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hate begets...

I noted something growing up. it was on the edge of a shift in what was taught. my parents had one child at age 40. so I also caught  the views of a generation old enough to be the parents of most of my peers parents.

before safe spaces and blm, before the bully the person you were taught is a bully bigot or Salem witch with a star of David and scarlet letter... 

there was the knowledge that most people have been through some shit. 

there was the knowledge that you are unlikely to change anything about a person by nagging or hating on them. 

there was the knowledge the person getting bullied in elementary school might be getting it from the parents at home as well. 

feminism even had a dance with the egalitarian at one point and had a saying : degender don't regender. 

kids arnt born racist. upon reaching an age they comprehend what they look like they may notice a difference and their brain might disregard it as trivial but society and their care givers play a big role in how that conclusion persists and or evolves it devolves. 

not saying any of these tenants was ever universally understood by the populice at large or univesaly practiced. 

the danger is none of those views were very extream, most it's hard to poke logical holes in.

yet what I see happening in the media is a focuse on pollar extremists. 

the key point here is a lot of people that may hold racist views arnt really bad people. usually when someone goes through their own version of what today we call a lot of shit, it's pretty natural to want someone to be responsible.

it's not a valid conclusion to blame a race or gender. it is racism and sexism to call that a valid conclusion.

 yet scsu in 2014 was even teaching racism is white on black sexism is men on women (but never in the freuden sense, consent is a myth and the Freudian interpretation is rape... OK I might be exaggerating this part.. but not by much)

the Dr who happened to be black and had a dream likely understood how wrong it was to teach this the way we currently do. 

if I recall correctly he said man l. what i think it's safe to assume is person. the words were

judge a man not by the color of his skin but by the content of his character. 

there is a danger in not following this calm thought through advice. it makes you easily led with out the slightest idea you are a puppet on a string 

it appeals to the very lowest of human consciousness and logic. it's like what psych calls the tea party effect. aka hear your name and it gets your attention. 

it's along the lines of sex sells, emotional and drama sell and appeal to the sense of cool and you won't be anybody unless you have this now

TV we used to know had a monkey see Monkey do affect on children. no they arnt going to murder you after watching diehard. 

they might pick someone at recese they don't understand or maybe even who might have wronged them and use the pop culture reference to incite mob bullying though cause that sounded cool and hey #metoo I saw that cool guy in screen say that.

now what happens when the target gets angry and he or she is now meeting the scued image of bully?

what happens when a lot of people that are otherwise neither good or bad but might have some backwards beliefs related to race being to blame for things... 

what happens when they turn on the idiot box and see black lives matter as a headline while the images are black people burning and looting?

what happens when we've been reprogrammed to forget that holding a misguided or false conclusion as a belief is not racist in and of itself

it is racial discrimination if one say, doesn't hire on it or

say blames whites and white property for what's actually an absent national policy that affects us all and potentially harms us all. 

the easily led part is the old addage of strength in numbers but the issue of what numbers are mobbing for is blurred

then the images shown to those who might join a rally against police brutality or a rally for enacting national policy on appropriate use of police force are instead 

the very stereotypes the movement that started for equality is plated with but they are respun as racist to call them racist

there's a psych concept known as object presistance that is relevant here. 

it's how it's used to fractionate and divide 

aka if we reverse the meaning while the message is broadcast or at an academic level.. 

that does nothing to the meaning storef in the minds of the populice. any meaning or any belief in any direction or line 

when you create a deliberate flip with any ability to guess that some percentage of the pop will be experiencing media supported confirmation bias of beliefs that will likely further the flames if hate and divide a populice 

you Corp entity and or board should probably be on trial for treason. 

except you already won. the modern pops though process has a 256 character limit and the saying 


if you are still reading though. 

the first black person I ever met was someone who worked with my father. I think we were in the costodial office of a school that was part of usd 281.

his name was to the best of my recollection Mel Lawarance.  this story takes place maybe 1996.

I remember shaking his hand and as he held it out (with vocab obviously learned since) I noted that the pigmentation of his skin got lighter on the palm of his hand.

regardless of what he thought I thought (this is hard to ever know) he observed that it had caught my eye and after the shake responded something like

" don't worry it doesn't come off" and he said it with a light hearted laugh. 

with out the tone one could maybe assume it was passive aggressive but the full message intigrated with the non verbal and tone leads me to belive he was just commenting that he noticed I was confused. 

if we drop out of this hunt for the scarlet racist lens 

it's not polite to stare at anyone anyway 

but what happens when this generation of parents that like I did got scsus message.. well what if either Mel or my father had assumed I was a racist? 

the moment of being told that they set what you think or know what u think.. 

it's trauma and though I lack the words at the moment to argue it block by block... it leads to what I think is a narcasitic dissociative state that most of us end up spun off into to. 

but how ever true that is, the things I mentioned above still apply. 

if we keep our brains on we could probably actually end racism and excessive use of police force. 

then Billybob and Tyrome can both chow down on the Hella expensive but delicious KFC box meal and not confuse light hearted observations as hate. 

or am I niave and this world is just a dream? 

what does it say that the genius who first communicated this dream took a bullet? 

I won't claim my logic is fool proof but the conclusion I've come to is if someone murdered to end it. that's probably the dream we should be following. 


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