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Archaic legal definitions and psychologist without separation of powers

Maybe this is me but this little inkling told me property might not include what I think of it or what most of us non lawyers would call property or personal property. I probably heard it once before because there is this little nagging to look that up maybe it was logic but I'm pretty sure at some point I came across that before

What I see is kind of funny is we've given power of Courts and police to doctors and or psychologist. Now juxtapose this to the fact that the legal term is actually imaginary property for what most of us would call property.

Be interesting to see what would happen Define of maybe emergency medical hold you went on and on about the theft of your imaginary property.

Or call the non-emergency police line( after theft) and Report theft of imaginary property. 

by the way the free 72-hour vacation does not include weekends. Or more precisely described It does but not in the 72 hours you will keep all hands and feet inside the ride and you're not in control of when you exit the vacation.

Perhaps it would be more accurately defined as an all-expense-paid vexation

the hotel shuttle staff were friendly enough though. 

What really made it live up to the name was when I asked if I've been anything but calm and cogent as well as is there a sheet or form that makes this official? There was a pause and I'd assumed looking back on it she was context reading what cogent might mean. The response was you've been fine but we're keeping you anyway I'll be right back with that form. That hospital has rooms with backward word ready I'm not entirely sure what the official term is but doctor nursing staff and maybe best put employee-only area maybe it has some lab stuff I don't know. But presumably to a co-worker because I heard it under the air gap in the door I hear her then say 

"he uses big words"

At that point I'm looking at my wrist band noting the checkbox for DNR and reminding myself they won't see it as very funny I ask for that box checked. 

Move to Minnesota all expense paid 72 hour government enforced vexation.

No attention paid to the juxtaposition legal at Medical lexicon's or Everyday Use but through the dissolution of separation of powers and renting Fellers normally reserved 4 Courts police officers 2 doctors we see no issue here.

Oh you want Appeals? I don't think you can handle that much vexation

Imaginary ponderance, when owning people was legal... imaginary or?

if you want to watch the world burn... tax doge till an audit, steal a squad car, claim you're a tax payer it's taxpayer property and besides its imaginary anyway.. then report the story to ktuv (new reports Asian Air crash was piloted by captain "wui too low"

and wait for the headline

 "taxy payer convicted for theft of imaginary taxpayer property and tax fraud" 

something like 66.6% to people didn't react when Orson Welles War of the World was read over the radio as a news report. Which is actually kind of astounding because I'm sure it was known it was fiction but in those days the amount of people who knew of any particular publication compared to Stay With Me TV internet in the palm of our hands and radio pop culture and information moves instantly. So statistically the number of people who recognize that was fiction being read regardless of if it was reported as actual news had to have been lower. So I really can't see anybody actually reacting even if you were able to create that news report

For the 33.3( repeating) or whatever the actual number was I have to wonder if those who bought it did anyone end up calling the police to report  the little green men  took their imaginary property? 🤔🤣 and since I'm at this level of neuroticism as a coping mechanism I'm going to also have to ask if any had a stutter while they were reporting.

I forget what the exact number was but I went with 33.3 because reports afterwards or rather institutes that study populations and psychology applied to individuals or groups( work on things like open systems theory organization Theory write papers like the causal texture of organizational environments. What shape should nail stages neither evidently good nor bad like most technology it's how you use it or how it's implemented but it is real).. well subsequent Studies have shown that if you convinced something like one third of a population of an idea you end up influencing the actions and beliefs of nearly 100% even if you don't fully sell them on the idea

But despite this having been known for some time and if I recall correctly pure validated or peer-reviewed Journal article sort of known the news tends to report this as don't worry about it not that many people bought it. I hope the next headline was about how delicious WoP is in Jamestown at their annual Christmas party

Back to my issues
 I suppose I should figure out the implications of this. 


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