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Friday, June 5, 2020

always wrong

tactics of parents with npd and or aspd and especially in rage and targeting their children or adult offspring are know to be along the lines of setting impractical to impossibly high expectations 

even if met the parent(s) will move the bar.
they also tend to focus at obsess about and or create issues to nag and cordode with. 

when state law policy and police departments refuse to recognize these realities but insist on getting in the way then insist on spin... aka playing this as if in an adult child who never left the house while enabling abusers to destroy my health property and lively hood... 

this is sick

I cooked nutritious meals I taught myself how to make. I not only had pots and pans but I had made choices with spending on things like stainless steal and silicone spachulas to at least have some control over what goes into my body. I'm not perfect and frankly I know smoking isnt great for me. 

the point though is about choices and informed consent. 

I had 0 input in being born

I had 0 input in what carpet pad my parents picked when finishing their basement in 2001(what started the mold)

a year and a half before the deal with my dad I was working two jobs 60 to 100 hrs a week. I decided using that time that way had the highest chance of return. there are laws in place that are suposed to protect an adults income, money in their name right to own property and or invest in tangible or intangible assets. those laws not enforced by a pd with no regard to even reports of mail and check fraud let alone "the people doing it claim to own me"... there's no reasonable expectation anything offers a future at this point

always wrong is a bit of a misnomer as well. 

its more like shades of how prickly will we be today. 

if you are unfamiliar with that term it's meant to describe what many expeiance with narsassist. picture hugging a catus. 

then picture it slaps you around by lieing to the police. 

now picture the police and legal system is about 100 years behind medical science let alone psychology. the places I see it has been updated apear to be in the opposite direction of a relatively good attempt at justice and updates largely apear to be in behalf of special interests groups or easing the burden/lesson ing the need for more courts with out nesicarly more funding.

the inherent conflict of intests in n4ps arguing for legislation if their represented demographic is partly the obvious of its unlikely a one sided movement archives equality. especially with out a road map to what that is and or when to stop. 

but the misnomer with n4ps is the stake holders can still pay themselves aka live quite comfortably. something that having a CPA office for a client for over 10 years and switching from CS to MIS outlined. I'm sure many people understand this but I'm less than sure the majority does. even less sure many have thought it through. 

the brutal conclusion I have come to is much like the joke meme that sometimes circulates the internet. it features a Dr in a lab coat pointing at a chalkboard. on it is writen : every patient cured is a customer lost.

well, the majorty of people probably don't want to harm others. that doesn't mean they've thought through every message they are force fed. 

in context of special intrest groups, it becomes something like, if we really end a against women... do we still get paid?

I'm not alone in this even if the way I say it is relatively unsaid.

some psychologists theorize that narcasitic traits and or runaway narcasism will lead to a extinction event or collapse of the modern world. 

In the mean time what ever the cause... we have a legal system 100 years behind even facts like diet plays a huge role in when and what you die of. diet plays a role in cognition. exercise does in both as well

at a federal level we have huge food corps trying to repeal laws requiring them to even report what's in food. 

I really couldn't tell you if they took hot tub disinfectant out of mountain dew or the law changed so they are no longer required to list brominated vegable oil. 

I can tell you that your gut floura are as important in your survival and ability to fight infection as is what you eat. this is because some of the nutriance our bodies require arnt from the foods we eat. the bacteria in your intestines produces quite a few of them or enables them to be made from sources that don't contain them or a very bioavilble form. having a healthy balance and total quantity helps physicaly crowd out the ability for pathogens to enter as well. 

well here's a pondrance... what's bromine in hot tubs for? hint same reason chlorine is in swimming pools. bromine is the same family on the periodic table but it's used in hot tubes because it sticks around and stays active longer at higher Temps. well it's in there to kill microbes right? 

what do you think your gut flora are? did we tell the bromine or even the antibiotics most Americans swallow as fast as the Dr's hand can write on the pad... did we tell it to discriminate? no because it cant and why would you talk to an element molecules or solution? 

probably cause you don't desire someone elses stool going through a tube in your nose right? 

the halarity is obviously we can't tell a chemical what to do but the solution to restoring health is sometimes literaly pump shit through a feeding tube in your nose. it's called a stool transplant if you doubt me... I know the traditional logic in burden of proof but may I remind you it's 2020 and Google scholar exists

meanwhile though the courts bearly recognize anything but the image of gun knifes and words as threats to life. 

this is off the top of my head. I'm down to just a smart phone for internet and tabbing back and forth to reference or confirm is more if a chore than its worth. 

but then 

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