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Wednesday, June 10, 2020

It's the little things that count

no I'm not talking about Little People's learning accounting. 

I just pulled out of a QuikTrip. I was looking for something to eat remembering watermelon has some nutrient that lowers blood pressure. 

I thought I'd grab some as it couldn't hurt with covid and yesterday my neighbor got wheeled out on a stretcher(no idea if it was covid related but..)

 they were out but I asked the girl behind the counter if they normally had watermelon half expecting to get a weird look because of her skin color. No weird look whatsoever unless it was hidden behind the covid-19. Her eyes didn't move in a way that suggested it. but for the sake of small talk I explained the reason I was asking was because of the blood pressure lowering compound and that I was pondering if maybe the fact it's out was other people with that knowledge are driving demand. then compared it to zinc and how when I went to target all of it was gone. (halariously enough Zicam wasn't, I almost forgot finding the supplement section picked clean of zinc but light bulb moment and am isle over Zicam was untouched) 

she wanted to know where to find this info so I said mainly the internet Google scholar and the news. then continued wirh I'm not sure if it has anything to do with covid or not(watermelon being out of stock) but one thing I know is we are known to have issues comprehending even relatively small numbers and st cloud has what 100k? people (looked it up after its more like 66k)

 she looked dumbfounded for a minute and then what really sealed the moment was when she said I try not to get into deep thinking holes at work 

 I don't know how many people use but I have in the past and it was something I recognized immediately. more generalized it's the rabbit hole.  without missing a beat I said "yeah I hear you there, just tune out till it's over" and as I said have a good night it took her about three seconds to say "you too" . 
It's slightly naive to assume I know exactly what was going down in her head and that's not what I'm actually claiming. that said if some assumptions wernt made we would be frozen on what ifs in the vary thought hole she preposed. 

the delay could have been caused by other things as well but in general I find it a pretty beautiful thing when any two people  can understand each other even for a moment.

that said I really need to get out more as well. 

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