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Tuesday, June 2, 2020

internet off

so not only am I down to just a bed to lay on with Clyde in freezer in apt past lease waiting to be on street. if I call the people who forced labor, who's house took out everything who's.. God fuck this. 

I can't even take a shower 

maple Grove pd doesn't care parents driving up to take things from parking lot intimidate with ofps.. calling in welfare check

maple Grove pd doesn't care about justice 

apparently neither does the 4th district Court. 

maple Grove pd ignores that parents have taken even my ID as they activate ofps a year and a half after 0 notive lock change after I move back into my parents house. 

every month providing services worth 150 an hr for rent 

16 years of assets I've worked for

maple Grove pd "you can't file theft you gave them to them moving out"

report mom opening my mail took a check from mail endorsed my name

why can't u manage your finaces

well thats kinda what those laws are designed to protect my ability to do no?

is maple Grove both suggesting in violent and I should have used force to take the check in my name from my mail back?

how are they suggesting I seek gov aid or employment with out my id

why would a rational person see any hope in this situation?
Maple Grove Minnesota and Hennipin County 4th district Court take all 5th amendment rights over hearsay. from a 29 year old that had taught himself UV lithography, knew how to file a legal biz, worked for 16 years had a 4.1w self made lithium ion powered LED wood lamp in 2017

my UV lithography exposure box. paint striper welded plexiglass. low iron Glass sheet sat on weather stripping and 3 layer bottom had channels to pull the air out through. thus pulling low iron glass down on the pattern sandwiched acid resist UV film laminated copper clad. 
one such pattern. aka mask.. aka 2 layers of inkjet screen printing transparency doubled up and then side aligned accounting for thickness of what they will enclose (double sided) 

there are many ways to acomplish this and I'm sure there are better than what I came up with. I was proud to say it was entirely what I came up with /my idea. I knew alignment was needed and had read vac pull down was a thing in exposure boxes. the rest wasn't research it was me thinking .. how can I implement that with what I have. or fewest purchases nessicary. other thing was when possible I ordered from digikey. which is an mn based company. theif river falls. 

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