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buzzer and death by mgpd

2006 to 2018 I never had a problem answering the buzzer or paying bills on time. actually I had a few late power bills but no ones perfect.

I had a credit score north of 700when this started in 2017. 
this was while I worked 2 jobs 60 to 100 a week. that TV in the background is one I bought from microcenter in 2005 for 1k. that's what a 32in flat screen cost back then. I'm a pragmatic individual I don't buy much just to have it or to have toys. the next year I was headed off to ndsu and flat screen would save space in the dorm and act as a second monitor for my laptop. note my ociliscope is visible on the stand. Clyde and I had been playing for a moment and I had knocked a blind off. the red light is a lifx blue but a few months later the color change actually enabled UV photo lithography in my living room. for how many people spend on wifi bulbs I doubt many have used them to make circuit boards in their living room. The process is similar to darkroom photography. You take a blank circuit board which has copper hella adhesives like Factory heat press never going to come off Sheetz on to a fiberglass middle. This is called the copper-clad or the . There's a bunch of prep work and then you laminate photosensitive UV photo film on to it. Any blue light starts exposing it so the ability to change red and the fact that LEDs are incredibly narrow bandwidth I like incandescent which if you can put on a spectrometer would occupy everything from a little bit UV all the way to infrared. Cuz I was unaware blue and red are at the opposite end of the spectrum when laid out by wavelength or frequency. For those further on a Wire light is RF energy or e m energy. Frequency is around I want to say 400 terahertz of the top of my head and that's probably red or blue but I forget which.
st cloud 2015

stlf pay it forward tour. I generally enjoy helping people and that concept. it was right after hurricane sandy. the stop after this we were cleaning out a flooded house. part of the reason I was sure mold was involved later at my parents is the smell of that house I was in a half mask respirator but bumped it once. I found they group like a week before the trip started. I overheard the leaders planing it in ndsus student union. walked over and said sign me up. 

when Fargo had the 2 years of record floods I was right there in the Fargo dome filling sand bags. 

in Jr high 3 or 4 summers in a row I road the ms 150 bike tour from Duluth to lake elmo after hitting up everyone I could to raise the requisite donations. 

before that I still remember as an elementary student watching the news at dinner while granforks flooded and then burned. I wanted to go help. parents wanted no part of the idea. later when I came home from sandbaging in Fargo "we didn't think that's something you would do"... Marlene and Paul wuethrich would be well suited as devices at the back of an iMac theater. 3d emersive projectors 

idk how I rate compared to average persons volunteering level. I don't think volunteering is suposed to be a competition. what I know is when I can I try to help others. 

flash forward my cognition is all over the place when the buzzer goes off my heat skips a beat. mgpd put my parents in a postion of power and control over my mail, my finances and 16 years of assets earned working.

parents used that control to force me around under threat of total loss and homelessness. 

my mom was saying things like my problems are boring and take too long Jan 2018 and then starts gaslighting when it's found to be there problem. 

they started calling family and any of my contacts they could get a hold of and Com nicating the lie they put on the ofps about sick in the head and not taking meds. what they were doing is poisoning my list of escape options. once mgpd backed them changing the lock with 0 notice I was fucked

they forced me into this lease and first demand a key while I'm locked out of all my things

second tell me they are going to pay someo e I know to help move in but only if I ask him if 16 an hr is alright I said 

dad I'm sure that's fine   issue is I needed it up front his schedule is pretty free but lives a way as away. 
(it's like double min wage.)


if course this was just a further ploy to poison my image because it took two plus weeks before I both got a hold of and my dad allows Ed it to be discussed then he wants to renegotiate price to 14.

npd parents when child or adult child reaches function or shows ability to pull away alternetly in rage mode(like when ego bent over their mistake their house) will try to destroy independent function of a offspring and mgpd put them in control of everything of mine

as I've argued elsewhere their mistake also likely endangered lives of newborns at children's hospital st paul for 18 years. I have the air capture results to back that. 

but due to the actions of mgpd and 4th district Court of hennepin I'm likely to be dead after a year and a half of being trafficked, physically relocated 7 times.. mental ward, 5 hotels and sign this lease or lose everything. all fried to drive away in car I don't own from 20g if my tools and more in keepsakes with no legal president

medical charting errors are pub med estimated to kill 100k a year. Tell the doctor on the mental hold but I have documents from the extermination an email from The Vault Pro on my phone which was taken on check in I need tells me patients aren't allowed phones on the ward. That word has been involved with the suicide of someone else on a forest hold in the past with experimental medication what the fuck is Minnesota doing
You put the Terminator that skin the Sheep alive Justin Lavelle itself in charge of the assets and everything that belongs to someone that I've worked for ever been given for 16 years and life. Some physical assets are kind of important to protecting Health in life there's been zero concern if I even have those I can't see how this isn't the state government standing in the way of me and the right to own any property they've made sure I keep driving away in a car I don't own all the tools yes that's the Keepsake everything that was mine is being destroyed all the people have guns and badges that say they're part of the state system standing between me and having it

Furthermore on the ofp order they claim they just kicked me out in August they don't even say if they gave me notice so it appears this court is about nothing but hurting people
It is no concern for constitutional rights or human life. it has no concern for even 100 year old science. or modern economic realities. I would hope if the parents of the Turpin family are ever paroled that hennepin County and the city if maple Grove throw them a key to the county and make them mascots. I probably won't be alive to see it. 

I sit in an empty death pit apt they picked out. the only time they have ever done so. the garage has shelving I went hungry to buy and was required to have a hope in hell at their forced labor but up stairs I have 3 folding tables and my 13 year old friend Clyde rabbit in the freezer. I haven't had a good meal in a year. 

the washing machine is broke and my dad took the tools I need my dad has my bike. they have my kitchen stuff I'm now 3 months past end of lease and notice to vacate. they took my ID from parking lot right after ofpss. 

this is empowering npd or aspd to kill their adult child. I've recently uncovered memories from early childhood as well. I could never figure out why I sat in the handicap stall so long after swim class at mgjr when I was still in elementry(used their pool) usually the entire locker room was empty by the time we left. 

my dad also had sexual misconduct accusations at the seiu local. either Shane allers or John youngdall made it go away. it might have been during the time he worked on the hereos program. the current president of the local he retired from was not the president when he was working for them full time. hence the first name. my dad was a public school bus driver before that so the potential was Def there. just about every family vacation both parents when u was 8 to 14 harrased me about why I covered up when leaving the bathroom in the 2 bed 3 person hotel room. I won't say more on this form. 

this court and mgpd empower rapists abusers and destroyers. there were a few mgpd officers that seemed to care about life and want to create justice. I deeply appreciate their actions. I do not wish to identify them. idk what politics are in that position but on the off chance that brought hell on them.. I'm not doing it. someone else in this postion will need them some day. 

my Facebook is set to full public. this virtual abduction and seperation of even the right to own property or maintain contracts via mail has gone on so long that the little bit of hardware I have... like phone and laptop is so full I can't reliably move photos between sources. I've got 3 years of recorded calls that back the claims I make

mgpd didn't want conflicting evidence even when told the dv report wa backwards and my mom admits to trying to kill me. 


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