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Thursday, June 11, 2020

attribution error and what looks good

my heart dropped a few days ago. maybe tonight it will flat line. It was the realization that whatever the cause the left is just as radical populated and the radicals don't really understand they are the radicals there's not really a line of best fit that I see other than narcissist or NPD. That's not to say one does not exist other than that I'm also not the only one to think the sky is the color rose hello my current lens has been at a color plaid on today's Sesame Street Terror scale letter is that plaid today. Actually it's been at plaid for about 3 years now right after I demonstrated everything but the working battery pack and etched the first of what would have been about 3 final Boards of custom designed electronics and I was just one project that was an offshoot of something else but that one particularly had a good chance through two different game fully employed people one of them who paid for it and I believe wholeheartedly would have paid labor he offered I was the reason he did not I said I didn't want to leave them out if anything happened. He paid for the parts though. What's insane is I didn't fail at that. There was another person looking to use the project for that friend to get me a job at their company like start of career and either sort of instance well yeah one would be kind of a change the other would be such a big upgrade level of employer that it might as well be start because it's one of those that other than competing with like Microsoft and Google you can probably go most but the thing was I had been in both cities was pretty set on one of the two of them for a while anyway not necessarily staying there and this is all worthless anyway

an attribution error probably the first thing t we're taught if we go to public school. 

why was xyz done or why was it not done? 

student : true, false, something Inbetween, possibly a window to an abusive world that and adult and or peace officer could do something about. 

except that wasn't cost effective for police or cps  and from what I've seen the two independent agencies could really just be branch of atF & the FDA but then they'll tell you they don't have time and you have to do something really bad and heinous get your kids taken away you don't but the funny thing is in my experience with people have known over the years the worst abuse even if the parents has a substance problem functional anyway
Arguably the drug doesn't cause the problem whatever it is or is that
l don't want to hear excuses.

this is could be 

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