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Friday, June 5, 2020


I need to take pictures of all the communications I received from the apt I was forced into a lease at. it's the only one my pare ts have ever picked for me. the landlords have also been Hella obsessive from the start. I've determined some of it is generic. one day talking to a neighbor they mentioned they had to pay curriers something like 20 a company in basic bribe money to not have packages dropped at the front office. others I have to wonder what in the hell inspired it. for the longest time they felt the right to simply open the garage door on a garage I rent both halves to. aka expectation of privacy exists. I still ocassionaly open it and find dehumidifier unplugged and or lights off. 

which is utterly defeating all hope and desire of combating what's growing on the few things I did get back. 

this is so many kinds of fucked up

work will set you up free.. and in Minnesota the moment you don't have a job because someone claims to own you and maple Grove pd enforces it.. 

enjoy the grave 

my phone and laptop are so full I'm having issues even uploading pics. I had 3 out of 4 drives for an intended hardware raid 5 array of 12tb literlay 20k of my tools and professional assets are being destroyed along with all my keepsakes and everything else ever mine

my biz law teacher took time to mention in that class as do many law sites, even minors can own property. according to maple Grove pd my parents told them they gave me a lot of money... somehow that means anything they want goes

isn't that kinda hearsay unless it's supenaed info provided by the bank? 

if I had the work group laser printer a client gave me years ago or any printer at all and the adobe cs4 master collection I purchased with profits form we design.. I assure you I could show you the receipt from buying the town of maple Grove. that wouldn't make it actually valid now would it? 

and if it was just tools that would be one thing. except it's all my kitchen stuff as well. my parents have my bike as well

if you control someone's diet ability to exercise and toxic exposure

you influence to a large extent how when and what they die of. 

I have recorded calls and amount other similar examples of malice when I say that to my dad then he sits silent. then I give cancer as an example and he responds we arnt talking about cancer. 

has mpgd or the city of maple grove written
the Turpin parents in prision on California? seems they could be town spokes people if they are paroled. 

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