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Sunday, June 21, 2020


gender roles don't have to be traditional or strict. what I'm writing esentialy applies to either parent If the desired goal is to produce a well adapted individual as offspring.

I'll come back at some point (if I'm still drawing breath) and write healthy. both of my parents are the epitimy of subvert covert battery acid on metal. 

mine (father)  tends to destroy autonomy, 

he encourages me to put my self out there make commitments and run

full blast. sounds good right? except nearing any sucess he turns up emotional heat and this time stepped in took everything of mine. lies to police when both him and his wife(mother only in the biological sense) have both gotten physical with me. 

the return or reverse has not happened. 

they have spent the last 2 years stealing lieing destroying trying to and succeeding at destroying my body and health, financial future and all social connections

they took even my kitchen. 

after I got out of the likely illegal mental hold "God knows you could use someone to talk to" 

it's the most incest it can get with out ripping someone's pants off and raping them. 

as of 2018 outright admits he competes with me. right before it he took apart a vacuum I had been etching Circiut boards and repaired one of my vaccum when it broke(2 vacs as of writing this.) 

I jam theirs and say I'll fix it tomorrow. it disappears and 2 weeks later I find it taken apatrt and broken a week after that he's blaming me for having to buy a new vac. he took it apart broke parts and lost parts. 

your child is not you. your teen is a young adult and boundaries are healthy

Paul wedick knows what boundaries are. he will target any I try to establush/mine and even on deep levels like trying to redefine events he wasn't there for or tell me I haven't been to a doc when he's drove me to 3 doctors.

tell him he might benifit from one and he knows what a boundary is... none of your business he will say.

he knows himself and Marlene are sitting on parts other people paid for for projects part of the shop he agreed to finance, yet with a rental car a year into that he will tell me that making returning it a few hrs late 

"you are destroying my relationship with people at the dealership"

this while I'm in an empty apt with my 13 year old pet in the freezer while they sit on the ashes that came via USPS of my other pet Bonnie. 

an empty apt with a broken washing machine and 4 months past notice to vaycate. 

they filed ofps 20days before I was suposed to be out of this lease they forced me to sign.

I sorta think the landlord is someone he knew before. it's the apt they have ever picked for me. 2006 to 2018 I learned a lot about how I function and not only that is being desteoyed but basic health and sanitation are being made impossible

after filing the ofps they came up took my ID and my garage remote then came back took my miter saw desktop pc and mig welder 

they r trying to enforce distruction 

they try to destroy any ability to know up from down and the fascist police force of maple Grove is overlooking signing my name on contracts from mail with out legal costodialship, Id theft, mail fraud, check fraud my report that I have a recorded phone call with my mom and meeting she was trying to push me over the railing and the DV report was falsified. They instead reported that I shoved her across the room with no such thing happened. I don't want to be a d v statistic and a fucking corpse because the White Collar Turpin family is Maple Groves ideal for how their citizens should raise children. 

Three times I've done hungry having one key to a vehicle that supposed to be mine. My dad will keep turkeys and won't be without one so he'll make me go hungry while saying why don't you order food knowing that he's sitting on 20 grand of my tools that I bought to earn with and everything else mine after their illegal lockout six months after I move everything back in there police enforced lockouts creating a situation that Most states and the UN see aligned with illegal imprisonment human trafficking forced or unfree labor. This is fucking modern slavery

They tried to destroy even me knowing what I need. For example I got a blank non cut key for this car. All I need is one more for a moment to program the chip in it but now we can't talk about that except my dad was willing to spend $200 to have the fucken dealership do it. Then he tells police alive at 2 to five times what is given me and I'm here say I'm having Maple Grove PD ignoring id-theft ignoring everything else stated above and telling me it's all okay cuz they say they give me a lot a bunch of money fucking fascist pigs
The funny thing is I came up leaning left. This shattered many illusions I usually depersonalize and intellectualize. Usually some friends right person is talking about how the last wants to destroy the family unit and there is some truth to that it has nothing to do with the Devil but when we're enforcing that a woman might have said she might have been hit and it's hearsay and that's more important then lies designed to protect your ability to function as an adult then we really are creating a situation where kids are property of the state you are a modern surf whether you know it or not there's no one gets ahead in this situation you might reach somewhere in the shit hole middle that's a hundred times lower than it should have been. Fuck this fuck everyone no seriously go fuc yourself or do better for your kids I won't have the opportunity.

Clyde came to live at hotels because after Bonnie died Paul wuethrich threatened to put him in the clothes washer
they have me living in filth unable to escape problems they created with their decisions about their house in 2001. attempting in every way to isolate and desteoy me for their egos

they are likely having a nice meal in their nice and mold remediated house. they took even my kitchen things and on filing the ofps then came and took my ID among other things. 

they are trying to kill me

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