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left for dead

 marlene and Paul:
u endangered everyone and took it out on me. 

What's funny about them is they don't give a damn about anybody at all they're good at Faking It otherwise

 Marlene Wuethrich  who works at Children's in St Paul had a co-worker whose daughter (I believe( killed herself after cat died.

I have Clyde in the freezer they pretended to lose Bonnie her ashes Marlene Dietrich shouldn't be in charge of anybody's newborn if she can let a rabbit get so thin the vet says she's going to need syringe feeding and then she's dead. I wish you would die mom even if I die right after it won't be my own doing you're such a fucking incest emotional fucking rapist

I'm losing my life because u didn't like my language while u beat me. 

it's not a game to lie to your kid about any and everything you can while taking everything from them

why can't you two care for your house and each other? 

you suck so bad at it u had to lock your son in with his dead pet while u play retard games and enable marlene to one up her mother on her son. 

as far as I can see... well I'm not entirely sure about uncle Mike, I'm convinced my cousin Kim is normal and aunt Marry is probably less skitzo than she is decades of tourcher buy a family that's all socieo narco paths 

I think it's pretty common across the US and or world. I'm starting to belive it will be what drives our race extinct 

I think even voltair knew it was an acquired disease. Candiedes mistress when they met again was shallow, preoccupied with vanity and uninteresting.  1769. 

I want my welder back. I want my computer. I want rid of this bio weapon forcing reminder of 18 years emotional incest and I'm pretty sure I was molested as a child. 

I'm doubly sure the odds of 32 from the street are bullshit. might I invite the less that fair vache or peuton wuethrich to try it? 

there are realitys and human limits. they have exhausted me for their mistakes and continue to disk my life health future

this legal system is rotten inside out 

Paul you directly said in 2014 there's no mold here no need to test but if there was I would deal with it.

you two tried to keep me from putting together the past I forgot. 

you arnt abuseive 24/7 but you both are pretty creatonous incestuous shit piles of kill your offspring while cry wolf over what he says while I whip him for your fuckups

2014 mold
2011 Europe.. preparing, everyone puts it on me whole I have 16 credit hrs 30 hrs internship paid side work and while putting me in charge of all bookings marlene is up set that the internship doesn't make what ever her version of there isn't enough. so all the sudden with committed utilities and lease all my time spoken for I'm not making my bills with out spending the money I inherited from aunt Carol. 

they say narcasists fucking abominations drain you

they are pretty much killing me. then it's 2 on one gas light cold shoulder act like nothing happened. 

except thid time they took all my things, sabotaged having anything to show for the last 6 years of my life. 

I've got videos but I need a finished product. except I can't even move. 

2 ofps March 11 2020 they stole all my things got cops to support locking me out 6mo after I moved back in

hey mom who's protecting aunt marry from you or those new borns already sick from you. 

they are so poorly wearing the sheep's skin u can see wheee they first made it a lampshade. 

2007 peurterico. 

every seiu vexation we took was some sort of incest. puertico 


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