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Saturday, June 20, 2020

deadly child molesting school bus driving covert narcissists

 With police protection. 
With Selective enforcement or rather lack thereof of mail fraud check fraud ID theft and overall terrorization while the parties in question cared for your sick child at Children's Hospitals and Clinics in St Paul 
and or drove your child to school as a school bus driver in Robbinsdale Area School District.

In a previous post title Jumping the Shark I linked to hospitals concerned about aspergillus on patients clothing and the fact that neonatal patients are classified as immunocompromised. Told problem at Marlene and Paul Wuethrich's house was 19 years old. I'm All Pro initially determined it was due to Vapor Barrier carpet pad on top of vapor barrier cement slab paint. I was in junior high when they laid that carpet pad. My parents played general contractor finishing their basement. In other words everything involved was their decision. The problem spread to my apartment when Cosmos cat got sick and I visited him in his final days. The reason I moved back in was unknown at the time but the bleeding didn't stop until I left for a hotel. At which time to change the lock. 6 months after I moved in with no notice locks changed and Maple Grove Police began telling me I don't live there anymore and I can't file theft I gave them all my things moving out.

 Minnesota legal system has a lot more problems than race. School bus driver I referred to was also a Union steward later became a full-time organizer he was also on the Minnesota AFL-CIO labor Council. This father claims to own his adult son. Maple Grove Police don't want to have that discussion. But when I tell them I have evidence that the TV report was backwards my mom literally admits to trying to kill me if we put unreliable witness on record we might be liable avoid this state like the plague

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