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Friday, June 5, 2020

current wtf and maple Grove pd enforced threat to life

I note maple Grove pd is being lauded at the moment for seizing some derringers 

and know that typing this here will help bump this also relevant to the police force on maple Grove Minnesota (a n. w. twin cities subarb of MN) page possibly apear under that search result. having a message is one thing having the fine people of maple Grove Minnesota find it is another. or perhaps perspective home buyers in this quiet twin cities subarb with a highly intresting pd. 

if I wasn't being twisted in every way you can harm a person I could ensure it appears under it but I haven't the energy or concentration for the effort. 

for a baseline here's me 2015
here's me 2017
weird face was partly because Bonnie tickles 
maybe 2 months after Cosmos died 2017
 parents house 2018

Jan to April 2018 the doc who is my primary told me the way someone your age recovers from mold is get away from it. 

you can claim I'm not qualified to say this but 1)my body 2)try Google scholar 3)give me the weapon on your hip and everything you own.. I'm gonna have to play thug and thuggier here cause there's one of me.. but let's then have me threaten everything you ever worked for while moving your physical location 6 times in a year and a half and making you go 30 days hungry while doing things such as stealing your I'd and tools. all while threatening if you don't deal with our mold you lose everything while I also get to open your mail and control money and contracts in your name from your mail with no legal presence to do so.. other than I'm also the police on this scenario and won't allow you to report let alone take action. 

it's really not hard to device that the absolute worst thing you could do to someone is force continued exposure while destroying all tenants of basic health for a year and a half. 

rob someone blind after having them start the labor on fixing your house? call mgpd after locking them out and keeping all their assets. if you tire of your toy after a year and a half of traficking and forced labor... the 4th district Court is here to help.

these were filed after a year and a half forced relocation by a mother and father who demonstrate every trait of npd and fiercely gaslight and attempt to break down their adult son 

thier refusal to recognize their mold issue.. which ultimately prompted the move back in. 

their sabotage their distriction continues to endanger my life 

maple Grove pd has amplified this and now seems to seek to rather make me a criminal or dead after enabling what I belive tip toes the line between traficing and forced labor possibly unlawful imprisonment. 

I notified the officers while they served these once again the people doing it claim to own me and even have my id and tools needed to fix washing machine 

this was mid pandemic and already 2 months past original notice to vacate while parents are still destroying 20g of my assets and have made having even my kitchen stuff impossible for a year and a half. 

they have tons of my mail starting from the 6mo after move in lock code change of oops you don't live here anymore 

they for 2 years have been telling everyone I know that they can get contact info to all manner of poison. 

I've spent over a year now with Clyde in the freezer while Bonnies remains were mail addressed to me delivered to their house during hotel stay. 

this is psychologically and physicaly devistating 

I was starved 30 days last year while being told to work faster on the moldy car she drove to children's for 9 years or everything mgpd put them in control of is gone. that's 16 years of things I worked for. 

how does one get a job or state food assistance  with out I'd. 

how does anyone argue that taking me from cooking healthy meals to 1.5 years of no kitchen while parents steal garage remotes and tools to set me back set me back.. destroy all structure purpose health.. 

this is insane

the computer visable was stolen last month. info I need on motherboard serial number was at my parents. 

compound miter saw I've had for 10 years and a mig welder went with it. 

I'd be happy to leave this state I had contracted projects with a high likelyhoods of having landed me a middle class income in California. all demonstrated working. 

it seems this state would much rather have me dead, in a mental ward or a prision and has 0 concern for any cobstituon rights, it's own laws or even how long it makes me suffer  before one of these ends is achieved 

if mgpd didn't see anything wrong with against medical advice forcing me to labor on the car under threat of distruction of all my assets.. in guessing sending an envelope of mold to an elected effical is OK right? 

or have we reinstated a class system down to forced labor for some will Hella laws and early deaths... 

they have taken all reason to be sane or even alive. all health all purpose in life 

this was a board I designed and was contratrsctuslly obligated to deliver to the patron. 

this is the picture an mgpd officer responded with 


I've also got my dad recorded laughing about how their might have been bed bugs and telling me how much I'm going to enjoy having a boyfriend in prision

maple Grove and 4th district Court have enabled two terrorists to rob someone blind distroy every aspect of their kufe for decisions made for them at 14

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