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Maple Grove MN Police allow 0 notice eviction

even if the title doesn't hold up in court (I'm not a judge) 

I didn't live with my parents from 2006 to 2018. 

all my stuff keepsakes and assets moved in, 6mo later with no verbal or writen notice the lock code changes 

police began telling me
you don't live there anymore
you can't report theft you gave them your things moving out

now repeatedly forced to drive away from 16 plus years of your valuables under lock and key in a car not yours. forced by police with no legal means to do so. 

some things entrusted to you for a felling repair and design business.. aka not your but affect your credibility

actually come to think of it mn is doubling back on its left or unclaimed property laws as well. aka someone leaves something with a biz where it has to go. 

same pd ignores repeated attempts to present evidence police reports are being used as weapons. says putting unreliable witness on file would make them liable. 

ignores repeated attempts to communicate mail is being held and opened and a check from mail(hard to know what else but also health care for 2 years now) opened and my name signed. 

while reporting all the above at the same time "my dad literally claims to own me" 
"they can open any mail that goes to their house" 
"it's not illegal to say you own someone" 

kinda(as far as I can see) with the mail. by mistake they can open a letter with their address not their name. holding it after words is a no. but I reported they took a check from an envolpe with my name on it then endorsed my name on the check and I didn't find out about it till later. 

they starved me 30days in 2019 and have used threat of distruction or donation or recycling of everything mine to force this lease then occupy 9months making me remediate their moldy car even pretending to lose Bonnies(rabbit) ashes (which came by usps and my father opened to send me a pic of the contents while I was at hotels cause I just don't live there anymore

I was being bounced around between 5 hotels. 

the mold in their house was confirmed by pro Jan 2018. my certified nurse practitioner mom started telling me I'm delusional and I started Geting reports that any of my friends or contacts that my parents got the contact info for... were being told I'm sick in the head and choice other things. this is social poisoning it's a way to isolate a target and often employed by npd and aspd people. npd parents are known to also sabotage their adult offspring or minor offspring. they are also known to externally appear as super parents. 

I hurt so much.. I can't even get out how wicked or the extent. they drive up and take things from car in parking lot even recently. while mgpd was activating ofps may 22 2020 I was saying they have my id. how do I apply for snap? first get an id from dmv

cept they also waited till 20days before end of lease they forced under threat of distruction of assets that mgpd enabled them to keep.. like forcing mold car cleaning. 

they still have the vast majority. calling the court when I was served on Friday the 13th didn't matter. Tuesday the 18th I couldn't attend

they filed March 11th in hennepin knowing the place I was forced into is sterns and knowing car broke down on 6th. 

marlene wuethrich (my mother) declared her self my landlord until I can aford to move out Jan 2018 when I moved back in

idk about lease law but Scsu business law and contract law unit: no stated amount market average is assumed

time frame or length of contract untill I can aford to move out

since 02/ 03 and regularly since 2004 I've done IT Consulting and more it field hats/titles for probably 2 dozen homes and even before 06 four businesses. total probably 12 biz with one political campaign. also ndsu college of biz. in other words according to what I learned later in biz law the market rate of up to 150 an hr for services they requested but more often demanded during that time... probably would fill rent in a 10x10moldy room. 

even at age 14 I was writing a paid report on emerging mobile platform for a company in Minnesota that does logistics and analytics for labor unions and one purpose of that software is to organize lit drop/leaflet campaigns 

if you are reading this as an elected official in MN or less relevant but elsewhere,  if you were on the democratic/labor/dfl ticket then not only do I have that work experience that my later edu taught should equate to invoivable income and I would hope would qualify in factoring in if a lease/ll Tennant situation existed... but I at 14 was geting paid by a company that likely enabled the labor unions to support your campaign 

every month I lived there at least an hr of service was drop everything help me now demanded. 

they created the total distruction or sesiure of everything mine. mgpd allowed them to simply change garage code 6mo after I moved back in.

it was determined the mold problem dated back to decisions marlene and Paul made finishing their basement in 2001

the bleeding started after Cosmos died. black mold was found in that apt across from washer and dryer. I had been visiting their house to see Cosmos during his final days.

he died in my lap may 2017 weird symptoms started soon after and a few months later full on pin pick wounds feeling under attack bleeding from corners of eyes

joint pain,  vision changes. fatigue, nose bleeds  upset stomach and everything that comes with that.

2x in the apt I had end of 2015 to start of 2018.. during 2017 it felt my airway was closing. one time my mom was present and yelling in being a baby about it.

that's a pretty baser fear. it's not something I had experienced previously. feeling like you can't breath is a serious thing 

all of that continued at their house. until I left for 2 weeks at a hotel in Aug 2018

mold was confirmed Jan 2018. they changed garage code and maple Grove pd began telling me in

Aug or Sept 2018 I just don't live there any more and can't file theft I gave them my things moving out.

how does one find any stability bounced between 5 hotels?

both of my rabbits were still alive at that point
after Bonnie died Paul wuethrich threatened to put Clyde rabbit in the clothes washing machine

threats to all my held assets began as well

Nov 2018 they had their house professionally remediated and most of my stuff transfered to 3rd garage stall.

I was present 2x when the mold Pro told my dad the way you control growth is control humidity.

the 3rd garage stall was and is an act to make sure that if I ever get my things back the problem they caused and paid to be rid of is used as a bio weapon.

forcing me into a lease under threat of destroying all my things then making sure snow blew througg the vents of the car right before lease started then became pretending to lose Bonnies ashes (delivered via usps addressed to me at their house opened by my dad.. sent pictures of but still remains held mail)

along with threats to all my things if I don't clean their mold hazard car in empty apt.

I said from start that  this is a poor use of my time. this is dangrous. this presents risk of spreading it to living  area.

my primary doc at Osseo clinic in Jan or feb 2018 said the way someone my age gets better is get away from it.

I said about what it would cost and that it's unlikely I could do it. especially with out my kitchen stuff and with it as only means of transport.

epa site says you have 48hrs to dry out wet walls before you have an issue with building materials or houses. this is relevant because it indicates how fast it grows and how wasteful it is to do it as a stop start wait starve job.

solution costs 30 dollars a gallon and any hope required djsasebly of most the interior

I was repeatedly threatened to do it and do it faster or my things all go away.

sometime mid way through 2019 I drove to mpgd because state bar hotline said communicate to them that parents are unreliable Witnesses.

this was 2nd or 3rd time I also tried to report the mail and check fraud.

was told they can open anything that goes to their house. if we put unreliable witness on file we might be liable and it's not illegal to say you own someone

2x since Nov 2018 Paul wuethrich "I own you" once "I bought you"

end of 2017 I was told "looks like you need someone to take control"

Nov 2018 I need control because I want control. 

5mo in apt wanted to evict garage for cleaning mold Car in it

it's still an empty apt I'm 3 months past notice to vacate

end of lease was March 31st 2020
march 6th car broke down
still broken they file ofps in hennepin on March 11th with claims dating back to Jan 2018.

I was served Friday March 13th for court an hr and a half away Tues morning March 18th. with out a car and as covid 19 picked up.

pretty unreasonable esp while still sitting on all assets I could earn with or even sell to make a deposit on a lease.

of course calling the court house did nothing. they passed in my absence

2 days later was the first time my parents drove up 45min from mg and called in a welfare check.. aka we can use police to get anything from you  and if you even call us you go to jail.

my phone was ringing off the hook from my mom's number the second time.

pretty much a week of drive up to intimidate

second time officer caught on. I was also told sterns isn't trying to serve the ofps so they arnt active.

I'd assume covid and or.. wait.. they fear dv yet drive up and sit in his parking lot?

may 22 I drove to maple Grove and the officers that responded to me sitting in the culdisaq tried finding any reason they could to haul me to jail.

they ended up activating the ofps and ignoring that my parents took even my ID from car in parking lot

one needs 2 forms of ID to apply for any job
snap program for food you need your ID.

3mo before a maple Grove officer is insisting I live the life and for taking any money my parents offer they will always have some control.

so I show him a picture of the headliner in mold car and remind him they have all of everything ever mine "I DIDN'T SEE THAT PUT THE PHONE AWAY"

then he explicitly made sure to tell me its illegal to drive with out liscense on you. I don't recall the time limit but I know how that works is a ticket then u have to prove you have it.

the point I'm making is months later parents have put me in a deadly situation and not even what the officer say the time before matters nor mail fraud check fraud. id theft

nor fact that holding someone's assets under lock and key can constitute illegal imprisonment, human traficing and or forced labor.

what also didn't matter is sending someone away with out what's needed to even get gov food assistance.

there are pictures abound of how I used to cook. 3 years of fast food alone poses significant risk to one's health.

gut flora is altered by this as well, that provides a good deal of immunity to pathogens among other things.

it's not a scientific streach by any means to argue this is killing me

2 ofps destroyed credit and soon an eviction when the ban ends... how am I suposed to rent?

no Id... job?

yes there are ways to overcome but the timeline and quantity of laws ignore plus tangible harm done is absolutely nuts

they will lie through their teeth or say things like it's my fault for not seeing an alergist. my mom was one who first determined I was allergic to  penicillin in elementary school.

that's a mold. but black mold is not just an allergy it produces toxins. it can kill others can cause cancers and nothing is OK about creating a situation where someone is deprived of all basic tenants of healthy eating and living for years at a time to force the need for medical care.

esp when they still can't follow doc advice from 2018... it hurts when I do this becomes

why are u still doing that?

marlene wuethrich by virtue of her employment in a nicu was Asli endangering other people's children with her lies.

this has become maple Grove city  police and hen County assisted murder and cover up. nature of the ofps is I shouldn't mention any of this. I'm banking that whistle blower issues will keep this safe. I'd really rather not die on the street though

I have a copy of the air capute as well.. what I want in my health and all the work I've done to not be meaningless. he sits on his couch after having thrown mine out and claiming to own me while I sit in an empty apt waiting to die

with Clyde in the freezer and they still have enliven Bonnies ashes

if I recall correctly the reason mail is protected is its a very basic part of adulting. the ability to enter and maintain contracts via mail was the reason for mail fraud laws to begin with.

what's more concerning is the fact the police in maple Grove well after all this has been reported several times... in fact the night I DIDN'T SEE THAT... I asked if slavery was legal would it not cost to keep them fed and clothed

before during and after my parents hear say message has been we give him... idk it changes all the time when they tell me.. regardless of what I can verify and the problems forced. I do know mgpd repeatedly insists they give me a lot of money.. that's a nice robe bro. how much do I have to give you to take everything uve ever earned hold it whil fellow officers enforce it? yeah that's not happening

but he responed to the question with I'M NOT ENTERTAINING THE Conversation

well if most of the elements of forced labor as defined by un or even fed and many of human trafficing are being ticked(boxes) 

while the force denies me the ability to even file a report while these people claim to own me hijack and hold mail and have all my property under lock and key

there is little to no expectation human trafficing is prosoicuted in MN..

there's little to no expectation of any liberty or even life at this point

the other highly upsetting point is 2019 2x maybe 3 police in maple Grove heard my parents say my bike is mine.

I still don't have it.

infact 2x 4 to 8 officers in the house and nothing claimed mine if i could fit it or not was ever denied mine.

this is city police standing in the way of my 5th amendment rights in ways that endanger my life lively hood and well being.

2x I had about 15min to try to find needed things. doesn't help when everything has been moved wirh out me there and that was wirh the moldy threat to health car ti transport it back

through the course of this lease.. first 10 months my dad's insisting its my fault and I shoudltn have to clean car here I was suposed to get a shop for it office.. but setting the budget below eating let alone cleaning moldy car. 

before the lease started he used offering to pay an an associate to help unload moving garage to poison that relation. he would only pay him if I checked if 16 was alright. I said this seems odd I'm sure that suffecint. ASK HIM. of course weeks go by till my dad will actually allow it to be addressed again (I have 3 years of calls recorded and mn is single party consent wire tap wise) then he wants to argue his own price to 14.

they picked the storage garage my non high value stuff was in and even with out the required help(against my objections and their assurances it will be OK it's packed to celingin and a hazard to move alone).. didn't matter because repeated requests for the address were ignored untill Feb 2020 with 1 month left on the lease.

I'm only still here because covid 19. 

it seems to me mn has both directly and indirectly endangered my life and through things mentioned elsewhere violated 4th amendment with persisting violation of 5th. 

the ofps will make it hard if not impossible to get a job and a lease. 

the end of eviction ban plus the last year and a half of what may be found to constitute human traficking, illegal imprisonment, un free labor... fact that they have been allowed to decide exactly what I have vs what I worked for and could earn with and or what was mine even mail and my signature violated while mgpd won't let me get a report in... 

down payment on a lease even if I could get one (deposit and or first month?) credits fried when before this started I was around 750 and had never missed a payment.

getting a job requires 2 forms of Id but also idk if a roof will be over my head in a week or where that would be... I can't pawn my things for that deposit at a place that with 2 ofps and pending eviction I'm unlikely to get into anyway...

can't sign up for snap with out id

losing my mind because I'm still in empty can't cook apt with only Clyde rabbit in freezer. 

all this during pandemic and there are several journal articles indicating that nutritional deficiencies in general are not good for immune sys or long life but one specific to covid ive seen so far. was a one I forget plus iodine plus (ironicly) lymes = covid19(corona and lime?) respirtory failure. 

there's a link on the right hand side nav bar with how I used to cook on my own

I've got text logs whhere as it's Geting warm out I'm again asking for my bike saying I'm worried about having to move because I can bearly make it up the stairs

"why would you need your bike if u can't even make it up the stairs?" 

they took the battery for my cordless drill with the garage door opener for my Apts garage(2nd time) 

got emails from a month or 2 ago saying I need that to fix the washing machine that's been broke for 5 months. covid closed the office

from the start this landlord has even burst into garage, bearly a month went by with out 2 letters. some how email on lease changed to theirs. they might even have access to the door cams as a few times my dad has text asking if I'm going to get food. with unreal timing to as I walked out the door.. aka cctv that may be networked but the landlord won't give me access to the tenant portal so idk. 

but between that and closed office for covid.. and washing machine is a simple fix.. 

and the tools are mine. it's awkward to get a hold of them at all and I have no orgizarional furniture plus broke washing machine clothes on the floor everywhere 3 folding tables growing mold(or something but nothing I put on them and only goes away with scrubbing and sanatizer) 

plus I'm now 3mo past notice to vacate. 

so it's hard to want them to enter or even get a hold of them. it's an easy fix with the tools I had. 

can't do it

now can't shower have clean bedding or clothes. 

not exactly handy for sanity or finding a job with out Id. 

while my dad had the remote to this garage a computer I had recovered from them but needed to de mold. a mig welder I had picked up on 150 dollar clearance with the last savings bond from my grandmother and a ryobi compound miter saw I've had for 10 years walked out of the garage maybe 2 months ago. the pc was one I built 

I stopped keeping track in my head at custom pc 30 and vast majority (all but 3) were built for paying customers. that number was reached around age 22 and I'm now 32 the pcs in their basement and living room were also built by me

but what's insane seems they can take anything force labor first on their moldy house  house and my computers or mine built for them tell police I never worked... aka hearsay and then mgpd overlooks everything while what they force breaks my 5th amemedment destroys any expectation of security in the future or trust anyone is here to help.. meanwhile parents can put quotes around words they aledge I said and seal the discard phase common to npd and aspd with ofps and literlay leave me for dead. 

it seems mns system is set to always allow an abusive parent to have benifit of doubt or go un noticed while overriding even constitutional protections for their adult offspring then cry wolf leave the person in a near impossible situation and make it criminal to talk to them or have to seek the gov to have any hope of property back 

the gov isn't supposed to get in the way of owning property via the 5th 

but how is this not? 

it's set so parents can turn their children into mental ward prisoners, actual prisoners and basicly get away with murder. 

this all cound be avoided if such basics like regardless of lease advanced writen notices before move out was required

we know if you can physicaly relocate someone frequently it's hard for them to seek employment or have a social circle/support net as well. 

this system is set to harm people. most parents wouldn't is not an excuse. most people wouldn't murder but oh yeah its illegal. 

abstracted a bit, and obviously this is multiple alleged data points from one person, but 

how likely is it with the refusal to allow reports filed while mgpd is saying its not illegal to say own someone 

then at another encounter described above "I DIDN'T SEE THAT PUT THE PHONE AWAY" 

if this attitude is common in the county or state how likely is it that we are preventing or stopping any form of trafficking? forced labor? illegal imprisonment? 

if with no legal presidence(such as costodial ship) you hijack mail, accounts and finances in general along with all of one's tangible assets and drivers liscense.. 

when the police won't even allow reports filed but then that same someone can claim words were said while leaving their target high and dry

then the Civil charge applied makes expectation of jail likely and lease even harder to find 

well... is that really just saying you own someone? 

worse yet documents I've found show emergency medical holds can be had for failure to feed and or cloth ones self. 

seems mn has set the legal system to subvert constitutional rights and risk human lives then make prisoners out of victims. 

knowing from biz ethics that the ethical actions of corporations are all about profit. it would be really interesting to learn what the agreement witg the private hospitals taking emergency medical hold patients is. 

I understand that if it is a payment or maybe even per head per night  this has the incentive of entising these corps to create jobs in MN. 

building on that though it would also explain the insanely lose legislation. 

"immediate threat to self others or property" 

because unless the criteria is more strict you pull in mainly people who won't break things injur staff or require more on call staff members present..

in otherwords its the only way to ensure its profitable for the hospitals. 

state bar association says no one will touch these holds. hmm 

I think the last piece is I'm not sure if mine was legal or not (it doesn't match anything I read and the officer who executed it later claimed he didn't use any specific legislation and I wouldn't find it in any law book.. truth in a deflection?) 

but in the claim that you need to be searched for Saftey of the parametics, how often does this peace officer mission become a criminal offense? aka how much do the cities pull in from federal grants if something is found in the abductees pockets? 

in other posts I've designed how disturbing and potentially dangrous the outcome of that hold was (ehrs). Dr is told documents from 2 relevant professionals indicating mold and bugs real are on my phone. he responds patients arnt allowed phones on the ward. then diagnoses me (redacted by me) for delusions of mold and bugs taking out my illness on my elderly parents "

15min tops. I possibly saw this guy in 10th grade to get tested for adhd. my cnp mom new one by first name that's who I went to. but that memory is to old for to draw any conclusions I can be certian of from. even if so it was a Dr I hadent seen in 18 years but quite possibly never. the possibility if he was an aquantience of the mother who for half a year before gas lit the confirmed mold threatening to have me medicated... disturbing either way though. incentive exists with out and this was at riverside. aka kinda murkey track record for patients rights to begin with(I did my homework) 

but if that at all factored into mgpds later "if we put unreliable witness on record we might be liable" 

well I can easily make a case with med journals cited that bad charting and records has endangered patients lives or taken them. 

I saught the bar association for help was told no one touches these police forced doc encounters... 

and it's possible the pd might be worried about their liability for their actions in it(other possibilities exist don't get me wrong) 

so we've abducted me, taken my 2nd for hearsay, ignored tons of things that walk lines like forced labor and traficking, state gov is Inbetween me and even talking to the parties that mgpd enforced drive away from all assets lock and key in car not mine.. 

that mental hold started when they stranded me at the hotel by taking 1 of 5 cars, with my assets under lock and key 0 notice move out... mgpd "it's not theft you gave them your things" my threat was conditional to the car returning. it did and 4hrs after mgpd blocks me into hotel lot space when I return from Geting snacks at gas station (having eaten, worked, napped between) "I have the power to decide if you go in tonight but I decided before I met you you're going in either way" 

"immediate threat to self others or property" 

my threat was ill hire an Uber request a hardware store walk out with a sledge hammer and request stop 2 be middle class maple Grove rez.. from hotel to ace to residence for demolition at 6pm on a Wed? professional demo but I needed a hammer? 
I didn't think it was likely to be a real executable plan as I typed it. I never even signed in to Uber or otherwise tried to hire a cab. 

more abhorent is there's no ban on rx kickbacks so you can be detained by jailers who's private origination may monitary benifit from it and the Dr may personally benifit from the script writen. 

this is morally abhorent. 

and possibly pd while continuing to endanger my life in multiple ways was more worried about liability than any hope of even stopping false reports further harming. 

but back to failure to stay fed 

so it takes an ID to get snap, I'd theft is a crime but mgpd... 

blown out 3 weeks ago. the last year and a half has been about the worst living conditions to otherwise expect seeing 50. the foods I normaly cook and  eat are known to be great for all sorts of infections reducing inflammation etc. I could intubate the test dummy my cnp mom brought home when I was a child and not being who they claimed I listened and absorbed quite a bit over the years. also at maybe 10 to 12 years old marlene wuethrich needed power points for teaching at st Kate's. guess who made most of those for her. not claiming this makes me a med professional. it does give me a decent knowledge of the lexicon and how to find valid sources of info. 

here's the thing if picture is fungle: as far as I can see from research systemic anti fungle arnt usually given unless absolutely needed because they carry a high risk of liver damage reletive to most other things or just enough chance of it to merit caution 

but when I can't have any basic tenants of health.. even with odds of postive outcome. not good. mourning and lack of purpose have also been shown to decrease odds of recovery from anything  or long life in general 

my dad 2 months ago was texting that "we stalked your kitchen with Bibbs I can't see how you can't cook in it" 

again see link on right for how I cooked on my own 2007 to 2017 but the only thing in the kitchen is 13 year old pet and friend Clyde rabbit in the freezer. no pots pans etc. 

not only did budget not allow replacing with repeated threats to prioritize car and starvation for doing so... but the repeated lead ons with plans he had no intent to allow. 

this feels like a psychological thriller or terror movie. except it's real life and mid largest pandemic anyone alive has ever experienced. 

it puts the lotion on its skin and then hennepin seals its fate with ofps for aledged words  and hearsay

well that doesn't have the ring to it... but I bet if the Turpin parents are paroled they would find maple Grove very inviting 

authority with no accountability is never a safe bet 

I'm unlikely to afford a lawyer or make any court case off the street but I can show with valid sources cited a pretty decent argument for how harmful to life this forced hell has been. 

yet with homelessness a week away... 

I might as well not exist. 
when this started I was 29 good credit no eviction no records suggesting violence no mental health issues. 

if you've paid attention, I've spent time trying to call the bar for advice 

trying to get records from that hold. 

dealing with landlord who was busting into garage and (new bit) tried to evict garage 6 mo in nessictating brainstorming with mn homeline. 

then negotiated out of lease no penalty at worst netural reference gaurenteed in writing. only to have parents who are trying in every way to crush me and sitting on everything needed to afford that move... stop answering. 

I have calls recorded where one or both is on phone. If they are competent this shouldn't have needed much explaining. 

instead before and after I'm getting badgered and threatened my assets and keepsakes and dead pets ashes are on the line work on their car work faster. 

I do not at all feel safe or like there is any hope. if I end up on the street it will be damn hard to hang onto any evidence needed to defend further accusation and or attack and or seek any justice. 

from what I've seen of this system and authorities playing with their power and wanting no responsibility for the enforced outcomes its only safe to assume the sky's the limit as to what may be done to prevent any even precived chance of liability or culpability. 

If I have any legal points at all that might result in the above I would bet the stakes get higher the longer it persists. which one based on previous experience could conclude may result in more extream violations as an means to an end. 

even with out action though their ends have taken my means for presuite preterbed as far as I understand it any concept of natural justice and are looking like they may be my end. 

haven't mentioned Dec 2017 I lost a long dead baby tooth that never had an adult under it the dentist to not wait more than six months and a $5,000 dental implant is the best option what you think I haven't had the ability to get with all this running around. I made 2 Grand for setting up a virtual private web server securing it transferring the same Cloud businesses credit card accepting website to it setting up an interim solution to try to get him less liable for the Abomination of a system that was there before and setting up a test environment that ran alongside it to work on implementing an actual compliant shopping cart solution but all of that went to stuff to battle their fucking mold and they cut what they gave me that month to make sure I didn't have the projected need budget-wise to deal with it while I'm saying and it's easy to see what I mentioned earlier like how quick it grows and the solution needs to dry to work the solution drips on my head isn't trying to get meals in there easy to see going piecemeal stop-start is burning cash

But while all the encounters are happening a large portion of the Maple Grove Police Force is telling me insisting I live the life and they give me a lot of money well she isn't that hearsay without like subpoenaed records from the bank I can probably show you a receipt if I had my printer I can probably make a receipt that looks convincing that I bought the city of Maple Grove but that doesn't make it real. Absence of any even desire to know what the expenses are well ignoring that there's forced under threat of destruction of all my things later going on well you're standing in the way of me and my things well what the hell do you know what a lot is without any sense of reference and when it's just a claim I hear sais claim to what they were given this is ignoring my safety this is abhorent

I would guest but the last point there is with Minnesota of Kila unlike most other things there appears to be no statue of limits on when you can apply it it seems rather designed to be useful only to harm only to make one party The Scarlet Letter Donner that has even less possibility of response from the police and what do you do or who do you call when the police don't give a shit and that's not fair because some I truly believe do but the actions of Maple Grove have been overall outrageous and terrifying.

while this might not be intuitive at first glance I'd say it's likely cost savings loss minimization over lives and justice

what you have to remember to make it make sense is something I learned as an intern for the ndsu biz department. money from gov sources or with in is usually with strings and in buckets you can't take a dollar from and put in another. ie budget appropriates so much to each department or sub orginizational at very least. the claim it's about cost reduction for the courts while the state is possibly offering per head per night to private orgs is not actually counter when you keep in mind the appropriate budgets functions and goals are different and budget can't be cross spent in that fashion. 

I really don't test well or I'd probably be further in life. I have even figured that out to an extent and where to look further. there was a lot of leaning about my self I had to do after leaving home in 06 as well. that said I had some natural talents with computers programing electronics and sci in general. I was able to earn quite a bit way before my peers and while I bet averaged out it would be on the low side(esp with the last 3 years of distruction by decisions not mine ) that doesn't change I earned. I also learned and networked 

almost all of that is being undone with my sanity health and life itself.

by no means was everything ever always my parents fault. depending on still at least Facebook friends memories I could probably find people who remember me describing I became aware they were at least authoritative emotionaly inattentive. or I described them as emotional support backwards. I was however and inline with things previously mentioned expected to be the little adult from the start. these last 3 years are directly their fault. not saying I couldn't have handled some situations differently but you really shouldn't judge that unless you were there. They continue to endanger my life and endangered many besides mine
I don't really see this current situation at survival there are odds but I don't see them in my favor and I see no expectation that I can count on the supposed powers to do any more than try to hang wing for my words well ignoring rights that I've been taught are basic and will be protected by all levels of Education

while reading the ofp info I think I also noted the parents doing this will be aware of my address for the next 2 years. 

that's no expectation this ends. 2 days after they were driving 45min to intimidate.

as I said at some other point in the middle: almost all of this seems like mn law on ability to throw anyone out zero advanced notice on hearsay and keep their things then have it met with police backing and lines such as "you gave them your things moving out"

if mn law on eviction regardless of certian of landlord tenant relation was more well defined to the public. heaven forbid defined in a way requiring registered mail and 15 to 30 days or a humanistic definition that accounts for the realities of the modern world. it would seem a lot of the terror of this situation and continuing harm could be avoided if not for me for millions of other Minnesota residence.

I've had and did well in a course in business law at scsu. this does not a lawyer one make. the point is uve had some formal edu in civil and contract law and yet as an otherwise rational adult I could not have seen this or to this extent being remotely possible. 

the point is where does that leave people less fortunate and educated? 

How can one be proactive in life when the school both compulsory and higher education fail to leave this reality and the hopelessness of it as a any thing one needs to mind. This broadside forces reactive mode which even Maple Grove senior taught was not how you get ahead in life. This is incredibly anti economic Mobility and if I didn't see it coming I'd wager a lot of people at the same level or less fortunate have no chance. I'm middle of the bell curve intelligence wise at best every once in awhile I just have a bright moment.

I don't see in law where upon becoming dependent (regardless of reason) one forfeits all rights constitutional or to fed and state laws being enforced in any way but against them and to further the harm. 

if Minnesota wanted to do what things like the website human rights in Minnesota lead one to believe believe ( here to protect its residents and citizens) I would suggest that in addition to modifying laws on throwing someone out,  maybe a new law on: abusive of dependent adults be carefully thought-out. 

The thing about huge populations and human nature is it spans all possibilities. Just because we want to think people want to do something or be that way that's naive. That's naive at best as their suggested there's other possibilities the explain these actions that I've experienced. We could do far better than tell somebody they're crazy or stoop to narcissistic tactics with police and courts. It's absolute reality that it's very easy if you are close to a person to influence their success or failure especially if the police will back you and doing things or taking things that we know are against mental stability and factors of economic Mobility. As I said not everybody would murder most people wouldn't most people probably do want to see people succeed. We still have a law against murder

 there has to exist as a system where someone can still be at fault for keeping another dependent without being required to suffer hardship or lost themselves. Other than maybe a slight opportunity cost but not all situations are entered by choice and part of being an adult is if you agree to something it's your word and bond. When we allow those with more memes put themselves in this position and have no checks on those that might Force the continuance of this position well outwardly acting otherwise or publicly acting otherwise we start to border Concepts things like human ownership. That's only true if there exists no protection.

 I would argue that factors of economic Mobility might make a good template for a start. 

We know having reliable transportation is key to geting and or keeping a job. I'm my case there were several times I could have bought a better car than the one called mine but not in title. seeing now what I hadent them I could still argue for doing so my parents could have destroyed everything at their house belonging to me (not living there since 2006 I still had a key and or door code till Aug 2018. who doesn't have things at their parents at some point?), main point is in all the years before there was no reasonable expectation that they would be taking to harm or to restrain that happened or the car itself 3 * in the last 3 years . Certainly having a car that's been called mine and buying another one could also be viewed as a poor financial decision from the inside or outside. But we can sidestep all of that and more if we look at it through the lens I'm suggesting and I'm just using this as one example. Keys weren't taken in anything more than a power trip I was not intoxicated once my dad was lonely the other I wouldn't tell him that crushed aspirin is an antifungal and I had a lease obligation in St Cloud about a day later that took some preparation but he removed my ability to go back up after inviting me down. The point is we can avoid situations like this because once someone starts doing that to another and then when the police gives them all control of all assets that they earned we shouldn't be sitting here trying to judge point-by-point everybody's life because no one involved has wanted that they don't want details that make their job harder so let's give them a framework where hey selectively removing something known to be needed or any kind of economic Mobility or income or the best odds of economic mobility and income let's maybe make that illegal if not group it in with how it's along the lines of illegal imprisonment as is which I understand is because they technically own it might not apply but if you're still arguing black and white we're not seeing what I'm getting at I can't help you there

But the really shocking thing is the seems to be mostly the police went on total hearsay what they've deprived me of and for the time spam and other conditions they even did not want to see commanding to put the evidence of it away this has every potential to leave me disfigured disabled or dead. Because one citizen says they did or did not do something to another is not a very good justification I think this could theoretically happen to just about anybody regardless of family relation

 if that's the case. Or even if you're arguing that  I have no point show me where we are teaching this or concede that we are not teaching it. 

what happened to the concept of informed consent? Can we really claim this at all at ethical without it? 


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