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broken people and Minnesota's broken civil to criminal law

Police can selectively enforce.  for example in June 2019 I'm in the moldy car on my parents driveway a year after they change garage door code (6mo after I moved back in in 2018). I haven't left the car I did open the door. I had the trim removed as part of the forced labor under threat of distruction donation otherwise not having all the things mgpd put them in cobtrol of when they changed the lock code Aug 2018. aka 16 years of assets earned and everything ever mine.

here is my personal youtube:

heres a video where my mom demonstrates pretty freaky (less than 0 boundaries)she haven't been to or to my knowledge talked to my rabbits vet. other conversations later back that up. like she was asking if the vet had typed the bacteria. (medical term) but the important part to notice is, shes trying to tell me both what I told the vet and what the vet told me... she wasnt present at any of the vet visits and I didnt talk to the vet on the phone. aka like sever gaslighting and 0 boundaries. insisting what she said now(during the video) is my reality.

this is may 2018. mold has been confirmed and gaslit for 5 months. vet noted that legions on both rabbits disappeared after treatment with flea tick and mite. scrapings had come back negative, they both had mild bacterial infections and vet records from what i lived on my own likely show most signs of health as good as they could be (Bonnie and Clyde were nearly teenagers) at my parents they had mated fur and the bacterial infection. they couldn't get out of cages very often or long. despite my room being 40 ft down the hall leaving it was cause for my mom to attack. if you note she barks and arbitrary command at the beginning to do it in my room. at one point in the beginning of  moving back in i heard her give two conflicting immediate directives. i pointed out as such "thats the point".

Marlene Wuethrich works in a NICU, the un delt with massive mold problem wasnt just a risk to us. it was what caused me to move back in. when cosmos died (cat- 2017) i had unknowingly transferred it to my apt by visiting him and sleeping on basement carpet to be next to him. 

she had a cancer surgery in Aug 2018. still mold issue not delt with. she was attacking me few days before and i suggested to my dad "hey maybe a week or two at  hotel? better for her recovery?" my symptoms cleared first week. instead i got locked out and since Aug 2018 ive been ordered around by threat of destruction of everything mine while mgpd ignores mail fraud check fraud they say they own me , you cant file theft you gave them your things moving out. typical to npd cycles that end in discard, march 11th 2020 they still have my stuff im at empty apt they picked they stole my id and file ofps in Hennepin. mpgd by that point even ignored me reporting "i have recordings of phone calls indicating they falsified a dv report and use false reports as weapons"  if you read on its worse than that. my dad gas lights to same level. first day up here with mold car in apt they forced lease and of their choice. i have a bed and clyde. i find car has a flat tire. no problem... 2 weeks my dad claims im stuck because i couldn't change a flat. I taught myself mig welding, fabrication in plastic, wood metal and CAD software for making pcbs. then built the tools to do uv lithography and realize the designs. 
an aforementioned wood lamp created out of horror story conditions. looks like thumbnail video was gold recovery from pcbs. most vets and docs offices are still using battery powered or plug in fluorescent tubes. thats because blue was the hardest led to make. uv (shorter waves than blue) has this nasty habit of degrading plastics and the led would destroy itself. I think we had red around 1960 as a lab device. we didnt have powerful sub 100 per unit UV until around 2015. the process of making pcbs involves exposing uv photo sensitive film and that is what that led was sourced for 4.1w from digikey (an mn company in thief river falls) 

if you are reading this as a med professional, hows this compare to your handheld unit in 2017? or even now? in studying uv lithography i had happened across what a wood lamp was. when "shit hit the fan" so to speak... i tore this out of my litograhy box and adapted a CC dc-dc converter to drive the led, a cheap china safety module for the 18650 lithium ion cells and not trusting it I also threw on the screen visible on the side. its a voltage meter. if you dont want lithium ions going note 7 or boring 787 apu, you cut each cell off and call it dead around 3.1 or 3.2 v. lower discharge = dentride formation (think stalactites inside batt) eventually boom. lithium ion 4.2v off charger most time around 3.7 in discharge curve 3.2 cut off, positive to negative with 2 gives you 8.4 7.4 and cut at 6.4 (ideal monitor both but thats what china board does, this is i dont trust 2 dollar made in china board and a back up :D)

elaborated to show i know a bit about what i know and drive a point... i had something hand made usable in the med field in a new version and it might not yet be common 3 years later. yet everything of mine was taken and is still being destroyed as is my health and life. 

the board on top here(bellow) is an early test itteration(something i learned as a cs for description) of the switching circuit for the custom spot welder needed to build a battetry pack for a paid project (pcb bellow with cosmos)  

part of coping mechanism while working through Cosmos cats death. i wrote things i wanted to remember and the list now is way longer, this was 2017. Ive had college psych and studied it in depth on my own. I was self-actualized(lazlow) and keep getting reduced to unable to eat. note on my own accord i sought consoling for mild pstd in 2006 . i have a record that shows I know when and how to get help on my own.

   bedroom of 2015 first st cloud apt. during office max (at min 20 hrs a week usually around 30), 13-15 credit hrs at scsu and it support on side.  

apt at ndsu maybe 2012, note pre 2018 count all the times my parents visited my apt from 2006, probably about 20 total. either alone or together.

ssd pulled from laptop first week in hotel Aug 2018. whats notable here is the laptop was an eBay buy with a mature ee bond my grandmother had left me. it was bought in 2018 and only used at their house. so to find this crap inside what was spotless I received it a few months before... only one place it could have came from. For homes and small biz and one political campaign at age 22 i had built 30 computers. I know what should and should not be on components inside of them. that count is computers i parted out and then assembled having ordered every component separately. in 2009 I did a build with 6 solid state drives on hardware raid. aka it could lose a drive and the business user wouldnt have to stop. (also external daily back up) that machine was reading and writing at 1.5GB/s burst and about 1 sustained. it wouldnt be until about 2014-2015 that hardware consumers had access to could match that with a single drive and that wouldnt have the fault tolerance. I didnt just part out a computer once, when I say ive done this professionally I have. meanwhile my mom tells me ive never done anything i make it all up. she drove me to my first clients office when i turned 16. it was so soon after i only had my permit. in 2010 I moved a college MS Dynamics GP 10 teaching environment from 10 dell Optiplex Pentium 4 or Pentium D units to 3 rack servers implementing hyper-v from the schools msnd subscription. at my apt i was rocking a core 2 quad server running Citrix xen. my parents will say anything to not be wrong. they tell me "I get what i want when i want" and "were the same person" of course only as or after mgpd allows them to change the lockcode putting them incontrol of everything mine. aka 6mo after moving back in 2018

 back side of board to left. after lamination with film, exposure and developing. before dipping in acid. basically exposed areas become accyrilic and non exposed rinse off in developer bath. on dunk in acid you eat all copper except what you desired as interconnects between components. saves stripping a wire at each end and has other benefits as well (like radiated emissions and ability to make a stensle and soldering iron and solder all at once as well) this design was basic and early later versions a lot more advanced but this board did produce successful welds. compromises were made to have it working faster because it was needed to finished main paid project. I coded the software/firmware for it as well. this was 100% mine and made on hardware i made to make it (mouthful)   finished etch and after top coat (solder resist applied
 main board for paid project. didnt realize transparency was upside down on exposure. bleeding started soon after. 

mgpd tries to paint it like i never left home. I haven't lived there 2006 to 2018. I did have a key and or garage door code that entire time. 

back in 2019:

during the conversation my mom keeps getting closer and closer. I was parked in their driveway maybe may 2019. hadent left the car, i dont think i was even unbuckled.  I told her to back off. she attempted to slam the door on me. my rubber sole was between the metal car floor and path of the door. there was a small metal ledge up from the floor. luckily the bottom of door contacted my shoe sole and it was stuck against the metal ledge so pain felt was nothing except a minor contact to my knee at same time. could have been really bad. so then typical to her fashion, she calls the police on me. 

the first officer to show assures me that's not assult not battery and then asks why I'm there causing trouble. there was no restraining order. prior to that house having all my things.. aka all hit six months between 2006 and 2018 I had a key and or garage code and ability to come and go as I pleased despite living in Fargo or st cloud. 

they still have a ton of my mail during the 2018 Aug to Jan 2019 period when I just didn't live there anymore and can't file theft because "you gave them your stuff moving out".. mgpd... aka a new spin on downplaying a 0 notice change of lock.

starting end of 2017 into 2018 I started Geting sparce reports from family and friends my parents had called and told them I'm sick in the head. aka there's a bit to suggest they tried to ensure I had no where else to turn before and during the period I was stuck there laboring on their house and computers (service I've preformed since 2004 for small biz, ndsu in 09 and homes. aka service with market average of 150 an hr)

in July of 2018 I caught my mom trying to throw away parts someone else paid for while I was working on floor upstairs in still moldy house (problem confirmed by pro around Jan 2018, primary doc around same time "way a person your age recovers is avoid mold"was 3rd doc my dad drove me to.. still insists I brought this on myself not going to a doc. it hurts when I do this.. why are u still doing that? ) she threatened to push me down the stairs. I ended up going down stairs told my dad and something along the lines of this is Geting rediculous it's not good for anyone. 2 weeks later she's trying to push me over the railing to the basement. I backed up as she made first contact. this put my back to the railing feet on wet tile floor and barefoot, she kept pushing. unable to go right or left, my dad too busy eating to respond, I feel a foot slip. I take her by both wrists and walk us to a corner "you bastard I brought you into this world I can take you out of it" I walked us to the corner stopped let go and ducked around it into their sun room. corner in My mind was a good idea because I've read enough about psych and how we interpret sensory data and act on it to know about 3d spacial awareness and subconsciously her mind likely limits how hard she swings if it calculates that on missing her arm smacks corner. aka it was calculated to end death risk to me while allowing neither of us to even have to feel pain if she didn't swing at me when I stopped and let go.

they then scream leave. I have a feeling this was all calculated upon realization she was unlikely to get me a medical hold at 30years old 0 criminal or relevant mental health record. I had depression and minor pstd in 05-06, adhd was diagnosed by a doc in Fargo and I saw them regularly for treatment but that's it.

the officer who would execute the likely illegal medical hold in Nov 2018 and force me to a doc who signed off on it never having met me before... had responded to that call. 

they changed lock code... locked me out 0 notice in aug 2018 began bouncing me between hotels on short bookings. Nov 2018 they take car from the extended stay lot by alligators edge of maple Grove. 530pm I've worked on a client's new webserver all day with out stopping for food... surprise no car. 

around Aug 2019 I drove down to maple Grove. the first time I had tried to report mail and check fraud was months earlier and I was told they didn't have the forms. Inbetween I had contacted mn state bar association was told no want wants to touch the mental holds but to get police to stop allowing parents free reign with false reports, communicate they are unreliable Witnesses. well during a meeting I requested one officer becomes two "if we put that on record we might be liable", "they can open anything that comes to their address", "it's not illegal to say you own someone" I told them I have recorded calls indicating the dv report was backwards and my parents use false reports as punishment 

well when police give them control of 16 years of assets and allow forced physical relocations and lease.. 5 hotels a mental ward then the only apt parents have ever picked out for me.... 

well, open someone's mail, sign check from mail and open other mail signing name on contracts with out knowledge or permission, hold other mail to this day while in cobtrol of all tangible assets... what the fuck is left in owning someone? saying it... oh.. how about police and court also enforcing that those parties know where their victim dies? well that came March 13th 2020. I can show they knew I had to move out and it was due to forced labor on mold car for 9mo. they knew lease ended March 31st and notice to vacate had been given. March 11th they both filed ofps.. still having all my stuff.. car broke down March 6th. aka they filed in hennepin with me in sterns at apt they picked with no transport. 

one parcel of mail still held are the remains of a rabbit (Bonnie) my pet and friend since 2007. 

mgpd and hennepin county seem egar to paint me as violent rabbits as pets don't usually see the age 7. Bonnie was a year and a half when I got her in 2007. Clyde was about a year and same year. Bonnie in 

Nov 2018 after 3mo in just my parents forced care was so skinny the day my mom decided just she goes to the vet... the vet asked "do you think they will be OK with syringe feeding her?" 10min later she was dead. longest I had held her in that period was as her body went stiff. 

my dad then threatened to put Clyde in clothes washing machine so shortly after taking him to see what happened to Bonnie (rabbits that are bonded pairs are known to do tollarate the loss poorly and can die of a broken heart. I had them first freeze Bonnie. notable that was the only time in 10 years she had been to the vet with out Clyde. I didn't set out to own rabbits but when they came into my life I did my homework to ensure I gave them the best life I could with out suffering and with happyness. one thing I had read is back legs are powerful enough jumping in fear can break their spine and Saftey in numbers.. hence they never went to vet as single rabbit at vet even if the other didn't need anything. they rarely went at all actually. but when they did vets and vtech alike usually noted they had never seen such calm rabbits.) 


the outside shots were when I rented a house from a friend in Fargo. 

rabbits as pray animals have a anxious mentality in general. as soon as I could (another vet appointment where they willingly transfered Clyde to my possession) Clyde ended up living in the hotel with me. my dad had under his breath threatened to put him in clothes washer

the hotel was per friendly. relevant because rabbits have an excellent sense of smell. 

he was so asleep here that when I returned to work on the webserver (laptop across the room) a few min later I hear a thud. looking over there's no Clyde. run to side of bed and he's looking dazed and a bit like "I meant to do that" the shading hides it here but after months at my parents house and 3 in their care (and likely noted by the vet, they were urin matted in many places from being forced to sit in tiny cages all day) bellow is clyde at my last apt. 
Clyde late 2016 model (apple product reference often products get a refresh and are differentiated by year and late) hes consuming a carefully measured amount of feed. (the plastic is the food bag) less sarcastic though, note the clean perfect fur. probably the most important part about having rabbits is endless supply of hay. 

another day same place. 

both Bonnie and Clyde would run to me, even outside in the fenced back yard if they felt at all frightened.  the fact thst Clyde in an unfamiliar place that smelled of all kinds of predator (hotel) would sleep at all, let alone that position.. you don't just end up with that level of trust with rabbits, you have to earn it by learning them and respecting them. 
clyde is in my freezer they have bonnies ashes and pretended to lose them while demanding i work faster on their car. this is utter terror. 

Mns police seem to be prejudice to allowing parents right away (not all officers) on things like opening mail holding mail and worse as described... things normally not legal without costodialship after 18. worse yet though abuse sites talk about children and adult offspring being abused by certain types, the courts seem to bias the parents and or the mom above all else. A disturbing trend i see is psych sites with authors who are both family court lawyers and psychologists. they produce articles downplaying what npd and borderline or aspd parents are capable of and usually bringing it back to get consoling to overcome. Well the issue here is there are certain realities to adult life. like credit score and background check determine if you can enter a lease. if one is aware of what they need to be on top of but someone else is opening and holding their mail let alone taking over accounts while police refuse to act... the anxiety hopelessness and real risk to being able to maintain it are all substantial. 
Clyde at family Xmas in maple Grove 2013. note the picture below. the red box on the right is a tube preamp. phono /record players output at a lower level than today's surround or yesterday's stereo recovers expect as an input level. when they wanted the record player to work with new system I found this for them. the surround is above the turn table. the box above that is a pc I custom built to play media center and cable box. if you've ever noticed some cable boxes and DVD players work through the TV remote, that's called hdmi cec. commands are passed through the hdmi video cable to another device. using special adapter that translates that to windows compatible hid driver (human input device) and adding a 4 tunner hd cable card ready tv tunner card I made not just a computer in a surround receiver form factor, but one that was able to timeshift and record one channel one is watching but also capable of recording 3 others at the same time and operatable just like a cable box with the Samsung tv remote. aka press the channel button on tv remote and the command was passed to the software showing the tv channel on top of ms windows. i stopped keeping track (in my head) of custom pcs built (almost entirely my selected components for a client not for myself) at age 22 and about 30 pcs. I dont just claim to have done IT consulting professionally since age 16 and 2004... or rather im not saying i took a virus off a computer once and blowing up my claim, still in hs 04-06 i already had a law office in maple grove, accounting office in Plymouth, a print and engraving shop kinda by university billiards (two studges last i checked) and a car dealership in Rodgers. in 2003 I did a paid report for a software company in Minneapolis. The report was on emerging mobile platforms as they desired to possibly take their platform to pockatable devices. how was a 14 year old qualified? well like 01-02 I passed my ham radio license exam, saved every penny for a Compaq ipaq pocket PC with Bluetooth, sony ericsom t68i with Bluetooth and 100 shares in ericson telecom. I had read ericson was a key player in developing Bluetooth. I was already walking around isd279s attempts to lock down windows 2k with alteris and between pocket PC and cellphone (through Bluetooth Dial Up Networking, aka dun profile) I could seemingly pull webpages to the full color (be it 640x480 resolution) webpages from thin air in 2002. to the point a jr high teacher at mgjh (or last i checked mgms) one asked when the distracted installed wifi. which at the time was still 802.11b and only available on carts that the teacher would check out full of dell Pentium 3 laptops. they would wheel the cart to their room, plug in power to charge them and a network cord for the access point in the cart. most people remember the first iPhone around 2005 as the first device to enable the web in your hand. what i was doing 2001 or 2002 was a year or two old when i figured it out. also, Paul Wuethrich (dad) and Marlene Wuethrich (mom) , is 281 public school bus driver then around 04 went union organizer and cnp children's st paul plus taught neo natal nursing at st kates... aka this isnt something i picked up from tech parents. though the software company report and the website and desktop computer for a guy who ran for district rep of mn 50b in 2006 were connections made through my dad, they were also things he couldn't have provided himself. in 2015 at scsu I learned if you have ever done something professionally and someone accepts your service they are required to pay fair market price. sometimes even with out accepting.  biz law prof told stories. one was an old lady who walked to a personal protection agency. she inquired about services but no agreements made, at end of meeting its getting dark and owner offers her a walk home. she then gets an invoice in the mail and moral was yes she was required to pay. another story was about thinking you're getting a free roof if you wake up and find roofers messed up and thought they had your neighbors....less relevant here but if i recall it was value of new roof minus value of old roof. in 2018 when i moved back into my parents my mom said "im your landlord now until you can afford every dime of moving out" (length on the contract?) i was once a month at least required to drop everything and offer on sight PC support. requested i upgrade their wifi coverage and i suggested the 10 year old drives in the basement PC that held all the photos were due for replacement. market value is 150 an hr. 

well if you're reading this as an elected official and were on the dfl ticket... that software company i worked for, member tracking, analytics and logistics, for teamsters and the seiu. one of the main function was creating routes for teams doing lit drops in support of campaigns that the unions backed. 

not saying i understand lawyer tenant law other than its based in contract law. I am saying that Aug 2018 after trying to convince me for 6 mo ive never worked a day in my life my parents changed the lock code after i left for a hotel for 2 weeks. i can only imagine what they told mgpd (i over heard bits and pieces a few times but things said to me by officers help take a good guess at the rest)I had moved out in 2006 back in 2018. 6mo later 0 notice lock out. mgpd begins telling me i cant file theft i gave them all my things moving out. since then ive been forced to labor on their moldy car and forced between 5 hotels and a mental ward then this lease that didnt like "clean mold car here or all stuff disappears" and 2mo before end of lease (march 2020) gave notice to vacate. my apt is still empty. garage has $800 in shelving and some of my things recovered but still moldy. I think it comes pretty close to force labor, human trafficking, illegal imprisonment, and no doubt several counts of mail fraud, one known of check fraud from mail fraud.... and if i expected to live long enough to make court it might be found there was a lease but either way ive found some VLN docs indicating that what my parents did then mgpd enforced was likely illegal. now they try to cover it with 2 ofps filed march 11th 2020. car had broke down march 6th. they filed in Hennepin, the lease they forced me into and still empty apt is in sterns. court on the 18th. Friday the 13th i was served. it passed in my absence while they still have 20g of my things.  my once 700+ (2017) credit score is shot, they took my id from the parkinglot of this apt and 2 days after ofp court were up here calling in the 1st of 2 welfare checks. little did i know they also took garage door remote. my dad now indicates he has the most valuable of my recovered possessions.. but all 3 went missing same time... what are the odds? sterns had refused to serve the passed ofps maybe covid, maybe the fact wellness checks were getting called in 2 days after court. maybe factors unknown to me. may 2020 i drive down and mgpd was hell bent on throwing me in jail. one officer to another
"anything we can take him in on?"
"no sterns didnt serve them they aren't active (ofps)"
"thanks thats helpful" 

my dad gave me a bag of nothing he knew i needed, but it did contain the garage remote. 
they activated the ofps ignoring i once again was reminding them these people are opening my mail, have all my things,claim to own me, took /have my id. but i got to hear about how my parents give me a lot of money...says who? them or did the polices sans court subpoena bank records to ensure standards of evidence? if they didnt have a work group laser printer given by a client i had for 10 years, i could probably produce a valid looking receipt showing i own any individual officer, that wouldnt make it fact or a high standard of evidence would it? more to the point, with out an ID getting snap? getting a job when you are 3 mo past notice to vaycate and might not be there in a week/cant say where you will be? thats burning a bridge to try...but also needs 2 forms of id. most of whats held are tools i could earn with. with destroyed credit and two ofps on background check, im not likely to be able to enter a lease with out at very least first month down and deposit in cash up front. what was taken from the garage a bit over a month ago was about 1k worth of things (compound miter saw, mig welder (klutch 140si), lga 1366 custom built workstation pc.) maybe being able to liquidate those assets and the shelving i might have a shot in hell. this is terrifying and absurd. ive been blacklisted from life and all my property sized without charge let alone conviction of a crime.

another thing I did for them while living there is installed one of these:
blogger is being a pain and wont let me embed. my dad had put LED lighting under the kitchen cabnets to illuminate the counter top. I inserted this rf remote controlled LED dimmer by splicing power supply wires, soldering and heatshrinking. they were then able to double sided adhesive remote to wall by normal kitchen light switch and have on off plus dimming control. this was maybe dec 2018 or jan 2018. the video is me testing it on the bench in my apt. audio is irrelevant (video on a laptop off screen) if you are thinking thats a code violation, no it isnt. LV aka low voltage that doesnt require an electrition goes up to 48v. the splice was done after the transformer and rectifier. aka a 12v line. Long ago I did the relevant homework. before the bleeding started in 2017 I was just about to file for an llc. I know from biz law at scsu that with out showing separation of entities its pretty easy to make that worthless as far as the owners assets are concerned. top of my head 5 years later, file with state, run 2 consecutive announcements in legal news paper, have a registered agent or pay for the service, with multiple parties its best to draw up and have notarized things that denote who does what but not strictly required and for purposes of insurance plus then showing on paper a transfer of assets i was working on an inventory of assets. my dad from 2017 to end of 2019 was promising a shop. in 2019 he wasnt paying enough to eat and do the car. starving me for up to 4 days at a time and making me prove where the money went despite budge laid out, min requirements like i cant do it  with out my kitchen or an alternative source of transport ignored... you have to dry out anything you try to remediate asap. thats not compatible with drive it for every meal. i even mentioned epa says building materials need to be dried out in less than 48hrs, this indicates that pausing for any length of time is burning money(how fast it grows back). it was also dangerous. the solution/chemical is highly caustic and the sunroof drain catch liked to pool the solution that needed to dry to work. aka get in it for meal, wipe it off you wasted it, dont wipe it off and when you make a turn, hey caustic shit dripping on your head. I had a 3m full face respirator from mixing the acit to etch PCBs. they kept even that the first 4 months of clean our car or lose everything. 
now im blowing out this and about to be homeless while they still have the vast majority of 16 years of what i worked for and everything ever mine. 

worse yet when they had their house remediated in Nov 2018(i had been locked out for 3 mo) they put most of my stuff in 3rd garage stall. everything ive gotten back has looked like the next few pics

now with the eviction ban up. im about to have the first (but all it takes ) eviction served for inability to vacate. kiss renting goodbye. thats not where it ends either. the x-ray below is of a baby tooth that never had an adult under it. it picked December 2017 to finally disolve enough to come unwedged. it had played dead place holder for maybe 20 years i was told dec 2017 to get a dental implant mn care doesnt cover it. dont wait more than 6mo. 3mo in my dad is calling me an idiot for not getting it done he said hed pay (no he didnt). this is while my mom who couldn't name one of the paid projects titles has gone form claiming i made up the proven mold and proven bugs cause i lacked tech ability, to saying one doesnt work none work, to hiding parts and throwing them away after i prove the last project (a tool required to finish the paid project and salable on its own) works to a T. while she enters moldy room and throws clothes i laundered on basement carpet or garage floor. while if i leave once a week im up to no good, if i dotn let her pretend to quote the mold pro she wasnt present for im told to get out. while if i dont make eye contact or say a word leaving the room is grounds for attack. while im going to doctor after doctor and hearing parents who drove me say "its your fault you wont go to a doctor" 
on a dc -dc converter at their house. 
coughed up after smelling mold and working in their basement. my mom insisted nothing at all was on my hand. it got me a chest x-ray at west health. 
on the door to their master bedroom
inside basement wall cavity 2018
my trunk(lower abdomen) 2018
cosmos started getting baldspots around 2009
hes laying on the Nov 2018 remediated carpet. 
back side of headliner in car i was forced to remediate for 9mo in 2019 with it being my only source of transport two and from empty apt/lease i was forced into. aka car that was in attached garage or driven to children's by marlene for 9 years. another variation on the "he wont go to a doctor" lie is "he wont get alergy tested" Marlene wuethrich around 1997 determined i had a penicillin allergy. some might not see the connection. penicillin is mold. some molds are useful at killing bacteria. some produced some of the most toxic chemicals known to human kind and are toxic or carcinogenic not just an allergy. some molds produce what are known as "mycotoxins". the us and other countries have even explored the use of these as bio weapons. see trichothecenes. fungus on rye known as ergot is theorized to have caused the salem witch hunt and is the reason grain is treated with ammonia today. 

hospitals see even patients visitors clothing as a problem for bringing aspergillus spores into the facility. 

behind the drivers side seat belt cover trim. 

note they hired mold guy one who found the issue. during the six mo denying it they had me pulling moldy trim out peroxiding everything and adding and painting over spots with kilz mold killing primer. I assembled two large gheto hepa filters and they were using 2 dehumidifiers from my basement. whats a gheto hepa? my name for what you get if you get a deep pleated merv 13 furnace filter (4-6in deep) of the 20x25 variety and adapt the 5 missing inches to attach it to a 20x20 box fan. it only works with 4-6in deep filters because box fans do not deal with the pressure of sucking through or blowing through anything very well. the term is static pressure and the reason deep pleated filters work is the pleats = more surface area of filter = more holes = less static pressure = you still move air and dont burn out the fan. id say maybe 1000 cfm. my dad also replaced drooping plastic light covers over the light fixtures in basement drop ceiling with glass. the wall cavities are open to ceiling air space. i had already noted baseboard heat seemed to make it worse (convection currents inside the wall) they hired a second mold guy and made sure i wasnt present. they took an air sample probably 10am after all that work was done. I know i left the basement at about 1am that day with filters and dehumidifiers running. air captures are most useful when one is also done outside on the same day. it helps determine if inside growth is present. i have a copy of the results. no outside capture was preformed, its noted it was done in the room i did the most work on. its pretty likely the ceiling was sealed by the glass vs the drooping plastic over lights from 2000-2018 and id bet the filters ran up to an hr before the test. most companies note its best to determine growth, all note its just a point in time and not the whole picture. most scales i can find that omit need for outside comparison start at 1170 spores per cubic later as a professional level problem. their aspergilis count alone was 1000. 

for all i know they are still pointing at this with out sharing the details. that was maybe June 2018... Nov 2018 50x8 ft of wall, the deck on the other side and 1500 sq of carpet and pad were remediated by mold guy 1. 

my mom doesnt just work at children's, she works in the NICU. sick newborns. if i recall correctly, a large percentage of immunity to pathogens comes from breast milk. how much of that has a premature child on a ventilator consumed? i know for fact that as a child because i haven't had chickenpox and hate  (still do) needles i couldn't visit her inside the nicu. 

doesnt matter fact or not... i know that over the last year in this empty apt, i would likely be a lot better off for quite a few reasons able to eat like this:

heres the recipe for the curry (on my google drive. i typed this years ago for a family friend on a restricted diet) from 2010 to 2017 i probably made this once a week.

spring break after hurricane sandy. i had been sitting in ndsu student memorial union and overheard the leaders of the stlf pay it forward spring break volunteering trip talking about it. I walked over and said sign me up. end up on a bus making stops to help organizations between fargo ND and DC. this stop was NYC. I also filled sandbags during Fargos record flood years. one of the less obvious signs my parents aren't quite right in the head is the first time i did that the first year... the next time i went to their house im sitting at dinner and hear "we didnt think you would do something like that". a family friend had MS and end of elementary i learned about the MS 150 charity ride. 4 summers in a row I rode that after collecting donations. further back than that and directly applicable, i remember being in elementary school when grand forks flooded and then burned, begging my mom to take us so we could help sand bag. I was seeing it on the news/tv at the time. The psych concept I think is pretty applicable to their "we didnt think you would do that" is known as projection.  I also helped with quite a few seiu lit drop campaigns over the years. as recently as the last time Daton was up for election and after the lit drop at a private labor only even was standing feet from, Gov Daton, Senator Klobachar and Al Franken
another i can say with certainty i helped with was Paul Welstones last. 

while cleaning their car for most of 2019, when it hit summer I suggested my bike as an alternative to renting a car. for 2 weeks before clyde died they promised a car nearly every day and they were coming up every other but repeatedly did not deliver. i moved in with only a matters. 2x at least officers heard them say the bike is mine and i can have it. i still dont have even the bike. biking is also a coping mechanism and healthy in general. it would have worked great as an alternative to needing the car for meals . what would have woorked better is not punishing me in sick lethal life destroying ways. I have them recorded saying thats what they are doing.
when do you stop trying to report to the police when they make it clear they dont want to hear it? how about when that person is still stealing from you and commanding your time opening and holding your mail. now the ofps... ive never been this scared or in pas poor of health in my life. like 2006 to 2010 i had roommates the rest was bonnie and clyde and myself. everything i earned since i started earning and everything i learned since 2006 has been forcibly made impossible. snow was already melting Feb 2020. I texted my dad saying I can bearly make it up the stairs you still have even my bike and im worried about having to move in this shape. 

"why would you need your bike if you cant make it up the stairs"
after getting clients vps with Linux containers (lxd) stable I had a development container where i was demoning different carts to replace a very non compliant order form that took cc info. i set this all up via Linux shell via ssh on a server rented from hostwinds (im not going into virtual private here)

after mental hold in 2018 and text of guttend basement. he started telling me i own you. i bought you.

fargo 2012? my idea of humor. also a recent report shows covid-19 and Lyme plus deficiency in two nutrients likely leads to respiratory failure... corona and lime? sometimes real life is stranger than fiction. im so glad for the last 2 years ive been forced to eat fast food and run around in circles designed to have no winable end. 

the car that I had going into this in 2017
uper right is same car cup holder, the pic above was dash. 
it's a close up of white stuff on dash(bellow) 
any time I went near it at their house in 2018 because of the denial it made me a target for attack. there's nothing there you're crazy need medication. 

while traveling to their house (driving down from st cloud) in 2016 and till may 2017 to see a sick for the last time Cosmos cat(who we got in 2001 and I didn't understand light pollution but loved my new little friend and the night sky...named after the cosmos and much internal debate about if something plural could make a name then a decision he's a cat he won't mind. Elon musk's son... well more so every teacher and substitute.. lmao good luck. ) 

Cosmos on carpet that began creating the mold problem in 2001. this pic was 2017

while driving down to visit him I was often sleeping next to him on moldy basement carpet. at one point a gallon jug of water also broke on passenger floor. mold likes fabric and loves water. Aug 2018 50x8 ft of wall and 1500 Sq of carpet and pad came out of their basement. paid pro remediation. 

Cosmos got a pain shot on his last day alive. I drove down from st cloud and took him outside one last time. 
from 2006 to 2017 if you add up hrs spent at that house a year is probably a safe estimate. yet in may 2017 the day before he died this is how Cosmos looked at me. if you are unaware, cats blink their eyes to say I love you. 
that night we slept on the basement couch. the next morning he was on the carpet behind the couch. I laid by him again for a few hrs until it was decided he would go to the vet to be put down. he went to the vet but decided to let go in my lap as waited for the vet to come with the shot. 

Clyde 2016.

Cosmos and myself, 2016

Clyde 2019


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