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Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Corp dissolution of the illusion of fed power and USA itself.

I'll fill this in later, the title just crossed my mind. 

but basicly the 411 is both right and left are usually financed by same mega corps. history has shown important bills (to the mega wealth) get introduced by one side with a mostly the same draft ready for the other if it fails

further failure is in a democratic representitive Republic we use popular vote  only to elect our leaders

well when the same mega corps comprise the banks that comprise the fed and own both sides of the news

then the Corp new largely sets the issues that become popular. 

it's the illusion of choice and  probably leads to the narcissistic implosion or extinction event some psychologists warn about 

it's also likely that even unrest is guided and spun to prevent the escape or self-awareness of the pop

why I think we might see it topple if only for show is the file blow is the loosening of laws binding corps to nations and taxes
this also invites other state actors either on their own or via front companies to play with the hearts minds and legislation in America 

with out seperation of Corp and state
like church and state 

I don't see hope

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