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It's a matter of earned

It's also a matter of agreement. As I've said elsewhere I have made my own money since 2003 LPGAt me things I had a natural aptitude for and that included learning and eventually learning how to learn. By the time I graduated Maple Grove senior in 2006 I had a law office, an accounting office, a car dealership, and a print and engraving shop doing IT consulting it support and I've held many more titles  since that time well I was working telemarketing for mortgage refinance company at $11 an hour plus when Florida was met a percentage of the profit the company made on the loan I'm not going to give my full work history here that's not required but I only listed the business clients because I didn't take a virus off someone's computer once I was working for multi employee small businesses. Maple Grove senior was also trusting three students out of at the time what was a school population of 1500 between the three grades three students to do their it work on the computers I was one of those students. I also literally assisted teaching the A+ certification class that the school was offering that year and it was only I believe the second or third time they have done it I forget if Maple Grove is on well who knows what they're on now semester trimester wise but my grade in that class was literally did I come prepared to teach the other students the section that we were on that day the actual teacher had a background in business and because of my trust with the media center and the it part of 279 and my work outside of school I was chosen to do that even back then. I'm transcribing this again but what I'm trying to get at is we would alternate she presented a chapter and then I presented the next one and I would also prepare activities and that sort of thing even back then I was known to a large school district with an advanced IT department to be knowledgeable and trustworthy but on top of that I was taking care of accountants offices lawyers offices starting in 2004 at $50 to show up in 25 an hour. I've watched my parents tell me that they don't know that I've ever worked before and Alternate with I haven't worked enough to satisfy them but there is no legal enough to give them control over everything of mine especially since I haven't lived there 2006 to 2018. For the last year-and-a-half I have been held hostage by pets to destroy everything and then if I tell it to in their car of their mold which they are professionally removed to destroy everything it was forced labor for 9 months against medical advice with nothing in my apartment but three folding tables which is still true and now I have no assets to sell I haven't been able to get a job because they took my ID from the car in the parking lot this is insane. This is the police protecting parents who tried to break apart and harm their child for life because they can't stand that they were wrong about their house in a way that could have cost them their health their house and their lives I wager it's deeper than that though we meet all the criteria for full-blown NPD or aspd. I've heard I owned you two times from my dad my mom before the mold was proven was telling me my problems are boring and take too long and then they both started gaslighting once it was.

They have paid nearly $20,000 this year to make sure I can't do anything or have anyone in my life while threatening everything I actually earned well I'm telling them this is bad for my health there's no way I can do what you demand without criteria met well holding ID and stealing ID to make sure that on top of walking away from everything I just have to be homeless without an ID I have a pet that I've had since 2007 in the freezer the others remains came by USPS to their house I still don't have that and that's the least legally important mail held but it's the most destroying everything of mine of everything I am I don't need counseling I need basic laws to protect my independence from them and my ability to own anyting recognized the heart that's been done by the year and a half crazy what meets illegal imprisonment let me human trafficking forced labor I see it has to stop I learned a lot I cooked for myself I knew how to care for myself very well and from 2006 when I left to 2018 there was maybe six months I didn't have access to that house and come and go as I please yet once they get all the access to all my things possession of in 2018 6 months later nope

In 2019 will it was demanded I clean their car and saying there is no way I can do this if I have to drive it for every meal. Starting about 2007 I was cooking almost every meal I ate I have learned dishes like authentic Indian chicken curry from scratch and that was a weekly favorite starting around 2012 garlic ginger turmeric cilantro and others I'm blanking on at the moment because I haven't had my kitchen stuff my kitchen stuff something essential to choices I made with my money on how to protect my help and my function as an adult how I work but it's not just how I work at a point it's pretty basic but that shouldn't matter its choices I made with my money it's property still held but it's also known to be relevant to cognition ability to Plan diet and exercise also play a role in things like type 2 diabetes overall the side in large part how you died and what you die of and when what your quality of life in between was. Emotional regulation can be shown to be affected as well in other articles I've done Google Scholar links they don't just take from me play pretend to lose Bonnie's ashes after Clyde died they wanted me to go faster on the car and my dad says he's not going to hop around the list of what's slowing me down Clyde was rabbit and so is Bonnie they were my friends as well as my pets I got them in 2007 if you want to test them it to who I am most rabbits don't live past the age seven neither needed to die when they did I wasn't in control of my things laws were violated to enable the position of power of my parents had they have no custodial ship over me they do of my aunt I don't need therapy because the police and the court screwed up to the point where I'm destroyed I need the last recognized and the Damage Done recognized this cut my expectation of anything but an early grave if not in immediate grave pursuit of nothing and their life has barely changed yet they did pay to be rid of the mold problem the mold guy determined was due to choices they made I know they made because I was there for them as a minor in how their basement was finished.

One of the conditions excited to be able to do the demands on the car and I told them without the minimums met it was like burning money but I cannot drive it for every meal and remediate your mold from it when it got warm out I tried to get my bike as an alternative to renting a car 2 * Maple Grove officers heard them it was say it was my bike and they would give it back to me I still don't have it this is the way they control I have three folding tables I have Clyde in the freezer I don't have my kitchen I can't hop on my bike to cool down I can't do anything but I earned this is insane they took my garage door opener 2 * they tried to tell me that I didn't change a flat tire for 2 weeks cuz I wouldn't know how and then I never said that and it's recorded So What

They tried to demand I get counseling well I'm being told to do More faster(forced labor on their car) in 2019 in the apartment they force the lease on both under threat of I'm homeless with nothing well in 2018 one of three doctors my dad drove me to probably 6 to 7 I've been to my primary said avoid mold and what that meant was avoid extra moldy places and the one benefit to the lockout at the hotel it's 16 months of bleeding stopped the first week. But what was constant for 16 months the only leaving after I left the apartment mold was found at and the house mold was professionally confirmed at  the bleeding stopped and only came back was with exposure

Nothing I can see in law entitles them to decide anything once money is given to me. That doesn't mean it's not there but I've looked and I can't find it. Yet Maple Grove PD Wrights off that to my life while they enforced situation and Power by your parents will always have some control if you accept any money from them and this is after reporting countless times I'm being forced exposure mail fraud is happening they say they own me check fraud happened at least once documents from my mail sign with my name and returns there is no legal custodial ship situation

Around January 2018 or shortly after I got intermittent trickle's of indication that they were calling family and any of my friends they could get ahold of and telling them that I'm sick in the head I'm obsessed about mold everything else Under the Sun to poison me having any place to go anyone to turn to. The situation doesn't exactly lend itself because it's a bit of a leper situation as well or fear of contagious I mean it might not be but who wants to take that risk even without somebody's parents telling others they're crazy. They paid to have that mold professionally for mediated in November of 2018.

Dec 2017 I lost a tooth that was a long dead baby tooth with out an adult under it. it had been dissolving for 20 years. I was told not to wait more than 6 mo to get a dental implant insurance doesn't cover it its 5k my dad waits 3 mo and starts calling me an idiot saying he said he'd pay for it why haven't I got it done. this is while if I leave house in yelled at if I leave room I'm yelled at I'm being told I never did anything ever made everything up mold isn't real(but already confirmed). if I leave room stuff is moved around thrown out thrown side thrown on moldy basement carpet thrown in garage thrown in trash. including parts others paid for contracted design projects  and clothes I laundered then set in my room. one week I'm threatened to be pushed down the stairs for pointing out marlene just said she was done touching my things. 2 weeks later my back is to the railing and she won't stop pushing. 

now as of recent my dad's saying you idiot u should have got your tooth fixed when you had insurance. they filed ofps with 20 days before end of forced lease in only apt they ever picked. forced to clean car in garage equaled management trying to evict 6mo in. they knew and I can prove this was the situation and they were aware. 

they also took my drivers liscense around that time. the first 3mo here they refused to surrender any secondary ID so for many months it would be add on after add on to try to seek employment but while doing that they are telling me why haven't I found a shop to finish my projects and do my remediation of my stuff at. while not giving enough to eat let alone the forced car demanding it faster. they took over my health care God knows what else. 2mo before and 2after the packet should have arrived I on Def ears said please forward it. with all the landlord tension and threats to even change my locks.. change of address didn't seem wise. I had negotiated out of lease pentaly free netural ref in writing. it takes money to get a place or move even what I had gotten back parents siting on 20k of my assets after Jan 2018 move back in Aug 2018 lock change stop answering. this has been a hostage situation and a still is 

in jr high for 4 years in a row I road the ms 150 fund raiser for a cure for ms. Duluth to lake elmo in two days on bike. I ran track sr year of highschool. I know myself. I know my limits. I earned an A in college health at ndsu, had 2 or 3 health classes in k-12, have studied a ton on my own. learned what worked for me and how to listen to my body. I told my dad around may 2020 (never even got my bike back still haven't) "im really worried i can bearly make it up the stairs I need my bike"

"why would you need your bike if you can bearly make it up the stairs?" 

he tries to tell me this place had a kitchen when he picked it. instead of or rather to try to force describing yet longer and again "you have all my pots pans plates, other utensils" 

to which he responded that "we stocked it with bibbs" they known what they do. this isnt a psych issue except for describing the abuse. the position of power is created by first the lock out with no notification then the refusal of mgpd to do anything about mail or check fraud. I reported a few times things were being forced under threat of destruction of the assets mgpd had told me " i cant file theft i gave them my things moving out" no avail. now the ofp and id theft is about to leave me with first eviction but one is enough.

eviction, destroyed background check, destroyed credit, very limited subset of whats mine and probably not even enough of my assets to make deposit and first month if a rental place would even agree with where my credit went and now back ground check. march 31 was end of this lease with notice 2 months ahead. they took my id around may. they took garage door opener second time and the most valuable assets i recovered left the garage seemingly on their own one night maybe a month ago. my dad illuded to having them last night. there is so much stacked with forced spinning from take starve take starve tell him hes doing it to him self, dont answer, taunt. I filed a scpd report but need to update it. a mig welder, compound miter saw and my desktop workstation PC were taken from the garage. 

other stuff from car in parking lot as well. my dad took maybe 30 hrs demanding to know what color the power inverter was.

"is it red? i cant find it if i dont know what color it is"
dad you just said it
what color is it john? 
dad you said it.
its red
im not saying it again dad. 
what size is it?

after saying he has my saw(one of 3 things that went missing at same time) 
"im not sure if i have a welder, what color is it?"
this was maybe 6-8-2020

2days after I couldn't attend march 18th ofp court an hr and a half away, they called in the first of 2 welfare checks. the second time the officer caught on. I thanked him at the time but if you are reading this, thank you again. 

inability to use tools or have my keepsakes and basic nasacities for organizing life time keeping etc.

plastic normally over seat belt role (where seat belt hides when not in use) this is the back side of it in the car i was forced to clean. 

stlf pay it forward trip 2012? about start tearing out a home hit by hurricane sandy in ny.

blown out around may 2018 

back side of head liner in forced labor car 2019

I paid for 45 days backpacking Europe alone in 2006 at age 18. this pic was franfurt Germany. 

mpls depot. 

note with the living spaces from the past pictured bellow. my parents actually entered my apt maybe 15 times between 2006-2017 together and or alone total. these spaces are things I set up as places to live. also with the cooking, I ate homecooked meals growing up, but cooking was largely something I taught myself. 

workshop in progress

first apt in st cloud

2018 in an attempt to have a space that wasnt toxic I began following the mold pros most basic advice (starting with remove moldy trim after spraying down with peroxide to stop spores from flying everywhere) 

i love you Cosmos. 

blanket in their garage. 


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