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Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Maple Grove Minnesota

Are you familiar with MapleGrove? moving to Minnesota? moving within Minnesota? 

featuring at least 3 lakes with boat landings and police that support owning your adult children.

if you've ever wanted middle-class ownership of other humans friendly city consider moving to maple grove mn.

for those that really need to phone it home MapleGrove went the extra mile and even included a narcissist lane so you can advertise your backasswards tragedy of existence on every return address you write.

have no fear until the feds roll in. mgpd will happily overlook most federal laws in my experience

the only downside is in some systems your zip code may show up as the less human ownership friendly Osseo. 

if you want a place where the 5th amendment rights of those with less money than you mean absolute zilch to law enforcement get your ass to maple Grove today.

you can even take mail addressed to your human property, open it and endorse their name on an inclosed check and mgpd probably looks the other way.

your mileage may vary but it's really no fun if you have to unindenture and maple Grove understands that. 

choke out your 18-year-old daughter or steal your adult sons bike 

mgpd will happily tell them they should have know better. 

maple Grove a model city for Minnesotas dystopian  future 

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