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Sunday, June 7, 2020

let's torture someone

I take no credit for this this is entirely Marlene and Paul wuethrich

You start by screwing up your house what decisions that your son had no part in when he was 14 years old you do everything you can to hide any recollection of he detected this once before as it's professionally confirmed at that time you're saying looks like you need someone to take control of your life. Then U2 on one Gaslight what the mold professional finds will threatening to get your adult son thrown in a mental ward. By January 2018  or maybe February there's already been for Dr but nurse practitioner male Marlene we trick and  the owner of his son former AFL-CIO Minnesota labor council member  just keep insisting his son hasn't been to a doctor  likely the nurse practitioner knows this is how you get someone to psych diagnosis . You ignore and try to tell him what the vet says about his rabbits even when you're not there you try to decide which cage belongs to which rabbit despite their not your rabbits you try to tell him when they're sick and when they're not they're not they're just lonely what you're doing is taking his last days with pets that he's loved for over a decade. Slowly he gets notifications that you're calling people he knows tell them he's sick in the head. False police reports start. The vet thinks that there's an environmental night knows there's bacterial infections and all the sudden the nurse practitioner allows the husband to stop the antibiotic after John leaves the house and no longer lives there but all of his stuff got moved in six months earlier and his two best friends in the world other than Cosmos and since 2007. But right before the Hotel 2 weeks 3 Hour 1 year and almost to now of now we have all your things and we'll destroy them if you don't do what we say including my ability to cook and eat right

You begin holding an opening his mail you take the car from the parking lot of the temporary one of five hotels
I can't even finish this

 Fuck you both you're so sick

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