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gaslighting and abuse by npd terror and brain damage

So they say on some somewhat credible sudo blog but author credential listed psychology sites and if one did they can find the journal articles an actual studies but there's growing evidence that narcissistic abuse causes brain damage. In the Region's related to decision-making and memory . I've come find probably as good an indicator as some of those sites logs indicate asking someone if they're narsacistic is if not better because that seems to assume they're retarded but most are not. Whether or not there are actual legal consequences for being identified as that most can safely conclude not admitting it is a better option. But what I've come to find is if they're telling a blatant lie in my experience people that are like this when you say it's recorded will respond with either so what or fuck your recording. I don't think it's hard to see how it causes brain damage in those regions because someone is constantly telling you you're wrong to try to destroy your ability to act independently I'm constantly lying to you about things that your senses confirm are otherwise or your memory confirms otherwise. There's a concept in human development called object permanence. To put it in terms I can describe better is to compare us to a computer because there are a lot of similarities like working memory versus long-term memory there's episode on memory and something else I'm forgetting term for but it's more emotional if I remember and reconstructive there might even be some ties between short-term and long-term and the reconstructive aspect has a lot like brains compression algorithm but that's all conjecture. To the point though object permanence is learning something exist whether or not we're looking at it. Like set down that toy as a child or close your eyes to play peekaboo and no person didn't reappear they were there the whole time. In terms of the computer though what your brain is doing is writing a little bit to either volatile or long-term storage that says there's an object or an event here's where I put it or here's where it lives here's where it is the last I saw it or an episode of or event memory this is when it happened this is what happened. If you trust someone and they're doing this to you to have a healthy relationship and they have successful interactions with other people sometimes you need to give and Trust what they're saying so this creates does dissonance as well as this constant invalidation and that's bad enough on its own for someone's mental well-being for someone's mental stability Wellness but if they're in a position of power over another even without selective enforcement of lies or total 9 enforcement for the victim Party by Maple Grove Police not to make this personal but oh my God why? They're in a position of power and then quartz and doctors are set up so there's no real standards of evidence we are doing hella damage to people. I've read some articles where doctors of tried to explore why NPD people do this often to their children and the conclusion I've read in more than one place is literally because they are easy targets because people don't expect a parent to do that or rather probably don't even want to believe it's possible. There's also the fact that there isn't a perfect parent and there isn't a perfect child and the child throwing so even more than that there's always going to be proud in the dissonance so where did my parent fuck up and what did I deserve. And some people deal with that and remain more intact than others. A lot of people in my experience the moment anything like something that was once a debate for them or traumatic comes up it doesn't matter how similar or dissimilar the situations are you're not talking about you anymore even if the pronouns they use say otherwise. Other definitions of what specifically narcissistic abuse is or how it will differ also include relying on social norms when picking a Target to remain undetected and there's one that matches really well with what I experienced actually all of them do every checkbox you could Define for NPD my parents take both of them three ways over including things like cycles and denying the bad ever happened bill go off on me for the smallest or for nothing but actually something in their world punish me in ways that are unbelievably harsh even if it was their issue or their hard day taken out and taking out publicly humiliation but then the usual response is cold shoulder like I did something wrong and we never talk about it again after but then they just creep back in like we've been friendly this whole time and nothing ever happened and usually they will defend each other with outright denial or down play if it's submitted at all. And that's all well and good for a psychologist to deal with except when the legal system in medical system acting on false malicious reports search depriving of Rights and depriving them property earned choices made with my money for protecting my health well the party committing this enforced risk to my life and worst case scenarios by threatening my property and then we have selective enforcement going on this isn't a psychology issue anymore. In my absence the ofps  passed and despite the fact covid-19 and paying up and when I called the court the message was already saying that court is cancelled but when I finally reach the human this case is extra special extra bad so it's not canceled well what can be extra bad about unsubstantiated hearsay civil claims that might end up see where I'm going because even without if you're going to deprive somebody of everything after a year-and-a-half of police refusing to prosecute for one side or enforce laws for one side you create the situation where it puts the lotion on its skin until we're tired of it and file an  ofp

The little bit I've looked into detective work in crimes and I have a look I have more than I'd say most people I know. I am by far not an expert there or even knowledgeable but the things I do know is things like my total lack of any records shared with the court and in general until this event happened until the mold in their house spread to my apartment they invited me back inside their my landlord got control of all of my things before that happened and the professional confirmed it there weren't any invitations because there were no and still haven't been any actual threats to their life or physical altercations started by me. There's been none continued by me the only time physical contact was made was when my back was already to a railing my bare feet were on wet tile and my mom kept trying to push me over. That contact was taking her by both wrists and slowly walking to a corner so when I stop and let go I could duck around banking on if she kept trying to hit me or tried to swing while I'm thinking around well either she's might smacked wall or hopefully her brain tells or not to swing very hard because that's 3D spatial awareness and she probably has a mental map of where that corner is if she does. In other words I only acted in a way that tries to ensure I have no risk to my life and neither of us needed to feel any physical pain. When I stepped back that put my back at the railing because I didn't want a physical confrontation she moved forward which cut right and left options dramatically in other words my only real option there was let her keep pushing me and go backwards over the railing or I guess become a DV statistic for violence against women when I caught both wrists she you bastard I brought you into this world I can take you out Paul call the police. Paul being my dad. parents are responsible for the well-being of their children if the children are adults but that should not give parents a carte blanche against their offspring  things that are actual crimes and allow the police to selectively enforce while putting the city the county and the state in between me and 16 years of things I worked for let alone everything that was ever mine given by them given by others Etc. Most of what I paid for what's tools and many of them have a limited useful life span for any expectation of recovery but that doesn't even matter because in the right to own property it's generally covered that one has to be able to use it to actually have the right protected. I've got to the fine if that is only land or consumer goods but that's on my list of things to do after I hit post


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