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Jumping the Shark

We're pretty doomed as a nation if we claim to be Land of the Free we have the highest percentage covid incarcerated per capita.

we were at one time against debtors prision, I can't prove but have a feeling we now rely on screwy laws to create jobs. which I would think would be against the spirit of our founding.

rounded to 5 from 4. 9 prisoners per staff member on average and 2.3m inmates. 460 thousand people employed to watch them. 

 in the Minnesota illegal system we have no recognition that people might use police reports as weapons aka police that overlook false reports used as a weapon. this makes lies to police perfectly acceptable.

 In my case I told the police that I had evidence of this and was told that would be a liability for them to do anything about.

 16 years of what I work for has been taken my ability to cook and eat healthy has been taken during a fucking pandemic and yet if I go anywhere near my property or the people who claim to fucking own me while they steal it and lie to police then I go straight to jail despite no previous criminal record this state is an abhorrent fucking bastard of Justice

my parents are abductors who literaly claim to own me.

My dad has two times said he owns me and once that he bought me. My dad was probably 20 year vice president of SEIU Local 284 and sat on the Minnesota AFL-CIO labor Council.

Before Labor under threat of destruction of all of my things that they're illegal lock change put them in control of and that Maple Grove Police enforced making me drive away several times in a car I don't own well all my valuables are under lock and key claiming I can't file a theft report because I gave them my things moving out.

Six months of Hotel hopping where I'm spending savings bonds to eat and then I'm forced into a lease under threat of being homeless all my things destroyed then it became clean our car or lose everything will they open my mail hijack my account and after a year that with notice to vacate at the end of the lease they forced because the landlord wasn't happy about cleaning mold car they final ofps

after the ofps passed in my absence they drove 45miles to my apt to call in welfare checks and sit in parking lot every day for a week to intimidate. while doing this they took the garage door opener from my car along with my id.

they came back and took my mig welder, desktop pc and compound miter saw.

Future the mail fraud and check fraud signing my name on documents from my mail I have destroyed credit when I once had a score 700 or greater. They took everything I might Pawn to even afford upfront rent with my fucked credit well I'm sitting here in An Empty Apartment destroyed help for months past notice to vacate only roof over my head because of the covid-19 related ban on evictions in this state. You can't even get food stamps without a driver's license

maybe January 2020 I'm getting yelled at by a Maple Grove officer for driving down with out my ID on me.  he insists I live the life so I show him a pic of mold car. I DIDN'T SEE THAT PUT THE PHONE AWAY.

MARCH 11 th was when ofps were filed

county im in refused to serve the passed ofps so they were not active.

I drive to maple Grove may 22nd and officers don't care parents still have 20 grand of my things still holding mail forging my sig and stole my id.

they insisted "your parents give u a lot of money"

and activated the ofps with out even Geting back my id... middle of covid. what my parents tell them would normaly be consider hear say. with out an ID and 4mo past notice to vaycate it might as well be a vigulanti death sentance.

the mold problem at their house was 19 years old and 10 months past when it had been professionally determined to exist.

i remember as a kid visiting my mom at work I couldn't enter the nicu because I hadent had the chickenpox and hated needles. 

link above is medical evidence patients in there are classified as immuno compromised. 

the most at risk by mold are the immuno compromised

in maple Grove Minnesota the police will assist you in forcing labor, stealing everything from your adult son after 19 years of endangering the lives of other peoples infants. 

hennepin County will help cover it up with no questions asked background check destroying Civil court ofp. 

My parents both meat and demonstrate every quality of full-blown narcissistic personality disorder. They have endangered my life Maple Grove Police have created a situation that further and dangers that because they assume that anybody should just be able to start with Detroit Reddit no property no ability to own it repeated ability to have it stolen mail and documents Forge signatures no protection from anything and what's my problem I can't just bounce back from that. On top of that February 2018 my primary doctor told me the way someone your age that's better is avoid mold well instead of got whatever length of time it's been since then forced exposure to it. Or in November 2018 three months after the locks changed and I just don't live there anymore can't file theft because I gave them my stuff moving out I've been at total three hotels but moved between the first to several times and they take the car from the parking lot stranding me without food they use the text sent over that to an acting emergency medical hold where the doctor ignores that I say I have an email from the mold man documents from the extermination at the apartment before and he ignores that by saying patients aren't allowed phones on the ward then gives me a diagnosis for delusions of bugs that mold. This is state-enforced death. As I get out of that my fucked up torturing abuser molested me as a child father send me a picture of their professionally remediated basement they were having done while a fraudulent fucking quack at Riverside is diagnosing me with delusions of bugs and mold

The actions of that Police Department can be attributed to merely the police are out to do whatever is easiest and spend the least time on each case. But for over a hundred years now we've known things like if you can eat and what you can eat contribute to how long you live your quality of life and what you die of in other words what I'm saying is we know medically and scientifically there's a lot of ways to kill someone we know that assets bought with money earned our store of value they still teach that in business school. We know that it cost money to eat. In other words what I'm saying is this legal system juxtaposed with what's known by Medical Science and Science in general is severely outdated and dangerous.

Furthermore the ofp is give two parties that have shown they will continue to use covert methods to terrorize and to set me back while arguing that I'm unable to care for myself but actually endangering my life through mail for check fraud theft ID theft and several ways that might not even be classified as crimes but are known as methods of characterization these ofp orders give Court granted right for them to know where I live and or probably die for the next 2 years

When this started the year was 2017 the mold transferred when I was visiting a sick cat that we have had since 2001. I had a good credit score I lived on my own since 2006 I had zero criminal record I had zero mental health record I'm not some Criminal who's getting Justice by this they have raped every aspect of me and my life. I fear for my life everyday my health is deteriorating rapidly

I know what the Minnesota SNAP program is I know how to get another ID but as this happened already three months past notice to vacate and with the uncertainty of covid-19 well what address do I even give to have the new ID mailed how do I get a job without two forms of ID during this uncertainty or even in general

The state of Minnesota has deprived me of constitutional rights and act as an accessory do people terrorizing me people destroying my life do people who benefited in every way from my existence their house is paid off 50 by 8 ft long and Tall of baldy came out 1500 square feet of carpet and Pad came out the deck on the other side of that wall the entire back wall of the house.

in maple Grove Minnesota police will help you own people and or kill them. 

not a huge surprise. the dude who made lampshades from peoples skin used to get rides home from the local pd. 

we have issues in this country and in this state. there are a lot of ways to murder, physical force is the smallest of the set of methods. poison has been a long known alternative. 

when the police and courts are more concerned with words said by victims than other methods of murder.. we have issues 

Even my mom on some of her better days used to know that it takes two to tango. This ofp law cannot be just when there's no acceptance that people might ever become dependent that a hearsay report that one person feels endangered when that person is actually sitting on 16 years of asset another person earned and commanding their time around under threat of destroying them will now we've created a situation where if I even talk to these people I may go to jail. This is the state directly in my way of Pursuit of Happiness it's enabling murderers to turn their victim into a criminal

I would think a reason this became popular is things like federal grants for drug busts. 

There's probably more programs that funnel federal funds into state coffers and their PDs 

Regardless of intent , what it creates is kind of like a state Munchausen by proxy where police even assist in the distruction of citizens or allow people to be destroyed. 

Which if you admit this happens at all  I bet you to consider  that there might be a job creation side to this. 

 at worst you create jobs because the adult care facility needed for tortured victims totally destroyed and or the coroner that declares them deceased when they died on the side of a road. This isn't a justice system it's an abhorent self-obsessed  monsterous piece of piece of drek.

Just like covert narcissist it's known to play on social norms of the boogeyman rather than hard learned lessons in what creates Justice over centuries of human suffering


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