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Sunday, June 14, 2020

Making it on your own

I know how to get snap. It's a crime to steal someone's ID. That makes it harder to get snap. In general we still teach in business school that store of value can be physical Goods tangible assets. In general even if the parents are obviously abusive and someone understands they have to be out at 18 years old well they should start working at 15 or 16. This argument that it's okay what Maple Grove Police are doing when I move back in at age 30 and six months later now in control of everything my parents change the fucking locks and Maple Grove starts telling me I don't live there anymore I can't file theft I gave them my things moving out. None of this is okay none of this is showing I can make it on my own this is how you kill someone

It was found that the mold in their basement has spread to my apartment which is what caused the eight months of bleeding which became 16 until I left for 2 weeks Max at a hotel not because I was bleeding from the mold but because my mom had a cancer surgery and couldn't stop telling me I was delusional and need to be medicated despite the fact that the mold confirmed in January lockout happens in August

End up up getting me a mental hold and look elsewhere but the result cuts off my ability to join the armed forces unless I have the time to both recoup some health and find a doctor who like fuck this. I told that doctor I have an email with the mold Pro documents from the extermination at the apartment and I get a diagnosis that's for delusion of bugs and mold. I think it out and get texted a picture of the professional remediation they had done well they rigged that up. I had the calls I still do I don't know how I'm going to hold on to them homeless where they admit that they were doing it as a punishment. But that doctor should be license suspended I had the professional relevant testimony those things were not delusions

He might have been my mom's friend or doing a favor for a friend of a friend. He might have even thought that my mom is to be trusted and he was doing the right thing

alternatively maybe rx kickbacks and physician burnout we're at play or some combo of all of the above or none

Either way bad charts are estimated to kill up to a hundred thousand people a year

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