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Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Destruction of person

Maple Grove Senior High I think in alp taught it takes something like 24 days to make or break any habbit.

Police putting covert narcissist in charge of everything another adult owns and likely without legal Merit enables some very disgusting things

For instance when I was dealing with the moldy car under Threat all my stuff that Maple Grove PD put them in charge of would be destroyed with Maple Grove PD not giving a shit I have one key to the car not mine that I was forced to drive away in. This almost killed Clyde the first day and I'm sure it contributed to  his death.

It was a negative 11 that day. My dad lied about having the car professionally remediated you just had the moldy headliner moonroof cover reinstalled if even that I mean I could have fucking done that and then they made me do that for nine months the first three without a respirator I already own. I don't want to do this anymore I need control of my time I need to be able to eat what I normally eat I need to be able to cook I need to be able to do anything other than what they say Co that literally claimed to own me and want to make me suffer temporary dump through Maple Grove Police and Hennepin County and lies there too this is fucking sick

The day before it was time to check out of the hotel I am for my dad hey I need a heads up and of course he didn't listen or rather he did but then made it take 3 hours past check out. The reason for that is he was paying for the hotel. He's also the one who threatened to put plaid in the washing machine. I have the call of the day Bonnie died they did everything they could to make it seem like they killed her and I don't know if they did or not I've got pretty good feeling they did not although they might have contributed. The reason I say this is only something Clyde did before it happened but by all all measures the call when Bonnie was sick was disgusting. They start telling me it's something like three or four hours until the vet appointment all the sudden 20 minutes on the phone later we got to go now we're going now we're going to pick you up I had managed to get out tried giving her pineapple. My dad had already stopped giving both of them their antibiotics when I was banned from the house this is the sort of level he taunts me on. I let it go then he's standing there while I'm putting Clyde one night that I was allowed back in and he's telling me you know why I'm so much better than you. This is Ultimate narcissist. One of the main definitions is competes with their offspring. That's not the only example I have but I'm all over the place lung scope already. Back to the day Bonnie died. All of a sudden they're on their way I'm not sure if it's my mom Bonnie what they'll pick me up from the hotel and I throw the phone down on speaker after getting out give her pineapple. About as I get shampoo in my hair the torture is fucking Abomination Paul no honor realizes the phone is still connected I had it on speaker and he won't stop screaming hello hello hello hello

I had to get out of the shower and hang up the phone you would not stop what the fuck is he doing with my rabbit who is stick screaming loud and he had been to the vet with me and Bonnie and Clyde two times in the past over a decade that I had them. The thing is it was recent actually three times because they got boarded because at first my dad wanted to blame the rabbits for what was making me sick. Fucked-up thing is 2014 I knew there was mold there. They tried to make sure I didn't remember that too. So ithe just Bonnie even though I've never at all brought them to the vet separate and before this happened two or three times he had been with and seeing that within the previous eight months before. When he shows up at the hotel I asked if she got pineapple and he can't even give me a fucking straight answer. Yes but we were out. Yes but not today. God damn you fucking abomination of a piece of fucking shit you 

It was to the point where he won't admit that's at all confusing and telling me to shut the fuck up.

The first thing the vet said and I had noticed it on the ride up St Cloud the first thing the vet said was she's going to need syringe feeding. She died about 10 minutes later. That was 2018 and I still don't have her ashes or anything else mine.

I had to have them freezer so I could bring Clyde so he could see. That works is most there's not even words for what that was. He walked up to her at first and I think because she was frozen he couldn't exactly smell her. I went to the bathroom we were in a private room. When I came back there was a tuft of fur missing or pulled out next to her and besides one little bit where he thumped  on his haunches.. which is how rabbits show anger disapproval or bad .Clyde then sat next to  Bonnie that for 3 hours. 

But back to the hotel let's back up to the last few weeks. I realize that some point it would spend anything if it hurt me but it was kind of too late here if it looks good and it hurts me they'll do it. My mom picked out my mattress after they picked out my apartment what they couldn't do is actually do what they say and get the car properly cleaned I hate this I don't even want to talk about this I am still under their total control their fuck up I've gone through three severe losses big made sure to destroy everything of mine will Maple Grove PD that's they're doing what's best for not having liability in other words I'm dead or in an insane asylum sick fucking assholes

Really briefly what I'm trying to do that is three times I was without key because once I misplaced it in a sea of clothing on the floor because I literally had nothing four organizational furniture and still don't even though 2006 to 2018 I have cabinets I have everything that I need except I have two people that own me and Maple Grove PD standing between me and my things with guns. But three times I was made to go hungry 30 hours because I misplaced the key from 2006 to 2018 that has happened once before that's how high their expectations are one key even though they never took the car away before there was no reason to question if it was mine even though it wasn't entitled there is no reason to buy one when I had one and yes eventually save for one yes but people want to make these snap judgments and they don't know the plan they don't know what was agreed what was not some Maple Grove PD Officers are telling me up to a year into and even May 22nd 2020 something along the same lines but I've heard your parents don't owe you anything you parents give you a lot of money you live quite the life well I'm breathing in their fucking mold now I'm blowing it out when I'm going hungry when someone destroys all my property for their fucked-up mistake that they can't admit to so they'd rather kill their son and a bitch Marlene did try that when I reported that she falsified the TV report it was the other way around Maple Grove PD told me if we put that on record all I wanted was unreliable witness I told him I have a call indicating that she was trying to kill me recorded between me and her they told me if we put that on record we might be liable it's not illegal to say you own someone fuck you

In the interest of saving them money I got an uncut key for this car so I'm not without a spare and it doesn't cost like $200 for the dealership to fucking make them but then you fucking assholes activated the ofp and when he was telling me it was active you would still call but it wasn't they came up four days in a row they took my garage door opener they took my ID then they robbed my garage but on top of that I can't even prioritized having a spare fucking key even though I bought one what you need to do to program the fucking thing. You guys are not trained for this what I mean is Maple Grove PD maybe some are but you guys aren't this is fucking sick. What you're doing to me has been two years of fast food diet breathing in mold under threat that all my things I've ever owned 16 years of things I've worked for you go on hearsay you fuckers that's vigilante justice with a gun.

What you have enabled is total Destruction now you've enabled that they get to know where I live after that past is when they demonstrated they'll come up and steal from me you guys activated the ofp not caring they had my ID but make sure to tell me they give me a lot of money or so they tell you right I mean I could probably produce a receipt saying I own any one of you I bought you for fucksake that doesn't make it true

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