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Sunday, June 7, 2020

Authority Maple Grove MN Style 55311 55369 don't matter if your adult offspring is killed in the process asking for rights Grove pd yells NIEN


maple Grove mn. a quiet Minnesota town where you can own your adult children 

though some officers buck the trend the will to selectively, enforce selectively report seems to run strong. I can't say how much u appreciate the officers that do. I wouldn't want to identify them though. This is for the simple reason that somebody else may need them some day. What ever I do or do not assume about how inner workings and politics of that force are handled; safer bet is not to. 

gonna work on this a bit but for now wip. 

when maple Grove pd overlooks potential crimes and prefers to assert that the adult offspring will always have to bend someahr to a parent If they accept any money offered they are establishing that it's a position of power and or authority relation between parent and adult offspring

overlooking actions harmful or risky to life while granting from a principal of authority (officer) to parent but communicated to adult offspring 

would seem to me to be granting aparent authority

when the situation espicialy with risk to life and violation of constitutional rights should probably be limited authority if at all. 

I actually think it may be obseredly flawed because it's used to over look violations to another adults rights and the law. 

what I recall from biz law is buy soneone a cruise ticket they are entitled to all rights of someone who bought it themselves. I have to look this up a bit more to find how it applies to money transfered with or with out contractual obligations

fact of the matter is it seems mgpd would rather deflect with granting precived authority to someone who likely has none and or the issue is at best is not with in their authority to grand this authority. 

not sure how much this means or not but as I've mentioned.. can't find much of a legal backing to parents can take and destroy all property and can find a lot of mostly checked or outright crimes overlooked or refused report on. 

It's a pretty big Catch 22 when even mail fraud is overlooked when reported as removing a check in my name from an envlope addressed to me then sans my knowledge or permission my name is endorsed on the back of the check.

"it's legal for them to open anything that goes to their house"

"why can't you manager your finances"

"it's not illegal to say you own someone"

that was all months before I heard "if you accept any money from your parents they will always have some control"

which stuck in my mind... I knew i heard it once before from mgpd but not directly. then I remembered someone I knew in 08 was choked to the ground by her father and heard the same thing. 

funny how mn also seems to have an abnormally low amount of officers charged or convicted even for direct loss of life events.

how have we gone so far from simple concepts like authority with out accountability or culpability is authority with out check or balance?

just slap an ofp on after making homeless destroying 16 years of earning and call it a day. Id theft what's that?

maybe some parental control?

or state enforced hunger before homeless?

Seems the state government is directly in the way of property I purchase with money I made but they have allowed a third party to destroy while standing in the way what's still being destroyed while they stand in the way yet they maneuvered in a way that now the government directly between me and the pursuit of life at all

I had a garage set up with vacuum and shelving. he took the remote. first one I had to return to eat. starved anyway. he dumped 900 into this car because a month before I wouldn't let him tow it when the traponder chip went bad(security light was flashing, everything in car moved normaly, chime normal cab light normal tried a jump anyway). had one key. he threatened to get me a mental hold took like 6hrs of phone calls and 30hr wait for spare key. same thing happened while forced mold car clean. I had lost key once in 2004 to 2018 but nope, incase I don't find other one he has to have another made so he has two. he insisted it was bat and alternator. suspiciously engine pukes with metal in it a month later he dumps 900usd into replacing the bat alternator an Geting the oil changed and a spare made. insists it's fixed and ready. calls welfare check to get key for rental back(after ofp hearing.. rental I got like a day before but having ate quick trip for 6 days and broken washer, knowing I had to be out of this apt by 31st, car broken 6th, maybe not enough money to drive back after and in no mental state due to fact they play sick games while maintaining a veil of looks good with out the details...) car died on the way home. covid was starting and I tried to drive it to Walmart for supplies.. duh. nope. none of these cars has been mine in title though and mgpd demonstrated he can strand me at temp hotel then use those words to get mental hold after I worked all day online (vps setup for a business client ) then get a mental hold after repeatedly ignoring and redirecting to do u want to hurt me my house my property? 

see mental hold texts on right side. 
2004 to 2017 there was no reason to question what was called my car was my car. several times I could have bought one of same or better quality but that could be just as qualestioned a move by anyone as well. 

I'm once again one key to car that isn't mine. I bought a 20 dollar self programmable spare that can be cut for maybe 20 but he refuses to address I need 2 keys tempararly to do it. 

now if I lose the key calling might result in me in jail

I'm 3 months past notice to vacate only due to covid eviction ban

they still have and are destroying most of my things have my id and tons of my mail. 

ofps and eviction will do in ability to rent

can't get snap with out id
filed for stimulus but no clue when that will show
my mom crept onto the bank account I have left. gee Ssn and dl number, hard to do.. 

washer still broke, he took remote to garage a second time and during it garage got robbed. 
klutch(northern tool) mig welder I had got on clearance normaly 450 down to 150 (with the last savings bond my grandmother had left me) could have resold for 300 easy, ryobi compound miter I've had for 10 years and custom workstation pc I did not have the funds to demold from its time sucking in crap in their basement. moving out of apt it was transfered first in 2017 to play cctv recorder for a VPN connected set of cams still in apt. was already sucking mold as the problem was determined from their house. would have been upstairs in unit otherwise. basicly all the things I worse case could have pawned for a first month and deposit on new lease.. odd coincidence. 

with mgpd ignoring I'd theft among others while activating ofps they really left me to die. sterns had refused to serve them. 

may 22 2020 one mgpd officer to the other 
anything we can take him in on? 
no sterns didn't serve it its not active
thanks that's helpful

yeah so is not being able to get food stamps or have any of my property which was mainly tools I could earn wirh

needing 2 id's to get a job
. not knowing where in going to be in a week now complicates that because my previously mid 700 credit rating is down in Georgia looking for a soul to steal after the last 3 years and counting. 

so assuming with shit credit and 2 ofps I can find a place that would take me... they r going to want cash up front

broken washer my dad has my tools required to fix 

apply for job in 2 week old clothes unsure if you will be around in three two or one week.. ahh that's a good one 

seriously this is warped

hennepin County and maple Grove pd enforcing the violation of me owning anything... can't use the 20g of things my parents still have and destroy.. 

Clyde in the freezer. this is so fucked. 

parents habbit of seeking out anyone who they can get contact info for is reason this is cropped. this project worked and final to send was in progress as mold started. person chatting has had me to his house in California 2x a retired marine and wanted to pay for labor and design I made sure to only charge for parts told him to hold off on the rest because he had been good to me and worst case didn't want to leave him out a bunch. 

 those parts... yeah marlene and Paul have them. 

but my mom sends stuff like this to assure me I wouldn't like it anyway 


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