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Police assist Terror Road parents mess with sun with likely some learning disabilities and I just realized specifically why that's making it that much harder

Most of this was brutal transcribe I need to proofread it later  yeah I'm going to leave brutal I meant Google but that's a pretty fair indication of what you're going to read below  or if you're the mallard duck at Riverside  call it works out if you want  I thought you guys generally stuck to aquatic plants for food but  hey . At age like 23 I came across the concept of mathematics dyslexia. I realized first grade I had to meet with a Para during recess 2 ketchup on tying my shoes and reading the analog clocks it was like big yellow half round on top square on the bottom if I recall correctly blue Lions painted on it for the clock or watch face. Probably the only reason I remember it to this day is the gears fascinated me yeah it was a simple mechanism where it allowed the instructor or the student whoever's got their hand on one lever it turns the other one proportionally but that's why the image is still in my mind that was cool to me.

Well I can't diagnose myself that's like the Hallmarks of a in early childhood. Every math teacher I had every parent-teacher conference I don't know John seems like he gets it in class but then he does really poorly on the test and it's weird cuz it seems like his mind works in a mathematics sense. Also I only passed my ham radio radio Theory knowledge and FCC regulations exam once I figured out that if I put a note card blank one over the top line over the lines on top and the lines below it well now I know it wasn't jumping around so much and I should read for detail. Eventually I was down to one note card and then on my way without needing them.

Why this is relevant here it just occurred to me my parents don't have to have any knowledge of how this works for this to work because it doesn't help anybody's sanity or ability to be productive when there's an agreed amount I needed amount due to things that the agreed to give party forces in collaboration with Maple Grove Police Department and from what I can see against the no-fault Act I'm not sure if that's still in effect but I'm trying to learn as fast as I can delay going crazy at the same time knowing that I'm probably going to be on the street evicted unable to rent again because 200 FPS and an eviction after a year-and-a-half of being ordered around under threat of parents who police put in charge of all my things will destroy donate otherwise give away my things. I have recorded calls it in to take this I have letters were they do it in subtle ways like my mom telling me you could get a lot if you sold your old movies and game discs that she conveniently has in her possession due to Maple Grove Police. And even with those they didn't ever by me movies the game systems I had work the original Xbox the Pentium 3 baseball on Xbox One which is something I bought working at Target in high school. They bought me a Wii in 2006 for a birthday present but the police Over All but take this stance that parents always wins the parents has some and I'll say it somewhat like it's uncanny because I heard this from a friend who's dad allegedly and I believe it I want a question that all choked her to the ground after she turned 18 and then Maple Grove Police told her if your parents pay for everything they're always going to have some control. Well I got that as of 2020 or the last month or so of 2019 and it took me awhile to figure out where I'd heard that from before. I have no doubt that the choker did the choking because a few times other people's bubbles were something you could own or if you could merge with the back of one's clothing the alleged choker I'm speaking personal experience with that one way to rule out like wanting to believe this happened is the phrasing was a dead match and it's also a great way to not really say anyting because it sounds like you're shutting the person down and maybe quite possibly had I known out of all of Minnesota laws which one I need to reference just maybe they can say maybe it would have changed it but I didn't know that and the officer was confused no harm I know you're in a half exhausted 3 years of bleach just total of Destruction from decisions they made when I was 14 about a finish their basement but this is not what I want to rant about

Except now I once again feel compelled to mention I moved out in 2006 back in in 2018 my mom declared herself my landlord I was performing services with an average value of 150 an hour on demand like drop everything you're doing cuz we need help with our computer and it's on computers I built for them. Then the locks changed when I left for a hotel for what was supposed to beat up Max 2 weeks and Maple Grove begin telling me you don't live here anymore and you can't file theft cuz you give them all your things when you moved out. One officer I believe trying to help and I understand that's within the bounds of Law & Order Department policy and or Department politics and the unwritten rules of the organization but I believe it was truly trying to help and told me I have to see Hennepin Court well nothing against him here but when you can decide where someone is and the other officers ignoring and I don't even think a report was filed when I the second time I tried to mention check fraud mail fraud mail addressed to me at their address with the check under my name inside of it Maple Grove PD told me they can open anything that goes to their address why can't you manage your finances. Which is again a pretty good line because when I look it up they can mistakenly do that. But you're telling me they mistakenly endorse my name on the endorsement field of the check removed from that envelope?
God damn I'm just repeating myself what I'm trying to say is not only has the budget not been sufficient for the estimate and I can do all of that it wasn't a great situation to have to do it in the butt to make it harder for me to track how much they give well the numbers dance around as they tell me and I'm sure by the way Maple Grove some officers talk to me like yelling that they don't owe me anything while they're sitting on all my assets using Maple Grove Police to keep me from them after likely illegal lockout then threatening to destroy them donate them whatever but sometimes the cash they give me like they'll be a deposit for a sixth of what they might claim then I go hungry with full knowledge that I don't have my kitchen stuff from 2006 to 2018 there's a link on the right hand side if you want to see how I cook how I care for myself how I can make sure I have the cognitive function I need

But the tie back in to what I started with is I believe it's called grouping but it's something to do with there's an inherent like people with mathematics dyslexia it might have even been any dyslexia understanding How Stuff divides up is harder for us like how many are in a set of something or if a budget frequently changes below what was needed to even eat while keeping all of my fucking things anybody can claim some a bit a bit of distress from that that's not easy there's always to reprioritize is always cognitive time consumed cognitive resources consumed if you do that to somebody just for the purpose of making it harder for them you're being malicious as hell you're probably putting them behind on bills the moment you start starving them for up to four days at a time and you won't even admit it even though you made them prove we're all the money that was short of the original estimate to clean your car this is ridiculous but on top of that if I do have my last night at this lights to you it's extra hard for me because of that that God damn

You might have noticed elsewhere I've mentioned 2006 I got my first credit card turning 18 in 2017 I was somewhere between 700 and 750 for a credit score. I figured out a lot about myself over the years I know what I need to run like as a person to run to function to reach high I had taught myself even how to do UV lithography toofab printed circuit boards and Custom Electronics of my own Design On Tools I made to be able to make the boards. This is with most of a CS degree or whatever would approximate because I switch to is at some point but as I've also mentioned elsewhere one of my professors who became my advisor had a PhD in CS and a master's in is. I got the internship after I also got the group and a on a project where no one else is part worked but only after showing him a walkthrough of the code so he could verify to some degree of Relativity that I might have wrote it. I don't think I'm anything incredible I think I have talents I hesitate to use the word gifts because I see what the popsike blogs are doing they paint the conditions so General and if you watch the credentials on a lot of the posters they're both psychologist or psychiatrist and lawyers. In other words it's like very likely a lot of them are propaganda for the divorce industry. No. I said very likely that doesn't mean I'm sure of it there's no reason to be sure of it or not it's other than how it applies here well there's no way to be sure of what applies anymore when this much crap. There's no rights there has been so much destruction of my life that if I don't have control of my time my assets again with some I don't want to live forever up anybody that was never my plan if you read around I had worked out very lightly to succeed at some form of totally independent no knead and well my dad saying you're going to have to pay me back but this was something he agreed to finance before that I was working 60 to 100 hours a week for two jobs elsewhere I describe the fact that I had at least for small business IT consulting clients in high school while working a normal for the age job as well which ended at a telemarketing for mortgage revised place that was in Wayzata and it was 11 an hour plus commission on the profit the company made on the loans if you made your quota I did two or three times those are a substantial checks. three months after I turn 16 $50 to show up 25 an hour afterfor IT consulting for a CPA office in 2004 in a client I made maintained from 16 to 26

I am going out of my mind I can't do anything constructive knowledge of how bad this all is for one's health does that lead to calmer person

There I read other states websites like I've mentioned in the previous post in the one before it if your parents go through the legal process does other states actually protect even if you've lived there since turning 18 which is not the case in this situation I moved back in in 2018 zero notice lock change Maple Grove PD stuck behind it ignored when I even said they claim to Own Me about a year maybe as few as nine months but probably closer to a year after the five hotels in 6 months bouncing around and I was trying to work even during that and Bonnie rabbit died because of that. My dad threatened to put Clyde in the clothes washing machine after work they took the car from the lot use the bogus conditional for our expired threat Maple Grove PD then waits till I leave the hotel room go to the gas station and as I come back be blocked me in to the hotel spot parking spot and I said they have four other vehicles as I'm being calm and thinking there's no precedent for this like I think I'll be okay if you just use them not what my dad told him. He said doesn't matter it's his car anyway or it's his car I believe was the exact words I have the thing recorded. This is this would have broken but good percentage of people I don't know how many but there's no reason I should be in this situation this is insane this text boxes if not all of them on something I can't figure out in Minnesota but other states and the UN and various other sources have definitions of it for like illegal imprisonment human trafficking forced labor or unfree labor forced to drive away in a car I don't own from the house I was told I was a tenant at after they changed the locks with zero notice that was happening zero notice that suggested get out it was my mom had a surgery I had taken website work that involve credit cards so I needed to not be attacked leaving that little 10-foot by 10-foot room and I reckoned that her blood pressure raising when she attacks me not good for recovery from lung cancer surgery so I said to my dad hey a week or 2 at a hotel might be better for her

But here's the thing I found the no-fault act I don't know if it's still active but Maple Grove PD had every opportunity to protect my assets or my right to own anything which would have likely seen me land a job in California you can write it off as I'm a liar but if I'm not on the street and even more so had they not been given everything I mean I have copies of things but digitally but if you looked up with MPD parents do it usually demands unrealistically high expectations to begin with listen I don't want to be a victim I didn't want to be dependent I worked my ass off under the agreement with my dad to the point I was falling asleep working at one of three benches I made face down head on the bench broke a pair of glasses get up and do it again except for the glasses part that was drive to Pearle Vision holding one lens over my eyes right before over my eye right before Christmas get the cheapest ferret you're buying that fit the existing lenses cuz I broke the frame. If you look through the pictures the little bit of what I did get back I was using a bench Electronics testing power supply to recharge the dead battery in the car. No one ever taught me how to mig weld either I taught myself but then my dad's telling me because of a flat I got the night I came up here which also involved involved Maple Grove PD there's a video of it online video 6 but I get up here next morning I go to the car and I must have picked up a screw in the road somewhere I don't know but I've got rear driver side flat tire. I haven't changed the tire before but look at some of the pictures of what I have done alone for the most part or self-taught or Top by listening to and watching friends over the years or mentors. No rational person would likely conclude I couldn't figure out a fucking tire iron the only thing is I knew I might not account for something on something I've never done before so I Googled it which was lucky cuz I found jack point. Then I realized they took the owner's manual up so then I Googled the fucking owners manual downloaded that found the jack point I already knew where the tire was cuz I take things apart it took a while but eventually I can get them back together most people stay that's the sign I should have been an engineer the odds of me not dying in the street right now like I don't think I'm smart I have some abilities that doesn't entitle me to anything I worked my ass off. Fucking cannot stand the deflection that this is a psychological issue that needs counseling that I haven't seen if the court will go to yet but the shift has happened like I said the somewhat official like Psychology today  dot-com where  there at least claiming they are registered and you can look up their credentials sometimes they even cite a source but if you look a lot of them also include lawyer there's yet more things online about how Family Court is kind of setup to be the opposite of what the name would imply. I've been around the block at least through other people's eyes or trying to understand the experiences of people I knew it different points I've seen that there's not much good that comes from that like one person in a college town ended up having to drop out of college and then basically work to pay the child support cuz the girl lived with her mom in a trailer and the mom happened to be on the child support board which you would think would be a conflict of interest. Well I didn't have anything against that person so I never said anything but I find it relevant here that anytime I would go out on the weekend and I kind of did that in Cycles sometimes more often than not but like without fail if I went out three nights in a row at also run into her does the mom doing the childcare she's going to the college she's partying it up he's working to pay for it. And that wasn't this state that was in the state where renter protection laws are a lot better from what I experienced I didn't even have need for them I moved quite a few times but if you match it up to rental housing prices and the realization that willingston oil boom a lot of people drove back to Fargo with the money they were making so that really shook up the housing market there. But what's disturbing is Minnesota is known as Mommy soda. Maybe we should again be honest and be teaching people

 that mothers can perform at will no questions asked 32 year post term abortions but I mean then you're going to have a lot of people who ignore it cuz look at what happens with education and amount of children you have and age you have them at it's created a situation where the most likely to have kids don't go to college so there's always going to be people fucking are we like trying to breed a race of serfs and prisoners maybe labor party would be better than Democrats Or democrats endorsed by the dfl cuz the truth in advertising what's the labor labor you labor you labor so she can labor less and we can take a cut. Try to call me crazy for this the incentives there and I'm nowhere implying that I know it for a fact but that's my observation of what might be going on the other disturbing thing is it's getting easier and easier by the looks of those sites to paint any suggestion that people might ever once collaborate on anyting collectively is mental illness. Yet in school you probably learned that checks and balances are what create safe power and justice and if you look at the way the laws like the mental hold or structured I haven't found it yet if it's out there I probably will what the payment or what the agreement is with the private orgs that take these but I would guess it'd be a per head per night thing set up to the level where the organization probably makes money for taking you it would explain why the laws so vague because if we only took people really likely to need it then more stops going to get broken more human people stuff are broken more workers comp claims and more potential need to call in on-call staff and increase what the hospital spends there for lowering or obliterating their profit. And yes you business ethics and I looked it up again recently it's still the general consensus business exist to profit. That's not the way it's taught and it's kind of disturbing that we throw on this dance about the ethical actions of businesses are to profit and the stakeholders. too much Bernays speaking in that he died in 95 but it's like and again maybe I'm wrong that's just an assumption it was surely his line of thought even if others shared it it's not an invalid comparison to make or sumption. What is really important and disgusting is the hospital that we're giving like Judiciary judge jury and executioner + law enforcement powers to to detain citizens without actually hope of a trial and that the State Bar Association will then tell you there's nothing that can be done about these no one will touch them well we got a major Lee fucked up conflict of interest here because that organization holding them probably prophets there's no wording to ban RX Kickbacks by the doctors people see in their one person died for some seemingly pretty related to what I'm getting at issues here and guess where Riverside. I asked I started at Maple Grove under suggestion of it was either my dad or the officer he had shown up he was there the whole time when he was right outside of the officers view kneeling on the ground while the officers stood somewhat leaning in the window it was like a game show Almost call him on over but my dad's annoying on the ground flashing really quick Sinister Smiles at me and the office is arguing you can see my dad without a head turn when they're about parallel and even with a slight head turn the funny thing about Vision with humans the highest resolution is only where you're focused we have peripheral vision to catch whatever is creeping up on us or mainly motion to that extent cuz Hey motion means turn and look at it put your attention on it because that might be something trying to kill you that's not real great at catching a quick smile on a face in the dark but I had calmly tried to explain that I think there might be personality disorders involved gaslighting up the wazoo I'll just stop there cuz I have the recording but it doesn't matter this system holds itself accountable to nothing from what I can see. That's funny cuz Bernays talked about Control Counterpoint talked-about control Counterpoint. Well what was the right-wing Guy saying they're trying to destroy Jesus's view of what a family should be in the family unit but what side is actually doing it? Why did it take well if we say Sense Media made awareness of the fact that either legally or church why's there weren't many gay marriages why did it take what 50 years of that slowly trickling. Why did people come to believe their church was under attack. Sticking with what we were founded on or what I was taught anyway one of the obvious solution be marriage licenses are legal for anybody and churches can decide on their own that's even in line with capitalism your flavor of Jesus can via the preacher's decision either marry you under God or you are free to seek a new flavor of Jesus or Allah or whoever the Flying Spaghetti Monster if you will the goddess of Discord I want to see that I want to see her with an accordion myself Discord accordion not as good as I thought probably songs pretty vile tho. This is a really shit situation and I can see how he got your just bye everybody tuning out of their human connection and or doing their jobs which is why I stay calm. With my mom having 40 years in the medical field in Minneapolis and st. Paul including teaching at St Kate I can't discount and no one should logic should tell me to Discount the possibility that there were some favors for friends involved. That doesn't even necessarily mean anybody is out to get me working together. Not everybody is aware most people don't have the cognitive time resource dedication to figure out every other individual down to a t so a plausible scenario is you think you're actually helping her help me when the favor is asked for but then once you try to cover your ass with it or see what I'm saying like the end result becomes the same when the authorities then stroked any liability or culpability for their actions. Yet we're going or seem to be going in the direction of well let's just make suggesting that anybody might ever work together an offense went even without that there's still a lot that has risked my life still is is enforced by absolute Authority. I understand technology I understand a bit about psychology and the thing about technology is when you get to how coding works how computers work and then you'd look at the electrical side of it especially then you mix in some formal education on it you get things like set theory so then things like organization Theory aren't that hard to grasp but I digress. the thing is I understand very well that even a single officer has a radio that's digitally trunked and a lot more officers show up there's thermal imagers probably made by Fleer in the helicopters which also have the radios. There's probably a lot more available data from every smartphone app or maker or Os maker or even the networks that we connect to that would make locating someone trying to run even easier. Gets your phone and you got problems it really is absolute Authority and there seems to be no attached accountability

I've never understood only a done because early on I understood bat like her lie 2000 History Channel Modern Marvels had a Humvee with the microwave antenna on the top that could disperse crowds by making it feel like your skin is burning up to a football field down range + 2 god dammit Google wide

Your average person even with a sniper rifle and no training they didn't make it feel like your skin is on fire and keep walking at it I mean you might have nerve damage it's unlikely to actually set you on fire because I have frequencies well you might end up with a new type of sunburn and or less baby making but you're not going to go there because everything in your body will tell you that it is being burned but that's probably already at a range where most people without training aren't going to be effective with even a rifle so like that's why I've never bought a gun right now I don't know if my dad alluded to the fact that he stoled my three most valuable possessions while besides Clyde's body in the freezer here and Bonnie's that I don't have alluded to the fact he took them won't answer beyond that but major pandemic and race riots like the one time a gun would be useful if someone tried to break in that would be now cuz I've always found it funny that people think they're going to fight the government with a gun cuz that's that's just not happening with the level of Technology I also know that anywhere you fire in the suburbs or in Minneapolis you're going to paint on a map I'll leave out how I'm not sure if that's something we're supposed to talk about or not but I'm not out to hurt that cuz that's probably a pretty good system or what I would think would be over all

And despite probably mathmatic dyslexia differentials levels are involved is all I'll communicate I might go do it later and see how public the info is or easy to find it is and then I might put it up here out works most of my time has been on fucking mold for 3 years

And if you note I said during times of extreme crises I've noted that most people who say they're done is for defending their house from the burglar don't know shit about bertolli's either it's not that I know everything or no all in just this weird sponge for shit like that esoteric sponge if you will. Somebody wants describe me as having this uncanny ability to connect and be even without fully understanding them and grasp how they relate I don't consider myself very smart I pick the dumbest thing you can do is consider yourself the smartest person in the room probably related to narcissism as well or sociopathy aspd. The person concerned with who the smartest person in the room is in my experience is competing more than they are trying to accomplish any goal and in the modern world unless the room is a sports arena yes there's an element of that but good teams learn from each other that same trait that I've noticed is also related to get someone else to do it for them then take the credit or want everybody to show them new things but never return the favor and I'd wager a guess this could be described as sits down suck up or whatever the words used were describing narcissist in the workplace . As in  if they get to a mid-level position the behavior you'll see is anybody under them gets kicked down or ran over thrown under the bus  Well they suck up to anybody above them  so maybe and I didn't start this with this conclusion in mind but if you want to look at my mental health I don't just being truthful any of the officers that I've meant  could describe me as  worst may be slightly concerned or on edge  but  there's been none that I've tried to or can recall being rude to or rude just for the point of being rude I try to even do things like dome light on and hands visible as they approach  even when I'm  hearing  your parents don't owe you anything what's up tonight John what are you doing here with no legal  presidents to back that and in fact if I understand if the law that I found tonight is still valid everything about this is police enforce trafficking  or legal  imprisonment because my valuables under lock and key forced to drive away from them forced to labor on someone else is confirmed by professional mold problem. Knowing my stuff is being destroyed as I've described elsewhere I still answered that officer with what I thought was a valid reason that I was there like logic response to what they owe it would have been real easy to say fuck you or get angry. The closest thing to disrespect that I've done I don't think can actually be painted that way because it was a similar scenario where they at listen to the hearsay from my parents but then come out and talk to me the one that was inside did and I'm hearing it like every word they said is verbatim Truth for why I'm rotten and I shouldn't be here and I'm spoiled and that I I'm paraphrasing but it was all personal value judgments made off of hearsay. What I was doing is in any pauses between accusations I wouldn't reject the word allegedly somebody else nearby was trying not to laugh but I wasn't seeking to mock or make fun of I was hey dude like there's been no crime committed here or what cuz there wasn't a restraining order at that point if anything the crime was the fact that I'm still without anything that I worked for for over 16 years will facing the need to move but inability to after a year-and-a-half of threatened destruction of it if I didn't move where they said do it this said five hotels maybe six Steven a psych ward through the death of both my rabbits one before the apartment they picked one shortly after work and work faster we're both coerced by threats to destroy everything of mine or to donate it recycle it it's not going to be there

I'd really love to stop focusing on trying to wrap my head around legal things and or illegal things done by people claiming to be the deciders of Lidl and officers who appear to forgo the uniform in exchange for a robe. The officer who executed the mental hold later himself told me I didn't use any specific legislation you won't find that in any law book and when I answered I believe that was where your power comes from and what it's limited by and I'm adding now but obviously there's power to protect themselves which is good but that's not relevant here I'm just showing that I think I have some preliminary grasp on it because I can easily see the attached on I don't have the authority or the prereq education or knowledge you know a logical fallacy to appeal to Authority and I don't have the authority and I'm not citing things well I don't have the budget to even fucking to fucking my truck has destroyed mail fraud and came up calling in welfare checks after the ofp I am being terrorized starved denied the pursuit of anything other than the street and an anxiety attack even when I can eat the anxiety is so bad and no I'm not taking meds respect even common sense the people know how to eat or someone who has demonstrated knowing how to cook is talking about a bit of Applied basic knowledge and things he's learned about himself plus it's my property God


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