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Narcissistic parents see a child learning to do things for themselves as a threat to their source of feed Independence is threat. Scene in black and white is its own problem often referred to as splitting in the psychological context but when the courts do it when the culture teaches parents wouldn't do that against the reality of some do and when we know how Learning Works how conditioning works how trauma hurts and causes actual brain damage how dissonance consumes cognitive resources how change consumes cognitive resources how diet affects how long you live what you died of cognitive ability how you feel sleep-wake every bit of life and neuroplasticity along with exercise

We also know the smarter narcissistic parents only hit when they won't be seen or have low risk of being seen that usually appear to be near perfect parents. But they lack empathy they lack sympathy they may have no conscience or very weekly feel conscience or guilt. It's well-documented they will sabotage even adult children what's insane is you can buy and all that and you shouldn't even have to because they were legal standards like you can't sign another adults name on a contract can't open their mail take a check out and said what happens to money in their name without legal custodial ship but these things are very much crucial to being able to control your finances your life live on your own yet it seems that none of these matter anymore if someone does them to you. It seems that we've shifted to the victims words carry more legal weight if he has less money then all these crimes that the police department doesn't give a shit about and the court doesn't care about because a one-sided action was filed in civil court but the police for a year-and-a-half have been enforcing separation of me and every piece of property ever earned for 16 years of working for income. But it's worse than that because especially in the beginning even from police which doesn't matter that their police what matters is their source of authority and if you don't comply when they give a command things escalated very quickly so it's a lot of cognitive effort to filter between a source of authority giving commands and their own opinion and when they're liable for almost none of it it's traumatic in and of itself if you think at all. But then when you have them enforcing only one party without the legal precedents to do it denying constitutional rights ignoring actual crimes ignoring the reality is that what they separate one from might be their livelihood or ability to eat

And meanwhile saying things like parents want what's best comes from all over sometimes even police when all the little realities like they don't have custodial ship they're doing things that damage my credit my credibility my property my life might help they're damaging with the use of police and police refusal to even allow evidence that they use reports as weapon on record stating we might be liable well there goes my expectation that this ever ends and that doubled down when the ofp is create the ability for the two people doing this to know my address I can't even run away from it the police won't help but if I dare speak out of pocket well being forced to put the lotion on my skin right to jail. Or at best court-ordered jobs security for a psychiatrist or psychologist which will mainly focus on something like cognitive behavioral therapy which won't address the actual damage done it will address retrain the behaviors which if my rights have been enforced wouldn't have been systemically destroyed by two people abusing State enforced destruction of people state-enforced abusers in position of power

The psychologist who's made the case that narcissistic abuse might most clearly be defined as deception as abuse as a real problem is when the courts get behind that and allow separation of property or allow things like a lockout six months after someone moves back in and all of their property seized by the party doing it then threatened for year-and-a-half and actually closer to 2 now but with the cops ignoring that well then you have the state enforcing the deception of the abuser and that deception is increasingly being shown or that type of abuse to cause actual brain damage yet the state nor the police you're much liability for the Court decisions or the selective enforcement by officers of laws versus civil court findings a constitutional rights or things that Beyond adult can harm or kill someone and are defined as actual crimes they cannot enforce that selectively but now if my speech is limited and to whom I may speak and where I may go and I have no rights to 16 years of property at work for let alone everything I learned even though this classifieds is human trafficking by most of what I can see about that in many states that would be illegal imprisonment enforced by the police because I'm being forced to drive away for the last most since August 2018 when the locks changed with zero notice from everything of mine in a car I don't own enough value and things of mine that I could have bought that fucking car but I can't get that time back the things have a relevant life span to earn with I didn't buy things for Joy I bought things to further myself and make income

And along with those things are the records that I ever have

And meanwhile after a years of threats to everything including to just leave me under a bridge with nothing in Minneapolis which is my mom's stated throughout my life worst fear which probably but not specifically cuz it is very human threat or human risk to be homeless and hungry but it's probably partially demonstration of the shallow affect it's without a doubt projecting when she threatens to do it to me as if it's supposed to be my fear but then went on top of it the police put her in power of everything I actually earned and she'll sit there telling me to my face what people she wasn't there for the conversation said to me and what I said to them then she lies to Cops lies to the court and all the while in between has been telling me I've never done anything of value I've never worked I've never had an income trying to read to find my past tell me I need meditation for something very real proven by expert but she tells me isn't there so I need medication for my delusions then when she finds out I have proof that they paid to get it removed 10 months late if he comes I need medication for my anger this is police and state enforced destruction of a person in Forest brain damage

And that mold in their house combined with her working in an NICU the police and states are enforcing somebody who threatened not just threatened actually in dangered other people sick newborns

Put on top of that when I got called crazy and told I be medicated for despite it being proven Real by professional is the problem they created by their decisions to play general contractor finishing their basement around 2001. So according to Maple Grove PD and the fourth district court of Hennepin you can endanger other people's children you can rob everything from your adult child MN become a protected person any other person needs counseling that their rights and forced or recognition of the damage done because on top of that they paid to get rid of that problem November 2018 they make sure I am still dealing with it despite the fact that February 2018 my primary doctor told me to get away from it and I will recover. Emerging science suggest about one and three people are more affected by it but we've known for quite a while now mold is not just an allergen some of it produces very deadly toxins. One of the lies both my parents will tell as I'm suffering because I won't go to a doctor my dad's dripping me three to five of them I can't follow any of their instructions because it requires property and some stability to do so stability that from 2006 to 2018 I show I can manage but not when somebody to constantly steal from me decide where I live what I have

Because the reality of life is that type keeps me constantly and reactive mode that keeps me from daring dream or having any aspirations because I keep getting sick back to you don't have anything you work for you're doing other people's work under threat to everything you ever have worked for police selectively enforcing nothing or even the ability for you to get a report in will people out of this state literally called who haven't seen me more than a few days maybe a week since 2004 one of my cousins but calls my mom weekly she could get a report in but when I go to report that I have evidence that the only accusation I've ever been violent that happened during this by a mom who told me she's going to make me suffer by both parents to tell me they get what they want when they want welfare stealing and destroying all my stuff this shouldn't be possible blunt after that they tell me I've never done anything what's the advantage of a can't do anything but what they say and if I have no expectation that anybody will stand in the way but now they get to know where I live and they've demonstrated they will do this after the ofp so if I go near them I get arrested but they can continuously steal from me the fuck

My dad and my mom but easy to describe with my dad because she makes him public front and will sometimes probably threaten him to take everything with false reports like they both use on me. But notably with my dad and certain topics like ability to care for a car he will lie to me through his teeth spend $1,000 I'm in already dead car just to try to corrupt my ability to learn what a car needs or what was wrong with it when I correct that identified it from the beginning. Then police are telling me they give me tons of money when all of its going to the fucking fuking mold problem. Despite the fact my primary fucking doctor told me get away from the mold in 2018 

so apparently if you are somewhat well off in maple Grove and have a child.. you can pretty much kill them slowly and with all kinds of torture attempts to corrupt every process needed for them to live every process they figured out not living with their parents since 2006 heaven forbid your problem contaminates their apartment. If you just fucking tell him it'll go away and in the meantime the police overlooked even criminal property damage and the Hennepin County Courts based on hearsay I totally clean criminal record will grant the potentially abusing party government enforce knowledge of where their victim lives and no one will give a shit if the people now protected continue terrorizing. It's a fucking joke we try and we try to end suicide. Everything about this has been trying to take away all drive all reason to be alive well it going actual crimes let a lot of things known to harm someone for life

Describe Minnesota with the song while I'd have to go with Awolnation run


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