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on and off my parents remind me they can make it worse

after I fend off you never worked a day

despite the reality I worked my self near death and now lost everything while their massive mold problem was corrected then I hear I own you for a year and a half.. 

maybe 8mo ago while still with mold car I'm hearing I don't deserve more than min wage because they haven't seen me work hard enough 

and reminders they can strand me. 

well now you still have the majority of my things I've been Mal nourished for 3 years.. 

u wait till 21 days before I had to be out of this lease and slap me with ofps while I have no working car in a court an hr and a half away. 

March 13th 2020 served.. Friday the 13th 

court Tues the 18th. didn't matter I called before

sterns did chose not to serve them which meant they remained inactive

maybe something to do with covid maybe fact that soon after parents were calling in welfare checks? 
I started recording after watching an elbow bump and thinking... my dad's never lived in this county how is he so chummy with.. I can't rule anything out but most likely he knows how to use words to get what he wants. it's known parents with npd and aspd will take steps to apear more powerful than they are to their children especially or like they are always being watched. 

though I find it more likely this is what went down there is also the labor union connection. like I said idk. it's not a fun situation to be in

my dad is messed up enough to the point that when officer later came back to me I'm handed a 20 dollar bill, a debit card and a car key. car key was for a car long gone, debit card was removed from the rental in the parking lot to create the appearance he was concerned dad giving me something incompetent John misplaced. 
sterns decided not to serve the ofps. 

maybe some combo and maybe factors I'm unaware of idk. 
the second time this happened the officer caught on. still came to see me but heard my voice through the door and called that good enough. 

makes sense. the what ifs would not be fun had he not tried and something was infact wrong.. I can see how that would haunt a person.  I truly appreciate his effort to use the vested power with balance and moderation and intellect. 

I suposse if we want to drop the peace officer nomenclature I'd be less inclined to complain at all but I don't get the feeling that most want to be storm troopers. 

he reported he put a little resistance to the idea to my dad and ended up hung up on. 

this is also how I learned that though passed the ofps were not active. 

may 22 mgpd activated them while I'm sitting there reporting that my parents even have my id. 

the rental came like day before the actual hearing but at that point I 1 had to be out of this apt 

had a broken washing machine

was watching covid kick uo

had been stranded since may 6th.

could I have made court... in filthy rags probably 

the week before my diet was exclusively quick trip and year before hungry 30 days.. 

served Friday.. how many lawyer open days does that give till Tues morning? 

I technically could of made it but would have been in no position to defend myself. I still am not. my life is not safe. 

their claims also dated back to Jan 2018. documents needed have been in their possession or taken in since the Aug 2018 you don't live there any more as I forced by mgpd. 

I do not think there was a good course of action show or not. when this many risks are forced and rights trampled... 

I'm still anxious out of my mind.. there's no expectation of pulling out of this dive 

being able to cook like this would help

having my bike... 5th amendment rights. any recognition of how harmful this is to my life. 

or how inline this is with npd aspd parents

I told them from the start of clean our car or lose everything. I am not qualified. this is a bad use of my time. this is not safe. there are some prereqs to even make it plusabile 
and at some point that half adding and forcing me to drive around in it while trying to clean it was like burning money and likely to spread it to living space

while I'm watching accounts hijacked Geting reports for 2 years they r calling people I know telling them I'm sick in the head obsessed and other choice poisons. 

while reporting mail and check fraud to mgpd = why can't you magane your finances.. well if I had even known my mom was going to open my mail.. if I caught her check in hand.... what indication has been given mgpd wouldn't have blown that off as well.. should I force it from her? well all it took was their word and now my background check says dv

while my property is still heald and destroyed while my rabbits remains are held and or non able to be delt with. 

mgpd refused to acknowledge I have recorded calls admiting things were falsely reported and or as weapons and backwards. 

if saying this here spoils anything for a trial less likely than finding yours truly in the gutter... I'd advise that all people who's owners abuse them keep detailed records and squirlaqay lawyers fees.. 

or perhaps basics like mail fraud.. how can I have a shot at adult ing if my right to enter and maintain contracts is not protected via protection of mail? 

yet money in my name from my mail.. no crime but failing to feed myself is potential psych ward. 

there's no hope here 

here's a previous apt in Fargo I happened to find a few pics of

Bonnie at a house I rented in fargo

st cloud moving back to parents. I built that island about 10 years ago

the tree pic was from one of my regular office max print center customers. a couple that did modern pointilism. 

my parents claim anything that gets them what they so desire or saves face at expense of mine
stuff recovered from parents 

Thai duck curry I cooked in st cloud 2015

Clyde on a hotel 2019

Bonnie st cloud 2015
back of headliner
in car my mom had been driving to children a. aka clean our car or lose everything

aka mgpd officer "I DIDN'T SEE THAT PUT THE PHONE AWAY" 

mgpd riverside hospital and hennepin County 4th district have destroyed my life

my parents are the primary issue but it seems what started as assume cultural norm quickly became cover thi own ass for thi own actions. 

I hope I'm wrong idk how I'm going to be around to see it 
this was maybe 2012. I had just switched to LED lighting.

this entire last year and overhang as I wait to be homeless. well most of it spent with Clyde in the freezer. which is ripping a hole through my entire being. they pretended to lose Bonnies ashes to encourage me to work faster on their car (delivered via usps addressed to me at their address)  I still don't have them. and now if I got them I could what carry them on the street?

this is fucking cruelty. 

when a system assumes absulute authority and has no bounds checks oversight or responsibility to anyone or thing but itself... I wasnt the first or the last this will be done to. 

I can't see how it's good for Minnesota future. 

st cloud 2017 or 16

st cloud 2019 he lost the ability to walk soon after we habituated this empty cell. I'd say moved in but over a year later and months past move out... 3 folding tables.

it was home when Clyde had a heart beat. 

I got Bonnie and Clyde in 2007. Bonnie died 2018 the day my mom decided she needed the vet. this was during I just don't live there anymore. fore the first time in over a decade it was decided for us Bonnie goes to vet with out Clyde.. all kinds of things I've discussed else where they made it look suspicious and traumatic from the start. 

I had to bring Clyde to the vet to see her a few days later

I have been made powerless as everyone I cared for passes on in one way or another and then striped of everything I worked for on hear say by people who tell me they think they own me. 

I can't conclude more than mn wants abusive men and prisoners. it's trying really hard either via covering its own ass or incompetence to make me one. 

I look at that pic above and want to kick myself. he wanted to lay next to her. the blanket was too short. Clyde never did hard floors well. rabbits don't have pads under their paws like cats and dogs. 

I can't even get his remains from the freezer. 

anger is pretty natural here total distruction on so many levels spun round till there is no path. 

this is the level of calm u maintain even know ing a friend of mine told me she was choked to the ground in 2008. by a dad who 2x got so in my bubble he probably wanted to be part of my shit. only for mgpd to tell her "if your parents pay anything they will always have some control" 

it was bothering me since I heard it myself around Feb 2020. 

probably not much longer 

this cover and one hand washes the other crap is bound to turn someone psychotic. 

it is terrifying being repeatedly exposed to something no good for anyone while no basic tenants of health are reachable knowing your med records indicate its in your head 

while the people who mistake it is and who paid to be rid of it tell u u r wasting ur time and it never was, tell people around u that u obsess 

while u tell them this isn't safe this is like burning money

what mold? there's no mold here anymore 

maple Grove police 
"your parents give you a lot of money" 

while ignoring I don't even have my id and pare ts have taken everything 

more importantly everyone 

says I funny but only because I uploaded it. I took this picture alone in Paris in 2006



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