in which one can murder another or make them sick harm them in general then all you've done is out outlawed the main image of what harm is. And you're not even Prosecuting based on necessarily anyone following through we've created a system where we tell kids there's free speech and if you're like I am old enough to remember at all before 9:11 then you probably see that most of the threats that came first by lies that were meant to prevent attacks on public places by making that speech illegal and now withdrawal regards to why somebody saying something it's an arrestable offense to one individual. and you don't have to say it all they have to do is claim it. It's almost like police heard you say or the hear you say hear say what?

less sarcastically though some sociologists and psychologists have noted that verbal threats might have Arisen as a way to avoid physical conflict.

Regardless though if the police can selectively enforce them I think but just my Mom 2 times what makes the definition of battery once by my dad all in the last 3 years. One right after that I was still present the police were called my mom had tried to slam a car door on my leg and succeeded except for the fact that because of the random place my foot happened to be in the door frame the force was taken by my shoe sole. If I understand correctly assault doesn't even require hitting someone it just requires the intent to strike them. But the Maple Grove police officer showed up I hadn't even left the car it was one of the times I was parked on the driveway I had the door open cuz it was hot out and they weren't answering the phone and I didn't want to step out onto their property but this was 2019 so arbitrary amount of time into I haven't lived there but all my stuff does and police are telling me I can't file theft I gave them my stuff moving out I'm freaking forced to labor on their fucked up car

But abstracted away from my situation again selective enforcement with this fucked up ofp as long as you report first or live first the state will protect you after you beat somebody 

you can verbally threaten them everything they fucking own everything that ever worked for was stealing their mail stealing ID signing their name threatening their pets

And I'd really like to say that I am the only datapoint. But I know one other person this happened to. In 2008 she had not yet graduated school was a senior just turned 18. I got enough personal history to know that what she told me about something her dad did is likely the truth because there was more than once that he was so close to me that it was like he wanted to be my clothing which it's hard to mistake as anything other than intimidation. Well the story I heard is he choked her to the ground and Maple Grove Police tell her that if your parents are giving you anything they're always going to have some control. Which is a phrase I heard in 2020. The same night I got yelled at for driving down without my ID.

But if I'm recalling the timeline that's even more absurd because even after 18 I know Maple Grove Senior High used to require parent signatures for things up to graduation and including the graduation party.

So from what I've seen in Maple Grove you can beat the shit out of emotionally and physically your child keep doing it and steal from them after 18 but the court is there to make you a protected person if you even claim they said anything against you while you're beating the shit out of them. And if you're willing to look for well if there was any agreement during plan behind this and I'm not saying there is what does exist is the psychological knowledge that 1 people with extremely stressful upbringings tend to repeat the mistakes made by their parents 1 people with extremely stressful upbringings tend to repeat the mistakes made by their parents if they become parents themselves. To the media will report that this thing called the Stanford Prison Experiment was about prisons but what it was for the test of what is extremely rigid environment swell due to wants normal or otherwise normal average individuals. or in other words if you wanted to create a society of fucked up people this is exactly how you do it. and avoiding any claims of conspiracy theory that's not necessarily what I believe it's something I see as a possibility I see that there's a reason there someone might do it and I see that the data supports that this would be near ideal execution.

And along those lines almost every normal condition or pathological condition is on a steel or number line percentage line whatever you want to call it. Brain scans have shown that people with full-blown aspd or NPD well areas responsible for sympathy empathy guilt they don't light up. I'm dropping like fmri something that we are pretty sure indicates activity to their fmri or Pat one of them uses blood flow which isn't necessarily a direct indication but the brain is a machine and needs fuel. What really has me interested is in the in-betweens having it or not with other of those conditions what height rates but not fully declared or declare a bowl well what do we have there. And how about in people that are later fully declared what's the functional difference because if this is a cumulative mistreatment creates the damage that creates the symptoms then we have a problem we are turning people into monsters and praying on anyone who's not. not necessarily directly but the problem is if you burnout empathy in the majority create a bath time for the rest especially with the legal system as described above or maybe rather he legal system but now we're pretty far into the debate of what's what.

I find it odd that almost every officer that I've asked where they're from going to come from anywhere near Maple Grove. But more importantly then non-locals enforcing the local community laws is this belief that if you ever accept anything offered by your parents you have no rights seems to be what they repeatedly push. If your abstract that out a bit then we're not in a good place as a society. Bush had this idea called milk Child Left Behind and if this is policy written or otherwise I'd have to call it nobody never let the head or the start of how we get to the Hunger Games

Even in the most abusive environment from 15 to age 18 you can't be kicked out. That set of numbers or ages is relevant because you can legally work for the huge corporations or anywhere other states have different exceptions or ages even for driving and for working but in Minnesota where I keep hearing I have no rights because I didn't start from the homeless shelter and therefore nothing ironed on my own is actually mine even if it kills me to not have it well even in the worst situation there there's three years where you can squirrel away income. What happened to me was moving back gave them control of everything might and police are defending it with phrases like that so in other words if you ever become dependent Minnesota at least in Maple Grove I can conclude that the police will enforce another person's right to own you. Or you better start from the homeless shelter. 

Which is absolutely absurd because there was no judge involved this is judge jury executioner but they have a badge and a gun and they're doing vigilante justice.

they also have radios, tazers mace and helicopters with devices made by a company called flir. Or another way to put it is thermal imagers wear in summation with everything I just said about what they have it's unlikely you can run or you can hide. There's a lot more officers available by One Cop touch up officers available and not only do they have that two-way radio some will call the walkie-talkie even that is advanced. It's a digitally trunked system for better coverage and ease of multiple Communications at one time.

It's also harder to listen in on than it used to be. A lot of people think that scanner apps on their phones allow that but what you're getting is a highly filtered censored stream of what some officers are saying or what dispatch is saying to them. At 13 years old I got a ham radio license which back then it wasn't the digitally trunked system.

 there's a law in Minnesota that you can't have a scanner or I think the intent is not the language was anything that listens in on the police you can't have it in your car without a ham license or comparable corporate license like radio repair type people would have.

in May 2020 will I'm being served the ofp order will repeatedly saying they stole my ID they still have tons of my mail they've been opening it sign in my name all kinds of stuff once again in vain trying to report that I'm basically being killed or my life put in grave risk and laws are being broken. Well I also reported that among other things one of my ham radios just going there possession I said one the thing is three of them are. One alone is worth close to $1,000 if not over. It was a gift from my great-uncle John lonsky w0BSI or rather his family on his passing. I said what I said for two reasons Minnesota criminal property damage I said it was being destroyed but that's starts at $1,000 second the scanner law means if it's not mine then my parents broke the law acquiring it and will again getting rid of it but in the meantime it's being destroyed. I was told they couldn't prove ownership anyway and it's probably a civil matter. well there's also FCC part 97 which makes it federally legal to possess without a ham license which neither of my parents have but I do.

Selective total refusal to enforce for one party well the state and County labels the other two parties protected people

And in reality the vet my rabbits went to was pretty sure there was something in my parents house that doesn't live on the host but likes to bite things that live like microscopic flea tick and mite. this happened before the mental hold with the doctor who ignored that my symptoms have been clear for 3 months and that started at the hotel when I was able to get away from the environment. Who ignored I have hard evidence from the experts that do these things that these problems are real. So what it really becomes is stayed in forced torture destruction of Sanity of life itself of health of property and state-enforced I don't know leprosy

Do I really have any expectation of reason to try because after the ofp is and making them a protected person after they made sure I couldn't get to court after year of the cap of threats to my property to police ignored several actual state and federal laws broken they still come up and steal things like my ID. The three most valuable things that I had for my garage things I could have as I said above sold ridiculous there's no reason to try there's no expectation that this won't continue but in fact there's evidence that it will and the selective enforcement will continue so in other words it literally is police and County and state enforced at very least ability to terrorize another party to death

And as I'm aware claiming anyone is in cooperation or rather any parties are has been added to mental diagnosis which is why I've tried to point out that one I don't actually believe that's what's happening I see it as one of several possibilities and many ways that even within that it could have occurred. Like if the doctor knew my mom my mom will be a trusted source to him so he might have actually thought he was doing what was best at the same time as doing a favor. Or as far as the legal system or the police enforcing it it could be something along the lines of the easiest possible job for that day has led to this. Years and years and years of adding to Law without considering how they interact could also lead to this

Ever since I heard the response I didn't see that put the phone away from a Maple Grove PD officer when I showed him one of the pictures of this moldy car I've wondered in my mind well what if I were to send an envelope of black mold or even aspergillus to an elected official in the state. There's been Brett after Brett to all my things if I didn't work on their car do it faster and it first without personal protective equipment I already own from etching circuit boards but would have been ideal for this. So the reason I thought arises is it seems the state lies devoid of any matter of intent and wants to go to black and white definitions of crimes and murder is Seether fisticuffs or weapons but that's a pretty poor definition especially in an age where a lot of people have access or are employed by the healthcare system so if they wanted to be nasty there's a lot of ways to hurt someone if not and their life. In fact there were several different types of mold used in creating biological weapons. So forcing exposure it shouldn't be too much of a stretch to call that biological terrorism. I'm old enough to remember 9/11 which also means I remember when anthrax was being sent through the mail. But for some reason than 20/20 if parents in Maple Grove Minnesota are forcing their adult child to do that while destroying everything else he's ever actually earned well the officer didn't see that put the phone away.
And a lot of the stuff that's been done layers instead of happens in the bathroom or on its own because stealing my ID well I only have a roof over my head because they can't exist because of covid-19 after months and months and months over half a year closer to a year of dealing with the moldy car even though I said from the start these conditions would need to be mapped it will probably cost about this in one of those conditions if they can't do it with my only means of transportation and nothing in my apartment or in my kitchen because getting in it to drive it is not compatible with cleaning it and I'm not qualified to do this it's dangerous it's not a good use of my time. Didn't matter and all the wild Maple Grove Police are telling me about how grateful I should be for all the money that they pay so I can live somewhere. But when you combine it with what the doctor did against medical ethics if not one would hope the LA but I can't see anything that even specifies that on a force medical hold they aren't allowed to profit from prescribing you things. If you're unaware of what I mean I'm referring to RX Kickbacks that doctors can receive from Big Pharma for writing specific Scripts. Which I'm not trying to personally judge it outside of or in general but in the context of a forced encounter but in the context of a forced encounter where but in the context of a forced encounter where they have no oversight they determine how long your detained or can extend it basically in the context we've given them powers of police and courts well we probably should have outlawed RX Kickbacks within that context. This is literally your Jailer can get a bonus for drugging you.

Last argument I'd like to make is everything the police have acted on is essentially hearsay. Things that babe could determine by at the department having been there even before the locks changed was that I was living there. No one's in a good spot if where you live can take all your things and get the police to keep you from getting them with zero notice

And the way Minnesota emergency medical holes are written property self or others with no qualifications on those terms if I recall correctly. So another words what mired experience demonstrates is they can ignore what classifies as criminal or Reason to arrest qualifications for property damage yet they can force you to a doctor if that was legal in my case maybe it wasn't but the bar says no one wants to touch these which is even worse but they can force you forced to train you in a Medical Institution for threatening their snap your own number 2 pencil because there's no qualifier on any of it there's no value qualification there's no what constitutes harm to find or threat and there's no legal requirement for the people in charge of your detainment and release to review any factors and why you're there. 

They can literally choose to forbid you from presenting any evidence

without any exclusion of RX Kickbacks in law... 

we've created a situation where your Jailer is eligible for third-party Financial bonus for forced drugging you. I was calm through out it. though I did recommend that one doc add jailer to her cv. 

On the night I was forced in; 3 hours into it I asked is there any paperwork that makes this official? have I been anything but calm and cogent? 

You've been fine but we're keeping you anyway. So in other words hearsay report to a police officer that you think someone is a threat police officer in Maple Grove will force you into an ambulance where the doctor will sign off saying you're paranoid but if you've never met this doctor they don't want evidence then Define paranoid anybody can be paranoid sometimes they're paranoid for a reason or sometimes upset could be labeled paranoid but there might be very valid reasons for being upset like perhaps the police force has acted to support the thief and or prop up an unlawful eviction. When Authority does bad things to you then a natural response might be to be a bit paranoid but I wasn't there because of anything I did at the hotel I was working online for pay all day that police contact didn't happen because I was driving or because of anything I did at the hotel it happened because my parents sought it out. It also included a nice search before being forced into the ambulance. I figured because I didn't know medical whole lot that if I just calmly explain what I think is going on he sees I'm calm I'm going to be right back to sleep in my hotel room pretty soon. Eventually I was told I can step out of the vehicle or he can remove me with Force. As soon as I stepped out I was told to turn and face the vehicle hands on the vehicle

 It just dawned on me. If you want to see evidence that black people are no more inherently violent than white people Martin Luther King and...