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Efficiency and evidence based policy

From what I found locking me out as was done was likely not legal. That was a year-and-a-half ago police force that enforced it has ignored reports that commands but my time were placed on threats to destroy the property I was locked out from or remove it otherwise it's gone. This interfere with my ability to file any legal action or two seat anything I've been in an empty apartment. I have not been able to do anything that I have learned since 2006 not being at my parents cooking for myself timekeeping caring for myself because of this. Some of its specific true things I learned I needed. Other things like twice being starved 3 days at a time twice four many more for shorter duration what affect anybody's ability to function. This is also granted my parents the ability to destroy evidence that might be useful in proving other than what they will two-on-one say against me. My stomach is messed up my health in general is messed up. Because I won't go to a doctor because no basics no basic tenants I learned in K through 12 or college or on my own can be followed in this environment and if you want to claim it's not forced I can walk away well to what a better environment now that my credit is destroyed two ofps on my background check which will also let the people doing this to me be informed of anywhere I run to. These same people who stole my ID after they were applied who Maple Grove Police have ignored countless mail fraud at least one check fraud to the point where I don't even know why it's worth trying to report anything because this is insane. My dad indicated a few days ago by a text that he has my saw that went missing for my garage a month ago with my welder and my desktop computer. On May 22nd will activating the ofp is the officers handed me a bag again labeled California Williams Sedona my parents who claimed I never worked never did anything made everything up also know that I had two good shots at a job in California the start of career type position so maybe that is attribution error but they've also sent me letters saying I was San Francisco's are shithole that everybody's leaving from well I'm saying hey I need the basics I got to organize over the last few years I need a place for clean clothes I need a place to file documents I need my printer I need my kitchen stuff. That was ignored the request to send my health care renewal was ignored they open that filled that out and in between start sending me personal letters that are act like we are friends and nothing happened and I need help and I think you should get rid of some of the things that I'm in possession of or let me get rid of them for you. I repeatedly told my mother if you can't admit to anything or do fleas do not talk to me so we'll saying I have no place to file anything because they have all my property what does she do she sends letter after letter but not important mail instead they open that sign my name on it. Knows what else and add to the amount of time I have to spend try to track that down.

On top of that I'm up total shit creek. The likelihood that I can find a lease someone who will sign a lease let me sign a lease rather is extremely zero. When this started at 29 I had the credit score north of 700. Will overlooking my mom taking a check made out to me from mail addressed to me at their house I was told by Maple Grove PD they can open anything that comes to their address and why can't you manage your own finances in the state meeting I told them they are claiming to Own Me. I was been told it's not illegal to say you own someone. The one where that might get a lease which would be still on Constable given what's happened is if I had my possessions to self to pay a few months up front possessions. I started learning in like 2003 regularly working multiple jobs since 2004. Deprive somebody else almost every asset Google call them to be destroyed by people without legal custodianship opening my mail signing their name and send email back or holding mail controlling where their money goes byendorsing their name on check. For 6 months I was being bounced between 5 hotels so for that aspect it is incredibly unrealistic to expect to me to file a change of address I left for two weeks Max at a hotel 6 months after moving back in in 2018. My mom declared herself my landlord I professionally done it services 2004 regularly and they were demanding not even just asking it was like drop everything you're doing eServices be performed on computers I built for them none the less so I would argue they're very much was service that's valued at Market average of 150 an hour performed at least an hour a month one month as much as $6 but even that would be kind of rounding because when it happens more than once a day you're not going to get someone to your house or on-site support unless you're paying them a minimum of an hour. Scsu business law top me that in absence of a discussed amount on contract law Market average is safe to assume or to invoice for which I would wager means within some percent of whatever the top number is Will usually get by I cannot imagine that a 10 by 10 room in Maple Grove goes for much more than 150 to 200 for just a 10 by 10 room. When she declared herself by landlord she also said until I can afford moving out again something like every dime or every cent that would appear to me to put a Time on the contract what time span

, f but what I can't believe I'm having to argue at all is that with obvious crimes committed and endangerment to my life and entire ability to expect any sort of quality of future or even be alive at all I mean I'm about to be homeless on the street after a year-and-a-half of threats to destroy everything when I move in then six months later they changed the locks. I don't know how our system got so messed up but it's like going someone who has been human trafficked and forced to live with absolutely nothing undergrad of Destruction well now you don't have the ability to recover from it unless you have like all the records of it that you are able to keep as every possible way to disturb any normal seat and harm your health that wasn't blatantly obvious and provable is well documented oh and you better still be able to make cork from the street . What the hell is wrong with us as a society ?  Right in the past and seem to have experienced though it could have been  just individual officers in their individual way  but I've read that there's training  to maintain power in situations  I have to also wonder if that's supposed to apply for the peace officer Mission because  I experienced incidents like I'm sitting in a car  with the door open talking to my parents and my mom keeps getting closer and closer to the door when I asked her to pack up she slammed the door and catch what would have been my foot save for the fact that my Rubber Soul reflected it off and only because I was being forced to remediate the car of their mold  and head remove the trim otherwise it could have likely crushed my foot or slammed my leg  then she calls the police on me I've never done any more than raise my voice in this situation while sitting in the car while they're standing and getting closer  and the first thing the officer does one of them is assert that that is in no way a battery or assault and what am I doing there why am I there causing problems  and this was  probably close to a year after  the lock code just changes on the garage I don't live there anymore I can't file theft because I gave them all my things moving out even though there was no advance notice the for me to move out written oral or that block was changing  and there is no legal basis for me not to be there what the fuck is wrong with us


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