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Sunday, June 7, 2020

a racket

I don't need counseling what I need is to be able to hop on the bike that I used to ride the ms150 on bike that was bought big for me so it would last for life the bike that no one ever
contested is mine but I can't do you know what a year-and-a-half let alone 3 no nutrition or malnutrition somebody else controlling every aspect of your life because they're sick in the head and they admit that to you but then they lie to authority figures. I'm supposed to give up everything I ever learned because the police just let them lock me out after their problem and dangers kids newborn they get to keep everything in mine after I fucking work on their basement after I work on the computers I built for them they just turn in here so you tell you that I've never done anything so hey he has no property he has no rights fuck you sadistic freaks.

You can get me back in the mental ward while I learn coping mechanisms more basic bring whatever the fuck it is you think you're doing with that badge. More basic than the peer mediators training that I had at Rush Creek Elementary to help people solve their problems. The thing is you limit somebody's diet like this you limit their ability to have coping mechanisms you make it a cyclist you will you're depriving them of everything they've worked for and trying to paint them like some nothing you sick lunatics.

Fucking sickest thing I couldn't imagine. Its total Destruction of person done over 3 years. Because what I asked to be born and chose my parents or because you're too ignorant to read a google narcissistic personality disorder. Google narcissistic parents sabotage Co narcissists sabotage  or maybe you already know . With what was said to my friend in 2008 that I would then here last year or the start of this year  it almost seems like a policy and its really fucking sick .  Or we're guys are done so nobody let it had unless they passed all the tests in school  if they can figure it out on their own while they better be able to pay for it on their own and we'll just paint it like all their money came from  fuck you . Get someone fucking diagnosed for very real bugs very real mold then make sure that they're still dealing with it which is more my parents but you guys keep standing there in the way telling me how great I have it . Been trying to paint me as violent while you're literally doing things that are killing me . Remove someone around  Brittany year even half of year you start fucking with their ability to have any Escape Route  it's separate him from everything they've learned since they first learned  well then you're fucking pig . 

I can prove everything I was doing worked
 I could probably prove they agreed to let me do it I can prove I was working before and with records that might be destroyed I could probably tell you how much I made even before the age 20 with no input from them of course there was some input  light  if they really hired people that never took a dime from their parents  when it was offered I'll be damned  that was a good tactic  or a happy accident  but what the fuck are you doing enforcing this if you have .  Human race was not built on everybody follows the same path  you don't want to hear the other side of the story that might make it complex for you  otherwise I wouldn't be told things like if we put that on record we might be liable .  You carry a gun a taser and a radio  you need to hold yourself accountable for your words and your actions if no one else will .

 you guys don't want to hear any of that it clearly became about being done with this even if it cost John his life

My neighbor just got wheeled out barely conscious on a stretcher

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